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(2013-10-07 - Now)
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Emperor Mateus Palamecia has slipped back from the spotlight sometime over the past month, enjoying a period of calm as other nations and peoples scurry about to further their own agendas. In truth, not much has actually happened for good or bad. Soldiers train, villagers work...

...and sorcerers study.

Emperor Mateus slips a book back into its place in his personal library, a thoughtful expression on his face even as he seems to stare past the tomes in front of him. He feels... restless, as if he is bored of the peace that has eased the fears of his people. Or perhaps he has forgotten something yet the memory has not yet been cast into oblivion. There have been many matters left unresolved as of late, not all of which in his power to deal with. One matter in particular is of a recent recruit that had joined due to...

His eyes flicker in realization as he also mentally reviews a missive issued by the Dark Knight only the other day. Well, why not deal with two matters at once? "Guards!" He calls as he turns away from the bookcase and begins to depart the library. "Call the Dark Knight and Knight Karth Mason to the throne room at their earliest leisure. There are matters I must evaluate and discuss."
Karth Mason Karth was uh...very surprised to get a /summons from the Emperor himself/. He was only in the army a few months, he wasn't anyone special (Despite being told several times he was extremely brave, commended on his bravery, and exhonerated on his skill and ability to stay cool under presure). He was even back in the kingdom with a stack of reports he had filed, he thankfully knew how to read and write, though he wasn't exactly the best at writing. He even knew how to ride a horse now, though he still complained that Chocobos were superior, which got him into new fewer than a few fist fights with Horse masters, a Race, and then several hundred debates with the Horse care takers. Karth was stubborn.

He did however, treat a certain fair lady knight's horse with the upmost care.

The horse is pure evil.

Now, he was in his armor, full gear, and being escorted towards the throne. A thousand things run through his mind right now...

Karth keep shis cool...but god, how is he going to not sound like a yokel infront of the Emperor? Uh...

The Dark Knight has been busy with his own training. Including the education training of many of the Knights of Palamecia. It was not often that the dark General actually trains the Palamecians warriors on how to fight but as late that is what the Dark Knight has been doing.

Mostly because for himself, it was also a good practice. For they learned to block, duck, and parry, while they all try their hardest to actually 'defeat' him. A feat leaving many of them on the ground with bruises and some remembering of fear. For the Dark Knight may have for a time tasted his humanity. Many knights remembering that, but the Dark 'golem' does not. Just the pain that came from his foolish endeavor.

The Guards come and get him, along with get him with all due respect. Though Mateus could simply just 'called', instead of telling the guards to bring him forth. Though probably reasons for Mateus methods.

Soon the Dark Knight walks across the grounds. The dark mist moving with each step lightly. His pace was quicker then his normal stride, yet ever rhythmatic. One foot down in time with the next. His red gaze never wavering as he walked.

One he came to the doors of the throne room, the guards there quickly saluted him, before opening the door. The Dark Knight moved through the opening doors. His reflection almost void against the black, polished marble. His armor eating away at any light that dares to play against its surface.

Though once he steps upon the carpet leading to the stairs and to the very throne itself, the Dark Knight at once lowers down to his knee, lowering his head as his cape drapes around him. "You summoned me, your majesty?"

It is probably not to shortly after the Dark Knight does he sense a heart more of light in this room then what should be present. Those red eyes though not raise, only glance slightly to the side. Someone else was being brought to the room? But whom?
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus has already seated himself upon his throne by the time the guards reach those being summoned. Using a Dark Portal to 'cheat' may or may not have been a factor. Using messengers and guards to call upon those he wishes to meet is certainly the longer way about it, especially in the Dark Knight's case, but all manners of communication should be tested once in a while. Even slower, traditional ones.

The first to arrive is the Dark Knight, and the Emperor nods once in satisfaction. "Indeed. Rise, Dark Knight, and take your place. The reason for your presence shall be clear soon enough."

At about this point, the guards lead in Karth Mason, who seems as calm as one would reasonably expect, given the circumstances. Still, the Emperor has little doubt that nervousness and even fear bubbles just under the surface of such a facade. "Knight Karth Mason, I presume?" He motions for the guards to leave them and they immediately obey, closing the doors behind them.
Karth Mason Karth is less afraid and more nervous.

He's a young man, easily just barely into his twenties /at most/ but already the power of...something lies in him. These two can feel it, he holds something that isn't exactly something a normal person has. Though Mateus might identify the marks of some sort of summon bound to him...though the bond is still weak, it could be genetic, or perhaps something else is here.

Karth bows, of course, he was given /very pointed instruction/ about how to address royalty and nobility and basicly how to not get your teeth knocked out by the man on the Emperor's right.

