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Dark Of The Night
(2013-10-25 - Now)
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Maleficent There have been some recent strange disappearances around the Traverse Town void point. As this is one of the more well travelled areas as far as gummi ships are concerned - being home to Chip and Dale's main hangar.

Peculiar Heartless have been detected in the area, and a purple miasma has bewildered some unwary flyers. A cadre of brave explorers have accepted one of the public bounties for someone able to clear the lanes, or investigate the source of the recent strange phenomena. This may require going off route a bit. Gummiships can find their way to known worlds fairly well, but this is not that. With a plan in mind and travelling as a group, some heroes are hunting for trouble.

Here and there in the normally blank inter-world space are purple clouds, left hanging like clots in the air. Most people wouldn't fly willingly TOWARD something like that.

What do you do?
Aerith Well you fly towards it anyway, duh.

Granted, Aerith's ship is not the first to enter the deep, dark, scary thunderheads of dark, but she is with them all the same, and it's not all that surprising when she prepares her defenses. After all, those clouds are dense, and just about anything could pop out from them. "Anyone got a plan?"
Avira No sleep 'till Brooklyn!

Avira's actually pretty nervous to be in Traverse Town. She comes and goes with her cloak up due to recent events. People would expect to find her in Traverse Town, after all, since that's where the VALKYRI headquarters were. But as she gets one of the rentals and prepares, with her team of course, to investigate this strange miasma, she can't help but feel a profound sadness.

The poor, poor Badb. Avira barely got to fly it! These rentals, though worthy vessels, were not crafted by their hands. It just wasn't the same! It's not enough to deter her from piloting completely though.

"Dusk Wolf here. Remember your callsigns! I'm going in to examine those clouds. Keep your hands on the trigger, folks, it could get ugly really fast!"
Deelel Deelel has kept her own goblin as simple as it is? Elsewhere and that had kept it from going missing. Thankfull she's got some plan to go after them. She's fought some horrible nightmare heartless out there in there.

"Demonoid ready here."

Deelel chirps over the comm and she's going to follow the other's lead after all she's support.
Maleficent Avira pilots closer to one of the small deposits of purple vapor. Aerith does the same. The clouds, close to, move as if to seek out the vessels and engulf them. There is something strange about it - the energy, if it touched a ship, would disrupt systems momentarily and barely dent the shields. But its physiological effect on occupants would be similar to car sickness.

The vapor clouds are small, and dissipate after they ram into a ship or even after they try to. But there is a trail of them - moving off into nearby space.

Clouds of purple vapor are zooming for your ships. Very few heartless are to be seen, and they are far enough away to not be coming in this direction

What do you do now?
Aerith For a brief moment, the cabin around her spun, and the contents of her stomach heaved. Didn't matter if she hadn't eaten anything, she just got sick all of a sudden. Aerith shook her head to clear the dizziness and activated her shields. Yes, it was definitely time to do that, since they'd come after her before she could. "Silver Wing under attack! I'm not too sure these things like us...!" She made her best attempts to move out of the way before others could make contact.
Avira The 'Tonberry' style ship, which most people quietly whisper to each other rumors that is a death trap, nears the purple clouds. Avira remains ready to attack, expecting heartless to be held within, only to find...nothing.

The clinginess of the miasma does not go unnoticed. She seems to be fighting off the resultant sickness pretty well though. "I don't see anything." she says to the others, "Not in these clouds...but.."

"...well there is the clouds themselves I guess. I think I see a trail!" She moves to take evasive manuvers from the clouds, following the strange trail left behind. She doesn't fire because, well, they are clouds. Can't do much against clouds.
Deelel Deelel own fighter is keeping with Acvira's in formation but something doesn't feel right. She's not aure about the vapors something isn't right. She's not sure what's going on here but it does not feel right, she needs more data. This feels like dealing with that man, and she does not like it.
Maleficent The clouds meander for some time into the darkness of the Void. After a while, the three little ships come across a larger purple cloud.

Here and there, a few gummis float toward the incoming ships.

Loose gummis, unconnected to a cockpit block? Yes. They might batter off the ships, but that's not a huge deal.

The huge deal is the shattered wreckage of many gummiships sort of smooshed together as if melted by high heat. It is turning gently. Something old and recently woken is curled around it. A green, glowing light. A dragon. Scaled, long claws, nestled as if for warmth around the gummis - why around the gummis? This is a creature not of darkness and void, but of light slightly modified.

It inhales light and warmth, here in this dark place. It appears to be sleeping. It appears to be in pain. Whoever put it out here is pretty much a monster.

What do you do?
Aerith Aerith gritted her teeth as she beheld the deliberate act of cruelty. Whoever did this, and she was certain it was a who now instead of a what, needed to answer for this. She said nothing, only focused on evading whatever came at her.
Avira If possible, Avira will swipe some of those loose gummis too. She's not too surprised to see gummis floating around here. That's where most of the ones she previously had were found. The collecting eventually ceases as she starts to see ship wreckage and draws the conclusion that the loose gummies may be from the missing.

The tiny planetoid and dragon seal it. "This is Dusk Wolf. I'm confirming a visual on a giant space dragon...erm. Mystery solved, I think we can report back to base now. Looks like that was causing the disappearances."

It looks to be in pain, sure, but that is a giant space dragon that destroyed a bunch of other gummi ships and is now sleeping on a tiny gummi planetoid. Avira makes a ninety degree turn away from the dragon. "Nope. Hell no. Nope nope nope. I've fought enough dragons this week."
Deelel Deelel contiunes to be assaulted however she make no hostile actions. Her Gummi ship falls back and launches something art the others ships. Avira and Aerith woudl find their systems working better and hopefully functionally a bit above spec.

"I'll try to keep you together as long as I can."
Maleficent Now that they are aware of the debris, the field is not exactly difficult to navigate. The purple miasma is plentiful, but for these three somewhat versed gummi pilots it is nothing to get clear. They are just the first people brave - or foolish - enough to go off the beaten path.

The Dragon shows no obvious signs of waking up. It just sort of hangs out there in space, curled around the wreckages of its unwitting victims, trying to get warm.
Avira No way Avira is going to engage that thing. She'd probably wind up joining that melted gummi ship sphere. /Unacceptable/. She steers clear of the sleeping dragon entirely and turns right the heck around.

"Whatever people decide to do about that dragon, I'm pretty sure it's going to take more than just three of us to do it. Let's get back and report what we found to Chip and Dale."

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Avira, Deelel, Aerith, Maleficent