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(2013-09-27 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne Walking through the streets of Fluorgis, Morrighan's gaze slowly swept from side to side as she observed the plethora of other people about. She wasn't looking for anyone in particular, especially if one considered the basket of cloth materials looped in one of her arms. Seems she just finished shopping rather.

Eventually enough, the dark elf found herself approaching the Shard Seeker's HQ; and the place in which she was currently staying at. Whether or not it was permanent or temporary remained to be determined. Regardless of that though, she opened the doors and stepped through, dusting herself off and letting out a small sigh. "....This city is far too hot."

Muttering to herself, Morrighan relieved herself of her boots and headed into the lobby where she plopped down into a chair. On a nearby table, a work in progress of some manner of dress or gown could be seen. She picked it up, along with a small box of sewing materials and prepared to get back to work, not expecting to have any company any time soon...
Blivon By coincidence, Blivon had been dispatched to The Shard Seeker's in order to transfer some documents to them, along with some physical articles that couldn't be relayed via a snail-mail or email, and thus, it became the shaman's task to play the courier for the day.

He walked through the doors into the lobby not a minute after Morrighan, and saw her seated, planning to perform the role of the seamstress, yet, being unobtrusive in nature, and having no desire to disturb the woman, he decided to continue his stride wordlessly towards his destination, which would take him right past her. At his lofty height of six feet and some, he was a bit of a noticeable sight, but radiated such calmness that he hardly seemed intimidating to most; all the same, the oddity of what was about to happen was about to cause a mild stir amongst the populace. Randomly, as the druid trekked down through the lobby, his eyelids became droopy, and he immediately paused mid-pace, slumping over a little bit. Still standing, his neck craned as his head hung down with eyes shut tight, accompanied by a very light snoring sound; who succumbs to slumber and still remains erect?

That is a question some are probably asking themselves, and a few may be wondering if they should try to awaken him or not, but for the present, he was not too far from Morrighan's position, thus, should she choose to address him, he might rouse..... otherwise, maybe fate will see fit to allow him to linger in the middle of the lobby for whatever duration until he comes to, or someone snaps him out of it.
Chita At least one resident face who had been staying here off and on in recent times was within the main lobby of the HQ. Off in a corner all to himself, the Vieran Judge Chita, as he was now being called, story explained to any who had asked if they had the time, looked to be asleep for all intents and purposes. He was sitting in a large cushy chair in the corner, slid down a tiny bit with his head resting on the back of the comfortable recliner and one knee crooked upwards, the other straight out.

It didn't seem to be a particularly restful sleep though as, in fact, he looked down and out exhausted. Tired. As if he hadn't gotten much sleep at all in the last lifetime. He was wearing a simple enough clothing set today, a mens tunic and a modified ankle-length 'dress' of sorts that had been cut and slit up the side of the legs to the knees or so to function as loose, covering clothing as well as allowing him the ability to still be somewhat mobile.
On his lap was a sword-shaped package that he was clinging to tightly, wrapped up in a thick jacket of sorts and entirely concealed from others being able to actually see what was inside. If anyone could sense darkness, though, they would probably have little trouble determining whatever was wrapped up wasn't exactly savory.
Morrighan Alazne Chita's presence was briefly noted by Morrighan, though more than the viera himself, the package he was clinging to drew her attention. If it weren't for the fact that her magical powers were still missing in their entirety, the dark elf would definitely have been able to sense the darkness seeping out.

But since that wasn't the case, all she could do was stare in mild confusion.

At least until Blivon arrived. "....?" The arrival of the shaman drew Morrighan's attention away from Chita, watching as the new arrival stepped into the lobby, and then past her. She opened her mouth, about to ask whether or not he was just going to pass her without a word, but then...


Wait a moment, why did he just /stop/ right there? Did he remember something suddenly? ...No. The light snoring sounds coming from Blivon seemed to indicate that....he fell asleep. "Seriously?" The elven woman muttered incredulously. Okay, so there were two overly tall individuals asleep in the lobby now. Oh how Faruja would flip if he saw this. Probably.

Deciding that this was more attention grabbing than her sewing, Morrighan took a deep breath, and then spoke loudly. Loud enough to rouse them from their slumber anyhow "Excuse me! Do you two fools intend to sleep in the lobby all day?"
Blivon Suddenly, as Morri raises the volume on her speech, Blivon's eyelids begin to twitch, and he slowly opens them back up, simultaneously raising his head and turning it in both directions to scan his environ; he needed to re-orient himself, obviously!

