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Mysterious Darkness in the Great Wall
(2013-09-16 - Now)
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Reize Seatlan The Great Wall of China is a massive brick wall built to ward off the Monguls. This strategic wall is the landmark and the strength behind China. While there have been no major attacks within the area, the place has recently been disturbed with ghastly appearances of creatures about. Investigations in the course had turned up pretty cold.

Nevertheless, this night may be different. Maybe.

With the moon casted high, this allows for the massive wall to be trodded by individuals tht pass by.

Wandering along with the map upside down is none other than Reize. Where has he been? ... Lost. Exploring. Caves. Danger. That fun stuff that adventurers deal with.

"Okay, so this is supposed to be the great wall..." He brings the hands down, then he looks over at the ground. "Oh! I made it!" And he looks further down, elicting a surprised reaction. "Whoooa! I've never seen anything like this!"
Kaydin "Someone should chalk mark it in stone: Reize Seatlan, despite his best intentions to get lost, holding the map upside down, got to someplace he wanted to go." The sound of a voice is heard a little distance off, Kaydin walking to Reize. "Came out here because of the word you heard of monsters? And here we are." He says, cloaks fluttering in the breeze.
Serah Farron There are many reasons to be here. One of them, is tourism. Wearing a nice chinese cheongsam with a long slit on the side, in pink with a golden firebird embroidered over it, the pink haired girl moves on top of the wall, taking in the sights. She's easily seen from a distance, atop the battlements of it, striding along on her own.

She has a few reasons to be happy. For one thing, no heartless right now. She's had enough of those chasing her around really. Second thing, she's quite pleased with how her clothes look like. Better than what she's seen in some of the other worlds at least. She hasn't turned into a chipmunks or a seahorse at least. She's hmmming merrily as she moves along.
Reize Seatlan "...Buh?"

The voice, at first, is rather unfamiliar. Reize perks a bit, before his head creens over behind him to see the dark knight approaching him. Both eyes widen, he takes a step back with a wary gaze. "Kaydin?! What are you---.."

So, it looks like Kaydin is here as well.

He straightens himself up before he rubs the back of his head. The boy is rather uneasy about Kaydin. It is visible as Reize gives a distrustful stare. In fact, his ahoge dos the same thing; it points at the man warily, swaying to the left and right.

However, a glance is given towards another person making their way along the 'road'. "Oooi!" The boy waves towards Serah, "I remember you! You're one of the folks that came with us when we went to investigate the crystal!" ....A shame that was a zuu that nearly kidnapped him.
Serah Farron There's a bit of a pause in her step whens he's called upon. Oh, its that boy from the other time. Well, at least doesn't seem to be any danger... although the other presence sends a little shiver through her "Hiya, what are you doing here?" She finishes her stride next to the two, hands in her back. Apparently, just enjoying a night stroll. Its a good thing the guards don't seem to worry too much about people ON the walls at least.
Kaydin Kaydin chuckles at the distrustful look. "I abandon my homeland when I become unable to stand covering for it, I try and do some good, I then even stop and go into a self imposed exile and when I come back, I am still not trusted?" Kaydin asks before glancing about and nods to the woman, pulling his hood off to reveal his face for them both. "So...At this point usually we become ambushed by monsters." He says calmly, chains rattling under his cloaks.
Reize Seatlan "Well, it's not like I've seen you for a long time." The young boy runs his hand over the back of his head. A frown is given towards Kaydin, before he finally shakes his head. A sigh is given, "Nevertheless, I still can't say that I trust you." He squints over at Kaydin. After all, Reize did not forget about that incident when they came across that strange sorceror.

Meanwhile, Serah makes her way over to the group, "Err, well, I was actually investigating something. It looks like guards and the townsfolk have talked about ghastly presence here. Something about creatures of darkness." Both hands raise in stretching, "So, I figured I'd check it out."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmmms, looking around, mostly behind her for a moment... "I haven't heard about any ghosts... but that doesn't sound like a good thing..." She doesn't like ghosts. She's been in haloween town once and doesn't want to go back there either. "So you are here to exterminate ghosts?" She looks over Reize's shoulder for a moment "... Alone?"
Kaydin "Well that was his idea. Instead however, I heard the same rumors and talk and decided to try and do some good." Kaydin says as he nods. "I am Kaydin, Former Dark knight of Baron, now, exile and most hated good guy." He says calmly.
Deelel Deelel has been just needing to get away from things. She'd had a lot to think about and this world had always caught the interest of the program. She was also amused at how her clothing transformed her into a very interesting kung fu dress, down to having a dragon made out of glowing circuit line though she she did bear quite a few more of the glowing circuit tattoos she seemed to have in user space after all. She sneaks up a bit on Reize smirking as she speaks up.