"I...uh, beggin' your pardon, My Lord...I uh...have not been officially knighted as of yet, uh sir." He says, he feels like a small fish in a very very large pond...with two sharks staring right at him.

"But uh, my name is Karth Mason, your majesty.."
The Dark Knight slowly stands back up. Dark mist encircles around him, moving across the ground. His red eyes though never go to meet Mateus' gaze. They stay low and though he stands true, his eyes will never meet his Emperor's; Unless ordered too. "Yes, your majesty."

Soon the Dark Knight moves across the carpet, moving to take his place along side Mateus on the bottom of the steps. He turns about with a sharp heel pivot and comes to stand straight and his red gaze staring right at Karth. Those inhuman; hungry eyes looking at the young knight.

Like Mateus, the Dark Knight had not met the young recruit in all the training. Only heard of him from his officers. One who is particularly fond of the young man. Though fondness does not get one far in war or in rank. Beyond this, the Dark Knight says nothing and observes for now.

Shark indeed. The Dark Knight likes little small fish, but this one is not one for him to snap his teeth at; unless those orders change.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus rises from his throne and descends as Karth introduces himself formally, eventually coming to a stop near the bottom of the stairs with the Dark Knight to his right. His gaze, though keenly curious, currently has neither the sharp regality or the cold distance one would usually expect. But certainly both soldiers know that this could change at any time for any reason at all.

"That is true, you have not yet. But you have been a soldier for a few months now, one who has worked hard and well, so it seemed ill-fitting to call you a mere trainee." He makes no mention nor even seems to notice Karth's accent, which is drastically different from any Palameican by comparison.

He makes a small hand motion upwards as he continues, "Lift your head, lad. You are not in trouble, nor is this a test. Merely my own curiousity." He swings his arms out slightly, palms up, in what would seem an idle gesture. "I sense that you are different than most in my ranks, native Palamecians or not. Would you mind telling me about yourself and your origins?"
Karth Mason Yeah...he's different, he's foreign and understands the superiority of the Chocobo.

Seriously, how do horses even work?

They're large, ill tempered, and he's thinking silly thoughts because he is increadibly nervous. He thinks for a moment, "Well, I'ma from the nearby Giza plans, sir...well, not original like, but my family's homestead appeared far away from where the rest of my world be appearin' on the world of ruin''s just me and my brothers and sisters takin' care of the farm and our ailin' moma, our father dun disappeared when the world fell..."

"He was uh, like me, he worked with the noble house that granted us our homestead, your Majesty, but he retired to the fields when he service was complete, taught me everythin' I knew sir.."

He pauses, "There ain't much more than that...I'm just earnin' some money for the family to take care of our ma..."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus taps his chin thoughtfully. "Giza Plains... that was originally from the world of Ivalice...?" His voice trails off in a slight verbal question mark, almost immediately putting that aside as Karth gives further insight into his family life and other important information.

"I see, so you were raised by a father of military bearing--and raised quite well." One part of the explaination seems to catch his attention in particular, only due to its relative vagueness. "You said your mother is ill?"
Karth Mason "Yeah, that's uh, right your Magesty.." he says, humbly. "She's taken ill after our pa disappared, we're all runin' the homestead more or less.." he continues, frowning.

"Uh...yeah, i think that's where they say they are from...but our home is also called Ivalice...but uh, we didn't have those plains there...ain't very easy to farm with all that there monsters always causin' a ruckus. But uh, it's pretty fertile.." he says, except in the dry season.

"My Pa raised me the best he could, he said I was more like him in mind, unlike my older brother who took over the farm."
Don't mind tall, dark, and stone cold. The Dark Knight will standing here until called upon, needed to take action, or until dismissed. Yes, this means if Mateus forgets to dismiss him, he may even /continue/ to stand there.

...until he gets to hungry at least.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus seems to understand the confusion about Karth's original homeland better, if the momentary glint in his eyes is of any indication. So Karth comes from one Ivalice whose land ended up displaced in an area from a different Ivalice, which fell to the World of Ruin. Typical world shard silliness, all told.

He considers something for a quiet moment, then tilts his head in a curious gesture. "So it seems, now that you walk the path of a warrior. But I am curious. There are many kingdoms in this world now, and you could have tried joining any of them. Why did you decide upon mine, perhaps one of the darkest around?" It is not a challenge, nor is it a verbal test. He honestly wishes to understand.
Karth Mason "Uh...darkest sir?" he blinks. Karth doesn't know anything about that there darkness stuff. He just weilds a shovel to great effectiveness, and sometimes a sword.