Mayhap this is not the first time this has transpired. Blinking at the drow for a second, he listened to her query, and shrugged his shoulders a little, wanting nothing more than to be courteous, by now offering to hold discourse with her for as long as she desired..... or until such an interval lapsed that he knew he'd have to pass on the package so as not to be terribly tardy, since he was in the process of trying to help out one of Morrighan's ilk, in some sense of the word. Giving her a patient expression, he retorted, "That is a good question. The inner parts of my mind sometimes conflict, and so part of my brain desired to operate on the beta frequency level of brain activity, but, evidently, another portion craved to embrace a more delta-based approach to functionality."

He nodded, thinking this reasonable, "At present, I can say that I would rather be awake than asleep, but I cannot promise this will always be true; beyond that, may I be of service to you?"
Chita The half-shout certainly roused the Viera, so much that they startled awake and brought a hand up as if defensively about to summon forth a weapon before they realized where they had fallen asleep. ... that they had fallen asleep. Still holding onto the source of his worries. "Sigh." Without immediately responding, the exhausted Viera shook his head a bit before looking around to see what had just woken him up. He'd heard a voice...

And still was, apparently.

That man from the day in the Targ woods where he had tried to deal with the 'life dragon' as it had called itself. And... "..."

Was that the girl that had been eaten by it? He never knew of her outcome, or for that matter, anything about her other than it had consumed her. He'd been knocked out before it had properly 'released' her again. "You are... alive... or are you a spirit?" he asked towards Morrighan. "The last I saw you was with that plant dragon in the woods... before it consumed you." Blivon was ignored for the moment if only because he was pretty sure this woman had perished and had even gone through the effort of making a small memorial for her out there after he came to.

The sword-shaped package of darkness was still wrapped up, but had since been casually slipped down beside him and 'out of view' of the others for the time being.
Morrighan Alazne Well that seemed to do the trick. They both were quite awake now. Seeing as how Blivon roused enough to respond first, her gaze fell upon him. "........" And the stream of words that escaped from his mouth caused her to stare tiredly at him, eyes half lidded. ".......I can't. Not today." She grumbled, making a hand waving motion as if to sweep aside everything she just heard.

"Nevermind that however. May I ask why you're here? I assume you didn't come to just suddenly fall asleep in the middle of the lobby, yes?" A pause and then she added. "If you're looking for any of the actual members, they seem to be out. All of them."

Chita was next and her eyes slid over to him, listening to his inquiry regarding her current form. "........Yes. I've alive." She replied in a vaguely sarcastic manner, tilting her head slightly in confusion. "When did I ever die? I mean, sure, I lost all my memories and my magical powers, but please don't write me off as dead because of that!" And that was said with a very pointed...point to the viera.

"More importantly...what is that object you seem to be shuffling out of our immediate visions? It looks entirely suspicious." How blunt.
Blivon The shaman was not in the least bit offended that Chita paid no heed to him, as he engaged the woman who'd recently been swallowed up by an oversized Ochu, which was just as well, because she seemed to desire the viera's attention, which was transparent, judging from how she actually addressed him. Blivon glanced between the two people who were talking, but didn't interrupt, and said nothing to Chita for the time being-- for all he knew, Chita didn't want to be bothered, ergo, who was the druidic one to deny him that liberty?

Having been something of an exceptional healer versed in the white arts for years, he most likely detected mild traces of the dark aura emanating from Chita's belongings, but merely gave it a quick glance of acknowledgement, whilst squinting his eyes, then refocused his sights on his original cohort, the beautiful dark elf known as Morrighan! When she admits that she's unable to do something, Blivon smiles, and nods accommodatingly, waiting to see if she has anything else to append, which comes soon enough. Lifting the box into the air a little bit as though gesturing to it, the holy-man chimes in, "You may ask."

Though, the fact that she doesn't actually ask 'why are you here?' doesn't cause him to head-tilt perplexedly as a robot might do, since the sapient being has enough sense to read between the lines..... some of them, at least. "I yearn to transfer this package into the possession of someone who deals with magical items, specifically, in a department that has to do with identification. I know little of this facility, but I was told it harbors some folks who are experts in analyzation of certain, mystical articles, even if it is not their primary vocation." When she mentions that the members are out, Blivon responded, "If this needs to go to an 'actual member', then I suppose my luck has waned, but if someone else can assist me, then I will consider my timing to be fortuitous....."

