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(2013-10-22 - Now)
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Helena Celba Costa Del Sol, why was Helena here?

Obviously to control the population of males. Already, she has gathered quite the following, and the time she has spent here has...

Two are currently using palm leaves to fan her, while another is bringing her a drink. She sips it, smiles a little and sends him off for other things. Her sunglasses settle back over her eyes as she enjoys the son, the sights, and of course...

Being in a very low cut bathing suit, enough skin to make people wonder why she is even bothering, and the water...ah what could any else want?

She is expecting company soon, she might have to tell Minette that they need to go shopping, because those shoes...those shoes.

Oh and she might have brain cancer.
Minette Odam "HELLY! HELLLLLLYYYYYYY!" Minette calls as she jogs over the sand. She didn't bother to change into a bathing suit because... ... ...yeah. And so she comes and clamping and clomping over the sand, running. Because this is Minette and she can't partake in physical activity that isn't life or death combat without screwing it up, she trips about two feet from Helena's lounging, falls on her face, and skids to a stop in position. "...owwie." Minette says flatly, face down in the sand. But hey, she didn't get lost this time! /Progress/!
Helena Celba Helena looks down at Minette as she Kirby slides in face first.

She shifts to sit up instead of lounge back, and sets her drink down in the hand of one of her various suitors.

"Well, you didn't get lost this time." She says, with a soft smile and helps Minette out of the pit of sand she managed to make herself out of. She holds a hand out for a towel, and helps brush the sand off her face.

"Alright, lets get a good look at you...Oh I see."

She looks Minette up and down... "Yes...It is very dire after all.."
Minette Odam Minette gets up and brushes the sand off, shaking some of the stuff out of her braids. She's a Levitani, sand happens. "A... good look?" Minette asks, fidgeting uncomfortably. "Wh-what do you mean by that?" Because when people take a good look that's when she looks her worst! "...d-dire?!" Minette squeaks.
Helena Celba "I am afraid..."

"It /IS/ terminal..."

After a few moments of somber silence, "Those shoes are dead, and really, without them your whole outfit crumbles. We will have to fix this by a shoping trip, this might be your only hope." She nods grimly.
Minette Odam "--eh?" Minette replies, clearly not fully comprehending. Unneeded words so that the pose tracker will pick up the pose at the expense of any meaning it had due to brevity, aka the 'soul of wit'.
Helena Celba Helena sighs...

"You need...a new wardrobe!" She says, suddenly. "Outfits, accessories."
Minette Odam "So this... /wasn't/ about my health?" Minette says slowly, the wheels turning in her head. "O-oh, okay! I just... nothing too flashy, Helena. Or expensive!"
Helena Celba "Well, that too." Hele says and holds a hand over Minette's head. She does some cursiary exams...and of course uses her various sights. Death sight, Chaos sight, magic sight.

"Also because you need some time out and to have fun." She says, sliding forward and tossing her glasses to another guy.

"Ahem. Nothing too Expensive? Ms. Odam, I think you are forgetting a /very important/ rule in the Murasame handbook."
Minette Odam "Cut costs at all costs?" Minette replies, thinking like an accountant.

Helena gets a good look at what's wrong with Minette, other then Minette. She gets that warm, familiar feeling that she herself has come to know and love. It is probably best not to tell Minette what is truly wrong with her.
Helena Celba "Rule 584 under appearance in the Murasame Handbook, under appearance."

"All Murasame Employee's are expected to look their absolute best, in all situations." Helena says, and she feels the makes her happy, in some ways, many of the obvious ways, and sad in others. She doesn't fully understand, but knows that in the end it is necissary...but something also wants Minette to get something..

To know a measure of what she feels. " long as it is for your public appearance...there is no limit. And right now, now more than ever, you need an update. And don't worry, I'll NOT try to get you into all sorts of revealing things..."
Helena Celba "...Often." Helena says, with a small giggle. Oh she is still mischevious, and of course, perhaps she wants to give Minette some sort of self confidence she lacks.
Minette Odam MONTAGE

Minette tries on various ensembles. All of them look terrible on her to varying degrees for different reasons. We get various smash-cuts to different things, varieties, styles. And then, AT THE END OF IT ALL...

"Oooooh, I like these ones a lot!" Minette exclaims, examining herself in the mirror. It is a purple halter-top with tiny little shoulder straps, a wide leather holster for her yo-yo, a too-wide brown belt that wraps around her waist, a matching skirt that falls well above her knobby knees, and a flare-bottomed coat that 'ties' the whole thing togather. "How much do these cost?"

They are Minette's own clothes.
Helena Celba Helena's clothes somewhere along the line became her standard clothes.

Helena crosses her arms, as the outfit comes together...she has never met anyone, ever who looks awful in everything, except for this garrish outfit. And yet, it is like...this is what she wares, like the universe has just decied this...

Helena looks like she is coming down with something, like this entire thing is rediculious...

"I think they are giving it to us for free."
Minette Odam "REALLY?!" Minette exclaims, her face lighting up. "Wow, that's... that's great! But... oh... they should be compensated, I mean, it wouldn't be right to just take things..."
Helena Celba "Because they are your clothes." Helena says, with a long suffering sigh. "How does this even happen?!" She asks, demanding an answer from the nearest sales clerk, who throws herself out a window.
Minette Odam "... ... ...oh! They are?" Minette says, twirling around to look over her shoulder at her butt. ", I look /good/ in these." No she doesn't.
Helena Celba Helena siiiighs...

How does she not look good in anything?! This is statistically impossible! Helena demands answers for this <GOOSEHONK>!

This scene contained 18 poses. The players who were present were: Helena Celba, Minette Odam