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(2013-10-24 - Now)
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Maximilien COSTA DEL SOL

Sunshine, surf, and sand! It's a beautiful day in sunny Costa Del Sol - but then, of course it is! Is it ever any other kind of day? Not according to the travel agents, or the beachgoers! Is it magic? Is it the locale? Is it just a quirk of fate? Whatever it is, the day is always warm, the sky is always blue, the water is always just right, and the beach is always buzzing with activity.

Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne normally has very little time for such frivolities. The few people who know him, truly know him, know exactly why that is - know what it means to Max to work his hardest and do everything in his power to acquire wealth. But...

But keyblades have propagated. They have spread. There are people now who possess the ability to search for those lost in the Darkness and restore them...and Max is not one of them. Combined with his...unique...immediate family situation, Max has been forced to admit that maybe he should stop working so hard and actually take a day off and relax.

So here he is, dressed in the most ridiculous combination of what is clearly a /speedo/ and a(n incredibly flamboyant) (waterproof) *red cape*. There's a rose in one hand.

Spending the day with loved ones and friends - what could possibly be...well, better?
Jihl Nabaat Jihl Nabaat nearly said 'nope'.

Max had none of that, though, and as he ... stands... there... in THAT OUTFIT... she puts one hand over her face. Ostensibly here to enjoy herself, she is instead in her normal tight-fitting white dress, just without tights and heels to make for better beachwear. She seems to have no sign of getting out from under the umbrella, nor from looking up from the book she's reading, which may be due to Max*.

She sighs and gets more comfortable on her blanket.

*it's always max, please.
Avira Avira must heartily agree about 'working too hard' lately. But she also must currently question 'appearing in public places' since she's currently wanted by Baron for flagrant crystal theft. But despite this...

Here she is, at the beach, happily recovering following a grueling tussel with a dragon and a very sweet date with Mercade-well, alright, that last thing didn't need recovering from but it was something that's still pretty much on her mind right now. Unlike the last time she was here well over a year ago, she is both better equipped for being at a beach and not fighting a kraken. She actually has a white sundress on-the kind that are pretty much see-through against the light and clearly meant to be worn over a bathing suit. There is a bathing suit beneath that-quite daringly, it is a bikini, though one with a shorts-style bottom instead of the usual underwear-style. The bottom piece is black while the top has blue and white stripes.

Her hair has been done up into a braid that trails down her back, the very end held together with a rubber band. "What a -great- day!" The reservations that Avira had about her scarred body seem to be pretty gone. She isn't afraid if they show-which they certainly do like this.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is all about spending time with his friends. And Avira, who is a friend of a different sort. The invitation to go from desert (which he hates) to the beach (which he is cool with) is something he welcomed. He's not wearing his usual attire, because he's in SWIM TRUNKS. He's getting in the water, dangit. He also seems to appreciate Avira's clothing choices herself, but that isn't keeping him from soaking in the water.

And in the water he is, doing a backstroke around Max in circles. "This was a pretty great idea. So what have you been up to, Max? Or is that one of those things you can't tell us about?"
Maximilien Max is only a little bit sad, but it'll pass. It's pretty hard for him to be in a bad mood right now; life has, for once, actually been going reasonably well. He's not wanting for anything, and the assurance that people *can* be saved from the shadows, even if it may take some time, is an assurance he did not have before.

"Ah, mes amis; I am so glad you could make it." Max spreads his arms and beams, his (incredibly flamboyant) (waterproof) cape rippling around him as he does so. "I am certain you have been here more often than me, non? It takes some fun out of the 'welcome' moment, but that is perfectly alright with me; I am so rarely the man to welcome people places, after all, that I fear I may be wildly uncomfortable with it."

Max beams one of those dazzling grins as he tips into another sweeping bow. One of the perks of that cape/speedo combination - it shows exactly how thin and light Max is. He's practically a scarecrow.

A scarecrow covered in scars. Lots of scars. In fact, there are scars all over his torso - a legacy of a life of crime, perhaps?

Max straightens and folds his arms behind him. "Incidentally, I am paying for everything on this little vacation - you could call it both my thanks, and my celebration."
Will Sherman Will has been pretty...out of sorts after his uh...

Run in with Garland. He needed time to recover, mentally and physically from touching pure chaos like he did...again.

Mercade probably thought it was a good idea to take him out, the sun would do him some good...and it did. After some time out in the sun, the hobo lad has been more like himself...

