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The Rat Rings A Bell
(2013-10-11 - 2013-10-11)
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Maleficent The rainy city of Burmecia. Home to the Burmecian warriors and an enemy of Alexandria. Then again, who isn't, these days?

Maleficent has been scouring the continent of ruin, often provoking whispers, but not engaging in any active combat unless challenged. Unwise brigands and slavering monsters are beneath her notice. She's fought alongside a warrior periodically, but he has vanished to later return.

The Shadow Lords have grown more active in recent days, and their many goals all trend toward a theme of searching and finding. Any instrument of scrying has fallen to Maleficent to be captured. So much so that an attempt on the water crystal was prefaced some time ago by a testing voyage to Baron.

In the rains of Burmecia, she moves - a faint halo of green light keeping the water off her pale green flesh. Her staff flashes, and a hole bores itself neatly through a nearby building.

A warrior who charges the sorceress falls to his knees unconscious from sheer magical pressure before he can even launch a blow. Her eyes scour the rooms. Anything as obviously magical as a divning artifact would surely be obvious. "It is not here... perhaps I should recruit some assistance."

A wave of her hand, and her voice is magically magnified. A sound like a whisper from over the shoulder of every living individual in the city. "I seek a bell. A small thing - a magical source of finding. A diviner's tool. Old but pristine. Bring it to me, and you shall be rewarded." The smile on her features is thin and cold. The gates to the inner city sweep open at her approach. Darkness enters the holy city.
Freya Crescent Hearing that there was some trouble heading toward her native land, Freya Crescent deigned return there despite the fact she was something of a persona non grata, though she did not often speak of such. Hearing the voice, she immediatley knew what was wrong--though she jus hoped she could rush there in time to try and stop it. While she normally was the type to try and scale buildings in leaps and bounds, she took care with the ancient architecture of Burmecia, both from respect and the understanding the usually smooth and delicate craftsmanship became quite slick in all that rain. It was much easier to climb buildings made by other folk.
Vespa "I wish I had brought my raincoat.", Vespa says using her massive axe as a makeshift umbrella as the rain come down. "No you won't rush Al. I don't think you will. I'll give you a good cleaing later okay?", the axe maid sighed to herself. She had better thing to worry about that getting wet. She had heard something was going down her in Burecica and she had been pretty lax lately so she was her to see what's going on.. Someone was here...
Aerith Wandering.

Aerith was rather good at that, and frankly her travels had brought her somewhere she never thought she'd be. The whispers on the wind however informed her that something was going on here, and it was not pleasant at all. Perhaps that was the reason for the rain; the heavens were crying about something, though she could not ask what.

The whisper unsettled her, it was not that of the Planet or her ancestors. Still she made her way through the city at a leisurely pace, not minding how the rain soaked her hair or the denim jacket on her shoulders. Others entered, moving toward the same general direction, yet she kept silent for now. Identities would be revealed in good time and stories shared, but for now she kept her senses open and her eyes forward, all while maintaining a casual air.

All things in due time...
Helena Celba A figure moves from the shadows of the ruined city.

"A reward you say?" Her voice is sweet, but sweet in a way Maleficent knows to be poison. The woman, seems to not be touched by the rain, for similar reasons. A spell is easy to make to protect oneself from the rain, Though her outfit screams more martial artist than mage. However, the spells on her speak for themselves, as she walks gracefully towards the witch without fear of retribution.

"There are many bells, it would depend on what kind of bell you well as the reward itself. What is it you wish to offer? If it is wealth, I am in no need for wealth..." He pauses, and a smile, "Now, secrets of magic...I am always willing to learn a new spell or two."
Chita Before the assault had happened, at least as far as a single figure seemed to be assaulting the city and those that are attempting to defend it, Chita was wandering through the streets careful with one hand on his Chocobos harness near him. The Viera had bandages over his eyes and a blindfold wrapped around to hold them in place, otherwise wearing a simple enough robe to try and keep dry. At least as dry as one could hope to stay in this place. Which wasn't very, but more for the sake of attempt.
Yet there were shouts, an explosion, and then that whisper - a familiar sound. A familiar voice. It sounded like that woman who had been in Baron not long back.

The one whose magic had hurt him so badly, enough to damage his eyes.

Hopefully Freya didn't do something rash to try and defend this place, he didn't want her hurt. "Please be safe Freya." he said softly before shifting his weight and pulling himself atop the Chocobo, "Find the source of the voice and hurry, Senra." That was the Chocobos name, even if he disliked the one he named the Chocobo after at the moment. And off the Chocobo went, hopping atop a few walls and ledges to get high enough as it looked around and tried to find the source of the problem.
Maleficent The witch laughs at Helena's approach, but it is not a particularly dangerous laugh. "If you are one apt to know any secret I might teach, you would know the bell in question by the sight and the touch. Legends do say it is likely to be found here." She waves her staff - a nearby wall vitrifies into glass and shatters. Peering inside, the Sorceress frowns. "Of course, I did not expect it to be obvious or easy. But it shall be worth the search." Her smile returns, cold and thin. She does not lash out at the newcomer - perhaps she might offer some conversation and entertainment during the search.

"And certainly, were you to find it and bring it to me I would do my best to meet any request - be it for wealth, protection - or secrets."

At the last word, a plume of flame echoes from Maleficent's mouth and goes whisking off along the ground - into the distance. Searching for something.

Maleficent is not hard to find. She is probably easier for the Viera to find, magically sensitive as Chita seems to be, with his eyes closed. She is a pillar of dark flame - the reason she stays out of the world much of the time is because the world outside the dark confines of Hollow Bastion is constantly trying to reject her and force her out. Nowhere near as bad as the opposition the laws of physics try to put up to Garland's presence for example, but still unpleasant.

Still, the other Shadow Lords are doing their parts and she will not slack.

As much as she is easy to sense, the Dark Fairy gets a sense likewise - that she is being watched by hostile eyes. Considering a fight this soon after her recent expenditure of force to be undesirable - the sorceress raises one hand over her head.

A black bird, plumage shining like night, emerges from a ripple in reality which formed behind her. Diablo alights on her staff, and is petted for his trouble as he preens.

But he is not the only one to emerge from the dark corridor.

A blonde warrior in a leather hat, feather facing backward - ratlike Burmecian face and long tail offsetting his features. He emerges and looks about with surprise and wonder. He spies Burmecian refugees cowering in the distance.

At once, he levels his long lance toward Helena, but a wave from Maleficent quiets that motion.

"Do you see, Lancer? I have taken you to a place where you might find answers, as I promised. And you were so reluctant to come with me when I found you wandering."

The man was a fine combatant, and a knightly, polite one at that. He could be pleasantly officious, but objected to SOME of Maleficent's behavior. So she had kept him at her castle until they arrived. Now he looks around, frozen in wonder at perhaps familiar architecture, ready to defend her as he had promised.

