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(2013-09-22 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Emi has decided to take Saitei Dennou out for ICE CREAM. Or perhaps Gelato. Or perhaps Ice Gelato. Nevertheless, she actually has something ELSE she wishes to give to Saitei. Since ice cream is involved, the other Dennous naturally elected to come along and are lurking in various states of 'background'.

Emi Dennou is presently waiting outside one of Scrooge's ice cream carts, presently manned by one HUEY (or ... or maybe it's Dewey? OR Louis? Come to think of it they're hard to tell apart...), she has invited for Saitei to drop by earlier today and came with the 'crew' after finishing 'mysterious errands'.

The errands were very mysterious.
Saitei Dennou The errands were very mysterious; the icecream only slightly less so.

I mean, I mean, what does a duck know about frozen desserts? Don't they use eggs in some flavors? It's very suspicious. /Very suspicious/.

"Very suspicious," Saitei speaks up from probably closer than Emi expected. If it's the icecream cart she's suspecting, or her sisters, it's not entirely clear. The Dennous are certainly fairly dodgy, but they don't usually attempt any /meaningful/ tricks on her.

So, it's not very fair for her to be very suspecting Emi of things. Dewey is fair game, though. "Someone mentioned ice cream, though? This one is certain."
Emi Dennou Emi's shoulders straighten up and she looks towards Saitei. Her arms are presently behind her, carefully hiding--SOMETHING--from view. She smiles, practically sheepishly, at Saitei. ALmost as if she /was/ planning something. And in a sense--she is, in fact, planning something. It might not be something malevolent however. (It isn't malevolent).

"They were selling yesterday but we could not go, so we thought--perhaps--today would be better." She nods to the duck.

The duck seems to smile beakishly. "We've got all sorts of flavors!" He says.

Emi nods to the duck before looking back to Saitei. "We will pay for you."
Saitei Dennou The duck seems to smile because all ducks seem to smile. They can't help it. McDuck has a sterling reputation in all fields of commerce, however.

"We will have... lemon, yes. Please." Surely they have lemon. They must have lemon.

She waits, patiently, for Dewey or Huey or whichever to figure out if they have lemon, and does not trouble Emi over whatever SOMETHING she's carefully concealing, for now. There'll be time.
Emi Dennou Lemon?
Don't eat yellow snow. But yellow ice cream is perfectly fine. For once, Emi is inclined to not actually work in an ice cream store today and instead lets HDL(?) handle the scooping and coning of the ice cream. Perhaps it is presumptuous that the ice cream should be coned, but nonetheless--cones. It has chocolate and sprinkles on the side. It is overpriced.

Emi pays anyway.

THERE WILL BE TIME RIGHT? TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE SECRET EMI IS KEEPING? Well perhaps if Emi manages to pose faster than 2 hours in response.

"This one patiently waits for Saitei to finish her ice cream before unleashing the surprise she is keeping secret." She says.

The other Dennous facepalm in perfect accordance.
Saitei Dennou Her sisters. Saitei is so proud. She will not be rushed through her icecream by Emi's inadvertant revelation, either. She settles in to watch the girl squirm, although, knowing Emi, she probably won't much.

"For discreet agents, this one thinks you could work your discretion a bit." That's harsh, though, maybe. "But you did buy the ice cream."

She isn't totally sure about chocolate and sprinkles with lemon icecream. Having finished the icecream, she regards the cone with suspicion.
Emi Dennou Emi doesn't squirm. She has the appropriate Dennous (Ami, Umi) for squirming squirm for her. Umi's squirming is a bit like a tense squirm, more of a tight wiggling that seems about ready to pop or, uh, spring. Ami's squirm is a lot bigger of a wiggle, shyly twisting back and forth with her arms swung behind her. Similarly Umi is looking directly at Saitei whereas Ami is pointedly not looking at anything that isn't the floor.

Emi continues to be patient, though. "Can we?" She asks. "The Network thought we were very discreet." She pauses for a moment, before adding. "With a more than 0 percent poll in agreement."

Not very convincing Emi.
Saitei Dennou "It was probably a joke," is a strange thing to say about your own statement, Saitei. Agonizing over whether to eat chocolate with sprinkles is pretty strange, too. Saitei quits worrying and eats the cone, and grins at Emi.

"Alright, the distraction is gone. Let's have it." Obviously her sisters have been planning A Thing of some sort, while she's been off somewhere doing Things of her own all this time.

And she complains, to herself at least, that nobody will get close to her, all the while. Sigh.
Saitei Dennou Well, of course, this is what she expected, given the run-up. Saitei finds herself, however, entirely unable to speculate on what thing(s) her sisters might have gotten her, even things that go together.

"You maybe shouldn't have," she says, reluctantly, not in the gift-accepting sense but as a statement of apparently genuine caution; Emi knows damn well how much of her 'extra money' Saitei's blown through already. But, well, Emi /does/ know, and she got this anyways, so Saitei had better take it.

She does so, with reverence. Gifts are a rare event for her; she still wears the ribbon Emi gave her, religiously, like a talisman. She does things properly: first she reads the card.
Emi Dennou Emi shakes her head. "Birthday present." not that she knows Saitei's birthday or anything but perhaps that day is today. Or perhaps it was last year. Or maybe it was another day entirely. Emi doesn't actually know, but she was suggested by the others to pick a random day and have that be a 'birthday' so she's going with that.

The ribbon is easy to pull off though there's a stubborn knot at the end. The card says the following.

'Happy Times For You :D'

There's a sun with sunglasses underneath. And underneath that it adds, in writing.

'We hope you like music!'

Inside, of course, will be a set of NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES (expensive!) and an ipod-like device (sponsored by Disney) ((also relatively expensive)) (((but not relative to the amount of money they got for free thanks to working for those Namingways a bit ago.)

Price tags /have/ been removed, however.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou quirks both eyebrows at Saitei. She recovers upon seeing the grin. It seemed like a nice grin, to her, though maybe this is because when around Saitei the 'Bakerstreet Dennous' tend to be less detective and more giddy little schoolchildren.

After a brief, unneccessary glance to the others--Emi nods once and then holds out--

--a box! It's wrapped! There is a green (of course) ribbon! A card is tucked under the ribbon!

"Not too long ago, we were able to make extra money. So we thought we should get you something." She pauses. "things." Pause. "They go together."
Saitei Dennou "Happy Times For You :D" it says. It's right, obviously, as the worst Dennou reminds herself. These are probably the happiest times she's known.

"Birthday present," Emi says, however, which gives Saitei pause. It isn't, now that she's forced to think about it, as though she knows her date of birth, or even her calendar age, really. She's been awake for two years, or so. That can't be right, though. Where should she count from?

Whatever. Worry later. Saitei unwraps the package like she plans to use the wrappings again; she skips the stubborn knot entirely once she has the ribbon loose enough to free the box. The contents are surprising.

"This is..." while she figures out what 'this' is, "wow. I... wouldn't even have thought of this to ask for it. It's wonderful. You're scary." Do not underestimate the Network's information-gathering capacity. It knows you better than you do.

This scene contained 12 poses. The players who were present were: Emi Dennou, Saitei Dennou