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(2013-09-21 - Now)
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Faruja Senra A man wanted for Heresy around his friends is more than enough to get Faruja's ire. Thus, the now berobed Templar is off to confront our wayward Bunny Judge! Having spied the viera make his way off towards the gardens, the ratling follows him after his tidings to the rest of the group. Tail lightly swaying behind him, he at least tries to look somewhat polite as he attempts to spy the man in question.

And what /did/ he go and kick out in the garden anyway? Faruja's ear twitches, already thinking of the repair bill as his single eye scans the well-trodden garden area.
Chita A careful look around would reveal one(1) board, which was previously used in the fence to cordon off the bathing area, snapped messily in two with a bunch of sharding in the wood. Likely kicked - nearly smashed. Beyond that, though - nothing. The Viera happened to be sitting with his back towards the doorway at the moment, door to the bathing area open with just his feet in the water itself. He didn't seem to be relaxing, though, so much as just being lost in thought. Both of his elbows were on his legs and he was hunched over, face buried in his palms and entirely silent. The scarf that had been acting as a sling the previous couple of days was off at the moment and instead laying next to him in a heap.
Faruja Senra Squint. Faruja peers at the one(1) now broken board. He sighs lightly. "...At least 'tis naught but timber." It could have been worse.

Still, a strange reaction from the viera, and one that has him curious. Did it have something to do with Priel? The Burmecian finally spots the Viera with his feet in the water. Wandering over, he peers down at the Judge.

"...What is it? 'Tis hardly in thy nature to sulk so." Questions the Templar. At least he hasn't started in on yelling at the bunny-man! Seeing your own Church betray you tends to temper your outlook. That tail of his curls about one of his ankles.
Chita Chita turned and looked back up towards Faruja silently for a few moments before looking back towards the water. Would he even believe him? Not like most did before anyways. "I do not deal with death well. Or, what appears to be such. I have very few in this world, new or old or ruined or whichever, I truly trust and care about and however briefly I knew them, Priel was among them. Perhaps it was only because she reminded me so much of someone else I know, but..."

Truth was he didn't really know why it bothered him that much. He didn't know her all that well, but it still felt like he'd lost a best friend. "And I have other things looming on my mind that I have yet to find a way to answer, or even research. Why are you here? If I had my assumptions, I would have thought you simply wish to see me hang for some slight to your bloodthirsty church."
Faruja Senra The ratling frowns. He'd always hated Priel. Still did, if he was honest. But something about Shiki's story utterly bothers the Burmecian. Even /she/ didn't deserve to die like that. A clawed hand clenches, his betraying anger for a moment.

"...I cannot claim to have liked her. But such was an unfitting death. My condolences. 'Tis the curse of the short-lived, and adventurous people." It could have so easily been Shiki. The rat shudders at the thought.

"Not quite, but a near thing. I shall be frank. Thy assistance to Ramza Beoulve was a mistake. A lapse in judgement. But the results are all the same; you are a wanted man. Only consideration for friends and politics stays my hand." Pausing, he sighs.

"Admit thy guilt, beg forgiveness of the High Confessor. Mayhaps even offer thy services as a mercenary. 'Tis little reason for this to go on. And no profit in it. Otherwise? Thy presence here is one that may well threaten those I love."
Chita "No."

That was his answer, and he would have left it silent save for the fact that Faruja said something that bothered him. In fact, he accidentally stumbled onto one of the Viera's peeves. "I will not apologize for something that was not wrong, nor will I lie and apologize to satisfy desires to lord over others. There is no guilt to admit, I will not become a pawn for your bloodthirsty church to order around and, quite frankly, both you and I know I am no danger to anyone here."

With that, he stands and turns to look down at Faruja. The height difference was quite plain. "That is, I am no danger because I will not hurt anyone here - unless they try to harm me or someone else. Keep in mind I am far more skilled with a spear than you are, Faruja, and if you draw a weapon on me to do something I will personally make sure your ass is bruised with how hard I shove it inside of you. I am a lawkeeper and protector, I do not deserved to be harassed for protecting someone and preventing mass killings from taking place as best as I can."
Faruja Senra Faruja's jaw sets, some inner part of him withering. By now, he's all too aware of the corruption seething within the Church. That the viera before him would refuse such an offer is painful. "...Stubborn fool! While I admire adherence to principles, 'twould be for the best. No, you would not harm them directly. You have well proven that, I shall give thee that much." The burmecian lets out a frustrated squeak.