The Sorceress walks on, bodyguard in tow, not objecting to the fellow magic user's presence, or turning her fel power upon the following figures as they float in the game general direction.

Burmecia's heights loom ahead, including the temple and the huge belltower that conceals a passage into the high mountains.
Helena Celba Helena easily keeps her head, as Maleficent calls her skills into question, or when the spear is pointed at her. She runs a hand along her side, winking at the Rat who is called off.

"Hmmm...I could know, I could not know. My lands are not from here, but the theory into which you speak is a universal concept that I have witnessed in many worlds like this.." She speaks, relaying a bit more intelligence than she might seem to have. Appearanaces can be decieving.

She moves with the witch, paying the rat no more mind, "And here I thought any magical artifacts would have been taken when the city fell, perhaps the lady of Alexandria is as careless as they say...or perhaps her minion, the fancy one with his poetry missed it? An interesting oversight." Or an intended one...but why is this lady here now...hmmm...curious.

However, Helena pushes her small framed glasses back, and pulls out what looks like to be a PDA, her fingers carefully look through it, before her glasses seem to shine a bit, she releases a spell of sight, refining her searches to magical items. Filtering by great to lesser than great.

The PDA is placed away, back into her...

Funbags of holding. Yes, she takes and removes it from her cleavage, which should no right contain such things.
Freya Crescent It had been years since she last spied him, so when Freya turned the corner to be confronted with not only SIR Fratley, the Iron Tail, she is definitely perplexed. She stopped in her hurried pursuit almost completely, then totally--her feet completely still and her hands down at her side, holding her spear in her left as always. She stared at him for a long moment--before a white furred hand went out as if to reach after him. "F-Fratley, it's you?" nails clicked softly against cobble stones as she took a few steps forward, like a sleep walker--even not heeding the subtly baleful presence of Maleficent. "You have returned to us!" she sounded astonished, and she was. It had been at least 3 years since she had seen him last, and she'd been banished for deserting her order to look for him.
Deelel Deelel has recovered quickly from her injuries over the last week then again her kind could recover quickly so long as an injury wasn't fatal and someone with the proper skill could look over the damage. Deelel was lucky to have such connections so here she was. She wasn't suited up as she normally was, no she had a cloak on solid black face plate, and her circuit line were not giving off as much light as she was normal. She'd been coming, she'd heard the voice that was enough to spur her on alone to follow. She'd caught sight of someone else she thinks think she know sand now she's making up the wall to get a chance to survey things better now.

The basic does not like this the Shadow Lords had had something light a fire under them to the point their leader was in the field far more often then expected. Just what was going on here?
Vespa "What the heck is going on here?', The maid says stepping out of the darkness spotting the the scene unfolding. . She hms looking up at the dark fairy and her bodyguard standing in front of her. Seems like the lady in the trencoat knows the bodyguard.. She grabs her massive axe holding it in a defenive postion. It start to lightly varibarte in her hands. "Al? What's wrong?? Don't tell me your scared of her?", she looks back at the dary fairy a bit of worry coming across her face..
Katyna Katyna had been wandering the world, searching for an old friend with what little clues she could gather. Eventually, her searches took her to the ancient misty city of Burmecia, a place rich with culture and history, and yet tinged with a certain amount of sadness.

Kat doesn't know much of its history however, but when she sees a mysterious woman with a black bird - a sorceress-like woman, it piques her curiosity. During her days as a Shadow Lord, Katyna had never spoken directly to Maleficent, but she had once heard her voice, hidden within the shadows, underneath Manhattan.

For now, she approaches the small group, noting only a small number of familiar figures. However, most of her attention is focused upon Maleficient, catching something about..A bell?

"Heh, all this trouble for a little bell? What does this bell do anyway?"
Chita The fast movement of a Chocobo wasn't something Chita was in the least unfamiliar with. He'd ridden atop this particular red chocobo for some time now, since raising him from a chick after all. So when the Chocobo jumped down to ground level and stopped, turning to face something, the tall Viera sat perfectly still atop it a moment, ears perked, listening, trying to get some idea of what was going on.

People were speaking. A voice that sounded familiar, a voice that didn't, Freya... speaking to someone she knew, sounding as if she was elated.

That shiver that ran down his spine was the same as the while back in Baron where his injuries had come from. This woman was the source. Chita slipped off from his Chocobo and a spear appeared in his right hand, walking carefully forward while using the butt of the spear to push along the ground in front of him - checking for any possible rubble in his way. "You do not belong here. Leave." It may be obvious he was speaking to Maleficent. It was also probably obvious to anyone there he had no way of seeing anything or likely defending himself or others... or fighting efficiently for that matter. Kind of hard to do when bandages are over ones eyes and you are blindfolded. The spear was for show, and emergencies.
Aerith Fratley. Whoever this voice belonged to knew this person, shocked as she was. Aerith stopped just before the corner to merely observe the conversation that would take place.

Ah, there it was. The oppressive presence that weighed on her shoulders and whispered in her ear not but moments ago. A heavy, dark aura that wanted to eat everything around it, including her.

Whoever this was, they were strong, and it was the kind of strength that did not care what it trampled underfoot, so long as it had what it wanted. But nothing was going on yet, so she closed her eyes and tuned her senses even further, content to merely listen until it was time to act. When things happened, she would move, and the evidence showed as the gemstones within the silver bangles beneath the sleeves of her jacket came to life. Though their glow was hidden from the world, she could feel her materia whisper to her, a far more comforting sound than the other one from before.

And so she waited, and listened.
Maleficent "It does not seem to be there, I have trekked over the continent looking for it. There is every possibility THEY would not recognize such a thing, or that its hiding place is more obvious to me than to others. My offer was directed at those who might already know its location, so if you do not, that is alright." When Helena mentions the minion with the fancy poetry, she smirks - remembering Kuja and his flamboyance, the Dark Fairy would not exactly hold him up as the paragon of efficiency.

"If it is not here, that is also worth knowing."

The sorceress, unphased by Helena's presence, raises her staff high overhead. A faint green light shines forth from it -straight upward. This then splits into two beams, both of which fall in the upper echelons of the city. "There is something magical higher up. Something alive, and something not." Her eyes glow with that same eerie light, and she speaks as though reading.

The Iron Tail sees what appears to be an enemy. She is approaching as if in a daze, gripped in heat stroke or delirious with hunger. His weapon does not waver - pointing directly for Freya as his legs tense.

He does not respond to his name, and only Maleficent's pale hand on his shoulder stops the leap. He untenses, taking his bodyguarding somewhat seriously in this unfamiliar place.

But some part of the warrior is keen to speak to this woman, to anyone who looks like him. "Speak, friend or foe?" he asks, somewhat formally, weapon still at the ready. When Katyna and others approach, the weapons sweeps, ensuring enough clear space for the Dragoon's unique combat style.