Maybe Morrighan can rescue the druid-in-distress!
Chita "Hm."

They talk quite a bit. More than he was processing at the moment given how little rest he'd been getting lately combined with his fretting over what is right or wrong, thanks to Faruja running his mouth. As he yawned and leaned back to look up at the ceiling, the question caused him to grumble before a smartass reply chimed in his head. And immediately followed right out his mouth.

"That will cost you a kiss. Such information is quite guarded." Of course he surely teasing, but he didn't immediately offer any such explanation or attempt to hide his activities. He simply lifted it up, the wrapped package, until it was visible - then tossed it aside, letting it vanish into his inventory of belongings. Judge perks, even if others did have a similar method of keeping weapons.
5r "I could not help you." he offers towards Blivon simply enough, not knowing a thing about such and remarking, "I am in fact not sure who could. And... girl, pardon the phrase as I do not know your name, that is some very pretty cloth you purchased. I hope you enjoy whatever is made from it." Brings back memories of when he got to dress comfortably and 'hide' from others view and feel safe. Unlike now where he was kind of forced to admit who he was with the gender issue.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan just stared at Blivon some more, unable or unwilling to make heads or tails of what he was saying. Being Kara for a while must have changed hr a little fundamentally. But regardless, she decided to take the hint and stood. "I suppose I can take that package from you, Blivon, was it?" She asked, inquiring as to his identity. Or more like confirming it.

While she spoke, she began to resume her paused work on the dress from before, thread and needle working through the cloth. A few loops and then her eyes returned to Chita. "A kiss? I think I'll have to pass on that. I still owe a certain blue caped buffoon a thrashing for taking advantage of me while I was...mentally incapacitated." That came out in a low grumble.

She eyed the way the viera simply made the package vanish and just rolled her eyes. She wasn't THAT curious. And her lost magical senses prevented her from noticing anything afoot. Upon being called 'girl', Morrighan stared at Chita again and corrected him. "My name is Morrighan. Morrighan Lachesis Alazne. And I am over four hundred years old. Therefore, I would like to assume that 'girl' would be a rather ill fitting moniker to assign to me." She said that, but an amused smile played across her face. Looks like she wasn't exactly angry at all. "Just Morrighan will do. I know my name can be a bit of a mouthful"

Her eyes slide down to the dress in her lap and she chuckled. "You have a good eye. Yes, I happen to be working on a dress. One that I would much prefer to what I have on right now."
Blivon When Chita banished the object of his into thin-air, Blivon observes thoughtfully, but doesn't say much about it, whilst still being inwardly more comfortable at the absence of the darkness-related remnant. Finally, the viera states that he couldn't help the shaman, which receives a quizzical gaze, "Hmm... What assistance were you unable to afford that I was due, when it was due?" Seemingly, he couldn't extrapolate in this case, and wished for more information, since the viera was indeed showing genuine concern, even if his words were administered without too much obvious, emotional ceremony. Had Chita said 'I /can/ not help you', it's very likely that the tall priest would've caught on.... alas that the drow and the lagopmorph should have to deal with this borderline-literalist....

Still trying to be cordial, Blivon would stare at Chita a moment thereafter, giving the viera sufficient time to riposte, before Morri would inevitably(?) proceed to consort with the shaman, who was in need of somebody's services! Soon enough, he gets what he wants, in the form of a dark elf who thankfully decides to pass on the shaman's morsel to somebody more qualified to examine it-- this earns the woman a bow and a smile, which preceeds his decision to fork it over when she stood to accept it. "I am grateful, miss." After this, her little exchange with the viera finally enlightens Blivon as to her name, which he'd never been given before, and how she wanted to be addressed, since the shaman was in the habit of attaching honorifics readily as necessary, but not when the contrary was true. "You are correct. Blivon is one of the more common designations by which I typically go, and, by coincidence, is also the name I was ascribed at the time of my birth."