Then, comes the challenge. Slowly, the rat smirks. "'Tis much to assume, that. We shall see, no doubt. At the least, I know the mountain I must climb before me. I suppose 'tis something to be thankful for." His fur stands on end just slightly, tail lashing.

"Just make sure none of them come to harm due to thy actions, direct or indirect. These are the last vestiges of a family I possess. 'Tis a true shame I cannot count thee amongst them."
Chita Chita shakes his head a bit before turning away from Faruja and looking out over the city, the view over the wall still possible. "Yes, that would drain your pride too much to admit the possibility that I am not some cruel, evil being and that, in fact, whatever problem you have with me is foolish." Harsh words. Perhaps he had picked up such from others. "And it is not much to assume - I am quite confident I could lay you flat in a fight unless you did something underhanded like poisoned me beforehand. We both know the outcome of the Hades cup and where we placed respectively, and likewise, every fight we have been in together."

Measuring contest?

Hard to say. Perhaps Chita was simply in a bad mood and it was showing. "By the by - that bastard you were under command of when they attacked the group in the mountains... I do not recall his name. You would do well to know he tried to hurt two innocent people just to get to me when he cornered me in the coliseum and I refused to let him kill me as punishment. A friend of mine named Lia, whom Priel reminded me of... and a boy you know as well named Sanel. If any harm ever comes to Lia because of your churches madness, I will personally destroy every vestige of it. Do not press me, Faruja. I will never kill anyone, but that will not prevent me from destroying everything you hold dear if you or yours take away the few things I care about and have left after Hades took from me everything else."
Faruja Senra The rat's face is well and truly red beneath the fur now. He even seems to be shaking lightly as he temper starts to flare. After a long, deep breath, he manages to speak. "...Fah. A Templar would not stoop to such depths! 'Twas some time ago. We shall see whom bests whom next time!" Faruja's chest even puffs out a bit, the rat trying to look bigger than he is.

/Definitely/ measuring contest.

His anger thins somewhat, however. "...Truly?" His interest certainly seems piqued. Head tilting lightly, the rat peers into the Viera's own. "Mmm. Curious. Could it have been...?" Mutters the Burmecian to himself. It's the viera's final comments that have him chuckling darkly.

"My, my, my. Aren't we both ones for threats tonight? You cannot destroy a faith so easily. Pray that such never comes to pass. I would much rather see thee redeemed."
Chita "You would be quite surprised, indeed, what one can destroy if they put mind to it." Chita's tone, and mood, softens and he seems to sink right back into the sullen state he was in when Faruja first came. "Like any ability one has to feel competent. Or, for that matter, to live knowing that one day there will be respite at the end, and a reunion with those who I lost along the way."

Had anyone ever told Faruja of the Viera's 'curse' courtesy of Hades? If not, it may make no sense. He shivers a bit as his head tilts to look towards the water again and he says, "If... if you had a way that may produce a result to save many worlds... at the costs of many lives, albeit not nearly as many as it would save - what would you do? Would you save the few and possibly damn the many? Or damn the few with the possibility that the many may be saved?"
Faruja Senra Faruja gives Chita a long, confused look. His head tilts. Clearly the rat's missing some information here! "Almost pious words. Odd." Ever the one to take an idea and run with it, he can't help but wonder if the bunny is begging for penance in those words!

A fuzzy brow rises at the question. "'Tis the work of the lord to save as many as possible. That a few must be sacrificed is a tragic necessity at times. However, so too are the means within of import. Whom shall die? Are they guilty? Innocent? 'Tis not so easy a question." The rat's look is searching, tail itching. It's an ominous feeling to be asked such.
Chita "Likely both." he freely admitted. "It is not within my power to know, though of those who have already fallen..." It was the screams of the children that he had heard that bothered him the most. "I hate this new world we are in. I hate these damnable heartless creatures, and the keyblades that are required to save us all, and those that deal with them. And yet... they are granting us the very things that will destroy the heartless and restore our worlds." Chita's right hand reaches up and grasps his left elbow before he shivers a little and rather silently simply turns to walk away from Faruja, not saying anything else or really planning on. Who knows exactly what it may be.
Faruja Senra "...What devilry hath fallen upon thee?" Questions the rat quietly. He's not entirely certain that he wants to know.

"The keyblades are a gift from Faram to slay that which would threaten words. 'Tis a duty. Or, mayhaps, a curse. A burden one must bear. My only hope is that Shiki shall survive it." A deep frown sits on his muzzle. The girl is far too young for such a thing. Faruja shakes his head.