Maleficent sees the blinded figure of Chita approach, and her smile remains throughout. Maleficent responds to Katyna's presence with a quirked brow, and an explanation: "Useless on its own, useful for finding more useful things - if one knows its use."

More interesting to the sorceress is Freya's interest in her new bodyguard. "Step closer, my dear. You know this man?" She gestures obliquely to Fratley, allowing her own protective field to drop so it would be more comfortable for people to approach. But she beckons the entourage of onlookers after her, as she begins making toward the temple at the height of the city, with Fratley watching her back.
Helena Celba "Hmmm...Impressive.." Helena says at her control over the fundlmental forces of magic, as if they were mere toys for her...her reach was also much greater...or perhaps she already knew where to look. Still, Helena is intrested in where this is going, what the witch has planned...and of course, what just exactly is going on here. She places a hand on her hip as she continues to make a good impression on the Leader of the Shadow Lords.

"My sight does not reach that far, it seems my divergance in physical arts limits others...or perhaps you are simply that much more experienced than I?" she says, shrugging, "Alas, it always seems to be the case these days. It is not easy to admit one's own lack of experience." She continues, though seemingly not really bothered by it at all.

Still her eyes come upon those gathered, "Hmmm...oh a Rabbit, another rat, a clueless flower girl..."

"A program, and a maid. Sounds like the begining of a crude joke, if I ever saw one." she taps the side of her head to cycle her thin framed glasses again. "So are you saying the creature ahead is undead?" If that's the case, Helena reaches out...if it's undead, she'll find it. She makes up for lack of experience in specialization.
Katyna Katyna smirks, but pauses a few steps away from the dark fairy and her body guard. "Heh, surprised you dont remember me.."

She doesn't elaborate further than that - for now..But of course, Kat's exposure to Maleficent back then was somewhat brief. Did she know of her betrayal? Or was she more focused on bigger things to even have noticed at the time? whatever the case, the former Shadow Lord is hoping she might use it to her advantage.

"So, some sorta seeker, eh? Heh, well, I hear Burmecia is a pretty ancient kingdom, full of all sorts of artifacts. I wouldn't doubt you'd find something like that here." She peers upwards when Maleficent points her staff skywards, and scratches her chin thoughtfully, "A magical creature, of some sort? Protecting this..Bell, maybe?" Or was it the bell itself she sensed, or both? Chita approaches then, and tells Maleficent to leave. Katyna arches a brow, wondering how this blindfolded bunny could possibly be a threat, much less back up his words.

"Hey, chill. Let's not fight, 'k? Actually I'm pretty curious about this bell too. Why not search for it together?" She takes a step past Maleficent and her bodyguard, peering upwards as she ponders where the stairs are. "Alright, let's check this out then."
Freya Crescent "Yes, I do--he is Burmecia's hero, Sir Fratley the Iron Tail," Freya uttered his name and title with reverence and from memory, from deep in her being. "What is wrong with him and why are you hear? You are simply here for the bell?" Freya shook her head as if in disbelief, not wanting to raise her weapon lest Fratley and her should come to blows, obviously--he seemed to be protecting this dark lady as it were. Her leathern gaiters splashed through the pools of water that ran between the cobblestones at their feet, unable to perhaps believe or take her eyes off the male Burmecian before her. She was transfixed, and quite unsure of what was even going on.
Vespa "Calm down Al. Okay..", she squeezes her axe a bit tigher, it stop virbating in her hands. She still not sure what's going on, definlty a good mix of people here.. She keeps her eyes on Maleficent and her bodyguard, she really doesn't like being lead on like being leds on this like but she defer to the rest of her Valriki teammates. She gets into a more relaxed stance. "Sure why not? Let's all go see if we can find this bell."
Faruja Senra It's been far too long for Faruja. Too many painful memories lay in the rotting shell of what was once a thriving city. All due to the Heartless and Alexandria, it's a dead place. But he could not put it off forever, and so he didn't. For the past two days the Templar's picked through the old city, through familiar alleyways now ruined and festering. He found little to bring back from his trip; an old tavern sign he'd frequent back in the army, an old uniform to replace his own aging one from his time in service, and several other trinkets to remind him of home.

The Burmecian's golden armor clanks as a light meets the sky. Stillness shattered, it certainly gets his attention. Away from the deeper parts of the city, he leaps towards the source, only to land with a clacking of claws. White light spills from the Holy Knight, his voice ringing out.

"Whom goes there!? Be ye fell scavenger, or do ye come to make this place whole?" The rat calls out to the group, as he peers through the rain.
Aerith Well then. That explained a bit.

She came out from around the corner, following at a distance. If those two were here for some kind of bell, this had to be one very special thing. Still, she didn't trust either of those two any further than she could throw them. As soon as they found this bell, what then? What would they do with it? Part of her didn't want to know, but the question still presented itself.

There was no doubt in her mind that the woman in black was a Shadow Lord. She just didn't know which one, and she didn't want to ask. At least, not yet. For now, she followed, and prepared to do something should something need to be done.
Chita Why was anyone even attempting to work with this woman? This dark creature that controlled Heartless and seemingly was responsible for the fall of Manhattan, from what he understood. It would certainly be foolish of him to start a fight, yet could he allow her to go where she wished? To be in such a place? To search for something that may give them a great power that none of them could fathom?

Even blinded as he was, a Viera did have good senses. Hearing, smell. He could hear the footsteps walking away, the strike of the staff Maleficent had with her making itself clear where she was. And apparently this 'Fratley' was with her as well. Freya's voice hadn't changed locations, yet there were seemingly two others with Maleficent.

With a deep breath, Chita turned and said, "I said BEGONE! I do not know what lies within this city, but I will not stand by and allow you to collect it with no resistance. I will fight to my demise against those who side with the Heartless." The spear that had been pointed towards the ground is instead pointed towards Fratley and Maleficent now. Towards, anyways, not exactly at. It wasn't an art form, it was a rough science of 'They sound like they're over there'.

Which is why the blinded Dragoon might be an easy-enough target when he vanishes from sight as he leaps in the air, reappearing at the peak of a single jumps height in an attempt to crash down, spear out, at where Maleficent seemed to be.
Deelel Deelel had already clicked to the idea this was not the sot of situation to run into, no this was not the sort of thing to run into yelling. No this was time for a far more cautious approach here. She is perched, perhaps she's spotted at this point. Deelel is life, but not in the sense of life in the worlds beyond her own. She's alien in her nature, but here she is. Perhaps someone else has picked up upon something else? She doesn?t know after all.

She has spotted Faruja at this point she's now dropping in, landing in a crouch and she looks to him. There are a few of her kind in this world but not very many, so it wouldn't be too hard to guess whom might it be. Should she be spotted but she's keeping to cover and trying to gather information. This is not an normal situation after all.
Maleficent "No, some annoyingly verdant magic. A creature of purity and light, it seems to be incidental, and it is not near the other source. I shall refine my search closer-to." And she hovers gently up the slope. Maleficent will not toil on the slick stones, her feet are a few inches above the cobbles, wafting higher into the city with Fratley on her heels. But the dragoon is walking slowly because he is turned to face the others - especially Freya.

