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(2013-09-22 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne It has been the better part of a week since Morrighan regained a good portion of her memories from a lost fragment of herself back in Targ Wood. Deciding not to cause too much trouble however, the dark elf made the decision to lay low for a while still. Why? She got her memories back, but her magic power was missing. She wasn't useful to anyone as she was now.

To that end, the elven woman had made good on Ivo's generosity, coming and going from the Shard Seeker's base of operations as she pleased. Of course, she wasn't pleased with the man himself at all. She still wanted to wring his neck for taking advantage of her in her amnesiac state, but the blue caped buffoon had made himself very scarce these days.

Thus, it was on this day that Morrighan could be found sitting in the main area of HQ, seated in a chair with a large pile of cloth in her lap along with a thread and needle.

...Was she sewing? Looked like it.
Faruja Senra "...Should I ever find that irritating, impious, Daemon-cavorting /KNAVE/, I shall..." Comes the ever-loud voice of Faruja Senra. His tirade cuts short as he spies the elven woman, sitting and knitting. Wind in his angry sails effectively cut, the Burmecian finds himself without words for a few moments. His tail sways behind him, gathering his words.

"Morrig...ahem. 'Kara'. Pardon my interruption. May I fetch thee anything, M'Lady? How fare thee, hmm?" His claws even tap briefly, the rat looking about as awkward as possible. What /does/ one say to a woman he's still convinced is missing her memory?

There's a pile of cloth. "Knitting a gown?" The dark elf he knew certainly liked those!
Morrighan Alazne "......"

Morrighan's eye twitched slightly at the name 'Kara'. She still wanted to hit Avira for giving her that name. Regardless, her attentioned remained on her knitting for a bit longer before her crimson eyes raised to regard the Burmecian before her. "...No thank you. I'm fine." She eventually responded, putting on a pleasant smile.

It seemed like the rat wasn't aware that she was possessed of all, or most of her memories again. Deciding not to point that fact just yet, she simply nodded at the question. "Yes. I had an idea for a new dress, so I bought some materials and set about working on it." Tilting her head slightly in curiosity, Morrighan veered the subject away from herself.

"Sooo...who is this 'irritating, impious, daemon-cavorting knave' you were raving about just seconds before? Should I be worried?" Her mind immediately attributed such flattering titles to certain shabby caped fools, but that was just her. He could have been talking about someone else!
Faruja Senra Pleasant, kind, and innocent. For all of the positive personality changes, Faruja can't help but shiver at the wrongness of it all. Some things shouldn't be tampered with. Still, she's alive. If having your memories hacked out, then put back in can be called 'alive'.

Faruja in return puts on his best smile, walking over and sitting near.

"It shall be a work of art no doubt. Gowns suit thee quite well. Mayhaps you shall take up the occupation of a seamstress." Better than being a user of dark magic, at any rate.

Faruja's muzzle quirks upwards in a smirk. "One Heretic Blivon, a preacher of many ill things, and a traitor to the Holy Church." Pause. He stops his rant, still indeed unaware of her returned memories.

"But naught for thee to worry of my dear." His voice drops, the rat muttering. "'Tis all in the past." Shaking his head, he plasters a smile back on his muzzle.

"More importantly, are you fitting in? And...has Ser Galvan been.../proper/?" The Burmecian glowers a bit as he speaks the man's name.
Morrighan Alazne My, he was being awfully kind. Wonder how much his tune would change if he knew she was okay again. Leaving the thoughts aside for now, Morrighan chuckled lightly at the compliment. "Thank you. I don't consider myself to be that great, but it saves the effort of having to wrestle with a seamstress in a store."

Setting her work down into her lap then, the dark elf glanced aside as Faruja as he sat nearby. "...Me? A seamstress? ...Ahahaha, nonsense. I wouldn't have the patience to haggle with customers over prices and designs." She brought a hand to her mouth after, suppressing a giggle at the thought of running such a business. What a disaster that would be.

Letting the subject drop, Morrighan listened as the Burmecian mentioned Blivon. "Ah, that man." A nod was given before the elf continued. "I've met him here and there. He is a...'unique' indivual. I can see why you may be frustrated with him." Religious zealotry aside, that was. Oh well, the shaman wasn't important. Not now in any case.

"... Fitting in?" A rhetorical question asked as Morrighan looked upwards in thought. "... I guess. I haven't actually been around the others long enough to call myself either familiar with them or a trusted ally." She never thought twice about using Priel's bed though. "...As for that shabby blue caped buffoon..." Another pleasant smile appeared as she answered. "I would like nothing more than to throw that lecherous fool from the top of the tallest building I can find." ...One could almost see flowers and sparkles accompanying that statement. Scary.

"Oh, I suppose there is something I should inform you of. Before you continue to keep calling me 'Kara'....ergh." She hated that name.
Faruja Senra A fuzzy brow rises, a mental image of the elf barbecueing an irate customer with a handy Fire spell. "...Yes. Mayhaps 'twould be for the best." Shiver.

Something about the elf's words has his head tilting slightly. 'Kara' had met Blivon? Strange, he'd thought she hadn't left!

But it's 'shabby blue caped buffoon' that truly has the rat wondering what's going on. If it weren't for all the flowers floating in her voice, it's almost as if...

The hammer of realization is, in the end, wielded by the elf herself. "...Lady Alazne?" The Templar speaks quietly, eye going wide. The Burmecian tumbles, spilling out of his seat, staring at the woman.

With some effort, he gets up. "'tis...tell me. When? What happened? Ajora be PRAISED!" Thought he'd never thought he'd be happy to have Morrighan Alazne back, he walks over, and all but hugs the woman. Thankfully, he stops himself, coughing.

"Tell me everything, please!"
Morrighan Alazne "Aha, so you're not quite as slow as I imagine you'd be." Morrighan spoke slightly, smirking in an amused fashion as Faruja pretty much fell out of his seat. "Ehehe...ah, I suppose it was all worth it for that reaction." Chuckling a bit at that, the dark elf took a deep breath and shook her head slowly. "Where to begin...? It's quite a long story you know."

Pondering that for a bit, she eventually shrugged and went on. "I suppose I can share the short version." And with that, she began to explain. "As you may remember, I summoned that Fiend; Lich, some months ago. Garland took no joy in that and put out a bounty for me." As the elven woman spoke, she took up her knitting work again, resuming. "For the longest time, nothing happened. It seemed like no one was going to try for it. But then eventually someone did."

She paused in her threading then, frowning a bit. "Are you familiar with Murasame Corp? That mega corporation run by Souji Murasame?" Apparently that was a rhetorical question as she spoke on. "He fooled me into walking right into a trap. His scientist and Garland got their hands on me and ripped my soul apart." She said it so casually too. Like it was nothing special that happened.

"Fast forward to recently; I found one of the fragments of myself, and with the help of a keyblade wielder, it was returned to me." Finished her explanation, Morrighan let out a small sigh, glancing at Faruja. "So right now, I have my memories and my 'self', but the vast majority of my magical power is still missing."
Faruja Senra Insults. Yup. The old Morrighan is back. For a moment, the rat's not sure what to think. He simply smiles. "...Laugh all 'tis pleasing, you certainly have earned at least that much. 'Tis...well, while I preferred thy more innocent and kindly demeanor, I am glad at least part of thyself is restored." Starts off the rat, taking in the entire tale. His face quickly deepens to a frown.

"Yes. Far too much so, in fact. His corporation is currently supplying weapons in the war efforts against the Empire and Alexandria. Then.../Garland/. That walking Abomination! To consort with such, and be party to such a blasphemy against the Lord's own!" The Burmecian shakes, rage coursing through his veins.

"To think the man so corrupt."

A hand goes to his temple, rubbing. Headache coming on at the implications, he peers the woman in the eyes.

"'Tis truly blessed that they were returned to thee, M'Lady. What now? Seek thee thy power, and mayhaps, vengeance?" Questions the Burmecian.
Morrighan Alazne "Have I now? Well, I suppose I have. All things considered." In fact, she was surprised she even made it this far. But that was something left unsaid for now. Faruja's confirmation of Murasame Corp's activities just caused her to frown and nod. "Yes, that's right. I had heard of his weapon supplying schemes, but never saw first hand. ...I had no idea he would pull something like this either. He seemed so personable when we spoke."

A sigh escaped from the dark elf then and she crossed her arms. "Corrupt is definitely among a slew of choice words I would use for him." But the question remained; what now? A good question indeed. Morrighan fell quiet at the Burmecian's inquiry, lowering her eyes slightly.

"...I don't know. I have little idea as to where the remaining fragment of myself may be, and although vengeance sounds quite nice, I have no means to exact such with my power missing." Indeed. All she had was that gun. "...Perhaps it may be best to be satisfied with what I have. It's honestly a miracle that I am sitting here, speaking about this to begin with."
Faruja Senra "Quite. A silver tongue, that one. A viper in the clothes of a garden snake." Faruja states, clenching a clawed hand. Knowing well now what he's dealing with, he'll have quite a bit to think on.

The rat's face softens, however, at her indecision. "Better words never spoken. 'Tis certainly /not/ Faram's work, this. But an opportunity to start over, or choose another path, at any rate. Think well upon it, and 'tis aught that I may do..." He trails off. Curse him, but he feels /sorry/ for the woman. Perhaps even a little guilty at being so harsh.

"Well, regardless, you are welcome here. Rest, and recover, M'Lady, 'twas a harrowing encounter no doubt."
Morrighan Alazne "Mmn...I suppose." Morrighan conceded, nodding a bit and then picking up the needle she was working the cloth with. "Well, for now, I know what I want to do. And that is to finish this dress." Smiling at that, the dark elf turned her attention down to her work, resuming her sewing.

"...And for the record; I apologize for how harsh I may have been in the past. These recent experiences have...given me a new perspective on things." Glancing at Faruja then, she smiled a bit wider. "Thank you for putting up with me until now. And your hospitality. I'll be sure not to squander it."

And with that said, the conversation was deemed over as Morrighan went back to knitting...
Faruja Senra Faruja peers at the woman briefly. For a second, he's not quite sure if he heard that right. Slowly, he smiles. "And the same to thyself. Harsh, and indeed, mayhaps bullying upon thee. Well, let us not dwell on past mistakes, hmm? I shan't keep thee. Lord bless, Morrighan."

Bowing, the Burmecian leaves the woman to her knitting, rubbing his chin. Perhaps he'll have to commission a gown from the elf for Hati some time!

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