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(2013-09-26 - Now)
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Helena Celba Welcome...

To Costa Del Sol, the most wonderful beach destination in all of the World of Ruin. Here, even while heartless are a pain, many people come to rest, relax, and enjoy the sun and waves.

Today, Helena is getting some sun...which is odd because she is never going to Tan, the mineral in her body has petually made her a albino, but she does not burn (easily) and enjoys to relaxing in the sun. She has a pair of glasses on her face, but she has let her hair down. It is long, very VERY long, enough to reach down passed her rear if not tied in braids.

Her bathing suit, clashing against her skin, and very tiny...the clashing drawing attention to her assets. Her chest is often the most talked about of all of the Academy kids, she has a nice shapely figure, and while her hips are nice...they are no Thirza or Annia.

Right now, she seems to be lounging, allowing various people serve her drinks.

"Ah, so nice to take a vacation..."
Alma Hyral What's the first thing you think of when you think of Alma Hyral? Gratuitous bathing suit scenes at her expense of course!

Alma Hyral says, "You're a terrible person Adam, and should feel bad."

/Ahem/ fourth wall breaking and application of spackle aside, Alma is here on the beach, in a slightly modest crimson tankini, with her hair down and her glasses still present on her face.

Her skin is pale, inordinantly so, but nowhere close to Helena's albino nature. If you look closely enough, it has a glossy sheen of it, which is the SPF: 20,000(This number was totally tested. Promise.) Sun Block lotion that she invented.

She'd been travelling as of late, having not been in Archades for some time except for a disastrous Kyra montage cooking training sequence, and had come to Costa Del Sol to visit a friend, who wasn't present, so she decided to have a little bit of fun, on the beach, at the same time as Helena. What could /possibly/ go wrong with this?

Right now she appears to just be walking, looking out vaguely to the horizon with an abstracted look, just letting the surf lap at her toes. But then she spots Helena, lounging, with drinks being served to her. She offers a lopsided smile at that, chuckling, and looking upward briefly.

Was now the time to bring that up? She actually takes out a gil piece from the purse she's carrying, and flips it.. totally fumbling the catch. It lands in the surf, and with a chagrined look she looks down, trying to look at the result.
Myla Mason Where this is water, you'll find the children of the first flood. Such as Myla, who had found Helena's Mog Net status about where she was going. Given she'd been on okay terms she might drop in. The sound of the bells in her hair might be the first give away she's coming and the difference between her and Helena are noticeable. She's not flat, but Helena's got that on her what Myla does have? She's very sleek, also given the two piece swimsuit she's wearing? Her tattoos are visible on her upper arm the dark blue ink of her serpent coils are. She's got a small pouch attached to her arm, likely carrying the few odds ends she'd need on the beach. Her goggles are totally still there.

She'd end up moving in by Helena sitting down with a grin on her face.

"Hey Helena, good choice in vacation spot."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza has, somehow, been convinced to accompany Helena to the beach. What this has resulted in is more Thirza spending more time in the dressing room than any reasonable person should. She has to come out sometime, however, and so slowy peeks out of the door to the dressing room, then starts making her way over (quietly) toward Helena's spot on the beach.

Thirza is clad in a odd green one piece that hangs a little loosely around her chest. It's impossible to tell, at present, how well it fits around the rest of her because Thirza has meticulously tied a beach towel around her waist so that it covers up almost her entire lower body. The towel has Moogles on it.

The bathing suit, meanwhile, is Cactuar print. She adjusts her glasses slightly and tries to keep her head down until she can get situated.

"Helena, I didn't know you were bringing other people?" Thirza says quietly.
Vespa "What you mean this isn't approitae attire Al?", Vespa says as she walks onto the beach into her maid outfit. "This is a fine outfit.", she say looking at her oversize axe muttering a b Vepsa stand out more so than normal at the beach mostly everyone is in skipy outfit and Vepsa outfit over her entire body! She heard there was a beach party here and was curious to see what it was all about she never been to beach party before she has worn bathing suits before but that was a long time ago..
Helena Celba Helena takes a drink from a young admirer.