Then the entertainment for the night truly intensifies. "I come to take something I suspect no one knows is here, if it is here at all. Scavenging anything else is beneath my notice." Her reply to the Holy Knight is sedate and calm. Fratley quirks his head to the side when Freya explains who he is. He is about to open his mouth to speak, and Maleficent doesn't seem inclined to forbid it - she doesn't know if Freya really IS someone who knows Fratley, she just knows Fratley is useful. "Well, my dear, if you want to come back to my castle and visit with this man, you may. I am helping him to find... his memories."

Fratley appears sorrowful but resolute. She HAD been kind, even if the warrior has misgivings about the Fairy. Then Chita leaps.

Fratley does not get to say anything more to Freya - he leaps into the way of Chita's attack. Fratley's tail wraps around the boy's spear. The dragoon takes the blow full in his chest on purpose. At that moment, his own lance finds the boy's chest. It is the blunt end of the lance though. Fratley does not intend to kill a blind boy. Memories or not, he is still The Legend at work.

The Burmecian dragoon attempts to hurl Chita to the ground and use the blunt end of the spear to rattle the boy's ribs. Forceful, but intended to dissuade rather than kill. "Cease - this fight is unwarranted, do not attack further." He is frowning, displeased with the tussle, but the promise of memory and the suddenness of the boy's incite to battle had left him little enough choice.

Maleficent adjusts her robes, and continues: "As I was saying before this rude interruption, this warrior is one I found in a distant land. I do not object to his fraternisation with you on duty, my dear." A thin smile at Freya.

Maleficent seeks to walk past Faruja, as if he were not there, just as she has consistently failed to acknowledge Chita. Diablo preens mockingly.
Aerith There it was. And that voice, she knew from anywhere. He was trying to fight blind, a tactical mistake unless one was well-trained in the art of defending one's self without their sight.

Such a hot head, when he was once possessed with an iron calm.

He leapt for the shadow lord, only to be sent packing by her bodyguard, the one known as Fratley. Admirably, he'd managed to stave him off without dealing a lethal blow.

But Chita had done it now, and there was no helping it.

Aerith's materia just beneath her sleeves flared to life, and with a flash of light, spheres of pale blue enveloped several of their entorage, including Chita. If he was going to keep this up, then she might as well keep him from getting severely injured.
Helena Celba Helena blinks as the Bunny goes into attack mode...

Helena moves quickly, her hands quickly touch Maleficent, and the Sir Fratley(?) before leaping back, poping her own pressure points.

The results are easy, her magic travels through the points touched, opening up chakra up and allowing greater hights of magic and physical power, it's part magical and part metaphyiscal, and Helena seems to be performing the technique on herself, though inwardly and slightly different than performing it on others.

Then she stops, narrowing a gaze towards the others. "You know, I really don't like it when people bully others..." except when I do it, "And You all seem to be a bit out of your league here, so lets go back to being peaceful and happy, alright? <3"
Vespa Oh joy. More people. This is getting a bit tense.. and then Chita give a speech and leaps into the air aiming for the dark fairy. "See? it wasn't me who launched the first attack Al. You owe me a milkshake."

A wide grin crosses the maid face, she looks at Helena. "Yah know, I don't really give a <GOOSHONK> and I won't know till I try right?", she runs towards Maleficent swinging her axe hoping to strike the dark fairy.
Katyna Katyna narrows her eyes upon the blind Viera as she takes to the skies, and dares to attack a clearly dangerous woman. No, this was not the time nor place for battles, not until she had found this bell, and what it was for. Only then...

"Heey..I said chill already!" When Vespa advances upon Maleficent, she pulls out her dark sword which bursts to flame. The black heart keychain that once hung from its hilt had since been replaced by the Mickey Mouse keychain that Skoll had once given her. Tracing a flaming rune in the air, she redirects protective magics to surround Maleficent.

"Knock if off you guys! We'll never find that bell if y'all keep at it!"
Faruja Senra Deel seems to be sneaking! A smart plan. Faruja seems to pay her no heed, letting her fade off into the rains if she wants to continue her plan of stealth. Instead, he keys up his radio to her quietly.

Chita's attack, and then Fratley's subsequent repulsion has him almost grinning. "Ever the true Dragoon, M'Lord." Mutters the Templar, not one to question the hometown hero. It's only then that he notices Freya. Slowly, the Burmecian scowls.

"Lady Crescent, what in the name of Faram is going on here? Whom is this woman? And doth she seek to pick our fallen homeland clean to the bone?"

Of course, Maleficent answers, the rat's single red eye moving from sorceress, to hero, and back again.

"HALT!" Comes the rat's voice, far too loud for someone so darn short. The blade of his weapon is pointed at the strange woman. "Be gone from this place. This land and all its holdings belongs to Burmecia, and the nezumi people. There is naught for ye to claim."

Then, his gaze is solidly on Fratley, even as the Templar leaps back, well away from the fighting. So many familiar faces, and so much confusion. "By the Lord, knew I should never have come back...Lord Irontail, shall ye truly allow this woman to take what is rightfully /ours/? Forget ye duty to King, God, and country, M'Lord?" Prods the Templar. Certainly the Dragoon will snap out of whatever's wrong with him! Of course, the Burmecian takes a few moments to cast protective spells on him. Just in case the Sorceress /or/ Maid decides to turn on him.
Freya Crescent "Memories?! Is that why...?" Freya felt her stomach drop several dozen stories just then, it was like finding out that your best friend or a family member had died... but not so. The sudden news and shock had left her almost catatonic--and she raised her eyes again, rain water dripping freely from the brim of her hat to behold Chita and Fratley in combat. She did not know what to think of this--or the other people moving to attack him.

"I can't have come this far only to lose you again!" Freya felt bad, she was also partly terrified of what might happen. "Please, stop this at once!" she raised her spear not in aggression but in defiance, as if she was trying to protect the other Burmecian.
Chita When Fratley jumps up and intercepts the attack, Chita looked confused for a moment before he realized what happened. Freya's friend... or at least someone she knew. Damn... he would interfere, naturally. "I do not wish to harm you." comes a curt growl towards Fratley before the spear collides with Chita's chest, a strange sound happening. It was a metallic clink of sorts. Seems the Viera was wearing armor beneath the robe he had on, of some kind. Yet it does knock him back well enough, skidding to the ground as he uses his own jerked-free spear to jam between the cobblestones and catch himself, by luck mostly given it was a blind guess.

