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(2013-10-10 - Now)
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Chita The Third Distract was actually a bit quiet today, not many wandering through the area. There were a few shops set up here and there, mobile places where people seemed to be selling things, but mostly otherwise just... quiet.


Which was a good thing as far as Chita's chocobo was concerned. The large red judge-trained Chocobo was wandering slowly at lazily looking around at the various folks there. Chita himself was sitting a bit away on a ledge, wearing a newly-purchased set of clothing from Baron. The Viera looked to be, in general, wrapped up most places in bandages and there was some fuzz missing on his ears, his hair looking a bit choppy here and there like he'd had an impromptu gumwad cut out of too many places in his hair. That, and he had a blindfold around his eyes, holding two large pads of bandages in place. Seems he'd been in a rather eventful fight of some sort.
Maira Chita isn't the only one! Maira has actually run out of bandages and has had to go to the store to get more. Unfortunately, she's still not moving terribly well. A crutch under one arm to support some of her weight and a basket in the other, Maira limps slowly through the third district toward the fabric store where she usually gets her bandages. Its a slow and painful trip, but she knows she has to put weight on her leg or it won't heal correctly. Mao could have helped her if she could have climbed into the saddle, but no. Walking it was.

Thinking of Mao, she almost wonders if she summoned him with a thought as she sees Chita's red chocobo. It takes her only a moment though to noticed Chita sitting nearby. Ah, not Mao then! Maira frowns deeply at the visible injuries, beginning to limp her way over toward him. "Evja?" she asks. "What happened to you?" Of course he could ask the same of her if he could see. Her ribs are bound, her leg wrapped in a soft cast, her visible skin covered in bruises and scratches. No burns though.
Chita Senra looks at Maira a moment thoughtfully and considered walking up to bump into her with his head, but it was obvious she was walking off so he didn't quite do that. Instead, he just followed her as she walked towards his owner and /then/ leaned down to bump in a friendly manner gently against the back of her head for attention. As was obvious, he couldn't really see anything, though he could hear well enough. The off-even gait caused him to simply imagine it was someone who had a bad leg and was using a cane, hence why he didn't immediately think it was someone he knew. Her voice, though, caused him to slowly turn his head towards her, starting to open his mouth and say something before stopping just short of it. Was that Maira?

Best ask. It'd probably disappoint if he got it wrong. "That is a name I have not heard in a while. You should familiar, but I cannot place you by voice alone. I was... injured trying to keep another I know safe while in a place called Baron. Are you hurt as well? Your... steps did not sound even."
Maira Maira giggles lightly when she feels Senra headbutt her affectionately. She turns to reach up and ruffle his feathers, cooing gently to him in greeting. "I'm sorry Senra, did I not say hello? I don't even have any greens on me or I'd give you some...I would have brought Mao out if I knew you were here," she begins. She turns to Chita then, blinking. "It's Maira...yeah, broke my leg in a fight. Four ribs too, but those are healing quicker. Femur is a really big bone, slower to heal," she replies, trying not to let her pain seep through into her voice. "Guess I'm not the only one who has been in trouble...what happened to you? Have you seen a healer?"
Chita The Chocobo gives a content sound before moving off to the side of where Chita was and laying down on the ground like a chicken might when nesting. Chocobos weren't /that/ different. "I imagine he is being as friendly as ever. He is a bit of a womanizer, tends to prefer pretty ladies to want attention from. I suppose I cannot blame him." A soft laugh could be heard from Chita, his voice actually pretty soft in general, softer than he normally spoke. "And yes, I have. That is where I have been for the last several days, in Baron. I may not be able to see again, they are uncertain if time will correct the damage. It was... quite bad. That, and I am naturally weak to magic." Reaching his left hand down, Chita patted the slight slope of the ledge next to him, "Sit with me? It cannot be nice to stand on a hurt leg."
Maira Maira gives Senra and amused look, smiling lightly. She wonders if his namesake is the same? Poor, poor Faruja. She hopes he isn't in big trouble with Hati. It wasn't like he meant to burn all his clothes off in front of Maira...

Maira takes the offered seat, wincing slightly. "No, its not nice. Needs to happen though. I had to go out for more bandages. A lot of people were hurt," she begins, pausing then in realization. "Baron? Were you there with Avira and Angantyr? They said Maleficent and Garland attacked...they came to Manhatten too, that's where I fought them. Maleficent.." she shudders. "It was bad. Real bad."

"I can try to take a look at your eyes if you'd like. Sure you've seen a good healer...but I'll look if you want."
Chita "So they did... damn." The hand closest to Maira started to reach out to pat her reassuringly on the leg, but not knowing which leg was broken and if there were an other injuries, he decides to carefully raise his hand up in an approximation of where her shoulder was to pat her there. It... doesn't quite work and he winds up patting atop her head instead. "Huh... shorter than I recall. I had thought your shoulder would be there. And if you wish to... okay."

Chita's other hand slowly reached up to pull the blindfold up a bit, the bandages held in place with a bit of tape. If she looked closely enough at his features she might notice that finer hairs on his face, such as his eyebrows and bits of 'fur' like was on his ears are simply black nubs, burnt off by some fire. Traces of the burns on his body, at least the less serious ones, can still be seen. And as far as his eyes go... well, he had taken what amounted to liquid fire right in the face, eyes open, and visible scarring on his eyes could be seen once he slowly removed the bandage over his left eye.
He seemed to wince a bit as he opened the eye, possibly at the neon lighting in the area.
Maira Maira blinks as he reaches toward her, laughing as he ends up patting her on the head. "Yeah yeah, I'm short," she giggles. She shifts awkwardly then, trying to position herself so she can take a look at his eyes. She winces as she sees the damage. "Oh...Maleficent's fire?" she asks, though she is pretty darn sure. She looks into the eyes, pulling eyelids back gently with a frown. This is considerable. Eyes are delicate. Magical healing would be the only option, but even that may not restore his sight entirely. Or at all. "I can try to heal you...but I'll be honest Evja, it might not work. They're really bad," she replies gently. Maira is sure the warrior would rather hear the truth than a fabrication. "Magic can work miracles, but I can't gaurantee anything. Don't give up hope, prepared, I guess."
Chita The Viera was entirely silent as she remarked and spoke, not taking the chance of nodding given he wasn't quite sure where every finger was and didn't want to risk poking himself in the eye. He did say, however - after she remarked of being prepared, "As much as this bothers me... I have to accept such. I suppose my only regrets with my vision anyways was being able to see those like yourself smile, which always made me feel better. I will not turn down the offer. Just... not too much. I am quite weak to magic and I do not think it would be safest for me if too much, even curative magic, were used. At once at least."
Maira Maira does smile, and if he pays attention he can hear it in her voice. "Heh...I will do what I can. Keep hope," she replies.

"Oh, indeed. You will need multiple treatments. I couldn't possibly do it all at once, not with something so delicate. You'll have to keep coming to see my I fear," she says with a small laugh, jokingly. She places her hand gently over his eyelids and closes them, channeling her healing magic into his body, focusing on the eyes, though it would likely begin to cure the many burns as well. "Little bit at a time. Keep them covered like you were, that should help. Come back in a couple of days. If you cant find me here, I'll be at the camp in Golmore jungle. Luckily you have Senra to lead you," she adds with another smile. "Hopefully I'll be done limping soon, ugh."

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