She slides her glasses down just slightly and smiles at him, making just enough eye contact for him to blush. "Thank you." She says, huskily, and takes the drink and sits back. She looks towards Myla first, and waves, "Hi! And I know right? So many cute...things to see." She says, with a impish grin. She also spots Alma...but for the moment she seems to be positively responding to the young woman. Time mends all wounds, and in the end she ended up doing her work for her...

"Alma. Didn't know you were back from your journey? Come here, sit down, enjoy the sun with me. I'm curious to where you've been neglecting your sister at!" She says, still impishly, there was no hostility in the tone.

She finally spots Thirza, and whistles...but now it was a game to get that towel off. "Thirza...about time! Come on, we can't be inside on such a nice day. Let me get you a drink." And she looks towards another young suiter... "Could you..?" And he runs off. She could get used to this!

And the young woman in the maid outfit with the axe gets her attention. "Oh my. That outfit won't do at all...what you need.." and she immediately activates her MOGglasses, which accesses her spellbook.

"HONEY FLASH!" and she fires a beam towards the young maid. This may or maynot result in a not-rating breaking transformation scene, with a new MAID LIKE two piece bikini replacing her current attire.
Alma Hyral Alma takes a look at the result, peering at it, then shakes her head while laughing light-heartedly.

But then perhaps expectedly, perhaps unexpectedly, Helena makes the first move. Alma actually looks and sounds surprisingly cheerful, as she approaches. "Oh I'm still travelling, been sort of all over lately. I think I just want to see a little bit of /everything/ now. Explore everything, you know." She adjusts her glasses, moving to take a seat in the beach chair beside her. "Looking good by the way, but I don't think you need me to tell you that. You look like you've got a league of admirers doing just that. How've you been?" As for the final statement, she gives Helena a lopsided smile. "Eh, well, I came home to try and give her some cooking lessons right before the competition, but we all know how that went. And boy, was it wince-worthy. Souji recovered just fine I hope?" She mouthes the words, /Marlboro Icecream/ and chuckles.

After settling down, she grins at Thirza. "Oh hey Thirza. It's been a while!" She was glad to see that there were no wardrobe malfunctions this time requiring Minette-intervention. Which is sort of like divine intervention, except comedically wrong. "Glad to see you're getting some time off."

Myla gets a similar greeting. "Hey Myla, taking time off from the airship project?"

And then, VESPA HONEY FLASH. Alma blinks, blinks again, then lowers her glasses, looking over the rims. "Well, that's interesting. Didn't know you could do that to other people." Light laughter, "Maybe Nik really does have something to fear when it comes to the bikini curse."

Surprisingly, Alma orders a drink, though nothing more than wine, because hey, it's harder to get drunk on wine, right? Right. Poor Naive fool.
Vespa "What the <GOOSEHONK>!?! ...One anime style with implied nuidy later. Vesps now is wearing a two peice bikini. She looks a a bit annoyed by the sudden change in her outfit. "No wolf whistles Al!", she says glaring at her axe. She sighs giving into her outfit and heading to where everyone else is..
Thirza Ingersleben "Hi Alma," Thirza says quietly. "Well, I don't really deserve any time off, there's just so much to do still. Helena isn't I come along though, and she's technically over me--"

And then Vespa gets a wardrobe change. Thirza sinks in her seat on the beach. One almost wonders if she's going to try and bury under the sand in case Helena gets any ideas. But where would the fun be in that?

"Oh, hi," she says, glancing over. "It's Myla, right?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason can't argue with Helena's comment on the cute thing to see, there were many nice views here on the beach both nature and other. She seemed to be in a good mood though form the looks of her. She looks over to Thriza and grins over at her.

"Come on relax enjoy yourself what do you got to worry about? You'll look great."

Myla parks herself and seem to make herself comfortable as suddenly watches the transformation of the maid into a beach mad outfit. That gets one blue eyebrow raised by Myla then she laughs a little bit.

"Well I can't argue with that. Oh hey Alma good to see you here. How have you been I not heard much from you and yes. Yes I am, I been up to my rear in machines and gunk working n it."

She nods to Thirza

"That's right! Also hello Vespa, the new outfit looks good."
Vespa Vespa waves to Myla looking a bit embrassed, very diffrent from her usual calm demenor "H-hi Thanks..", she smiles and waves to everyone else putting her axe down. she sits down and orders a beer as well.
Helena Celba Helena immedaitely wolf whistles at Vespa.

She hides not her fondness for both figures...not even a little bit.

Helena engages Alma, and she nods once. "Ah was daring, I must say. The ice cream...I have to wonder where she got /that/ from...but it also managed to not kill them...though the person really I think was hurt from that..." she pauses, "Nah. I'll refrain from spoiling that. However, Mr. Murasame is most fine...I would say something along the lines of...what doesn't kill him only makes him stronger...and angier." She grins. "Ah...traveling. I did that. It ended in my recovery of something very important." She winks.

It's notable, that right on her chest, right over where her heart would lie is a scar. As if something pierced her there.

She looks to Myla, "Really, you work /too/ hard...if your nose is in those machines too much, you'll never get to enjoy the gazes of the other sex on you!" She winks towards the over worker, "Really.."

Thirza gets special attention, her eyes almost hawk like when she considers the very...hippy woman. And we don't mean that as a nature lover...oh no. "Really have to stop being so..." she waves a hand, " shouldn't hide what you it off, trust me."
Alma Hyral Alma shrugs her shoulders, as one of the servers/suitors brings her back a glass of wine, she takes the time to look at it, swirling it around idly. "Maybe Haneisuru, he's pretty much the expert on Marlboros. I guess that comes about when you spend a few months inside one." She chuckles, "Yeah, that certainly sounds like Souji. And I think Kamon will be alright.. maybe. It's not every day that you actually ingest that deadly a poison."

Alma grins sheepishly at Helena's last line, "Yeah, that's pretty perceptive. I'm hoping it works out the same way for me... the recovering something important thing." /Irony/.

She takes a sip of the wine, downing it, and ignoring the unfamiliar feeling in her throat. Because yeah, she really still has no more experience with alcoholic beverages than she did the first day. "Anyhow, I have a proposal for you later, a research project I think you might be interested in..." A hint of a smile. "'s just a little more private than what's meant for a beach party."

Alma has a scar that's visible on her right shoulder, now that she's in the tankini, it looks like she made some token effort to cover it up, but there's a large scar which is entirely matte black.

Alma arches an eyebrow at Helena's comment, "Oh I don't know, Helena. Myla is pretty cute, I'm rather certain she has more than a few eyes on her." She glances towards Myla, "But you really should get out more, yeah. Did you happen to bring Swimmer along today? Don't think I've ever met him."

Another look towards Thirza, "What are you talking about Thirza? You're a hard worker. I'm sure you deserve a little time to yourself every now and then. Don't suppose you've met Haneisuru yet in person? The two of you might have a lot in common." A little bit of an impish smile at that.

Then she looks over towards Vespa, "Huh, think we met once... while fighting that Ochu. Don't think we ever got introduced though. The name's Alma, nice to meet you."
Vespa Vepsa sighs at the wolf whislte. "Not you to!", she looks back to her Axe. "Please don't encourage Al..", she takes a long drink from her beer. "Ahh that nice on a day like today.."

She looks over at Alma. "oh yes! I remeber now fights are not a good place for introductions. Nice to meet you then Alma, again."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza tugs at her towel when Helena gives her an look of appraisal. "No-no, I think I'm good," she says, tugging on her towel. "No one wants to see that, really, do they?" Thirza blushes, her pale, Shivan skin showing the red quite clearly. She has excess sunscreen on her nose and cheeks from where she didn't rub it in very well.
Myla Mason Myla Mason likes the idea of ice cream is something she would like to have. She leans back fully sttled in now enjoying the sun, while she talk as she looks over at Helena for a moment she pauses as if hit, or prehaps the relaziation, yes she is having less time for that.