"This confrontation /is/ warranted, Fratley, is it? Do not stand in my way! Freya is a companion of mine and I do not wish to harm someone she is close to! But this woman must not be allowed to have her way, she has destroyed worlds in the past and will do it again!" He meant 'worlds' as in 'Manhattan', which was a world as far as he was aware. Which is why he waits for the sound of feet to land on the ground, judging Fratley's location based upon such, only to leap towards him. Another spear appeared in his other hand as he began to spin and whirl along the way, the spears dancing as the wind and rain around him whipped up into a frenzy which he attempted to use to dislodge the Burmecian into flying away from them. He was solely after Maleficent... no matter how dangerous he knew her to be.

When Aerith's magic surrounds him the viera looked confused, but didn't respond as it didn't seem like a bad thing. It felt like some form of protection spell as it was, so he wouldn't turn that down.
Deelel Deelel knows her friends and others re righting but Deelel is not as bull headed as she used to be she can obverse listen, learn and perhaps gather more information. she's a media program after all. She boots up several system forming light constructs which act as additional recording gear for her. She knows they have little on Maleficent and her abilities, she hopes to change this. As the fight continues, she has to wonder about whom else is here notably the Rat knight whom is not Faruja she continues to watch not moving in yet. If things get bad she will jump in, after all she's not heartless.
Maleficent "My, so violent." Maleficent's expression radiates every sign of glee. But she does hate to see her warriors damaged. "Really, this is foolish. Stand down, warrior." Fratley raises his spear, aiming to intercept Vespa's charge with a long sweep and bracing himself. But Maleficent steps in the way, taking the blows on her own fae personage. Now Deelel would really get to record something.

Faruja speaks to the amnesiac warrior, but Fratley is a little perplexed to hear the call to arms, or exhortation to be a good soldier. He's under fire, and he managed to see Vespa coming quickly enough to get in the way. The protective magic empowers him and he moves that tiny bit faster. In keeping with Maleficent's request, he doesn't strike back - he doesn't feel in much danger from either the axemaiden or the blind boy, and he stays his spear accordingly. Instead, his eyes find Freya, quizzical and confused, no sign of recognition there.

"Fools! You know only the blind rush, the maddened charge." Maleficent's voice sounds legitimately exasperated now. "Warrior." she addresses Fratley here, "Go back to my castle, your friend may accompany you if you wish."

Normally, Maleficent would avoid stepping into the fray - but this continued blithe insistence on charging her headlong had to stop. Where before she would break off and leave, she now had a good reason to simply stand and fight. And Fratley was too useful a general purpose bodyguard to lose him in combat with the rabble.

A dark corridor opens, and Diablo flies through it. Fratley offers his hand, tentatively - almost EMBARASSEDLY - to Freya. "My dear, you can perhaps help reclaim his memories. Aren't memories so important?" Maleficent's voice is sweet as honey, and she steps forward instead of Fratley now.

A thin green shield of flame surrounds her, and the Sorceress herself takes the field. "Too often lately I have had to swat down presumptuous attempts at murder in the streets." By now, Fratley is through the portal, whether Freya follows or not is upto her, but it will close absent her departure or with it.
Freya Crescent "You can restore him?!" Freya did not really need to be told twice. She did not want to fight her friends there nor did she want to give up this chance in finally getting Fratley back--so very simply off she goes. Through the dark portal, and to whatever dark designs might be laid out for her. Simply stupid perhaps, but there are quite foolish things done in love's name, after all.
Helena Celba Helena frowns, so many accusations!

"Quite the accusations, bunny." Helena says, "But as I see it...the lady here seems to be trying to help the Knight regain his memories...and you are attempting to hurt her for being kind. And accusing her of destroying words? Not only that, being /quite/ insulting!" Helena scalds, and turns towards Faruja, "And you, I thought you HONORED valor and the like? The wise woman here offers her aid, and only seeks a bell for divination...and nevermind that your city has fallen, by all rights under the rule of the Alexandrians. Really, YOU are the tresspassers here, by the rules of warfare...but I won't tell them after all, I did help you save your king, I am not without mercy." She says, rolling her shoulders.

But through the shield she moves, threatening it to once more work her magics on Maleficent and herself. "So I guess my good deed of the day is to stop a bunch of rabid animals and criminals from assaulting a well meaning and kind scorceress.." Tsk..
Vespa Vespa rushes fowards but her axe is blocked. Then she get thrown back by Maleficent magic attack. "ow ow ow.. Okay that wansn't one of my finer moments.. I'm going to lay her for a few mintues..." The maid is also getting much restiance from her axe it was resting her motions to attack the dark fairy!
Aerith Kind, and well meaning.

This was not what she felt from the woman in black, not at all. She felt *wrong*. But the point was made... she hadn't done anything to them yet, she was just looking for a bell. Aerith frowned as Freya left, however. So easily moved.

This was why they had to stop them. But now, in the middle of the street, against someone who felt so...

Aerith shook her head as she wove yet another spell. The least she could do was keep people from dying.
Maleficent Maleficent, with the twin rat warriors gone, flexes her long thin fingers. Dark power fulminates from beneath her. Anyone like Helena, Katyna, or Deelel who might be making notes, would see a true mistress of the dark arts at work. The power that rises from under her flows over her body and makes her cloak billow outward. "I will send a message to the rabble who continue to infest my presence. Anyone who does not leave now will wish they had." The voice is sweet as candy, and pleased as punch to see all of them. The look in her eyes is cold and manic. When Chita rushes at her, he manages to land a blow - so too does Vespa's strike which bores into her but then rebounds off. Her staff raised high overhead, Maleficent bellows: "Your souls themselves will nourish me!"

A huge green fireball zooms for Chita, and one for Vespa too. But that is not all. With the same spell, briars made of purple energy rise from the earth and try to choke the life out of most of those present. There is so much power massed there that it burns the cobblestones and melts some away. Maleficent's hands clench shut, and the briars try to squeeze life from the enemies and feed it to the dark fae.

"Your bodies and minds will nourish such magnificent Heartless servants."

Crushing black force follows the flares, to try and eat alive the closest warriors first.

There is enough sorcerous power that the atmosphere begins to display bright coruscating lights in tune to her every murmured spell.
Katyna Katyna sighs and facepalms as the battle continues. Seriously? Any other time, she'd also run headlong into battle, intent on taking down a Shadow Lord..But then again, she's pretty sure Maleficent is more than just another shadow lord. Afterall, wasn't she ordering even Riku around the last time?

However, this bell was clearly important to the Shadow Lords..Katyna needed to know WHY, and she needed to know where it was. It was the only reason why she hadn't attacked Maleficent yet.

Then the lady Burmecian steps towards the portal, and Kat hesitates. "Wait a minute, where does that even go? Wait up!" She'd follow but, for now, she's more concerned about that darned bell..And the chaos erupting in fromt of her..

