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(2013-10-28 - Now)
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Aerith Closing time.

She hadn't seen Tifa around much, so she decided to handle most of the duties that keeping the Seventh Heaven open and running entailed. From watching the real owner handle her business, it wasn't too difficult to replicate her tasks. Cooking wasn't a problem; neither was running the tap. It was the custom drinks, the cocktails, that she got wrong sometimes. Still, she did all right on many of them, and after a while she'd gotten the exact measurements for each one down to a science.

Turning it into an art though, like Tifa, would take a bit more time.

But right now, it was time to close, and most of the chairs were atop the tables and upside down, leaving enough room for Aerith to mop and sweep.
Chita Sure, sometimes people came late - but were they always people that she knew well enough?

"Are you still open?" came a voice from the door Seventh Heaven and a familiar one at that. Chita stood there, dressed in a rather fancy-looking suit that looked like he may have spent a bit too much munny on it. Looks nice, though, which was probably what he was after. Crisp, black, pink undershirt, hair recently trimmed up and tied back. He still had the blindfold wrapped around his eyes, a staff held in one hand that was likely being used to keep himself from ruining his suit by falling face first into something.
Aerith Aerith glanced up for a moment from what she was doing. Shame she was dressed in her usual denim outfit, minus the jacket, revealing the purple-and-blue halter top underneath. With a grin, she dropped the mop and trotted over to Chita. "Oh wow, look at you!" She stopped two feet in front of him and gave his clothing a good once-over. "I would say you clean up nice, but you always were good-looking. Still, this is a bit overdressed, don't you think?"
Chita Aeriths voice caught Chita by surprised, having expected Tifa instead. "Aerith?" He stood still a moment before smiling at her remark and offering a hand towards her palm up, as if intending to shake her hand or something. His actual intent was to use it in order to pull her close enough for a hug. "I suppose that is true. I... feel quite a bit better, so I thought I should dress the same. And since I cannot put on my good dresses..." grumble. "Might as well have something nice, hm? You alright Aerith? Have not seen you since Lindblum."
Aerith Aerith gave a nod. "Everything's been upside down and inside out, but otherwise fine." She finished the hug for him, getting the gist of his outstretched arm. After a few moments, she pulled away. "This your first time in Goug?"
Chita "Have you already forgotten this is where the Black Beast attacked? Or that I have been here off and on dealing with the one who created it?" When she pulled back from the hug Chita took it upon himself to step inside slowly past her and walk towards where he knew the closest table was. Feeling around with one hand and realizing the chair was up, he paused and turned to ask, "You are... closing? I can find somewhere else to eat if that is so." And there he paused, facing her while awaiting an answer.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Okay, I forgot about that. Wasn't here for it." She didn't seem to mind him mentioning that. It were as if she'd put it past them. "Yeah, we're closing. But hey, I could make you something anyway. It'd be a mess I made, so I have no problem cleaning up after myself." She pulled out a few chairs, then headed behind the bar to fire up the grill. "What's your favorite treat?"
Chita For a moment Chita hesitated like he thought about leaving anyways to avoid the trouble, but decided instead to just stay and take her up on the offer. Slowly and carefully walking to the bar proper Chita moved to take a seat on one of the stools before saying, "How about the grilled vegetable plate with rice? No meat. That is what I usually get anyways. And..." he thought a moment, "How about a bottle of wine as well?" Fishing around in his jacket, Chita pulled out about a hundred munny. "Whatever this will afford." Either he was quite wealthy or was splurging. Not that he spent too much of his funds anyways usually.
Aerith Aerith chuckled and started on what he'd ordered. Wasn't all that hard, really. The wine though was a bit particular. Everyone had their tastes, after all. "So what brings you over here?" Aerith called out over the sizzle of the grill. "It's not like too many venture to the dark side of the world too often, especially since this is the territory of the one that started you on this in the first place."
Chita "Just that." he said softly as he breathed in the smell of the food and grilling deeply, quite enjoying it. "I had come to speak with her... to find out a bit more about what she knows. And it was actually quite successful. So, now... I'm quite happy. And celebrating." Chita smiled a bit at that and said, "Want to join me in the celebrations?"
Aerith Aerith paused for a moment. So he'd talked with her? All right, fine. And she'd given him information about this whole mess. It wasn't her place to judge, but she still thought something was terribly wrong here. "I did say I'd support you, and I will. Right then, let's celebrate together!" She focused her full attention on making the food, but added more ingredients for a second plate. Now that she thought of it, she was actually pretty hungry as well.
Chita All considered, Chita really did seem happy. And not just happy, relieved. Empowered. He seemed... as if he finally knew everything, as if nothing at all was weighing him down. Which is why he laughed slightly. "What do you know about inspiring hearts... about getting people to work together towards a singular goal?"
Aerith Aerith blinked. Okay, where did this come from? She shook her head and kept on cooking, the veggies being almost done. "Well, the more hearts that are connected to yours, the more strength you can draw in and give out, right? I'd like to think that's the case, anyway. Friends are the most powerful thing you can have, and getting them to work together is a big thing."
Chita "And what about... countless hearts, weak hearts, all lost in darkness? What could one possibly do to encourage them to stop being scared and work towards a greater purpose - towards doing something good with their untimely demise?" As Chita asks that, he leans forward and rests with his elbows on the counter, chin on his palms as he 'looks' towards Aerith.
Aerith Aerith just about dropped her tools.

