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(2013-09-26 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne It has been about a day since Morrighan had spoken with Faruja. Her presence among the Shard Seekers has remained mostly low key, almost invisible. Not wanting to impose too deeply or cause trouble, the dark elf spent most of her time off to the side in the lobby, working on her newest knitting project...which just so happened to be another one of those extravagant dresses she so enjoyed wearing. It would be a stark contrast to the more casual set of clothes she had on now.

It was only half an hour before that the elven woman had stepped out of the Shard Seekers' HQ and intro the streets of Fluorgis in order to purchase some new materials. She paid no real attention to the people around her in that time, figuring that no one would want anything to do with her. And uneventually, she made it back, settling down in the lobby again as she prepared to resume her work...
Kaydin The doors to the shard seeker's Lobby opens and a being with black cloaks come in, the cloaks and hood covering everything except his boots which seem to be black plate mail boots, boots she may find familiar and if the sound of their steps isnt familiar, the sound of chains rattling under the cloak is heard as well as he gazes about under his hood.
Morrighan Alazne "....?" Pausing in her work, Morrighan looked towards the entrance of the building to spot a black clad man stepping in. At first she frowned, almost about to reach for her gun, but instead, she chose to remain civil. "...Hello there. Are you looking for someone?" She asked lightly, managed to push down her suspicion and smile.

After a moment of prolonged staring, having been surveying the figure, Morrighan began to recognize little details about the person before her. ...But it wasn't enough to come to a definite conclusion just yet. So she remained silent, awaiting the man's answer.
Kaydin "Yes, you." Kaydin's voice calls from the hood before he reaches to pull it off, revealing he wore black platemail gauntlets though his right arm had a black chain wrapped about it. Once his hood was off, she can see his hair had gotten longer, but otherwise the man looked well as he turns to look to her. "I heard you went through alot of things."
Morrighan Alazne "...Me?" Morrighan asked incredulously. But that voice, she recognized it. And those gauntlets. Could it possibly be? Once he pulled back his hood, it all became clear then. "Oh....Kaydin?" She asked, a fair bit of disbelief in her voice. After all, she hadn't seen him in such a long time. Barring that one brief run-in in Mullonde.

But something about what he just said bothered her. "You heard about me? From whom? I don't think I broadcast what was happening to me across the worlds now..." The dark elf shook her head then, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear again as she spoke. "Nevermind that, it's been too long. Why are you showing up now of all times? I'm sure you must realize how late you are."
Kaydin "I heard you left baron...I am aware of how late I am but I believed others when they said it was better I remained away from things. So I remained reclusive, hiding in the wilds." Kaydin says as he walks towards her. "I am sorry for not being there for you." He says apologetically.
Morrighan Alazne "Oh. Baron." Morrighan muttered, lowering her gaze slightly to the work in progress dress in her lap. "That was quite a long while ago. You're really late." With that said, she took up a thread and needle, beginning to work once again. While she sewed, she spoke on. "And you don't have anything to be sorry for. You're not my servant and you hold no obligation towards me."

There was quiet for a few moments before Morrighan asked a question of her own. "You say you remained away from things? Hiding in the wilds? Why would you do that? What exactly have you been doing all this time anyhow? I'm sure your services would have found use in a plethora of different cities and organizations rather than out in the 'wilds'."
Kaydin "I am a Dark Knight, Morrighan. My powers will always be viewed fearfully since I fight with the same powers as the heartless and others. Not to mention people here spreading the rumors of how I am a monster like baron. So I remained by myself, trying to keep alone and fighting monsters. I want to change things now, I want to use the darkness to protect others." He says calmly.
Morrighan Alazne "And where did that leave me? By that definition, I suppose I was a monster as well." Morrighan replied plainly, her crimson gaze fixated on her sewing. "....Well, that's all in the past now. And here you are, standing before me." Finishing stitching the current seam, the dark elf raised her eyes from her dress to Kaydin, looking expectantly. "So, all that aside, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? Why have you now decided to leave the 'wilds' and come see me? Is something the matter?"
Kaydin "I was concerned for you." Kaydin says as he nods. "I was wanting to tell you my plans before I went to try and fight against these things which threaten us." He says calmly to the woman, watching her curiously.
Morrighan Alazne "Mmn, I see..." Morrighan mumbled, letting out a brief sigh as she resumed her work. "A bit late, bit I guess I can appreciate the sentiment." A faint chuckle escaped from her then as she turned the dress over, beginning to sew along the other end. She was surprisingly patient. She must have plenty of experience.

