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(2013-10-29 - Now)
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Chita When Rhiannon got around to coming into the offices today of Shinra HQ, she would be informed that she had a visitor waiting for her. It seems the resident Vieran Judge had returned to visit her for some reason or another. But what about, and under what circumstances? Well, he was waiting just outside the doorway to her lab while wearing a rather fancy-looking business suit, stark black, crisp and rather professional-looking. He had on a bright pink undershirt, his hair cut a day or two ago likely and tied back at the bottom of it into a loose ponytail. Around his eyes was a blindfold that seemingly kept him from seeing much of anything.
As he waited he kept his hands in his pockets and leaned against the doorway of the lab, minding his own business, a visitors tag clipped onto his suit.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had a rather normal day. For once in her life, she chose to sleep. And thus was absent from her lab. usually she'd be working for days and weeks on end, mysteriously taking no food or drink, or even rest. Neverminding that however, the scientist had stepped out from her living unit and made her way to the reception area, ready to return to her usual regiment of nonstop scientific research.

But on this day, her routine was given pause by the receptionist on duty. Mentioning something about a visitor, the woman arched a delicate brow as she moved along. The list of people who would voluntarily go out of their way to see her was fairly small. Thus, she was able to formulate a likely candidate before even reaching the doors to her laboratory. "Oh my, I wonder what he wants today..."

An amused smile playing across her features, Rhia soon arrived, immediately spying the suited viera eve as she was approaching. "My, looking sharp today. What could possibly be the occasion?" She asked playfully, continuing to smile amusedly. She took note of the blindfold however and curiosity briefly took hold. But she decided to let it pass, figuring a more proper chance to ask would come later.

Besides, she had a good idea anyhow.

That aside, she shuffled past the judge and pressed a few buttons on a pad fixed beside the doors, causing them to slide open. After which, she simply proceeded inside, letting Chita find his own way in. There were no words of welcome or invitations. After all, research awaited.
Chita Chita's ears wiggled a little as he heard the foosteps approaching, recognizing them from hearing the same sound several times before. It was a distinct sound around these parts anyways. When she finally speaks Chita nods towards her and says simply enough, "Hello to you too. Thank you for that. I would mention something about your looks, but hard to judge given my lack of sight."

A small chuckle came at his own expense though he did add, "Though from memory I assume you are wearing one of those tight silky dresses and a white coat, as well as heels?"

Hearing the keypad being pressed, Chita steps into the lab behind her slowly while using his hand as a guide before saying, once the door closed, "I had come intending to let you know... that I am through fretting over what to do with the weapon. I have thought of a possible way to bring it to fruition and keep more lives from being lost. And... in fact, if I am correct it is the best way forward, should it prove to work."
Rhiannon Zellen "You would be correct."

He never did get to see her wardrobe. It was populated primarily by silky dresses of Wutai origin. "Aha, so you went and got yourself blinded." It wasn't a question, rather a rhetorical statement to verbalize the fact. Showing no particular worry, the scientist passed through her space, stepping over a few unifinished devices and moving around a table or two. "Allow me to hazard a guess; it was because of some overtly heroic action that lead to this conclusion?" And then she brought a hand to her lips, unable to keep from letting out a brief, amused giggle.

"Hardly a surprise." Reaching her desk space, she plopped down into her office chair, swiveling around to face the vieran from there and listening to his statement. "Oh really now? You? Not fret? What a surprise!" Following that was a fake gasp of shock and she brought a hand to her mouth to ham up the performance, not that it meant anything to the currently blind man before her.

Sobering up a tad, Rhia crossed her arms and legs as well, swaying her upper leg as she spoke. "Mmn, so you think you know what to do? Intriguing." A shake of the head was all the scientist offered before moving along. "Do explain to me how you plan to do this. Without 'expending more lives' as you say."
Chita "No, not quite." Feeling along carefully with his hand and trying to remember the layout of the lab, he slowly made his way back towards near where she was and sat upon the edge of the counter nearby. "In fact... I was tortured by a woman named Maleficent for trying to keep another I know from idiotically charging alone into a situation that would likely have resulted in their demise. She thought it would be funny to torment the girl by... harming those she knew."

A shiver ran through the Viera's body as he recalled the pain that came from being hit directly in the face with such powerful magic. As weak as he was... it had blinded him completely and not even healing magic had been able to restore his sight as of yet.