Turning back to the battle, she frowns a little as she grasps her sword more tightly, uncertain of what to do...Until Maleficent rains down fury on almost all those present! Yegads, what power! She shudders..And a part of the dark knight almost yearns for that same power, as she did in the old days. But dammit, they're getting no closer to finding out about this bell!

"Seriously, this is a pointless battle! She just came here looking for an innocent bell, and now yer all gonna go beserk?"
Helena Celba Helena sighs...

"Oh I see...she's dark so she's evil. Such /SIMPLE/ minded fools! I'm done. I am done with dealing with this and /people/ like you." Helena's hands glow dark. Helena /dives at Chita and Faruja. Her movements are light, fast, and careful, as she dives in with her hand...

To touch both of their foreheads. The attack is...well too light to be a normal attack, but what follows is nothings hort of hell itself. Helena digs into their subconcious only for a moment, her eyes flashing...and aims to bring out the darkest fears, the worst memories...she touches their fears themselves, and brings them out to scar their very spirits.

And she devours the exess magical energy as she walks slowly back towards Maleficent.

"Let your own minds be your downfall."
Deelel Deelel is contiuning to gather information, she may have to find one of her own kind whose able to go over this sort of thing. Also be able to trust them. She remains at her post recording eveyrthing. She listens to Maleficents' words. If Lexus has taught her anything when the villains rant it can be junk data, but it can also be a time when they let things slip. She watches the brave and prehaps foolish fight onwards. She's a basic, she's a creature of purpose and order as often as that doesn't show, she is what she is. You use the right tool for the job, and they don't have the right tool yet to deal with the Dark Fairy, she hopes her worl here might get something of use to help fix that problem. Helena is also a new factor and she also has caught Deelel's intrest, just who is she?
Aerith Wrong. This was all wrong...

Aerith gritted her teeth as the battle quickly turned south for the impromptu attackers. Whoever said attacking them was a mistake was dead on, and even the flower girl knew when to observe. It was what she tried to do earlier, but then Chita had to leap into action.

It all felt wrong, and her spine tingled as the oppressive auras continued to build. Even Faruja attempted to stop it... and got attacked for his trouble.

Another one of Aerith's materia flared to life, this one meant to recover. Attacking was not the best option at the moment, as made evident by those in the forward position.
Chita It was only by chance that Maleficents flare misses Chita, the Viera thrown flat on the ground by the sudden change in what he had thought was there. Fratley wasn't where he struck out at and the balance was gone. Splat, flat on the ground. And a burning sensation flew right over his back, leaving him grateful he hadn't eaten that to the face like had her last attack.

Then she speaks... and another speaks. Defending her, accusing him of attempting to murder her. "I have no desire to kill you, I only wish you to leave this place alone! I wish death on none!"

Yet he didn't have a chance to respond as he felt his body suddenly covered in those vines, grasping at him around his armor, holding him in place to the extent he couldn't dodge what followed.

The Dark Firaga spells burned almost through him, looking as if they were simply going to erase him from existence. The Viera was blown backwards and landed in a heap, barely keeping himself 'upright' by grasping onto the spears in his hands as a last hope. His clothing, the robe, was burning in places. His armor was half melted, the pain of such obvious on his face. There was nothing he could do... no matter how much he tried, how hard he struggled... he was beginning to feel the despair of feeling powerless to combat something. His light wasn't enough. His heart wasn't enough. ... he wasn't enough.

Then something touched his forehead. There was no response from him as the attack took place, too much pain going through him to manage that and a response. Yet it did something... something happened to him. Suddenly he was flooded with thoughts and memories he didn't want to recall. Fears he didn't want to relive. The screams and dying sounds from all those people that were devoured by the black beast.

"I don't want to die!"

"Help me!"

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"And to think I was going to propose tomorrow..."

"I just wish I could have had one more drink..."

"It's not fair!"

"Why me? What did I ever do!"

"Someone help me! Please!"

Yet, it wasn't just them... there was something else. The Viera shivered where he was, looking like he might collapse from just that. What no one else could see, or hear, save perhaps Celba if she had the ability - was to taste just how terrified he was of hearing all those he held dear screaming for mercy, hearing their last thoughts before they died. Hearing their regrets, feeling their fear. Not being able to do anything.

The fear of being too powerless to save the ones important to him.

And there he knelt, doing nothing, completely still and silent besides the shivering. His spears clattered to the ground as his hands grasped at the cobblestones in failure.
Faruja Senra The strange woman tears open a dark portal, and Faruja's eye goes wide. Memories of Riku flood him, and his gaze narrows upon the woman. "...A Dark Portal. Such as that boy would use...Hmph. Corrupt after all. WAIT! Lord Fratley, Lady Crescent! That is a thing of Darkne..." Too slow.

"Lord give me strength." Mutters the Templar. This has certainly gotten out of hand.

But Helena has the rat practically growling. "...You speak of that which you know nothing of. Those fell hounds of war shall never rule this place. Lady Celba, you did thyself much honor in doing so, and indeed, I would fight by thy side. But as I said before, I shan't have scavengers in the bones of my fallen country, no matter what thy rules may say! Now by all that is holy, take thy darkness-loving friend, and be gone! This place hath suffered far too much blood as it stands." For all of his yelling, at least the rat isn't attacking either of them.

Then, his gaze is back upon Maleficent. "As for thyself..." Whatever tirade he had planned stills on his muzzle as dark energy fills the area. Her words, about soul nourishment and the Heartless, fills him with rage and despair. This woman was a user of Heartless, here again to truly ravage the lands of his people.

The tendrils of dark power rip at the Templar's soul. He bleeds, feeling his strength sucked from him. It's then that fears, memories, of Heartless looming over him ravage his psyche. Once more, he sees the very city they are in covered in Heartless as friends and fellows are devoured like cattle while Alexandrians watch...And the burning farm house, with nothing but ashes where his parents once lived. His knees buckle, red eye's veins flaring as struggles with them. Faruja screams.

"NO! GIVE THEM BACK YE FOUL HUMANS! FELL ALEXANDRIAN KNAVES, BE GONE FROM MY HOME!" The Burmecian's shining spear lashes out at both sorceress and Necromancer alike, clean, holy thrusts towards the chests of both. Columns of Light descend from above to envelope the pair, fueled by fear, anger, and hate for those who took all he loved and cared for.
Vespa "I hope they all get a tummy ache!, Vespa says putting her axe in front on her to block Maleicent huge powerful attack it taking most of the damage. "..and people call me crazy.."

"oh well. Into the fray we go Al!", she charges blindly at Maleficent, again.
Maleficent Maleficent asides to Helena: "They always do this. I took a stroll in the park the other night, and both my paramour and myself were subjected to attempted murder on a truly impressive scale. What ARE the worlds coming to?" She says it all with a smile, one hand on her staff. "Still, their presence bores me. Yours does not. Move closer." She calls this even as Helena leaps forward to inculcate the enemy with their own worst fears - impressive move. She would remember its specifics. Katyna calls for calm. "As I said, they always do this." An expressive shrug comes from the Dark Fae's small frame - it has a lot to say about idiots.

