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(2013-10-07 - Now)
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Rakassa Rohy was an immense varg, of mass seldom seen by anyone, of any race inside the World of Ruin, who decidedly possessed grizzled fur from many years of enduring whatever life had to hurl before his path. But more a marvel were his athletic attributes than physical traits only to be held accountable by their aesthetic, than the former, for the retainer's bulk belied his true might, which far exceeded even that of the proportions that one might behold merely by casting their gaze his way, combined with ignorance to his array of long past, or else recent deed. One such exhibition was to be witnessed in his ability to've evidently trounced an Mtek knight of noteworthy renown, crowned with the name 'Cadence Rhiannis', who was already tiered at the rank of colonel, even at just the ripe age of her final year before she would enter a third of one prosperous century, to which could be ascribed her. Other persons of remarkable merit had been subdued by his decree,and done so at personal intervals when Rohy had been afforded duels by his captives, who were rejuvenated so they could engage him in a fair fence, which might've been all the more emboldened on their part by way of his promise to grant emancipation were they to fell him during the course of their altercations. No such luck for any, nay-- not Morgan, not the raven-haired lass named Cadence, neither Rahze, the redheaded Mtek, or Vohstras Engress, a personal favorite of Rakassa's, who was more prodigious in his promise of ascent towards Shadow-Lordship than Queegmaa, her less adept at warfare, and more capable at treacherous conniving that lent him to her seedy, and underhanded chores requiring subtlety, as opposed to force. Vohstras was just a warrant-officer, and subordinate within Cadence's company, while yet being every bit her peer in martiality, albeit, not so in etiquette, or in leadership aptness. So it was on this day that Rohy had battered Vohstras in single-combat to the last ounce of the Mtek's strength, until yield came by way of hamstring, upon being revived with a Fenix-Down, an invaluable product native to the World of Balance, his body had been subject to Rohy's passions; the takeo, the dark samurai known as Rohy was merciless in his pursuit of degrading, and obliterating one's wit, until such time that they'd resemble a mere husk of their former selves, every dignity, every shred of pride torn away from their inner sanctum, at which point the clay would be prepared for some tolerable manner of molding. Three weeks had it taken for him to shatter Cadence, the indigo-maned woman of vast respectability, and while he hadn't yet destroyed her in finality, and absolute entirety, his relentless arguments followed in close proximity by ravishing infringements on her body had availed to him a more vulnerable, impressionable woman who'd been steeled by decades of exhausting program by the less enigmatic, besides more militaristic tutors of Vector, who'd instilled in her a straight-forward, but still pregnable ideology which merely required that an asura of mind-bender could inflict, given nigh a month of unending pressure deflowering both soul, alongside well-toned, and gorgeous anatomy. The defilement of Cadence was a blend of both business and pleasure, whereas resorting to the desecration of Vohstras' frame was done with some reluctance, given that Rohy wasn't particularly partial towards male plunder, yet.... 'breaking' the spirit often meant undermining the vessel that carried it, thus, so did Rohy feel obligated to employ the same punishment to Vohstras whilst violating him in every way conceivable, as he'd done to the Mtek's superior officer, who had taken considerable labor just to turn her into a quasi-putty, whereas just a few days of nudging provoked budge, encouraging Rohy's sundering of what was ripe for the picking!

Silently, Rohy held a chain that was coiled several times around his own arm, leading backwards to a slumped over creature who looked to be necrotic in appearance, given how dismantled his demeanor was in physical and psychological disposition-- ergo, the prisoner being led by Rohy, the insidious ronin, offered no resistance, for rebellion was fruitless, and he knew it in totality, without a reasonable shred of doubt as to the matter. His mouth had a metal band wrapped around to the back of his neck, akin to a gag if not a more sturdy, industrial version designed for the express purpose of muzzling even something with jaws able to gnaw through wood, or some brands of stone. He had a robotic arm, prosthesis, which looked to be powered-down, and without energy, beyond the organic one that was inherent to his birth, besides a set of cutaneous horns jutting from his forehead, making him look like all but a demon, who was not so diabolic that he was able to deflect the onslaught brought by his captor, the pitiless bushi known as Rohy. Both of Vohstras' arms were clamped behind him, and with deliberation-- he was to be brought to the place where he kept his other 'would-be pupil' that was being retrained, and Rohy knew that some folk in the world at large were trained in the language of the mute; sign. With hands before, and a pair of lips, one could communicate to try and solicit comfort, or even empathy from a fellow victimized.... but with no means of idea transmission, neither Rohy's former marytyr, nor Vohstras himself could communicate, and reclaim some morsel of fortitude with which to fight him, in mind, word, or body. Rohy yanked the chain as he entered the fissure of the chasm, which would lead to his other prey, which included the three other cell-mates. All of them were gagged, but the ones who hadn't yet been bulldozed into oblivion may or may not've had their hands manacled towards the regionof their backsides, since being remotely sadistic in persona, the wicked eastern warrior might've saw fit to allow them to still communicate with hands, alleging they knew craft of sign, so that they could try and hold limited discourse with one another, while in the company of two despairing souls who'd naught to allow them to offer assurance or have it offered, being devoid of hope, in conjunction with the fact that they could only fathom at what horrors the 'untouched' folk were left to the imagination thereof, and feel all the more sorrow for being able to bring no solace to those who were yet to be spoiled......

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Rakassa.