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(2013-10-16 - Now)
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Chita It was late at night in Traverse Town. Then again, when wasn't it? Apparently it was getting towards proper night time, because most people had retired for the, uh... night. In the meanwhile, walking towards the beach nearby Traverse would be a pair of people, a tall Viera in a business suit of sorts, a blindfold around his eyes, and a smaller hume woman.

"Thank you for coming along. It is nice to have someone around." He'd probably said that before, but that was simply how Chita was - he did repeat things sometimes. More since recent events.

"Want to get a drink? Go down to the water? Hot spring?"
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "You know, if you could see the look on your face right now, it'd be priceless. I can't wait until you get your eyes back." She placed a hand on his right shoulder. "You're shaking like a leaf, as if you're scared of me."

Indeed, she could feel his slight tremors as they walked down the beach. "This isn't a date, you know. It's just a walk to help you recover from your injuries."
Chita "Shaking? Hardly." Hardly. He still was, though. Hardly did mean after all that it was still true. "And sure it is. One cannot just take therapeutic walks all the time. What, don't want to be seen on a date with a blind Viera?" he teased towards her, but didn't try to pull away. Instead, he stopped and listened before pointing with the stick he had in his hands, more of a walking stick, towards where a bunch of huts were. "There is a place to get drinks there."
Aerith Aerith shook her head, the smile still on her features. "If you say so. Let's get moving, then." She headed for the huts, her right hand guiding him toward the sound of talking and clinking glasses. Aerith pulled a chair out for Chita once they found themselves a table, then sat in one just across from him. "Glad to know she didn't take away your hearing."
Chita Once he sat down and he heard her sit as well, Chita stretched slowly and took the jacket off of his outfit, leaving just the shirt on beneath it, and tie. "What type of drinks do you like anyways? Strong? Weak? Fruity? Bitter?" he stopped there to wiggle said ears, responsible for hearing. "There is that. There are always worse things, worse ways to be. I am quite grateful, yes."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "I'm partial to things that make me feel good, really. Then again, I don't want to walk to Tifa's place with a head full of flies, either. One or two good drinks should do the trick, fruity and strong."
Deelel Deelel tended to be out late, then again unlike a human or related being? She didn't need to prehaps sleep as much. She did need her kinds form of it yes, but was not down for about a third of a day. So she ws out and about and she was not expecting that many people to be up as she was making about on her business.

"Gteetings, you seem to be recovering Chita."
Chita The sound of a voice saying his name caused the well-dressed Viera to pause and turn towards the owner of said voice, one ear flicking a bit as he thought about it. "Deelel, right? And I am - how did you know I was injured? I do not recall having seen or heard from you since long before I first got injured at Baron... and then at Burmecia."
Deelel Deelel looks over to Chita for a moment and nods.

"I'm well informed, also your movement. I was also at Baron."

She makes no notes of Burmeica however best to keep that one quiet, not out of distrust but to keep it from getting back to the shadowlords.

"Been chcking up on some comic printing I have had done today. I needed to process on something other than the Shadow Lords."
Chita "I see." Kind of. "What is comic printing?" Chita raised his hand and when the waitress came over, he asked softly, "Could you get me something fruity and strong? And... whatever she wants." he points a hand lazily towards Deelel. "I forgot you were at Baron... in fact, I do not recall you there. I suppose I never saw you?"
Deelel Deelel says "Super hero comic book, based off some of the stories about Dragoon Man that have been floating about the city and other worlds I traveled too. Pretty wild stuff then again I figure that's how things go with someone like that. I was caught in the fighting pretty quickly there. You were down by the time I noticed you were down. In my defence we were dealing with the leader of the shadow lords. Still as for the comic it's selling well enough. Seems to be doing best in Manhattan."
Chita "..."

Something about this entire conversation confused him. In fact, most everything did. Especially the bit at the end, "The... leader of the Shadow Lords? Whoever are you talking about?" That woman was? Or was it that other figure? He most certainly didn't know. "And Dragoon man? ... I do not understand. Super hero? Comic book? Dragoon? What is special about a Dragoons training? I mean... there are many Dragoons in my own world, myself included."
Deelel Deelel says "Yes, the woman was the leader of the group. Why she'd chosen to come out from behind her minions is strange. Given she's been behind the scenes otherwise till now. Dragoon Man, yes a costumed crusader if you will who hunts the spawn of Chaos and general evil doers. He's been quite the busy force of good in the worlds lately. No he's not a normal dragon aat all that's the thing."
Chita And suddenly the Viera felt rather weak and incompetent. "I see." Chita took a deep breath then sighed out before the sudden clink of a drink on the table in front of him caused the Viera to perk a bit as he reached out to take it, carefully figuring out where the straw was before directing it to his mouth. Best not to poke ones self in the eyes given he couldn't exactly see it with the blindfold on.
Deelel Deelel says "Not that i'm one to know about Dragoons he's just different givne he's hunting the spawn of Chaos along side just general good deeds."