She saw what he was getting at. And it was very, very dangerous. The more he talked about it, the more concerned she became for his safety. Then again, his life was his own, wasn't it? Who was she to tell him what was proper and what wasn't?

Still, the shiver that ran along her spine was difficult to hide.

Aerith turned off the grill and started the finishing touches on the plates. "Honestly, I don't know anything about that. All I know is that I was able to save you from that fate. Don't ask me how, I was just winging it."
Chita Difficult to hide from one whom could see, but to one whom could not, it was quite an easy thing to miss. "That is a pity. I found out that... my own plan, my method of turning this weapon, of subduing the beast... likely would not work. It could take anywhere between twenty and fifty hearts, strong hearts, to finish it. Many many more weak hearts... or a single heart of pure light, with no darkness. But such a thing does not exist."

A smile came to his face, though. "And then I thought... what if we use the hearts already fallen? Even if we cannot strengthen the hearts, if we can embolden them... with how many there are, surely that should suffice. That, and a single strong heart at the lead, enough to guide them into taking control and scouring out the darkness they were used to feed."

His voice was soft, and for what it's worth he didn't seem like he had some fool plan. In fact he acted as if suddenly it all made perfect sense.
Aerith Well technically, that wasn't the case... but who could say for sure?

Aerith cleared her throat as she finished the plates and poured two glasses of wine. "You'd have to... go so far into the darkness that there might be a chance of not coming back, then actually sense those lost hearts..." She put the meals and drinks onto a tray, then headed toward their table. "...Then convince them that your way is the right way. The only way."

She put the plates onto the table and sat just across from Chita, silent for a few moments. "I'm going to assume, from how calm you are, that you've had a while to think about this."
Chita Chita nodded at that and went silent as he lost himself in his thoughts, oly to hear the clink of the dish in front of him, smell the food. "Ah... thank you." he said softly, carefully reaching out with both hands to feel for the fork that came with the dish. "A while? In fact, it came to mind immediately when I heard my problem. Came to mind, and I freely admit I was so relieved I made a victorious remark to her and proceeded to leave on that note. Honestly, at this point, it all makes sense what I have to work towards. For the first time, I have a clear goal in mind. I know where the end lay... and what I have to do when I get there. I'm not sure how I am going to do it... but I know what I have to do."
Aerith So this was a plan based on what someone else told him. Not based on experimentation or experience, or even research, but on the word of someone else.

Right, now it was time to ask questions.

"So who exactly did you talk to? She sounds pretty knowledgeable about this whole keyblade thing."
Chita "Oh, you know. And don't you dare ask me to tell you their name. I have told you before, Aerith... I will not say. Just like I told her I have no intention of telling the name of the one who has seen her face. Not until I know for certain that she will not do something stupid, or wicked." He picked up the fork and jabbed it in the air towards Aerith 'Threateningly', though barely jabbing it an inch forward, no intention to actually do anything with it.
Aerith Aerith lifted her hands. "That's okay, if you don't want to say anything, that's fine!"

Right, suspicion confirmed. The images she'd seen in his heart were definitely those of that woman she'd met before. It was a while back since Rhiannon visited their little bar, talking nonsense and wanting blood samples, but she hadn't trusted her at all. Being a member of Shinra's science division did little to persuade her of any good intentions.

And now she was involved in the making of a Keyblade.

This could only end one of two ways, and either one was in her favor.

Still, if he wanted to find out the hard way, that was fine with her. She would stand behind him, no matter what. There was no touching the scientist for now, since she'd made a promise. The only thing she could do was wait for him to ask for her help.