"Do not do anything foolish."
Chita "Keep telling yourself that." Chita responds rather bitterly. "But there are those of us who know things that would make you realize otherwise." The Viera's right hand slowly extended and something appeared. It was... a weapon, or one could imagine, given the general shape. The entire thing was wrapped in a jacket of sorts, though, nothing of the weapon showing except the shape.
If Faruja had any sense of 'Something is wrong' or 'Darkness' or that kind of thing, he could probably easily tell that whatever was covered there was quite dark indeed. "For a brief moment, this weapon... this... abomination formed into something that to my eyes looked quite like a keyblade. Then it losts form and returned to a more generic shape. It was formed at the cost of many, many lifes in Goug when the Black Beast attacked. ... in fact, that is exactly what it is. When I felled the beast, it collapsed into this along with all the hearts it had consumed. And eventually, it could very well reform and begin to consume again. Yet... what is there to do?"

He turns to look towards Faruja. How did he even come to have this? Well, he had gotten it from Rhiannon, but he doesn't know such. "Destroy it? Remove any potential it may become a keyblade in the future? Let it remain and pursue letting it come to fruition? Likely at the cost of many more lives?" He closed his eyes and shivered again, mumbling softly, "I can still hear the screams... of those that died... their lasts thoughts before it happened. Etched into their hearts... into this thing. I do not know if I save more at the cost of possibly destroying such a weapon that can be used to save the worlds wholly... or let those that seem to be interested in the creation of this weapon, the study of it... carry on, knowing the lives that will come to be destroyed, the hearts and dreams and wishes that will be lost... from such an act."
Faruja Senra Faruja steps back, very nearly tumbling into the water upon the appearance of the blade. His gaze sits upon the unholy weapon, his every sense as a Holy Dragoon crawling. His spear is already in his hands, glowing white, pointed at the thing. He's silent for a long handful of minutes, gears almost visibly turning in his head.

"..What? Where did...?" Mutters the rat, before the viera's words finally catchup.

Slowly, Faruja stands. "If you value thy soul, thy existance, and the lives of those that you claim to hold dear...destroy that blasphemous, unholy weapon. It /reeks/ of abomination and Heresy! By the Lord, do not be a fool. No good shall come of such a thing. Particularly if this 'Black Beast' may emerge from it once more." A hint of fear sits in his voice, as well as outrage.
Chita "..."

Nothing is said for several long moments then the jacket-covered weapon simply vanishes, along with the jacket, back to however Chita kept his and his other weapons. "I have not decided what to do with it yet - and quite honestly, even if I did such, the ones responsible would likely just start anew and even more lives would be lost than originally were slated to be."

When his eyes open and he sees the spear, he points towards it and says simply, "Put it away, Faruja. Do not start a fight here, not now. Especially over this thing."
Faruja Senra "Then one deals with those responsible! Know thee whom would stoop to such...such /methods/? If you are truly a lawkeeper, then you shall see them brought to justice for such an act of murder! A name, viera! Out with it!"

This time, the rat doesn't seem keen to back down. Faruja grips his spear, glaring at the Judge before him, teeth bared. "Do the damned right thing. Go no further with this. 'Tis evil. EVIL!"
Chita "..."

Chita stared at Faruja rather blankly as if he'd said something confusing then he shook his head once slowly side to side, "I will not damn someone to your zealous ways. I have not simply begun thinking upon this now, this has been eating away at me for a long time now. Nearly three months now, in fact, since I could not bring myself to lean forward and finish the action of ending the life of the one responsible. I cannot do it, Faruja. I will not kill someone, nor will I tell another to do such. Yet... here I am, now forced to choose between killing someone, or letting them carry on their research on the hopes that it may save us all, knowing what their research will cost. There is no right thing, Faruja."
Faruja Senra Faruja outright snarls at the viera's answer. "You...dear Lord! Impious, oafish, stubborn, ignorant lout! If you must /insist/ upon such a course of not killing the vile wretch that is responsible for such a horrid plan, then lock her up! Give her to the authorities! The Inquisition! Lindblum! Cleyra! Such 'research' will only damn us all! That which is impure, cannot save. Only give a mockery of redemption and safety!"

Faruja turns away, shaking his head. He slams the spear's head into the ground. "Think, and pray well over this. 'Tis a dangerous, horrid path to damnation that ye tread!" And with that, the Templar stomps away.

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