He comes back, from errands, "I have ice cream." He has a cone with like...a hundred scoops on it, and four smaller cones for the others.

The big cone he takes for himself and manages to start eating. He is waring swiming trunks, but his signiture hat stays on his head, never leaving him. The hat, might be magic, or perhaps it is very special to him. Nobody knows...
Jihl Nabaat Jihl FINALLY... gets up and removes her sun dress, muttering to herself as she watches the TDA generally 'be social' and 'have active lives' and 'know what to do with other people'. She'd glare at Max, but he's gotten, well, you know, used to her glares. They're half-effective on him now.


Eventually, she wades into the ocean. She is terribly pale in her bikini.
Avira Mercade is getting in the water. Avira is clearly about to follow! She grasps the hem of her dress with both hands and pulls it over her head with an oddly clumsy motion. Just a testament to how rarely she wears dresses, really. Why /today/ though...?

Max reveals that everything is on him today with his greeting and Avira beams. "Well, better go grab myself a pina colada soon. I've only been here twice though...I've never been much of a beach person before. But now..."

She eyes Max curiously. The skinniness she expected. The scars, though, she did not. Avira of all people certainly doesn't question why he has them. She knows.

About to enter the water with the pair, Will arrives with ice cream in tow. Right away she takes one of the offered cones. "Hey Will, how've you been?"
Mercade Alexander "I've been here once or twice, but what matters is who you share the time with, right?" Mercade switches to floating in the water, easily rocking in the waves as he grins at Max. "It's great to see you again regardless.... And I appreciate it. I'll make sure to make full use of your generosity. After all, I would be remiss to let it go to waste, right?"

He thinks as he considers the scars, inevitably comparing them to those on Avira. Something about him...

His train of thought is inevitably derailed to happier places as Will arrives with ice cream and Avira joins them in the water. He laughs, splashing at Avira as he says, "Hey Will! Glad to see you! Are you doing all right?"
Maximilien Max frowns. He mumbles something into his cheek, but it's A) in French and B) incredibly quiet, so it's not like most people can hear it.

Max turns back to a smile at his group. "Oui, please, enjoy what you like. It is not every day I spend my money, non? I am, after all, so very stingy with my money; though it is little trouble to acquire it, it is always troublesome to spend it."

"Still, I thought the moment warranted it. I wanted to introduce you to someone."

Max sweeps his hand over in Jihl's direction - whether she's coming over to him or not. "Jihl Nabaat. It is high time, I decided, that I introduce her to my friends properly - and that I introduce my friends *to* her, properly."

"Jihl, these colorful individuals are the Twilight Detective Agency. I have no doubt they can say plenty about themselves; they are quite good at that, that is for certain." Max's lips quirk in a smirk.
Avira "Ah~" Avira turns from the splashing so her ice cream doesn't get mixed with seawater. "Mercade, come get some ice cream." And make him get out of the water? Well ice cream was kind of time sensitive!

Max's announcement makes Avira pause and she looks to the flamboyantly clothed frenchman. Her eyes follow to Jihl Nabaat. The name sounded vaguely familiar. Turning, she observes the woman that Max is indicating.

Her eyes widen, "'re that..." That memory feels ancient but she knows she's seen this woman before.
Jihl Nabaat "... Yes, Avira. I'm /that/ woman." Jihl says, with a small sigh.

"Hello, Twilight Detective Agency. While Max may have simply introduced me, you might know me better as the leader of PSICOM for Cocoon." her mouth twitches to the side. "And someone who /unfortunately/ got involved with one Maximilien Amadeus Renaud... you get the idea." She is pleasant, at least.
Will Sherman John passes out the cones, and starts on his own.

He takes a while to respond, "Better..I'm better, don't worry about me." he says, with a somewhat forced smile. Remembering the...whatever it was...he just shakes his head. "I don't wana think about that right now.." he says, a bit dour. Instad he just eats his ice cream, waving a hand at Jihl. "Hi." he says, simply. He looks at things...but nothing makes him want to tear his eyes out. A positive!
Mercade Alexander Mercade laughs and splashes his way to the edge of the surf, walking up out of the water with none of the decorum Max might have had. He's not the same kind of person at all, that much is obvious. "Ice cream, right." He chuckles. He looks over Jihl as she is introduced, and he nods. "A pleasure to meet you!" He says. He doesn;t know anything about PSICOM or what their deal is or perhaps he might be more worried. "Any friend of Max is a friend of mine. So what kind of things does PSICOM do?"

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