It was probably more information than the drow cared for, but he's trying to be informative, and knowing what someone wants or doesn't want is a judgement call that calls for an individual whose calling is that of a more conventionally socialized specimen! "I hope nobody takes issue with your desire to assume, Morrighan!" He cheerfully throws at her, when she claims that she wants to be allowed to assume that 'girl' is an improper moniker. After this, he becomes silent, waiting to see if she wishes to dismiss him, or for him to remain. Manners count for something, with Blivon, and he's not one to abandon someone if they need him.... certainly not someone who just did him a favor.
Chita "I see. A pity."

But honestly he was rather glad she hadn't taken him up on the offer. He only flirted in such situations mostly out of discomfort, to try and get his way out of them on peoples better sides, or when he was feeling perfectly great. Nowhere inbetween. And as he wasn't feeling perfectly great - it was her questioning into what she shouldn't have even seen that made him uncomfortable.

Slowly Chita pushes himself to a stand and looks towards Blivon a moment as if trying to parse what he said. "I, ah... can't tell you what's in the box." he supposes, and with that he turned to walk slowly towards the womens rooms, out of habit. Then he stopped and turned with a grumble to walk towards the mens rooms instead, hoping at least at the moment he might be able to get a nap. He's way too out of it to deal with people properly.
Morrighan Alazne "Hmn. I see." Chita's unwillingness to answer was left at that and she let the Viera wander off to to the femal-- wait, what? Oh there he goes. That's the right direction! Putting that aside, Morrighan set her sights back on Blivon "As for you..." The almost mechanical answer given to the confirmation of his identity was set aside, simply attributing it to the way the man was at this point as she focused on the more important bits of what he was saying.

"I should hope not. And if they do, then I will deal with them." She paused then to look around, making a point of it. "...And I see no one around to do so, so I believe that we are in the clear." A chuckle followed that and then she dialed the subject back to the point previous. "Now then, this package you need to pass on. I will take it off your hands and offer it to the proper party when they arrive." Magical item examinations likely fell under Ivo's jurisdiction. From what she remembered at least. But Lily might have a hand in that as well. She'd have to make sure later.
Blivon Blivon nodded to Chita, when the viera confessed that he couldn't tell the shaman what was in the box. The disputably-peculiar priest had never inquired to begin with, and wouldn't have felt that knowing would've been of aid, but since his former comrade from the Life Dragon battle deemed it his time to withdraw from the conference, he merely nodded to denote his understanding of what was said.... whether or not it was applicable to Blivon's question. Watching the fellow head towards the women's rooms, Blivon curiously raised a brow ever so faintly, wondering if Chita was having problems with his concentration-- first the invalid response, and then.... meandering towards the alcoves designated for females?

The shaman wanted to volunteer care, however, didn't want to trespass into the viera's affairs. Maybe it was just a scant element of discombobulation that would rectify itself with some respite, and Blivon could go to sleep that night knowing he didn't allow someone to perish, prematurely; that's what he'd hoped, anyway. Morrighan's plan to manage psychological interlopers was given Blivon's approval, since he had no idea how far she'd go in her choice of media in dealing with assailants wanting to prevent her from being able to surmise.... which was her right, anyway. When she paused and looked around, the diviner mirrored this antic, wondering if she was searching for something important, "Well.... assumptions and beliefs are fairly similar, I'd say.... and since we have nobody interjecting upon your confirmation of being able to postulate, that can only lead me to also do some assuming-- you are correct!"

He grins, not meaning to be comical in any way, but to merely convey agreement, as though she actually needed any reassurance that the opposite contingent to their speculation was the reality. Anything was possible, although.... Blivon still believed in statistical probability, and right now it was favoring Morrighan's perceptions. "I am grateful for your aid, Morrighan. Do you feel there is a method by which I might repay you for this deed, that might be within my power? Small or large, I do attempt to make it a point to indulge calculated reciprocity, as has been handed down to me by my simian ancestors....."
Morrighan Alazne Blivon's unintended humorous display drew a chuckle out of Morrighan and she brought a hand to her mouth to try and suppress it, not wanting to seem rude. But alas, it happened regardless. "You are an interesting character...I wonder why Faruja disdains you so." That was a rhetorical question, but she figured the shaman would answer anyhow. As it seemed to be in his nature.