The program remains where she is but stops on the topic as it seems to be a sore sport for Chita.
Chita "Right." It wasn't meant to sound grumpy or anything but a simple affirmation, though it's possible it would be taken as such. "Do you... find me weak?" he asked this softly, taking a long drink from his alcoholic treat. "Lately I have been getting hurt worse and worse in encounters and..." he trailed off at that.
Deelel Deelel says "No, we are dealing with powerful beings. If you were weak you'd have died. To be honest."

THe basic tilts her head a bit looking at the frink for a moment.

"You get back up. Weakness is staying down for the count in my view so no your not weak."
Chita "I almost did. The only reason I am still here is someone saved me both times. I am thankful to still be around and able to try to help others, but if I cannot fight against this woman... this... mage, then how am I supposed to help anyone?" The drink is finally drained and the Viera rubs a palm against the side of his forehead, slowly moving it to his right eye. Possible brain freeze.
Deelel Deelel says "Your welcome."

She tilts her head a little for a moment "There are others you can fight, others you can support. There are still thinks you can do, there are otehrs prehaps better suited to directy fighting her. It does not mean you are useless, also I am afraid I need to depart. I have work to do and need to get back to Manhattan."

With that Deelel departs.
Chita It'd probably been ten minutes or so since Aerith had left. Had to step away to find someplace to relieve herself, wait in line, do what was necessary and return. When she'd left, Chita was quite happy and likely waiting to order a drink. By the time she got back... he was quiet, a drink in front of him nearly finished. Frozen, strong, fruity. One of the chairs at the table was pulled out a little as if someone had been there and Chita himself looked fairly... sullen, at least as much as anyone can be who didn't have their eyes visible. Posture, etc.
Aerith Lo and behold, Aerith returned and... it wasn't exactly the best of moods. She could feel the melancholy nearly oozing off of him, and a frown marred her features where a smile once displayed itself. She glanced over to the chair that was pulled out. Someone was here; had spoken to him. Led to him losing his good mood. She glanced back at him before sitting down.

"I missed something, didn't I."
Chita "Hm?"

The sound of a voice nearby caused him to raise his head, turn towards it, think a moment then say, "Sorry Aerith. Yeah. Someone I know happened to walk by, we talked for a few moments and they had to go. Said some things, gave me stuff to think about. I'll try to cheer up." And he smiled a bit towards Aerith as if silently apologizing again.
Aerith Aerith nodded and placed a hand on his. "You need to do more than think." She gave it a brief squeeze. "Talk to me. Who was it? What did they say?"
Chita Chita finished the fruity drink and raised it quietly, shaking the straw around a moment in the glass in hopes the waitress would see it and come back to the table shortly. "Someone I know called Deelel. We did not always see eye to eye... but they have since become fairly reasonable. She was at Baron when I first got injured, when my eyes were first hurt. It seems that the leader of the Shadow Lords was there that day. I do not know whom, but... they were. It simply bothers me to think of how little I can truly do if they are that powerful."
Aerith Aerith gave a nod, her head bowed toward the table after the gesture of acknowledgement. She closed her eyes and recalled the entirety of the battle in her head, adding it with the realization she'd gotten from her journey into Chita's heart. Shadow Lord. One with immense power. Chita's injury at Baron was at the hands of a Shadow Lord... and she hadn't even known Baron was attacked. They betrayed each other so easily.

She banished the wayward thought and mashed the two incidents together, though she'd missed the first. Someone of that level of strength attacking Baron, and the fact that there were only two of them there... one of them could easily be ruled out, no matter how impressive her martial arts.

She shivered before opening her eyes. "It's that woman. No doubt about it. I've never felt that kind of dark energy from anyone else."
Chita "Maybe." He wasn't entirely sure. The waitress comes back and he asks for another of the same, and she looks towards Aerith and asks if she wants anything before turning to go take care of such. "Together with when I talked to Avira in Lindblum a couple of days back... during a walk I took out to get something to eat... I simply have much to think about. The weapon, darkness, my own weakness. How to save us all."
Aerith Aerith had much to consider as well. Of course if he hadn't said that last part, she'd have gotten right to it. Her eyes narrowed. "So you intend to save us all, on your own. Without anyone's help. Are all men this bullheaded?" She shook her head. "You saw how effective trying to attack on your own was, yes?"
Chita Chita didn't immediately respond. He started to, several times, but couldn't quite get it out. "I suppose I do have that intent in the end. I had not thought much about it... but I have to try Aerith. It is who I am. If I do not try, or I just rely on others, I cannot forgive myself. And I already have enough things to not forgive myself about as it is."
Aerith She sat silent for almost a minute, her eyes still narrowed. She'd figured so. This was a matter of pride; he couldn't live with himself if he couldn't stand on his own two feet. And everything else still weighed on him, even after she'd cleared out the mess that was inside him.