"And while I could tell you, we both have different priorities. You enjoy knowledge and information... I am more base in the things I appreciate." he paused a moment as if thinking about something, then said, "I truly only came to inform you of my intention, I had not intended to tell you just how I planned to do such lest it come back to bite me in the ass. But I think I may have a mutual trade that might allow me to tell you." As he heard the slight creak of the chair swivel as she turned a little he hopped off the counter and moved closer before leaning with one hand against the desk, "A kiss, and a tidbit of knowledge in exchange for my thoughts on how it may work. What I wanted to know was... what would it take for you to adhere to a more moral line of study and research? I do desire you to remain safe, and I have told none your name or anything about you - but someone did see your face in my memories. I want to keep you safe."

But why would he have any desire to keep this woman safe? Misguided affection? Altruism? Some more selfish reason?
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh, well that's even better than what I assumed! Ehehe~" Giggling openly at his expense, Rhia let the subject divert for a moment as she had her laugh. "Maleficent though...I had heard that she went quiet after that Manhattan fiasco. So she's back, hm? Interesting..." And that was all she had to say on the subject of the sorceress.

"......?" Rhia tilted her head slightly as Chita spoke about their priorities. "A trade?" She blinked once, then twice at those words, watching as the viera moved closer, the distance between then gradally shortening. "Really? A kiss?" And some information, that was probably the more important bit, but the former was more amusing to her really. "You really are a simple one, hm?" The scientist hardly seemed bothered by this and didn't create any distance.

Instead, she tilted her head from side to side in idle thought, considering the question. "To adhere to a more 'moral' line of study? Such a thing hardly exists." Came her decisive answer, which she then proceeded to back up. "Advances and new knowledge can only be obtained in a timely manner by daring to venture where others may fear to go. What may take ten years under 'moral' restrictions, would only take three under 'less moral' manners of action."

Nodding her point, she took a breath and went on further. "Beyond that however, who exactly has seen my face? Not that I am particularly afraid. Just, curious is all."
Chita "Just as I have no intention of telling them your name or who you are... I also have no intention of telling you who they are, or anything about them. It was not by choice that such information came from my heart to theirs, and I feel no obligation to you even so as it is only my kindness that has kept me from running you through with a spear already." No matter how nice Chita was... he was quite blunt in most cases, especially this one. He was actually rather annoyed she had even asked, as if he would say such a thing

"And yes... I am. So, what will it be? You talk a lot without actually saying anything. What would it take to get you to adhere to a more moral line of study?"

That question came again as he offered a hand towards her, thinking she wasn't /too/ far away given he was a good judge of distance with his hearing.

"Or do you care so little about how I will finish your research and project that the cost is too great your effort?"
Rhiannon Zellen "Mhmhmhm..." And all he got in return was a chuckle. "Ever the white knight I see."

Shaking her head, Rhia stared at the offered hand and said nothing for quite a while. "If you feel no obligation towards me, then why do you bother trying to steer me onto a moral path? Why not tell the world my name? Tell them everything I have done? Or just take the simple option and kill me?" Tilting her head a bit, she let her usual playful smile drop. He couldn't see anyhow, so there was no need to keep smiling.

"Does your precious code of honor keep you from doing such simple things?" The woman looked away at that, unable to keep from looking entertained. "Ah, it seems that not just humans complicate thing for themselves." Deciding that there was no way he would be able to fulfill her criteria, she answered. "The only way for me to adhere to a 'moral' path of knowledge would be when there is no more work for me to do. No more knowledge to obtain. No new discoveries to make."
Chita For a bit, Chita was silent, listening to her, letting her answer. And when she finally answered, he 'looked' towards her with that same silence only to shake his head a little. He had expected as much. When she could learn no more from such. Which, as disappointing as it was, made perfect sense for as much as he knew about her.

"I shall see what I can do then. Because I fully intend to keep you safe. My reasons why..." he started to say they were his own, but knew full well that wouldn't do anything to help the situation. "It is not my 'honor' or 'code' that prevents me from doing such. Death does not settle well with me... the idea of life simply ending. The idea that it all simply vanishes and there is nothing more. Even though I know now that there is an Underworld... a God of Death. That I will never be able to find any solace in death like others have since time immemorial."

A grumble of sorts comes from Chita before he says, "I want to see a happy ending for you is all. I truly do. And, quite frankly, I enjoyed that night together a while back. It is quite hard to get another one of those if you are in a cell or dead." a soft laugh at his own expense came as he mentioned such. After all, there was no denying he enjoyed such.

"Well then, that is half your trade. Only one more thing and I will tell you all you like about how I intend to complete the weapon. And... I will even offer something else that may amuse you."
Rhiannon Zellen "You probably will not believe when I say this, but it is rather hard to kill me. A man named Angantyr Vespar can personally vouch for that. I promise, ehehe~" Giggling at some past memory, she sighed at his reasoning. It was illogical to her. Death was a natural thing. And whether it came suddenly or through the passing of time, it couldn't be helped.

