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(2013-10-23 - Now)
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Echo It's probably strange to be wandering around the beach at night, unless you're some kind of homeless sort--but right now there is some kind of alabaster white lady lying out in the moonlight--in a bikini and sunglasses, no less, and lying atop a towel with what appears to be a bucket of ice and some kind of bottle in it next to her. What the heck??
Chita It actually wasn't too odd around these parts, given the beach is always night time. Not that people who hadn't visited before or asked or were from around here would know. Ever since it got conjoined with Traverse Town, Bodhum has been in eternal night. People still mill about here or there, no one really giving anyone else much thought. A few strange looks are given to various odd-looking folks, but hey, it's next to Montressor, so lots of strange folk come and go.
Echo would have been entirely left alone if not for a sudden slight clothlike feeling landing on one of her arms. What was it? Seems to be some kind of blindfold. The wind had blown just before that, so it'd likely caught the blindfold from the actual owner of it.

An easy thing to connect given said actual owner was relatively nearby and grumbling a rather foul obscenity briefly at losing the blindfold he had taken off for just a moment. He was sitting at a table on the beach with a glass of some kind of alcoholic drink and was patting around on the ground near him. "Where'd the damn thing go... knew I shouldn't have taken it off."
Echo Sitting up, the women in white--it turned out to be fur on closer inspection, and not actually some kind of deathly palor--reached up and removed her sunglasses, amusingly wearing a pair in the glare of the moon and picked up the cloth that had blown onto her. Sitting up, the bikini top and bottoms were black with white small cartoonish bats patterened on them, holding up the strip of cloth. "Did you drop this?" she asked, sounding as if someone had interrupted her sunbathing, or in this case, moonbathing.
Chita Chita turned towards the sound of the voice and sat back up, thinking about it a moment before saying, "I am... uncertain, at the risk of sounding cheeky, what that would be. I cannot see. Yet if it is a strip of black cloth... then yes, I did. My apologies for bothering you." He didn't quite reach out to grab it for fear of doing something unintentional like honking a boob or something(hard to judge distance when you can't see), but he did hold out his hand palm up so she could place it in his hand, were that indeed what she was talking about.

"Is there something I could do to thank you?"
Echo The white furred woman looked at Chita as if they were drunk at first, handing the strip of cloth back. Her eyes were luminescent yellow in the light of the moon, revealing two large bat ears rising up from the sides of her dark hair. "Thank me, what are you talking about?" her wings rustled behind her as she kept herself sitting up now, frowning a little at Chita. "You're blind?" she drew a long finger down her cheek, thinking about this, a long nail capping the end of it. "And you want to thank me, huh?" she grinned a little at that, though she wasn't following it up with any kind of remark, yet.
Chita "Yes, thank you. It was just an offer, you did not have to ask for anything. And yes... blind. It is a recent problem I have come to have, an injury. Not want so much as... I do not mind." Retracting his hand with the cloth in it, Chita reaches up to wrap it back around his eyes and head before tying it off and adjusting it to try and make sure it covered things. It was more for his own comfort. A combination of feeling embarrassed about such and still having some sensitivity there. Adjusted, he sits back upright in the chair and continues to face towards where the sound of her voice was coming from.
Echo "They do sell things to fix injuries, I believe, but as for thanking me I think you'd like that too much," The bat lady laughed softly. "Sides, it's not like you need eyes to see, I should know that more than anyone," she grinned and flicked one of her large ears idly. "You shouldn't worry about always trying to do things for people, like that--it could get you in trouble anyway," she said drly, looking up at him again, pupils narrowing just a bit thanks to the light of the moon, like a cat's.
Chita Chita looked confused. Didn't need eyes to see? He started to and stopped saying something a couple of times in succession before finally saying, "What do you mean it is possible to see without eyes? And how would you know especially?" His interest was garnered. "And I have been receiving medical treatments. The one who did this to me, though... was particularly strong. And I am... particularly weak to magic in general. I am actually lucky to still be alive."
Echo "Well," the woman started clucking her tongue. "Probably because I'm a bat?" she explained, looking up at the viera with a little confused look. "I didn't see you over there, you know you're wearing a sheet, right?" she leaned over and took the bottle out of the metal tub with ice in it, uncorking it and bringing the bottle to her lips for a long drink. As she finished she exhaled in relief and licked her lips--the contents looked like tomato juice.
Chita "Yes, well..." Hmph. Nothing he couldn't exactly do about his race. He could hear well and smell well, and previously could see well but now... he can't quite see. Not like he could clap his hands and hear where people are. Bats, to his knowledge, did something like that. The sheet comment gets a light laugh, "Not a sheet. A traditional elementalists attire, even though it is not my job. Modified for my gender naturally. If I wore what the womenfolk wore I would likely be hanging out in clear view. It is quite revealing after all."
Echo "Womenfolk? Oh," the bat stood up now, setting the bottle of red liquid down into the bucket of ice and peered closer at the sheet-wrapped figure. "You're one of those viera, yes? wood people?" she was only averagely tall, even for a lady. "And you're not an elementalist? What are you then?" she was eying the viera with something approaching curiosity and maybe a little bit of scientific observation. The sand shifted under her feet as she walked around him, vaguely curious, or maybe still a bit... hungry.
Chita It may not be the most obvious given he was seated, but Chita himself was quite tall. Seven+ with the ears, six+ without. Tall, thin, lanky even, though one might notice he does have a quite feminine figure. "I am a Viera, yes. Probably the only male Viera you have ever seen?" It was a fair assumption given how /rare/ male Viera were. "And no, I am not. By trade I am a Dragoon, by profession a Judge. I have little to no magical ability so I never bothered."
Echo "Ohh, I was wondering for a moment why you were talking about that, I guess the males of your species don't get out much?" Echo rubbed her chin a little, before leaning back a little. "A judge! I thought those were some kind of construct things, like golems?" she frowned a little, peering at the viera a little more closely. "Look pretty a live to me, magical ability or no," she waggled a finger a little. "I guess this would make you the first I've seen yes," she nodded.
Chita Chita smiles a bit as she spoke, enjoying the conversation. It was different, and she seemed midly interested in things and as if she knew a thing or two. "Indeed. And no, Judges are not constructs. That is a common misconception, so do not feel bad about thinking such. It is nice to meet you... um... yeah. My name would be Chita. What is yours?" He offered a hand towards her, gently, trying to make sure he didn't jab her by accident.
Echo "Chita? That's interesting, I'm called Echo," she smiled a little, expecting him to perhaps laugh. She extended a warm, fuzzy hand and shook the viera's hand, taking it instead of letting hers be taken as she knew the fellow was sight-impaired, at least at the moment. "I hope we can do something about your eyes, though I think I need to go for now, the hour grows late, and I must have dinner. You can join me, if you wish," she grinned a little, nodding as she proceeded to collect her towel and bucket of ice.

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