Deelel is far enough away, and unobtrusive enough, that she goes unnoticed. Maleficent has no interest in killing the destitute Burmecian refugees. They are of no consequence- they might fall with their worlds, but they are not worth killing personally, and harming them is tacky - an insult to her power. The kneeling boy, Chita, blind, seemed to have accepted his fate. As a favor, she would make it quick.

Then the Holy Warrior steps forward. The spear does thrust into her chest, and green fire spits from the wound toward the Templar. But when the spear dives for Helena, Maleficent neatly steps in front of it with surprising speed. A blast of lightning zooms out of her chest then, and she cackles. "You fool, you think you can overcome me in a frontal attack, with force of arms alone? You lack the resolve! And your body will shatter in that lack!"


The staff rises. A curse from out of time begins. Maleficent would consider it poor form to simply leave a crater here. Among other things, that would not be a sufficient show of her might. Vespa lashes into her, the axe manages to cut Maleficent's robe, but the sorceress does not show any visible signs of true harm. She buckles back a little - her staff is still aloft.

Beneath the kneeling Chita, beneath Faruja nearby, beneath Vespa nearby, even as the axe is soaked in the golden ichor of the dark fairy. A sigil of darkness appears and begins to burn black - obfuscating lasers rise from it. Each sigil tries to delete its victim, wiping the unlucky three from existence or else leaving them reeling in the sheer physical and psychic shock of being exposed to a hungering darkness.

The darkness from between worlds. The same reason people could not survive without a gummiship - the stuff of the Lanes Between, controlled and freed into the world.

"Learn, girl." This is directed at Helena. "The darkest and most powerful magic is simply to strip away the protections, the light, the life, the whole of the belief in sanctity and safety. Truth is the darkest magic of all. And the truth is that you exist a razor's thickness away from - that." she references the coruscating hellish energy with a wave of her hand, so casually freed to wipe away her enemies, but not as powerful as it would be if Maleficent had true control of it.
Helena Celba Helena watches as Maleficent's barrier moves to protect her, and she is thankful for the assistance...the holy would not be pleasant to feel on her soft and supple skin. She turns, now a bit angrier at Faruja...and then watches as the powers of hell rains down on them.

She whistles, and smiles...oh she /loves/ displays of power, this woman...this witch is someone to respect and honor. One day, she will be like her, someone of power...but she is young, she is willing to wait and learn...she is not that impatient.

However, her eyes look at Faruja, as Chita is wiped out because of her intervention.

"Mr. Rat, you made a big mistake..." And she turns towards Vespa, "And I even made a bathing suit for you, tsk...Well let me make this clear, I do /not appreciate/ your kind acting like they have the moral authority over others! So..."

She moves a flury of blows aiming to repeatedly strike at Faruja, and Vespa, aiming to litterally devistate their defenses, before darkness spreads over her hands...

This is a technique that is made to destroy those of the light, thos who follow order and the very gods of order themselves.

The Chaos Hammer.

Her leg comes down, aiming to crush the light beneath her blows.
Katyna Although she turned to the side of light, Katyna never truly relinquished her hunger for more power..When she watches Maleficent's display of sheer power, she feels an old tinge of desire again, although she cringes and stumbles back, losing her footing from the massive blast that follows, even as it is aimed at the other three.

Eyes widen in shock and concern at the sight of her allies, nearly wiped out completely from that attack. She's sooo tempted to smack Maleficent silly for what she did to her friends; And even if Kat doesn't know half these people, she can tell they are good, honorable folk. However, she does not wish to follow in their doomed footsteps. Maleficent has at least shown a pretty good display of her power. But did she have no weakness, whatsoever?

The Former Dark knight notices that the bunny and her fellow Valkyrie are already knocked out and down for the count, however, she is certain that Faruja still has some life left in him. "Faru..Dont be a fool..Get out of here! It just ain't worth it!"

Glancing back at Maleficient, she gives a slight, nervous grin. "Wow, you're pretty amazing, Lady..." As for this other girl..Who is she? A shadow Lord? Kat doesn't recognize her, but who knows, maybe they recruited some more?
Vespa The Maid is on fire! She pats her outfit doing the best to put out the fires. Have to wonder how many of those maid outfits she goes throught. Then she sees the space between and it burns into her head her very soul. "What?", is all she can say as she her knees start to buckle under her, she barely able to stand up now. Helena blows strike her a what little strenght she had left is shattered and is pounded into the ground.
Aerith Aerith's eyes widened. No... this was impossible. Her mind reeled at the sheer destructive force, the immense, crushing wave...

No. This kind of power could only belong to a Shadow Lord.

Chita was swept up in the wave, his figure obscured by the energies unleashed. "No..."

The crazy woman who decided a constant attack was the best option was knocked aside as well, and Faruja fared no better, though his resilience held up. Yet and still...

Aerith clenched her fists. They caused so much despair. They didn't even seem to care about it, they just...

Chita was falling. She could feel him fading away even now. Two others quickly fell to similar assaults... but something else was going on.

The Voice screamed in her ears, and all she could focus on was Chita. The Viera was far worse off, and before she could think twice, Aerith moved to him, heedless of the two titans before her. "No... *No!*"

A pool of darkness surrounded him, sucking him downward into the street. Aerith gritted her teeth and dove toward him, reaching out, her fingers stretching for all they were worth. "I won't let you take him!"

At the last second, she grabbed onto the fabric of his cloak... and felt herself pulled down with him. Didn't matter. She couldn't let this stand.
Chita Darkness.

The pain of reality was beginning to fade for the Viera as he literally felt like he was floating in Darkness. There was nothing around him but his own fears, his own worries, the screams from everything he might have cherished and the memories of that damnable moment he chose to touch the remnants of the Black Beast in Goug so long ago. The remnants that had coalesced into something weaponlike.

He could hear a growl, a hungry growl, see something red in the distance. It was starved, it wanted more hearts. He could feel it hungering. Feel the pulse of the Black Beast...

Feel the coldness of the Darkness, of the Lanes Between. The emptiness and void that Maleficent had punished him with for his foolishness of standing in her way.


Everyone else might or might not feel something off with the Viera, around the Viera. Those with a strong magical sense, the ability to sense darkness, could feel a darkness surrounding him. Something in his possession seemed ravenously hungry. Dark, evil... some twisted creation that wanted to consume everything around it. It pulsed outwards from the fallen Viera, the smouldering form that was laying still on the ground in a heap, one hand stretched out. Slowly something began to appear in his hand, a vaguely sword-like shape wrapped in cloth, plaid, a scarf most likely. Yet the handle of the weapon was unwrapped, his hand clenched onto it.