"In any case, you needn't worry yourself about repayment." That was said with an accompanying wave of the hand. "I have no need for any services or favors currently. and I would like to keep it as such." She managed a smile then and added on. "Besides, such a small deed requires no repayment. Just take it in kind and be appreciative, yes?"
Blivon Blivon rubs the back of his head sheepishly as Morrighan snickers, causing him to wonder what exactly was comedic about his words, but since everyone had different tastes in humor, laughter was bound to happen in a world of people who lived by a different code of conduct-- some more or less orthodox than others. As soon as she begins to theorize on why Faruja has a distaste for the holy-man, he folds his arms over his chest and looks upward, trying to make a delve into the reasoning of the rodent-demi, at which point he remarks, "Mister Senra is under the impression that I have fraternized with demonic forces, and in a sense, he is correct."

Blivon nods, and looks back down at Morrighan, holding out his hand, punctuating his 'proposal' when venturing down the rat's potential arguments, "The institution he works for is opposed to devilish influences, and I can only garner the sentiment that when the church framed me, they did a thorough job convincing him that I was voluntarily party to the developments that led to my association with diabolic entities." He shrugs, seeming unconcerned that he's been marked for death, or that Faruja has invested in a total lie, one that Blivon has made no effort to refute, or upon which to elaborate his side of the story; again, the druid is not one to impose on others, and until Faruja wants to hear Blivon's side, the shaman has no desire to explain, even if he's being physically accosted simultaneous to physical accostings designed to imprison, or eradicate him.

As the dark elf explains that Blivon doesn't need to stress over compensation, he nods with a congenial response, "I will do just that, Morrighan. But know you that if you do entreat me for help at a future juncture, that unless my current mindset shifts dramatically, you will have a substantial chance of being obliged..... thus, it probably won't be a futile labor if you beseech me for it. For now, I'll be content to be thankful, all the same." He does a little curtsy-- this time, he's trying to be a little on the silly side in his demeanor.
Morrighan Alazne Regarding Faruja; the answer was about what she expected. The rat was rather zealous about his church and all... One that she technically was still a part of. Should probably sort that out actually. She had no idea what the up and up was regarding the church now. But that was off the subject. A shake of the head brought the dark elf back on target and she stared back up at Blivon as he spoke further.

"I see. That is....quite unfortunate. And also par for the course by my understanding of /that one/." She moved on though, having no desire to elaborate on the church's deeds and beliefs. They were not in collusion with her own and generally, she found the whole organization rather distateful, save for a few individuals. "I will keep that in mind then. But don't wait around expecting any requests now." She arched a brow slightly at the curtsy, thinking it was rather ridiculous. "That aside, I will make sure your delivery gets to where it is intended to go. I do happen to be here for the forseeable future for the moment." A smile followed that statement.

"Is there anything else you needed to do here now?"
Blivon The shaman rubbed his chin when she asserted that it was unfortunate that Faruja was on Blivon's tail, and he answered with something that might not have been expected, but which was not so outlandish that it was beyond the scope of imagination for Morrighan to anticipate such a reply, "Hmm... Perhaps it is. I do not know. It would be nice if he knew the truth, for his own sake.... but then, seeing the truth and recognizing the truth are two different things entirely, so, it might be of scant worth for Faruja to be exposed to the reality."

He shrugged, and commented, "Whatever the case, what will be, will be, and for now, he will think as he will, and I will know as I know" He smirked in an upbeat way, leaning towards the drow just a pinch as he rendered his next proposal, "Have you considered visiting Rosemarie's shop, so that she and I may assist you in finding the pieces of yourself that are lost, as per my agreement to fashion a homing device which should ideally direct you towards whatever fragments of your being are absent? I would not go back on my word, if that still piques your fancy, yet, I do not aspire to push anything on you that you do not want, either....."

The druid then shook his head, "Aside from the business I've conducted here, moments prior, I wager my chore is done, and I am bound to return to Rosemarie's, to see what else she'll have me do. Do you need me further?"
Morrighan Alazne "Is that so? Hmn, well I suppose if you're fine with it, then that's that." She shrugged then and let the subject pass, moving on to the matter of Rosemarie. "Ah, yes, I never got around to going there, did I?" Morrighan mused lightly, tapping a finger against her cheek. "With my memories back, it should be a fair bit easier to deal with. Or rather, I should be easier to deal with." She shuddered then, remember how airheaded she had been as 'Kara'.

"Well, I can't set out right away. I have things I need to take care of here in Fluorgis. But once I finish, I can make my way to Traverse Town to pay Rosemarie a visit. It has been a criminally long time since we last met after all." That statement was topped off with a nod.

