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(2013-10-09 - Now)
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Maira Maira had woken some time ago, having been healed somewhat. Her leg was set, her ribs bound, her cuts bandaged. She would live. She still hurt incredibly, but she would live. Someone had also dressed her. Likely she had Ulharisk to thank for that. Sigh...the bad guys always attack on laundry day.

Hopping around the main hall with a crutch on one arm, Maira has gathered some things for when Avira wakes up. She's already healed her (and herself) several times, but she'll be hungry and thirsty when she wakes, so Maira has soup, fresh baked bread, and a tall glass of water waiting by the bedside.

While she waits, Maira is alone with her thoughts. She'd been stupid last night, throwing herself like that...but how else was she going to get to Avira? What if she hadn't been there to heal her quickly? What could have happened? More distressing still, what was still going to happen? She sighs heavily, looking out the window, wishing some of the others were here.
Avira Avira's been out for a while. She looks better with each healing spell that Maira uses which is a good sign! Her condition only improves and it stands to reason that after that extremely rough night, she'd need to sleep it off like crazy.

Eventually, she does rouse with a groan. Her eyes peek open and she rolls over onto her bed, drawing the covers in a little tighter.
Maira Maira looks from the window as Avira stirs, smiling with hope. "Avira...? Are you waking up?" she asks, though not to insistently. She needs her rest, but if she's waking up she'll give the soup a little reheat. "If you are, I have food ready," she urges, smile growing slightly.
Avira "Yeah." she mutters, sounding downright miserable. There's actually a pause before she speaks again, "" It's as if it took a moment to realize that she was pretty hungry! "Sure." She rolls over again and pushes herself to sit up. "What happened? How'd I get here? Manhattan alright?"
Maira Maira is ready with a spoon full of soup, smiling kindly. Oh yes, she intends to feed her if allowed. She's just oh so maternal. "Its alright...for now. They left," she informs Avira. "Don't worry about it now. Central park is still infested with Heartless. Garland did something...I don't know. We'll send some people to clean up. See if we can get Angan over there, heh," she replies. She doesn't know that Angantyr had been hurt recently as well. No one told her! "Don't worry about it though, alright? You need to get better first."
Avira "...oh. Yeah, Angan and Mercade will...take care of that." Her shoulders sink. Avira seems to look distantly off into space for a few moments before she realizes that Maira's going to spoon feed her. An embarassed look settles upon her face. "...I can't go back to Manhattan. I might...kill it."

Avira leans forward and just goes NOM on that spoon.
Maira Maira shakes her head, frowning deeply. "I don't believe that Avira. Why would you trust anything Maleficent says? She was trying to trick you into coming with her. She'd have said anything. She has to be cunning, she'd know you--your compassion and your care for Manhattan. She had to have been lying, or at least not telling the whole truth."

Maira smiles with satisfaction as Avira has a bite of soup, then goes back for a second spoonful. "I will agree that maybe you shouldn't go there just now--not because you'll 'kill it' but because they will be looking for you. She wants you for something," she explains. That's her point of view anyway.
Avira "I don't know." Avira mutters, "I saw the ground dissolving underneath me. It...she /cursed/ me somehow, I know that much." Some kind of property that the dragon form of the fairy shared. "She was trying to take me. I'm not exactly sure why but I think it has to do with my connection to Manhattan's world heart."

She snaps up that second spoon. "...I'm not that hard to find, we've already discovered that. The whole hiding thing didn't work well for me before."
Maira Maira purses her lips thoughtfull, passing Avira a piece of bread. She can probably manage that herself. "Well, if she cursed you then we will find a way to uncurse you! We've done it before, haven't we? Just don't go making any deal with Hades now," she says with a smile and a wink, just a little teasing.

"Well, its nothing new that the Shadow Lord's want the hearts of princesses so...I guess its not too surprising. Worrying though...Garland being there too. He came to help her! The two, working together..." Maira shakes her head. "We can't let them seperate us again. We'll all need to stick together more than ever."
Katyna Rumour had it that some major stuff went down in Manhattan recently..However, Katyna had seemingly vanished for a long time, searching the world for a long lost friend whom she hoped - she believed might still be alive. She had sadly, missed all the action (again), and had returned back at headquarters, too late to help.