'So this is it?' he thought to himself, floating in the darkness in his mind, feeling it closing around himself. 'I failed... to keep it in check. Is it going to come back to life? The Black Beast?' All the thoughts that were going through his mind until something happened.

Before everything faded, before he fell, a last thought passed his mind.

'I'm sorry everyone.'


Then someone grabbed him. If she managed to keep him there, and for that matter managed to keep that weapon of darkness from reviving in the worst possible way, remains to be seen. The Viera was completely and entirely unconscious, despite his hand clinging to the weapon.
Faruja Senra Hellish fires of chaos rain upon the Burmecian, drowning out whatever words of chastisement the Templar had for Celba and Maleficent. He can't even retort about his straightforward manner! Not that he needs to, given the power that crushes his body.

Only once before has Faruja felt such Darkness, when gazing into the eyes of the Armored Nightmare. But this time he doesn't merely gaze, but he /swims/ in the apocalyptic, soul-searing dark flames of Maleficent's power unleashed. White light, bright and burning, leaks from the depths of Faruja's very soul even as the flames leap upon his body. Armor melts away, his already burnt body's burns redouble, layered again. In some spots along chest and arms, one might spy the rat's very flesh seared to the bone. It will take quite the expert doctors and White Mages of the Church to heal him from /this/.

And yet, even as his armaments fall away, the burning, hungry zealous fires within rake and leap back at the Darkness. Perhaps foolishly, it seeks to destroy it's polar element, the very substance of his soul seemingly abhorred by what Maleficent has unleashed.

The rat has no defenses at this point, sunken to one knee as he visibly tries to hold his broken body together. After several strikes, the sounds of bones breaking under their force fill the air, several ribs cracking.

Then, the dark energy of the Chaos Hammer hits Faruja, sending him flying. His light flickers, gutters...only to slowly seep from wounds, even as his blood flows, defiantly remaining. It's as stubborn as the rat himself.

Hacking up blood, the Burmecian stands. What remains of his weapon is little more than a walking stick. Breathing heavily, he glares at the pair, laughing. "...S...Such power! So THIS is the workings of those who are kin to the ones that destroyed my home! Nay! NAY! I shan't fall here! Nor shall ye have the souls of these ones!" So much as he wished a glorious death to be his end, he could hardly let the rest die, to be turned into Heartless. Faruja whistles, and the flapping of wings fills the air. With a roar, the great wyvern Arista lands. With a nod, the rat makes a decidedly weak leap upon her back, even as the wyrm gathers the fallen (lightly!) in her jaws.

"We shall meet again, when those of the Light have the strength to purge thy vile existance! On my honor as a Temple Knight!" His gaze quickly turns to Aerith, his vision swimming before him.

"Lady Aerith, come!" Arista's wings flap, and away they fly, once Aerith has hauled the downed bunny upon the wyvern's back!

Right before he blacks out on Arista's back, the Templar's eye gazes at Katyna. He mutters into his radio.
Maleficent Maleficent brings her hands together, clapping extremely slowly. "Oh, bravo." Once the rabble cleared off, she could seek out her bell in peace. The holes of darkness close up, leaving the ground pristone in their wake. And Maleficent continues floating toward the heights. She wouldn't shun Katyna or Helena's continued presence, but she now isn't much in the mood to talk.
Helena Celba Helena rolls her eyes at the heroic speaking...

"Such words...or only words if you can not back them up, rat." She says, and shakes her head...the witch seems to be moving on...a pity, she would have liked to speak to her more... perhaps when she is in a better mood.

"Well, I guess with them clear, we can search for the bell." She says, and walks off, obviously to cover ground.
Aerith Aerith vanished into the dark with Chita, Faruja's call for her to make her escape unheard...

~I'm sorry, everyone.~

Aerith blinked. "Sorry... for what?" She looked down at the Viera as they floated in the darkness. Her eyes narrowed, glancing to and fro as if attempting to decide what she would do next. Then she smiled. "You'll have to forgive me, I'm not too good with this. But I think I have something that might help." She reached out into the aether, green motes of light coalescing into a sphere of light. She closed her right hand around it, and a six foot white wood staff appeared, glowing with a pale light.

"This came from a friend of mine. I don't know if it'll help, but..." She glanced at the sword in one of his hands. "Whatever that is needs to go. Or at least, sleep." She grimaced at the aura the weapon gave off. "Silly thing..."

Aerith shook her head. "Never mind that." She put her forehead against Chita's. "Tell me what's wrong. Let me in, please."
Chita The Viera was entirely limp at this point, simply a rag doll for whatever was holding him. The dark weapon still hungered or so it seemed, but with Aerith's presence there, it almost seemed to hide, like Shelob ducking back into her lair away from the light of the vial. There was no response from him at this point, the weapon vanishing from sight after a moment, hand falling slack like the rest of him finally. Vulnerable to light, or darkness, or anything else - whatever happened to him was unresisted. Be it being saved by Aerith or otherwise.

The lingering thought haunting his own personal mental darkness remained in the form of 'I'm sorry.'
Deelel Deelel banishes her gear in a flahs of light he leaps in and she drops in almost lioke Dragoon Man. The masked program doesn't say a thing makes no hostile act, but she does look at Helena for a moment before she grabs Vespa with suprising strength for her buukd and is going to depart with her. Unless Helena attempts to stop the masked program.
Aerith Aerith frowned. "You're stubborn, you know that?" She smiled as the weapon vanished. "Well now that that's done..." She channeled her energy through the staff, and the light flared, creating a haven for them in the darkness. "I'm going to try this again. Maybe this time we'll get something done..." She took in a breath. "Let me in. Please. Open yourself to me." She closed her eyes. "I can't help you unless you let me." Her will pressed against his, a gentle coaxing thing.
Maleficent "Indeed." Maleficent speaks as she floats a little higher in the city. Though not hopeful for what she might find, she is at least determined to search out some answers. And hopefully those pests would think twice before throwing the first punch
Chita Amidst the darkness, the coldness, something began to change. Chita wasn't sure what it was, but the total darkness in his mind, the only thing that he could feel, was somehow warmer. Warmer... and in the distance, a light. It was far away though. It'd taken him some time to actually reach the opening Aerith had made for him, something that would take time, but he does have a way out now. Eventually.

With Aerith prying as she was, she may find his heart just a bit more open. She probably wouldn't get any further at this point, though, beyond realizing he had been swallowed by his own fears, possibly thanks to Helena, combined with Maleficent mopping the cobblestones with him.
Aerith Aerith frowned. "So she *is* a Shadow Lord. I suspected but I never guessed..." She shook her head. "No, that doesn't matter. You're important now." She pressed further, tried to make her way inside even while providing him with an exit. "I'm going to resolve this, once and for all."

She was rewarded for her patience as his heart finally gave way for her. "All right. Let's take a look."

This scene contained 61 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Katyna, Deelel, Vespa, Aerith, Maleficent, Chita, Helena Celba, Freya Crescent