Aerith smiled and lifted her wine glass. "So then, to better things."
Chita The lifted glass didn't exactly get seen, as he didn't hear it make a sound when lifted. At her remark he nodded and quickly forked a large forkfull of rice and carrots into his mouth. "Of course... I could always offer you the same thing I did her. I could tell you something if it matters that much to you. Something to satisfy your curiosity." a pause, then a grin as he felt around carefully for his glass and took a drink. "Bit it'll cost you."
Aerith Ah, good. Some answers. Then again, she knew what she needed to know. He'd confirmed it. But anything to clarify the situation would benefit greatly, so she'd know how to help him when he needed it.

"Right, what's your price?" She smiled. Aerith had her guesses as to what the price was, but she didn't want to make any assumptions. Let him say it, then she'd figure out what to do.
Chita He started to say something, then felt guilty and sighed. "Nevermind, no cost. I was going to say it'd cost you a kiss, but... I felt bad about it. Not sure why. Normally I would not feel any remorse for that in the least." Chita shook his head in amazement at his own hesitation and took another long drink of the wine, confused at himself for passing up the chance to hit on someone he thought was cute enough.

"So yeah... what would you like to know, other than her name or other such about them?"
Aerith Aerith chuckled. Yup, that was one of the five things she figured he'd ask for. She tilted her head to the right, considering what exactly she should do about that, but then he asked the question. Let's put that aside for now and focus.

Aerith cleared her throat. "Tell me about the Keyblade. I've seen it twice before, but I have no idea what exactly it is. Since you've talked extensively with your... mysterious benefactor... you must have picked something up about it." She leaned forward. "What is a Keyblade? How's it made and how's it work?"
Chita "I honestly do not know. I... took the weapon to keep it from being misused, I only saw it take the form of a keyblade briefly before collapsing into the current incomplete state it is in. I know Keyblades can protect worlds from the Heartless, unlock shards... lock world hearts... I have seen them do wondrous things, but I know nothing of how they work or how they are made." Another big bite of his food was taken and he went quite for the moment, thinking about the question she asked as he chewed.
Aerith Aerith gave a nod. Okay, so he wasn't any closer to the answer than she was. That was a real shame; she could have so many questions answered about that. But maybe he was game for another.

"That's okay, I can find out on my own. There's another question I've been meaning to ask, though. How are you going to learn how to control the darkness?" She shrugged. "I've seen what it can to to people, that's all. I had to drag you out of it back at Lindblum. If you plan on controlling all *that*..." She tilted her head to one side again. "I want to know what your plans are."
Chita Another quick bite of the food and Chiat remarks rather simply, "This is quite good. You'll make a good cook for someone some day." That was his attempt at a compliment, even as he did respond to such with a simple, "I... do not rightfully know. I have thought about seeking out users of Darkness who may have something to gain from teaching me. Or simply to amuse themselves with. ... maybe even Maleficent. Perhaps she would find it funny to teach one of Avira's friends how to control the Darkness, to have one as a pupil to hang over Avira's head."

It was a thought. "And you are right. You did have to drag me out of it. So in the end... I should be paying you somehow. So, what will it be? I'll pay nearly anything."
Aerith When he mentioned that... she seriously wondered why they were having this conversation. This was the same woman leading the Shadow Lords, aiming for heavens-knew-what, leading an army of Heartless and causing more suffering and misery than one could possibly imagine.

She couldn't take it anymore.

"My payment is simple." She took in a breath. "I know I can't dissuade you. You're definitely going to do this. Just one thing, and listen well." Her eyes narrowed. "Remember her for who and what she is. Do not trust her, even when you're looking her straight in the eye. She won't just hang you over Avira's head, or any of ours. She'll use you to kill us if she wants."

Aerith sighed. "And from what I understand... you don't want anyone else to hurt because of you."
Chita Her concern was noted and he nodded at such, "It was just a thought. I have no means of actually contacting her and... I am not that suicidal. And I understand that fully. So... I will tell you this. If such a thing happens, hit me with magic as hard as you can. If you come at me with weapons or fists, I will knock you aside easily... but magic will level me. Okay? I trust you with that. I will do my best to be smart in what I do. You know I have no intention of hurting anyone."

