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(2013-09-14 - Now)
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Deelel After what happened at the castle with Shiki? Given the thing that ended up haunting her? Deelel needed to get back home. She needed to get to a world where everything made sense to her, maybe she was a bit homesick or did she just need to get away from what she saw? It was likely both she'd not come alone either she'd wanted to invite a few people along and here they were now lurking in Purgos, Deelel did seem a bit more at ease now, and she almost seemed in good spirits

"So there's a few places I know that should still be fun to visit, I don't think any of you would have an issue if things got a bit rowdy really. Also I got to wonder how glitched this Pavel guy really is. Purgos seems unchanged from before I went missing and that was ... from my point of view? Decades ago."

The city is bright as ever odd how even a slum in this world was lit up like the Los Vegas strip wasn't it? There were no other locals about at least for the moment which might in and of itself be considered a bit on the odd side.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is able to get around and about, but he admits to a good deal of ignorance in the world of the Grid. He was never that good with computers in the first place, and to see things from the other side, as it were, is a new experience to him.

He does, however, dress the part now. He's left his hat and coat at home, and picked up a trenchcoat with neon energy trim, with a matching fedora.

Do you know how hard it is to find a proper /tailor/ when half the people in this place dress almost exactly the same? Ugh.

Under his coat is the Disc he was 'gifted' when he first came here, and elsewhere, waiting... is something else that he can use in case trouble comes up.

But he's not expecting trouble at the moment. Right now, he's in Information Mode. "Tell me about this Pavel person." Mercade asks. "This is all new to me."
Avira Given recent events and exploding gummi ships...Avira could sure use a bit of fun in her life right now. Sure, some relaxation and a bath did help the past day or so-her body certainly needed the recovery. Even then, it was definitely in her best interests to get away from the test site camp for a while and clear her mind.

What better way to do it than with Mercade? She was pleased to be invited along by Deelel, even in spite of the harrowing experiences they've had here recently. But with the whole identity disc thing sorted out...there wouldn't be any more problems, right?

Here on the Grid, Avira's black-clad body glows white along its accent lines. Her identity disc identifies her as an antivirus program...named AVIRA. The Spine is still on her though hidden in a much sleeker sheath that partially hides beneath her identity disc.

"...decades?" she murmurs, "Is that the same as a human decade?" Her voice is kept very low as she asks this question.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is walking beind the group.

ANGanTYR sort of shows up as a Security program, but with unique more than one way. In reality, he isn't a program at all, he's a guy with a big honkin' sword.

"I am not very keen on this outfit. It feels too light." he complains at the back of the group. "This world is also wonder LEXUS acts the way he does." ugh. Computers are weird. "Why wouldn't decades last the same in here as out there?"
Deelel Deelel was a bit more flexible being that she had /two/ normal outfits and a swimsuit. But the later was all Tifa's fault, so much Tifa's fault and someone else has plans to drag Deelel shopping at some point. She replies to Mercade after a moment.

"A high ranking officer in Tesler's forces here. He was given governorship of this sector as a reward for his service. If you ask me it's more like a move to keep this Pavel, busy. Why I dunno what's going on I only seen a few news briefs of him. Though if he's high up I suspect he's dangerous at the very least."

Deelel pause for a moment and looks up at the sunless sky for a moment before back to her friend as he says quietly.

"So far as I can tell yes, sorry if I'm translating a bit. We measure times in cycles, figured I'd use something easier to explain. Is there a problem AVIRA?"

She looks over to Mercade for the outfit and she grins a little bit at him.

"Your looking pretty good ANGanTYR. As for that I'm not sure I never thought about it wait a time difference?"

Deelel seems to be thinking something over from the look on her face. She's clearly thinking about something here.
Mercade Alexander "Interesting." Mercade is not familiar with the politics of the Grid, but he files the knowledge away mentally for later. "I hope we don't run afoul of them. Even being relatively isolated, people in that kind of situation have the ability to get away with all kinds of things..."