"Now, what's this about plans and fighting? It doesn't sound like anything good." The dark elf paused momentarily then to look at Kaydin directly. "I hope you're not planning to do something incredibly foolish. Are you?"
Kaydin "In the time you known me, have you ever known me to have anything but foolish plans, Morrighan?" Kaydin says with a chuckle to the woman before looking to her. "Your not like you are before I miss you screaming at me."
Morrighan Alazne "True enough. You are an idiot after all." Morrighan mused, nodding in agreement with him. She simply shrugged her shoulders after however at the screaming comment. "Hmn, things have changed. You've been gone for more than simply a while this time." Smirking after, she glanced up at Kaydin and added.

"Do you /want/ me to scream at you? Is that it?" Bringing a hand to her mouth to hide a mischievous smile, she went on. "Oh dear, so those are your tastes after all. You depraved man. Has wandering the wilderness for so long made you that desperate?"
Kaydin "If you recall, that was why Baigan often had me assigned to you was because I didnt mind being screamed at." Kaydin says as he looks to her with genuine concern. "Are you alright?" He asks calmly.
Morrighan Alazne "....Ah, so it was." She mumbled, looking back into her fuzzy memory. It took her a few seconds to pull up the specific memory related to that. Once that was out of the way, Morrighan just shook her head at Kaydin's inquiry and went back to sewing. "I'm fine. ...You missed quite a bit, like I said." She responded calmly as well.

"Admittedly, I didn't think it would even be possible for me to be sitting here, casually sewing a dress and talking to a fool like you again." The dark elf fell silent for a moment then before going on. "...But so many people helped me. People who, by all rights, should have left me to suffer on my own. And yet, they didn't, despite all the terrible things I had done."
Kaydin "I should have been there for you and I am sorry. From now on though I will be there for you Morrighan." Kaydin says, promising her and looking about. "So much has happened, I believe I have become stronger and will be able to protect you better."
Morrighan Alazne Kaydin's promise is at first met with a wide eyed stare. "........." It almost looked like Morrighan was in awe of his proclamation. But then an amused smile found it's way onto her face. "Pffft-!" And then she brought a hand to her mouth, to keep from laughing. But that quickly proved to be useless as she burst out laughing anyway.

"Ahahahahaha! W-What are you talking about?" Morrighan asked, panting and catching her breath after. "I...I don't recall asking you to stay around and protect me, Kaydin. You're not my knight anymore. You have your own life now and you should do more than strive to protect me..." Amusement dying down, the dark elf managed to smile sincerely at the wanderer before her. "...But thank you. I appreciate everything you've done so far. It must have been hard, following the orders of some foreign harpy, screeching about every little thing wrong at the drop of a hat."

Well, at least she was capable of making fun of herself now.
Kaydin "Your orders made more sense, Morrighan and it was an honor to serve." Kaydin says as he bows to her. He then smiles. "And protecting you gave me something worth fighting for that I knew I had to protect here and now." He says with a smile.
Morrighan Alazne "Is that so? ...You're too kind." She decided after a moment of thought. Putting that aside, she held up her progress on the dress so far, surveying its shape before nodding and setting it aside. She was done for the day. Packing up her knitting supplies, Morrighan stood from her seat in the lobby, stretching her arms above her head. "Well, in any case, we went far off track. What was this plan you were speaking of before?"
Kaydin "Going to track down the ones who are controlling the heartless, then make them pay. Simple as that." Kaydin says with a smile as he bows. "I will let you go back to your sewing now." He says with a smile and a nod.
Morrighan Alazne "....You're talking about fighting the Shadow Lords. Possibly even more than that." Morrighan surmised from what Kaydin had said, and frowned. "By yourself? And do you even know where they are?" ...Well, she did. But she wasn't about to send him off to his death. "Don't do anything stupid. I mean it."

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