Chita slowly drained the wine in his glass before asking, "Could I have more?"
Aerith Aerith gave a nod. "Sure thing. And if you do join up with her, I'll march over to wherever she's got you holed up and drag you out of there by your ears if I have to. Unconcious, of course." She gave a smile and filled his glass again. "So, anything you want to ask me? It's kinda unfair to have this be so one-sided, after all."
Chita Aerith's remarks caused Chita to chuckle softly before he was offered to ask things as well. But what would he want to know? What could she know that he was interested in? A thought crossed his mind and he started to speak, but stopped and slowly drained the glass before asking, "Do I bother you? My... my flirting, I mean. I have not always been like this and I admit it has always been a way to stop feeling uneasy. I used to flirt with people before I was cursed just to get on their good side... to keep them from snooping too much. But since, it has simply become a way to feel less naked. If I do, I'll stop. I promise."
Aerith Aerith giggled and shook her head. "Look, if it helps you feel better, then by all means, go right ahead. You don't bother me at all, you big flatterer." She put a hand on one of his. "Just so you know though, I can't return any feelings you have. I mean, that'd be awkward, seriously. I like you better as a friend... though a real friend would stop you from doing something so reckless as what you're planning." She shrugged. "But I'm not your mom, and I'm not your guardian. All I can do is be there when you need me."
Chita A guilty look came to his face as she says that and he grumbles something out softly, shaking his head. "No, I will be fine. I admit I find your personality endearing, but I would hardly call it attraction. I have never had any vested interested in any outside my own race despite... looking for company now and then despite that. I hear humes do it too, enjoying time with those they do not even find attractive. There was this one fellow in my clan who used to look for overweight hume women. Complete ass, but he was never alone. Sometimes I worry I am turning into him, heh."
He let his hand linger under hers a moment before pulling it back and using the hand to take one of the last bites of his food available.
Aerith Aerith giggled again and took a sip from his wine. "Mmmm, I got lucky. Seems I picked the good stuff." She started in on her food again. "Well now that you know you don't bother me, and now that you know what I think about your plans..." She paused for a moment, unsure of how she could phrase this. "...I know what's in your heart. That's... that's personal." She stared at the table for a few moments before looking up at him through her bangs. "Is it okay? I mean, it was the only thing I thought would work, and it definitely saved your life, but... I don't think there's any way to unsee what I've seen, and if that hurts you, I'm sorry."
Chita "If you truly saw everything, saw my heart... then you should know that I cannot hold a grudge against anyone who seems like a good person at heart. Some I can dislike... distrust... those who treat others poorly or treat me badly for no reason. But you have never done such. So no... I will be fine. I would rather share my heart with someone I can trust like you than another, like that idiot vagrant who likely still thinks I am evil." Chita chuckled at that and stretched slowly before adding, "Where do you stay in Goug anyways?"
Aerith Aerith sighed. "Thanks. That means a lot." She takes another sip from her wine glass. "With my mom, most of the time. The rest, I have a room here in the inn, just upstairs. Tifa lets me have it for free, and I can sleep here whenever I want." She chuckled. "It's a lot cozier than most of the slums, let me tell you that. I'd know; I designed most of the upstairs rooms myself."
Chita Chita looked confused a moment before asking, "Your mother?... how old are you, Aerith? I thought you were fully grown already. Are you still a child in hume years?" In fact, Chita looked rather worried that he'd been flirting with a kid and not realized it. Well, he didn't really know hume aging all too well, so...
Aerith Aerith giggled, a bubbly and genuine laugh that reminded one of champagne when they heard it. "You really are silly, you know that? Relax, I'm just taking care of her!" She shook her head, the giggles subsiding. "I'm twenty-two years old. Honestly, I can go wherever I want. It's just that she'll be all alone once I move on, and this place is still dangerous." She placed her head in her hands. "If you really want to know, she's my second mother. My first one died when I was still little."
Chita When Aerith giggled, Chita smiled and thought about something that caused him to scratch the back of his head idly, quite thankful he couldn't actually SEE her at the moment. Otherwise he'd probably wind up embarrassed. He had no attraction to her, but if she was a Viera, he'd have asked her to stay around him on a more permanent basis long ago. Her personality was something else and it really did confuse him.

"I see. I never really knew my own mother, so I suppose you are lucky that you remember." Slowly Chita pushed himself to a stand and 'looked' around the bar towards where the door was, trying to recall the city. "I should probably head out before I do something silly or say something silly and wind up embarrassing myself somehow."
Aerith Aerith shrugged and finished off her wine, then started on the rest of her food. "If you're ever around again, feel free to stop by. I don't want you turning into a shadow before you get in here though, so watch yourself."

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