He tilts his head slightly, slowly looking back at Angantyr as he speaks. "Computers run extremely fast. They undergo millions of processes every second. It stands to reason that things would be... accelerated here, in relative terms." He's polite to Angantyr. Quiet. But it's clear there's still a wariness edging his expression as he interacts with the Dark Knight. He looks away, then, instead focusing on Avira. Or AVIRA, if she prefers. He purses his lips slightly, his expression contemplative. He could get used to that kind of outfit.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs a bit at DLL. "There is a unnaturalness to this place that bothers me." Then again, Angantyr has always been more of a man who seemed more at home in the wildnerness than in a city.

You know. Maybe on a ship. Without a shirt and leather pants.

While we wait for AVIRA and DLL to reboot...

Angantyr looks towards Mercade after a moment. He is not unused to people being like this around him, it's a natural side effect of the darkness, and also he's a good foot taller than the lanky detective who needs to work out more.

"I did wish to speak with you on matters. Specifically, to appologize for past words. You are not incorrect on your beliefs, I was simply too blind to see their value."

He shrugs, "It is something that happens when you look at darkness for too long. Things infront of you fly right by."
Avira Two of Avira's favorite guys are here! She'd be even more excited if she didn't know of the obvious tension between the two-though last she heard, Angantyr had professed a desire to speak with Mercade. About what, exactly, she didn't know.

Glancing over her shoulder at the complaining dark knight, Avira grins, "Oh, but it looks good on you." she comments.

When Deelel confirms that decades are in fact decades and not some special decacycle measurement that programs have, she looks surprised, " many decades old are you, Deelel?" Programs...unaging. It would explain why she hasn't seen any children here.

Angantyr apologizes to Mercade. Avira looks like she might faint or a second. Was she really hearing this!?
Deelel Deelel humms at Mercade "That does make a lot of sense. Still it doesn't seem to be in effect if it was?"

she's going to blame the worlds breaking for that honestly and not think too much on time and how it works.

"Agreed we just don't make too much noise for the moment. We need to get a better feel for what's going on as lately and at least from my experiences? Humm I'd say I'm about hectocycle. My internal clock's a bit off from getting world shifted on to the wise OS for a while. So translating that? Err maybe about 500 ... years? I always assumed you all were far older than I was..."

She looks perplexed at this for a moment, perhaps she assumed Users lived far longer? It's logical given until what a year ago her only experience was perhaps seeing Flynn and her original user Sarah-42?

"Unnatural? Far as I'm seeing it's perfectly natural I?m sorry it unsettles you. Though we are in the middle of the city, maybe the outlands are more your thing but that's going to take some doing to get out there. Lot of grid tech doesn't work there unless made for it. Flynn didn't want us ... getting lost out there and likely finding a way out. Then again with Clu? I can't fault him for that."

Then Ang apologises to Mercade, wait what?!
Avira Avira reaches over to grasp onto Deelel's arm, perhaps to steady myself. "You heard it too, right?" she says quietly and quickly to Deelel, "About the apologizing?"
Angantyr Vespar "...What?!" He asks the two. "WHAT?!" he asks again! This is seriously not that uncommon? Right? RIGHT?!
Deelel Deelel stops for a moment as she feels Avria hanign on to her. She nods once looking a bit stunned,. "Yes, I did hear it. I thought I might have suffered and error."
Mercade Alexander "I might be wrong. I'm just guessing based on what I know... Which isn't much." Mercade sighs slightly, and then shrugs. "But 500 years? Comparatively? Wow, that's a long time. I'm a little envious." He chuckles. He thinks, then. "So you have areas between the cities. BEtween the Grids? I can see why there would be compatability issues..."

But then Angantyr apologizes to him. Mercade pauses, his attention back to the Dark Knight. "Huh. Well... I admit, I don't even remember what we disagreed about anymore. It's been a long time." He shrugs. "It's nothing, don't worry about it." He smiles to the Dark Knight at that, and then swings over to clap him on the back. "It's all a matter of what you do with it, isn't it? Relax a bit."
Angantyr Vespar "I am relaxed." