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(2013-10-25 - Now)
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Queegmaa Rosemarie's shop was open to all, unless the door was otherwise locked, during business hours, would be the general assumption held by the populace. However.... a person couldn't just go into her store with the hope of laying siege to her abode without consequences, given the security system Traverse Town had in place, which is why a spy had been needed to monitor, and track some of Rosie's movements. If they could calculate at least a single pattern in the routine that encompassed her life, there was a chance she could be subdued, and then.... well, on this day, to show the 'good faith' of the empire, who was trying to butter-up the self-images of Glabados, Que was sent to help find Rosie.

Besides the fact that he was experienced in dealing with the woman personally, which gave him the knowledge it took to help bring her down, he had the drive, as well, for she'd swallowed him whole and digested a good portion of his body-- revenge was something Faruja himself had indulged in, ergo, with a much weaker moral compass than the Nezumi, it was far from Queegmaa to be above a little payback, but in -this- case, it was under the pretext of 'divine retribution', as ordained by the church! If Faru had any misgivings about working with the kappa, he'd have to keep his lips sealed tight, because in a sense, the water-devil was temporarily given a charge, a mission that was on the same importance of a holy knight.... to bring to justice a foul corrupter who'd wronged countless innocents, by way of sponsoring Blivon's rehab clinic, where the derelict shaman had unquestionably indoctrinated several upstanding folk who wouldn't've been blinded by his hellish preachings!

No.... Rosemarie didn't actually fork over much money, but she did help with the starting costs, and since Blivon had recently gone on a 'retreat' to purify his spirit, by engaging in a self-imposed exile, that, in the church's mind, looked suspiciously coincidental, since Faruja had just been deflected only a month ago after offering the heretic a chance to surrender himself. Que, peering over at the demi-human, scoffed, "I given ya'all plen'y of info that'll take us tuh her. Yuh'll see rayle soon.... She dun got nowhere ta hide! But you 'n yer inquiseadors will hafta beat it outta her, I 'spect, 'fore ya find out where she's hidin' that scoundrel....." No, Queegmaa doesn't know a thing about Blivon, but he's trying to rally all Faruja's power by bolstering the significance of the piety in their mission at hand!

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Queegmaa.