"Hey guys! I'm back!" She calls out cheerfully, not really sure what to expect. However, it seems things are pretty quiet here, and she can hear talking going on in one of the rooms. "Hm.."
Avira "I'm not making that mistake again." Though it was meant to be teasing, Avira doesn't seem to be reacting well to it. She takes the bread and eats it quite ravenously. How did she get so hungry?! "When Angantyr, Deelel and I were in Baron the other day, they both showed up there too. Together. Angantyr fought Garland...I had to hold off Maleficent. They ended up just kind of leaving..."

She meets Maira's eyes, "You should be careful too. It's only a matter of time before they realize what you are."

Katyna rolls on. Avira can only manage a small smile. She's not as cheerful as usual today. "Oh, heya."
Maira Maira's eyes widen. "In Baron? You met them there? No one told me...where even was I?" she asks, as if she genuinely can't remember. "Is Angan alright? Was he hurt? Is that why he wasn't there yesterday? Do you know where he is?" she asks. More people needing healing!? Gaaah!

Maira leans down to hug Avira then, just overcoming with emotion. She almost lost her. "I was so scared Avira. I couldn't get to you...when I saw you go down..." she begins, then hears Katyna arrive. Maira takes a deep breath and pulls herself together. "Katy! Over here," she says, waving, before she looks back to Avira.

"Oh, Maleficent knows already. She must. She's been sending Pete after me...or was. Maybe she's not interested anymore," she offers with a shrug. Maybe her heart wasn't good enough.

Maira mentally smacks herself. The HECK? Don't feel bad about /that/!
Katyna Katyna beams. "Hiya guys! How've you been?" Though her smile fades instantly when she sees how battered and beaten up they look. "Woah, what happened to y'all? Did I miss a big party or what?" She makes a face, trying to lighten the situation, although she certainly does look worried..Dammit..Why'd she take off like that, when weird stuff was goin' down on the home turf?

"Woah, are you guys okay? Seriously, y'all dont look so hot.." Kat arches a brow at unfamiliar names. "Eh, Maleficent? Who's that? Wait....That name seems..almost familiar." Wasn't she the shadowy voice in the heart of Manhattan?
Avira Avira holds up a hand, waving it as if to chase off the sudden barrage of questions. "Angantyr is going to be fine. He's-" her words are cut off by Maira suddenly latching onto her and hugging. She stops talking at that point and simply wraps her arms around Maira to return the hug quite tightly.

She can understand just how distraught she would be to see a friend like this. Avira's felt the same way when the Dark Knight had come for Maira. Or Pete...well, it's Pete, he's not nearly as threatening. "Well, you're lucky. That gives you some time and freedom because you don't want any of these creeps stalking you."
Maira Maira winces. She is very beat up, yes indeed. "Ribs broken, but that wasn't so bad. Broke my femur, that was bad," she replies. Almost bleeding to death, wee... "We'll be alright though. Luckily," she adds. Really, when Garland showed up, Maira had feared it was the end of them. There was a back up hero squad, right?

Maira winces as Avira tightens her hold on her. "R-ribs," she croaks, then laughs lightly assuming Avira then lets her go. "Yes, that would be nice wouldn't it? I haven't seen the Dark Knight in quite some time...nor heard from Mateus," she begins, pursing her lips thoughtfull. Maybe she should pay a visit. "Well..we'll figure it out. We always do. We're stronger, our allies are many, and two of them have keyblades. We didn't have that before. We're going to be fine. Manhattan isn't going to fall again," she assures. Sure, the enemies probably have some new tricks too, but lets not focus on that, eh? "You'll be back to researching the gummies before you know it--back in the stinky jungle surrounded by zombies," she says, almost /fondly/. What is wrong with her!?

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