"A happy ending, hm..." Resting her hands in her lap, Rhia deliberated on the thought for a moment. "Admittedly, I hardly ever think about such things. There is no end to research after all." His next words got a small laugh out of her after. "My, you really are a beast. Not even being blinded can settle that, I see."

Shaking her head, the woman reached up and cradled his cheek in her hand, closing the distance and satisfying the second part of their deal as their lips met in a kiss.
Chita "No end to research, perhaps... but what if there was no end to you, and you could research forever while living a lawful life, hm? Would you give up the freedom of immorality for an everlasting life of morality?" Such was an interesting enough tidbit for thought, and Chita was just about to pull back when he felt the hand on his cheek, caught by surprise at the kiss on his lips. For just a moment he was entirely still. Just a moment. Then he took it upon himself to lean forward and rest one hand on the desk by them so he could return the kiss contently.

Perhaps she could tell from his affections that he may actually have a thing for her. Possibly. Then again, it could simply be lust rather than affection. Or both, knowing him. "I took your advice." he said softly against her lips before pulling back, tongue licking his own lips briefly as he stood straight and leaned against the counter behind him with a careful step or two back to make sure he didn't fall. "Darkness... I intend to find someone who can teach me how to control something created of Darkness... how to assert my will over it. And, in the process, try to see if I cannot make my heart strong enough to both nurture the weapon to completion... as well as control it. Give it access to my own heart, so to speak. My thoughts were... if it had so many weak hearts and failed to come to fruition... perhaps a single strong heart more, one that may even be more powerful than it... could finish it and even control it."
Rhiannon Zellen Shelving his question mentally, Rhia focused on just the kiss for now. It didn't take a genius to note that what was meant to be a simple kiss wound up being rather...passionate. This caused a number of questions to rise in her mind, but she decided not to ask as they parted. "My advice? ...Aha." She mumbled, regaining her breath meanwhile.

"To find a way to control darkness...It is a rather simple theory, however..." She trailed off, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. "Do you really believe yourselve capable of the task? You have quite a list of things you need to do there. Learn to control darkness, strengthen your heart, and supply enough energy to the experimental unit to complete it." Resting her hands back in her lap, Rhia shook her head.

"I've previously calculated these variables, and I can tell you that it would take a staggering number of weak hearts to complete it." She said that while ticking off one finger. "Or it would take a smaller number of stronger hearts. I wager between twenty and fifty, based on the individual strength of their hearts." A second finger was ticked off then. "Lastly, it would take one heart utterly devoid of darkness, or therabout to complete it. But such a heart hardly seems to exist. There is no one person that pure."

A chuckle escaped from her then. "But you think you can find a way to complete the unit and remain in control? Completely prepostrous."
Chita Chita listened quietly as she spoke before letting out a small sigh and saying, "Is that so? I have no intention of saying you calculated wrong, or calling to question your intelligence." He knew full well that she, better than anyone, should know the truth of the matter. Then again, if she knew so much... it would have been easier to harvest all those hearts in a place where those of strong hearts such as himself could not have interfered.

She cannot possibly know everything, or she would have simply completed it already. If it was that simple, why would she even care about finishing it? She knew how... so she claimed.

"I do though, indeed, think I can find a way to not only complete it... but remain in control." He grinned a bit and said, "Wouldn't it be interesting if one could strengthen the hearts within the sword? Instead of leaving them weak and scared... wanting comfort... to rally them to band together? Many hearts working as one?" Reaching out with one hand he grabbed the cloth-wrapped weapon and held it out sideways. "The reason why I know I can control this weapon, and finish it... is because I am not in the least like you, Rhiannon. You can research until you turn to dust and you will still never realize one thing." a rather pleased look slid across his face. He didn't say what that thing was, though. In fact, he pointedly put the sword away again before turning as if he intended on leaving.
Rhiannon Zellen Listening to his rather righteous speech, Rhia said nothing and just smirked a tad. Whatever was that something? ...Nothing that was relevant to her anyway. "Well, if you believe you can do it, then by all means." A shrug was given as the scientist swiveled her chair back around to face her desk.

"There are always unknown variables in an experiment." Opening a journal, she began to flip through the pages to where she had left it previously. "Whatever the outcome, I am sure it will be interesting. Do try not to die before you can back up your claim however." Was that supposed to be her way of expressing worry?


In any case, there was no farewell, she simply proceeded to begin working at that.

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