"...You have a point no that I think about it, Helena. Thriza, you shouldn't be shy. Your only this age once, you should have fun humm?"

She looks back to Alama for a moment and just gets a goofy grin at Alma's comments.

"He's around here somewhere, I think he was chasing after a crab a while back, I left him to it."

Meanwhile Swimmer states the crab down but something ... feels amiss the robo dog is afraid.
Helena Celba Helena sits back, smiling a bit at Alma...

"Sure, why not...we can discuss it in private when I am off vacation." Of course actually working with her may not be what she does...but eh, we'll see what comes of it. Helena's capraciousness is legendary. She only smiles at Vespa, "But that's why we're here, to encourage them! Have some fun, relax. Why, afraid you might enjoy yourself...or is the fairer sex more your persuasian?" She says, with a small purr in her voice.

She smiles impishly towards Thirza, "Of COURSE they do. It is very very nice." She keeps the impish tone up...though honestly, for this must skin here, there is a massive shortage of PC men.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza likes the thought of ice cream, but that requires walking by Helena potentially, and she's still not entirely sure she wouldn't lose her towel in the process.

"Everyone keeps saying that, you know," Thirza says, "and it's so weird, like. No one ever said back at the Academy. Really no one noticed me in general, but..."

Thirza tugs at her hair a bit. "I guess," she says to Myla. "But does that really mean I should show off more? I mean, I can understand trying to have fun..."
Alma Hyral Alma just sits back, relaxes. Tries not to let the wine go to her head. Though she already feels a little fuzzy, after just a few sips. Girl really can't handle her drink very well. She resolves to slow down, even more.

She replies casually, "Sure, wouldn't want to interrupt your vacation anyhow." Her smile though seems akin to a catface, just a little too wide. A sidelong glance is given to Thirza, as she drawls out the first word, "Wellll I don't know. I think there'd be quite a few who would be very interested." She doesn't press any further than that though because, hey, she knows what it's like to be embarrassed.

She gives Myla an amused look, "Chasing a crab? Huh, isn't that a little overkill, given the weaponry you put on him?" She actually makes something like a /pew pew/ noise, grinning.

Another look at Vespa and... she gives her a puzzled look, "Huh, who's Al by the way? And sure, nice to meet you. You do swing a mean axe though, not sure how you can even lift it!"
Helena Celba Helena looks towards Alma...

Oh my.

She grins...she is just going to let nature take it's course here, though she's actually uninterested in Alma, go figure?

Towards Thirza she catfaces, she will totally grab that towel if you get within arm's length.

"Hmm...I have a feeling something is about to happen.." She considers for a brief moment, She makes sure Alma, however, has constant drink...infact she makes sure EVERYONE has a drink. "Come on Myla, don't be embarrased." She winks at her over her sunglasses.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza runs her hand along her arm. "I guess," she admits. "Nik really seems interested, but I don't think he's really my type." Thirza turns down a drink, probably with good reason. She's already clumsy enough without an outside aid.

She blinks at the catfacing, then turns toward Myla. "What, Swimmer, anyway?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is cearly relaxed now and she tilts her head for a moment at helena's comment and politely doesn't add to it. Hey it's someone's choice right? She's not going to go fatther than that, meanwhile she looks at Thriza and stares

"Really no one ever did? Well if you got it you might as well while you got it. Yes, no the crabs tend to win actually."

She grins a little bit. and then stretches out a little bit laying down now enjoying the sun.

"Oh I'm not embrassed what makes you think that? Swimmer is my robot dog I built."
Alma Hyral Alma doesn't know what Helena is thinking right now, that's probably a good thing for the sake of keeping things less than awkward. Then again, when are things around her /not/ awkward?