"As for you..." The dark elf paused for a moment to consider her answer. ...No, there was nothing else that required his attention. "No, I believe we're finished here." She decided, nodding again. "I won't keep you any further then. Do be careful out there now. The world can be quite random, and harsh. But I suspect you knew that already.
Blivon Blivon nodded to most of her assessments, and smiled as Morrighan muses on the notion of heading to Rosemarie's, in order to reacquaint, if not also to try and secure the item in question that would be designed to act as a compass for the remaining fraction of her soul, that'd been split up. The cleric can't exactly put it back in her, to his knowledge, but at least if she found it, then the woman would still be ahead of the game, and on the road to recovery.

"I appreciate your concern", he pipes up, after she advises him to be careful-- this doesn't really disclose whether he intends to be careful or not, but rather, centers exclusively on the fact that he's grateful that the welfare of somebody in the world is in her thoughts, which meant she wasn't wholly selfish, unlike some persons the World of Ruin featured. "I shall go and do as compelled, and I hope your impulses lead you to prosperity, Morrighan...." Prompted by that, he pivots, and starts back the way he came, presumably without any more somnolent detours along the way, like he'd exhibited a little while ago, in the presence of the quasi-friendly drow.
Chita It had been maybe half an hour at the least, and most really, since the Viera had just sort of wandered off up into the males side. All had been quiet, really. Even as he came back down, looking absolutely miserable. He simply can't get rest. There were thoughts and problems haunting his mind after dealing with Faruja, regarding this blade, and none of it would go away. Maybe talking would fix things... or someone knew a sleeping spell. Or something.

Which is why he came back down to look around and see was still here. "Who all is here right now?" He asked to no one in particular, long hair just a little fuzzy in some places, bags under his eyes as if he had tried to get sleep again and couldn't.
Morrighan Alazne In that time, Blivon had departed and Morrighan had settling back into her sewing routine. Her dress was shaping up now. It was black and gold lining and multiple layers over the other. Quite extravagant. She just needed to put in a bit more work... Humming a casual tune as she worked, her ears twitched at the sound of footsteps coming down, but didn't bother to look, knowing that there was only one other person here as far as she knew.

"That Blivon fellow left if that's what you mean." She supplied plainly, finishing sewing up another section before fixing the viera with a glance. "...You look terrible." How blunt. "What exactly seems to be keeping you up? You seem as if you haven't gotten a decent measure of sleep in a while."

Not that she was keen on playing psychiatrist, but...there wasn't anyone else around, and she wasn't going to having him skulk around aimlessly. "...Sit down. Care to tell me?" She asked then, gesturing to the many chairs about the lobby area.
Chita Hm. Oh well. If he recalled right perhaps that fellow could have used a sleep spell on him. He did seem to be a white mage after all, last he saw him interact. Vaguely as it was. When she asks, he starts to think of something to say before grumbling and admitting, "That package you saw me with, the jacket-wrapped shape... is a weapon, or could be a weapon one day, that could save all of our worlds. And yet... it will cost many, many lives before it is finished, and not by my hands." Chita walks over towards a nearby chair and sits down, slumping forward and resting his face on his palms, "I am not of the morals to deal with this, but there are few others I trust who could... deal with it, I think, and not do something drastic."

Seems he's just having some kind of moral problem and can't stop thinking about it. "Do you... by chance know a sleep spell?"
Morrighan Alazne Oh. A moral conundrum. How quaint. At least that was her line of thinking mentally. "...So if this weapon is such a problem, why have you not erased the one responsible? Surely that many lives is not worth the creation of a single possible glint of hope." Not that she had much room to talk, summoning Lich and all, but he didn't know that.

"...I suppose this is what you mean by lacking the morals. But it would be so easy." Not that she'd ever do such a thing herself. So in a sense, she was a hypocrite. "....." A sigh escaped then and Morrighan nodded slowly. "I do know a sleep spell. But the question is whether or not I can cast it. My magic power is still missing by a vast majority after all..."

Flexing a hand and looking at it contemplatively, the dark elf thought for a bit. "...I suppose I could try at the very least. Since you seem so desperate."
Chita "It is well and fine." Chita said towards her, "I... I need to stop relying on others, depending on others... to take care of my problems. Besides, if you are missing your magic...yaaawn... perhaps you should keep what little you have for yourself." He looks up from his hands a moment to look towards her, giving a bit of a smile, "You know, to keep yourself safe and all in case some untoward Heartless comes looking for a meal."