"Uh, I met some of your soldiers patroling the lands outside Palamecia, sir. They were buldin' a fort near the homestead, and I brought some food from the farm for them to enjoy, because they were helpin' keep the monster population down a bit." he says, "The uh...captain and I talked, she came by the homestead later on after she heard about my uh...skills sir, and offered a commission...I couldn't turn down the money sir, or the aid that might be gotten for my ma." Pragmatic, and Palamecia didn't seem so bad.

"Ain't so dark, compared to what my pa told me of the nobility of Ivalice...they be some cutthroats. Especially with that there war of the lions going on over some guy sitting on a throne. Ain't make no sense to have a war over that, Leadership ain't a blessin' it can be a burden, it's hard makin' all the decisions, that why you gota respect the king."

"Or, er, Emperor."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus nods in satisfaction to the reply, a small smile touching the corners of his mouth. "Ahh, I understand. Then I hope to prove worthy of your respect as Emperor," he replies easily. "I do not intend to remove my forces from the Giza Plains, and thus from near your homestead, anytime soon. You may rest assured of your family's safety from monsters and such ilk."

His mind keys back on a recurring topic in the conversation, one that seems to be a keen concern for Karth. "Do you happen to know what ails your mother?"
Karth Mason Karth shakes his head...
"No your Majesty...she came down with it shortly after pa went and dun got lost...doctors ask a lot of money to come to the homestead, and we have barely been gettin' enough...enough to keep her well, but she's just..." He isn't sure how to describe it. "It ain't like she's there anymore."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus tucks his elbows in tight against his sides and steeples his fingers in front of his lips, almost touching his nose. His eyes narrow in thought, already considering possibilities... but such a general description isn't truly enough to do more than wildly guess--and possibly wrongly so.

"Perhaps I could arrange for a doctor or a White Mage to visit your homestead and see to her. Certainly at least attempt to find a cause to her condition." It is one part offer, one part statement.
Karth Mason Karth looks brighter for a moment, "That...that would be mighty kind of you, your majesty.." he says, with a smile. "A real and proper doctor is something we've been tryin' to get that actually had big city folk education.." He says, with a frown. Getting stuff like that in the country /was/ hard.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus hmmm's thoughtfully. "I cannot guarantee that they will find the answer you seek, at least not immediately. But to give the best possible care to soldiers and their families is the least that can be offered." He doesn't shift his stance, but he does raise an eyebrow. "It certainly is strange how this happened to her so soon after your world fell..."

He waves a hand as if to dismiss the thought. "But I digress." He looks to the Dark Knight, gaze distant for a moment, then returns full attention to Karth. "I wonder... what goals do you have for the future, Karth? Do you see yourself as a soldier, or a farmer... or neither?"
Karth Mason "Well, your majesty.." Karth says a bit more easily, "I had takin' to adventurin' more than most of mah family...they're mostly happy with the farm, but I've...been, you know, a bit more of a wonderlustin' kid. Pa says I was more like him in his youth, when he joined the army and I done agree with him a whole lot on that."

"So I guess I see myself as a Soldier."

He can only nod about the aid for his he sees it, she's in better hands.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles warmly. "I am sure you shall have your fill of adventure and then some. There always seems to be something new just around the next corner." He inclines his head noticeably. "I hope you will consider staying for some time yet."

He snaps his fingers as a thought occurs to him. "Which reminds me, Karth. You seem to have good familiarity with these chocobos I keep seeing about. I have considered studying the birds and, in the future, perhaps adding a regiment to our calvary troops. However, I have no-one in my ranks thus far who has any measureable amount of experience with chocobos, as they were exceedingly rare on my world to the point of non-existance. Would you, perhaps, be willing to be of assistance?"
If the Dark Knight was a man of emotions. He may be getting a dead-pan look on his face regarding riding 'chocobos'. He will stick to horses; K-thanks.

However, he doesn't have an opinion in this matter and thus is still being a stone statue.
Karth Mason "I...uh, yes Your Majesty." Karth says, with a nod, "I do know a thing or two about breedin' see they come in different colors..."

A pause, "Well, I could go on in lengths about it, sir, but it's rather uninterestin' unless you're into animal breedin' and the likes. The birds gota few legends to them too."

Okay, wow, the Emperor heard about was a chance, "I would love to assist, your majesty." Okay calm down Karth.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus smiles widely, his eyes lighting in anticipation and expectation. "Excellent. You are proving yourself quite admirably, Karth. It shall not do for you to remain a trainee for much longer, not with as much potential as I see before me. As such, I will have your training to knighthood accellerated, if you are willing."

He folds his hands behind his back and nods in clear satisfaction. "That is all I have for you at this time. You may be dismissed, unless there is anything further?"
Karth Mason "T-thank you your majesty, and n-no, nothing at all...thank you again." And he bows, salutes the Dark Knight, and leaves. Quickly.

And takes a LONG sigh of relief outside.

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