"So there you are Reize, went off exploring again on your own?"

Deelel tilts her head a little bit giving a nod to the others for a moment "Greetings to you as well."
Reize Seatlan Reize looks over at Serah with a faint smile. "Err, well, I did have a couple of people around, but..." Reize thinks over as to what happened to the others that he was traveling with. "...I think we were at various places before we ended up here." He rubs the back of his head. "...I can't recall!"

He looks over at the knight, then he lifts his shoulders with a shrug. He then faces Serah, placing a hand to his chest. "I'm not afraid of any ghosts! I can deal with them!" He brightens into a smile.

However, he hears a voice caling out to him.


He turns around to see that Deelel is greeting him. With a bright smile, the boy nods. "Oi, Deelel! I heard about a rumor going on and I figure I'd check it out!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles a bit, amused by the boy. But he means well. "Well I can help you if you want. You can use a healer, right?" She offers her hand, looking over the others "Well I guess we got more people makes it safer. I hope your friends that you lost on the way are okay.
Kaydin "Side effect of Reize's sense of direction: they are lost all over creation." Kaydin says to Reize's comment about people with him. "I am here to see if anything is here. Being a dark knight, I am able to sense the darkness fairly well." He says calmly, offering what he can do.
Deelel Deelel says "Fair enough my friend. Still checking in once and a while would be good even if you just like to wander everywhere."

She seem to be mostly in good spirits from the looks of her as she looks over to Sereh and grins a bit beore puzzling over Kaydin.

"Yes Dark Knights can do that,. Hummm"
Reize Seatlan As Serah offers her hand as the healer, Reize thinks it over. "Well..." He rubs the chin a bit, "You know, I could use the help! Who knows what could be here!" He furrows his eyebrows, now thinking over how to formulate this plan.

"...My friends should be fine! I think they may be back at Romancing Saga III. We should be fine!" He turns over towards Deelel. "Besides, I am sure that danger will show up. We may have to camp out a bit far to catch the threat."

He thinks back, "...Many people say that they've seen the monsters come out at midnight."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms as she thinks "Monsters or ghosts? Because that's different no?" She ponders as she moves along the group now. "As long as its not heartless they talk about... I can't tell if those are ghosts or monsters..."
Kaydin "Would you like my help?" Kaydin asks with a curious tone to Reize as if wondering if the boy even acknowledged his offer to help before turning to Deelel and tilts his head at her expression. "Yeah, I was one of the dark knights of Baron, tried to turn it back to a force of good from within, but between Reize and his friends and the evil there, I was forced to abandon my home and oath to keep from descending into the same darkness my nation has fallen to."
Deelel Deelel says "If you could use the help, I'd be happy to lend you a hand. It does have a way of finding us doesn't it?"

She's a trouble magnet anway and she knows it. She thinks for a moment about the time of the monsters appearing, interesting. They could work with that.

"We can work with that, I think and with a Dark Knight we can keep a better eye out for what might actually be going on."
Reize Seatlan There is a shrug towards Serah, "Who knows? Some say ghosts, some say monsters. Both have been used interchangably." He gives her a look of determination, "That is why we must figure out who is responsible for this and what purpose are they there for."

As Kaydin offers his help. Reize is shutting his eyes a bit. After a moment, both eyes re-open and he smiles, "Well, if you mean to help, then we will be glad to have you around."

Deelel's question earns a shrug, "I don't know, actually. All what I know is that it shows up at midnight. We may have to camp out here at a distance in order to capture it." He looks over towards Kaydin, Deelel, and Serah.

"Let's gather some materials for camping out and we will meet back nearby in an hour. We'll have things set up for the next encounter!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles at that, bouncing up a bit "Oh, camping, I haven't done that often! Although camping on Cocoon was a bit different, since nights were controlled by fal'Cies... but then again, everything was too." She hmms, thinking about it. "There was monsters but not in certain places, so it was safe for us to camp out." She trudges along "So I'm guessing we need fire?" She shows a small fireball in her hand.
Kaydin Kaydin nods. "We will need wood, clean water, and possibly food." Kaydin says as he looks about. "I can gather wood for shelter and fire, or find water or hunt for food." He says as he waits for the assignment of duties, and it seems Reize is the one to do the assigning because he is looking to him.
Reize Seatlan It takes a bit to get a good assessment of his group. He looks over from Serah and then up to Kaydin. He starts rubbing his chin, "Kaydin, you'll go chop some wood. I'll gather some food." The boy beams towards Serah and Deelel, "You two can gather us some wood and fire!" He brightens to a smile, pulling out his boomerang, "I'll gather us some food! We'll meet back here within an hour or two!"

He beams, "We should be good for the guest to show up!"

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