Aerith closed her eyes. "Tell me... how good is one candle in a dark room?" She held a hand up. "Just answer."
Chita Like he could see the hand. The motion went unresponded to and his response was rather simple, "It is still light, and though it may not reveal everything... it will still do something. As it stands... I am not a candle. I am doing nothing."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "True, but one candle is not enough. It takes many to light an entire room, right? What's so bad about doing nothing, anyway?" The smile returned. "Truth be told, you're supposed to be doing nothing right now. Your eyesight, your injuries, and that annoying sword of yours..." She shook her head. "Nothing is the best thing you could do until you're back to form. I know we can't do much about that third one yet, but the other two are easy."
Chita His drink finally came, and hers if she ordered one, and Chita took a long drink of it. Slow, long drink. "Actually I can. I know you will not like the answer, but I can. I have my plans too. I would rather not discuss them with you because I'm pretty sure you'd just talk me out of it."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Personally I would bury the thing in the deepest hole I could dig, then leave it be. But I'm sure your plan is much less... safe." She nodded. "Let's hear it anyway, so I can decide whether I want to talk you out of it or not. As of now, you worry me far more by not speaking."
Chita "A conversation with Avira made me think about the weapon... the Black Beast. About how it consumed hearts, about how it fell prematurely. About how it did not receive enough, and how it failed to fully assume the final stage of its' development. How to keep more lives from being lost and how to make sure the research came to a halt. About how to bring it to a halt by completing it. I had thought that if it received a strong enough heart, a heart that could suppress it, could control it, and it was allowed access to the strength of that heart... it may come to fruition."

Another few sips of his fruity drink were taken before he added, "As it stands... my heart is not strong enough. But perhaps with enough effort and learning how to control darkness..."
Aerith Aerith frowned. "That... is a risky gamble. You know what happens when you lose a gamble, right?" She grimaced. "There's a saying about that... the house always wins. If you lose this gamble, you lose everything." She tilted her head to the right. "I'm not going to stop you. But I am going to ask why you want to go so far already. There has to be another way."
Chita The answer came quite simply and without hesitation, "Because I am responsible for it now. I put myself into a position of responsibility and I finally know how I can bring this damnable weapon to fruition, if I am right, without anyone else having to get hurt. Not the researcher... not those with hearts it needs... no one."
Aerith Aerith blinked. "You're going to use your own, try and see if you can't tame the Black Beast." She sighed. "There are certain places I can go with you. But you'll have to go *there* on your own. I won't lie, darkness and light are two sides of the same coin. The problem with Darkness is that if you go too far, you might not be able to come back. And I still have people I need to see."
Chita "Going to try." Chita says softly, honestly a bit worried about it all. "It is a gamble, one I am likely to lose. I have no delusions that I am strong enough. But I have to try and keep others from being hurt, Aerith." A shiver ran through the Viera as he sat the drink down, reaching a single cold hand across the table towards Aerith, leaving it on the table nearby her. "I have to. That is why I put myself in this position to begin with. To try and keep others safe."
Aerith She placed her hand atop his again. So far her drink was untouched. It'd be good for a little bit longer, but not much. She shoved that thought to the back of her mind; this was more important. "Here's what I'll do, then. If you ever need someone to remind you why you're still doing this..." She squeezed it again. "I'll be the one to do that.
Chita When she met his attempt at being earnest, he smiled, bringing his other hand atop hers and giving it a light pat. "Thank you. I will keep that in mind if I can succeed in doing what I set out to."
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "That's an awful big if. But I'll be there for you." After all, she'd gotten through to several who walked that path and refused to turn from it. What was one more? She smiled and finally reached for her drink. "Now then, tell me about Baron. I'm almost sorry I missed that, one ally turning on another."
Chita "Ally?" he wasn't certain what that meant, wasn't actually in the know about the whole Baron working with the 'forces of ruin' or anything else for that matter. Which is why he didn't quite touch that point and instead said more simply, "While I was there, I had meant to purchase a few spears for my own use. A storm of darkness began and soon it was raining heartless. Two figures appeared... a large knight of darkness and that woman. I moved to try and get them to leave, I did not attack - but another showed up. Avira. She... accused the woman of being responsible for the downfall of Manhattan and attacked her. I attempted to help to keep Avira safe and..."

She could probably feel his hand shiver a bit, clenching up, "That mage used me to get to Avira... used her magic just to hurt me. Not to kill me, not to defend herself... just to get at her. Because I was trying to keep Avira safe. And from that day on... I have not been able to see."
Aerith Avira. She remembered her. And the tactic the Shadow Lord used was brutal, as befitted the darkness. Effective, but brutal and cruel. "Is Avira all right? I mean, barring the loss of your eyes, I trust nothing untoward happened."
Chita Chita smiled a bit and pulled his hands away, gently picking the drink up to sip at it. "She is fine. ... fine. I do not know if she escaped uninjured as I was too pained to move from the ground before too long, but..." The shivering finally stopped as he finished the drink, "She is fine now though."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Good. We have a lot to catch up on." She took a sip from her drink. Yes, still good. She licked her lips and took another sip, then put the glass down. "Any idea what they were there for, besides being irritating?"

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