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(2013-10-10 - Now)
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Will Sherman A day after Will touched Garland's strings, he woke up screaming.

Until someone intelligently gave him a seditive.

He stayed in mostly fitful sleep for the rest of the day, and another day has passed. The seditive has worn off, and this time Will doesn't wake up screaming, though you can tell his rest is hardly...restful. The dreams come violently, as he remembers...things he wasn't there for, experiences things that were not his...and again touches Chaos in a way he shouldn't. That no sane, rational mind should...well, Will is still rather sane and mostly rational.

He shivers, breaking out in a cold sweat as he slowly brings himself to a sitting position. He looks like death warmed over...rubbing his face in his hands and looking extremely unpleasant.

He doesn't even speak initially, he's trying to put his fragmented mind back together...too many things are really out of place, and a lot of things are really frightened of the other things he knows now.

And then he sneezes. And a jet of flame washes out into the air. He sniffs, as if having a cold, and frowns at this development.
Emi Dennou The Network is uncomfortably comfortable with the idea that Will touches things that make him wake up screaming. Maybe if he touches all the Chaoses he'll win a prize and become Captain Chaos. But The Network cares for WIll nonetheless, particularly Emi and Umi (Omi isn't coming out of spite), and they knock lightly on the door, prying it open slightly right as fire bursts out of the door. They throw themselves back, eyes wide.

It's all very comical.
Will Sherman Will sniffles again...and looks at the two Members of the network.

"Uh...hi.." he says, feeling pretty awful now.

"I think I caught something." He coughs, to snow in the room briefly.

"...Maybe it happened when I headbutted Maleficent.." he mutters.

" are you girls?"
Emi Dennou "I suppose," Emi says carefully. "...That there are worse consequences for headbutting Maleficient than to sneeze fire and cough snow." Like getting eaten or cursed to never wake until your true princely love smooches you. "We are in acceptable condition, all things considered. We are sorry we were not present for that battle, it had been quiet lately so we did some traveling."

Emi rubs at the back of her neck and then--carefully--steps inside so Umi can get in. Umi immediately rushes over and gives Will a hug. She has one of those masks people wear when they have the flu to stop the spread of the disease except obviously this is so she doesn't get fire sneeze ice cough.

Emi doesn't seem to think it's contagious.
Will Sherman Umi's hug brights Will's day a little. He returns it, messing her hair a bit. "Hey Umi." he says, with a smile, "And it's alright Emi...we didn't expect it. It was...pretty sudden." he frowns.

"They wanted Avira...trying to draw her out for some reason. I don't know why, but ugh..." he groans. There were some healing physical wounds too, "Garland is supporting her...which is bad."
Emi Dennou "Well she was and/or is a princess of the heart." Emi says. "They like kidnapping those. And women in general. The Network has been a victim of such before as well." Emi of course does see herself as female or perhaps more accurately females but for whatever reason ends up saying it like she and women are different categories."

A thought occurs to her. "They didn't get her, yes?, The Network wonders."

Umi continues to hug, tightening a bit.
Will Sherman Will sighs...yeah. Will lets Umi hug to her hearts' content...

"Yeah..yeah." he says. "...I saw something, though. Saw something when I touched Garland's strings."
Emi Dennou Hug hug hug.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Emi asks, simply enough. "Or would you prefer more hugs instead?" She thinks it over before adding, "Umi wishes this one to inform you that you may be greedy on this matter and choose both."
Will Sherman "I elect to be greedy." Will says, with a smile, and hugs.

"I saw...I saw four figures with Garland. I don't know how...but I know their names. They are...pieces of him. Chaos like him...but.."

Will Shivers, "But four people...weapon and spell in hand...they fought them...the shadows and Garland. And won."

"...Garland...CAN be defeated. But...he comes back. Whatever happened, he keeps coming back, again and again...but I think something changed this time."
Emi Dennou Emi approaches and laso hugs Will since lets face it, Umi is but one body and she's already hugging at max capacity. It's all a bit silly perhaps but, well, sometimes it helps to be a bit silly, don't it? Four people fighting Garland and winning? Actually all this seems like good news, as opposed to bad news. If four people could even temporarily beat Garland that's a lot better than their current record. Maybe that could be changed.

"" Emi says. "The four figures with Garland were not the ones that beat him?" She thinks. "...This must not have been what troubled you, though--the news is far too optimistic."
Will Sherman "Two sets of four figures.."

"I can't see the figures too closely...but maybe if I got a second picture or something of them I could." He muses.

Will hugs. He really does need it. "One set of four are the pieces of Chaos...the other are the heros that opposed and stopped him...and.."

"I saw the depths of is...god..." He shivers again... "It's stronger in Garland than the pieces of the filth I touched.."
Emi Dennou Oh. Well that explains it.

Emi's eyes widen faintly before frowning. "'s hard to imagine that being the case." The way it was with the Blot as she understood matters was that he didn't seem human at all anymore, it would stand to reason....but then again, maybe Garland isn't human anymore either. "--well, I shouldn't make assumptions on what I know little about, but perhaps we should avoid touching chaos. Clues are not worth it."
Will Sherman "...I didn't know what he was.." Will said, "And...I had to protect them. Whatever the cost.." Will sighs.

"Mercade and Avira...much rides on them."
Emi Dennou "Maybe there's a way to do that without introducing yourself to psychic trauma." Emi says. She might, yes, sound a bit sardonic there but she can't really help it. Too worried. Will is putting himself through a lot of trouble and pain and Mercade and Avira ARE going to keep getting in trouble, she knows it. She fears she can't do much about it, though.
Will Sherman Will frowns, "Yeah...yeah. I keep saying I am going to stop, but it just keeps happening." He says, with a wry smile.

"I'm tougher than I look..."
Emi Dennou "We know you're tough." Umi mumbles into Will.

"Well... if it was that easy to get you to stop, you wouldn't be you I suppose." Emi lets go. "But make them count."
Will Sherman Will chuckles a little, "Well...that's what makes me me...walking head first into things." He squeezes Umi a bit tighter, "I'm sorry to make you all worry. Especially after I told you all to take better care of yourself.."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou smiles faintly back at Will. "Yeah, well...We understand your feelings about Mercade and Avira, but you're important too. And 'you' includes your wellbeing. "As long as you remember that, and make your sacrifices count, that's all we ask."

"This one hopes you feel better." Umi mumbles.
Will Sherman "Yeah...alright. I'll try to make them count, I promise." he says faintly to Emi. He looks down At Umi, "A lot...thank you both. I feel much better, I mean it." He says, a genuine smile forming. Despite whatever horror he faced, the power of love is still stronger.

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