She nods Thirza's way casually, lounging, as she takes yet another sip of the wine, "Well Nik.. isn't the type for relationships. So I wouldn't think so. But what exactly is your type? I'm sure there's someone out there."

Alma gives Myla an amused look, "Wow, that really is pretty doglike, I mean you give him literal /rockets/ and he's still afraid of crabs." She grins at her, before looking back Helena's way, "Nah, I don't think Myla's embarrassed about this sort of chat. I mean, look at how she grew up."

Another sip of wine, idly swirling it. "Anyhow I'm thinking of coming home soon. Only so much training and exploration I can do abroad. Maybe I'll try and find a gummispace program to work on. So many possibilities."
Helena Celba "So were you once." Helena points out.

She however, continues to make sure drinks are passed around. Oh the glorious things she could make happen...

"Nik is only interested in women and what happens between them in men." She puts forward. "In the end, he is a man only after one thing...alas, too bad he has particular issue with me."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza nods. "Yeah, I've heard that several times too. That's part of why I'm kind of reluctant to do anything with offense to Nik or anything." Thirza shuffles around to try and get more comfortable, tugging at her towel a bit. She gets up and reaches over for drink--not an alcoholic one, but a soda--and puts herself dangerously close to Helena in doing so.

"Really?" she asks Myla. "I want to meet him sometime. --I'm glad he's not shooting rockets at the crabs, at least."
Alma Hyral Alma offers another lopsided smile at Helena while speaking with a rueful tone, "Sure, I'll cop to that. Things change though. People change. And when you've gone through some of the things I have, I'm able to look back and realize that I really was pretty ridiculous." Another sip of wine. "Experience is the best teacher I suppose."

She takes another sip of wine, giving Thirza a sympathetic look, "Well yeah, Nik knows what he wants at least. Spells it out, so at least he's not one of the guys who tries to trick you into thinking they're something they're not. But if you're looking for a relationship, then he's not the one for you. I'm sure there are others though." A look Helena's way, "Probably has something to do with his feud with Souji. I dunno. He's not interested in me either, because he knows where I stand on relationships."

She chuckles at Thirza, "Yeah, besides, there would be nothing left of the crab, and that's a waste. Maybe I can treat you all to a seafood dinner later tonight." She jams a thumb Helena's way, "After all, she introduced me to a place around here once. Don't think I ever got to try the food there."
Helena Celba Thirza provokes an attack of oppertunity.

Her hand snaps faster than many eyes could catch. Her graceful fingers looking to slyly grab the towel and give it a good yank before pulling her hand back.

Her eyes glint, a mischevious gleem in them.

"Oh ho! That place! I remember...ah memories."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza blinks at Alma. "Really? That'd be great! I love seafood. I'm really looking forward to--" And then Helena's lightning quick towel snatch happens. Thirza doesn't immediately realize it as she's suddenly exposed. The lime green one piece fits her, decently enough, but it's rather snug around Thirza's ample posterior, showing off quite a bit more skin than Thirza would like by virtue of there just not being enough fabric to cover it all. She blinks as it slowly dawns on her what's happened.

She then turns bright red. "Helena!" she protests, reaching around to cover her backside as best she can. "Give me back my towel!, please?"

She then remembers its Helena. She's not getting that back.

"I...I'll be back right back," Thirza says, darting off to acquire a new towel. ...and possibly hide.
Alma Hyral Alma lifts her glass a little higher as if it were a toast, to memories, mostly because she just missed what Helena did, until Thirza starts protesting, and Alma looks, and realizes what happened in a heartbeat.

It's Helena, Thirza isn't getting it back. Alma isn't even going to try to protest on her behalf. She just tosses a key her way before she retreats. "Seloria always has a few spares."

Once Thirza has retreated, she takes another sip of wine, shaking her head. "Memories. I think I have more of them for the past... six months, than I do for the past fifteen years. Odd how it works like that."

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