And then back to his hands again his face goes. "As to why I have not... yes, as you said. I am not strong enough to. My heart is too weak, and my desire to do the right thing, by the law... by the light... is too much." An amused, almost dark laugh comes from Chita as he admits, "Hero complex. Bad case." and falls quiet for a moment, maybe even asleep... if not for the fact they both knew that likely wasn't happening. "It has always amazed me how those who mean the best are damned the worst by their own actions."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh, you don't need to worry about me and my magic." Morrighan spoke casually, reaching behind herself and into her jacket, pulling a gun out of a holster. She pointed it at him for a second before turning it away to display it's form. "As you can see, I already posess a weapon to defend myself with, so magic is...a non-issue."

She rolled her eyes at Chita's dark commentary, having heard it before in all honesty. "...You know, I happen to know someone who goes through the same problems you do. He wants to be a hero. He wants to do the right thing. And yet he is haunted by the dark powers he possesses. He thinks that the only way for him to make things right is to go on a suicide mission all alone to bring justice to those who have done wrong." Grumbling, Morrighan shook her head as she recounted this brief tale.

"Don't be that person. Find your resolve. And find it sooner rather than later." Tucking her gun away, the dark elf then pointed a finger at the viera, closing her eyes in focus. ".........." Furrowing her brows, she continued to focus and eventually, a weak wisp of white light was produced from her finger, meandering through the air towards Chita. ...Was that the supposed sleep spell?
Chita When Morrighan pulled out the gun, Chita instinctively drew back and started to raise a hand as if to draw out a weapon, then she did the smart thing and turned it sideways. Sigh. "Be careful with that... pointing a weapon at a sleep-deprived Judge will more oft than not get you hurt." Though what she said next did cause him to pause and think about it. Find his resolve? Don't be the person who is haunted and tries to hurt himself to make things right? Funny that... it sounds just like him. Especially now that he knows there will be no rest for his soul thanks to Hades. Yet...

She started trying to cast the magic. And something happened, slowly coming towards him, "Just what... is that?" he asked, looking towards it without seeming /too/ worried.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan stared at the patheticly weak wisp of magic that was emitted from her fingertip. One could hardly call this a spell at all. Even a beginner could do better! ".....This is...supposed to be a sleep spell." She answered after a moment of incredulously staring at her own failure.

The wisp of light traveled slowly over to the viera, eventually making contact with his chest. What should have been an immediate wave of fatigue and the urge to sleep was probably now just a slight bit of a tired feeling. Maybe a yawn too. But that depended on just how pathetic Chita's magic resistance really was...

"This is quite pathetic..." The dark elf grumbled, disappointed in herself despite knowing the situation behind it.
Chita As he listened, he just watched the little wisp. It was strange. He'd been effected with sleep magic before and, really, it never looked like that. Even as it came towards him, he didn't move. Until it finally connected with him. He was about to respond as she said something about it being pathetic before the exhausted Viera rather simply slumped forward and wound up passing out just like that.

Either the only thing keeping him awake was his own bad thoughts... or he was that weak to magic. Maybe both.

If she didn't catch him somehow, he'd just wind up slumping to the floor and staying in whatever position he was left in, which wasn't exactly what he had intended to happen but hey.
Morrighan Alazne "....Hah? Wait, that worked?" Morrighan mumbled incredulously as Chita began to fall forward. Oh, wait a second. That wasn't good! "Oh great-" Rushing forward, she grabbed the viera before he fell...and in the end, wound up taking the full brunt of his weight as she fell back anyhow. "Whaa-! Hey! Ow!"

Complaining on floor beneath him, Morrighan expended quite a bit of energy and effort to move the man off of her enough to slip out. "Seriously..." If she had her magic, she could just move him without having to physically exert herself at all, but now...

Letting out a sigh of resignation, the dark elf knelt down, and with grunt of exertion, lifted the Viera enough to pull him over to a chair. "Bah, where are those muscleheaded fools when one needs then?" She grumbled to herself, depositing Chita into a nearby chair after some further pulling and placement. "Hmph, well whatever. It's not my problem now."

And with that, she returned to her own spot, getting back to work.

This scene contained 30 poses. The players who were present were: Morrighan Alazne, Chita, Blivon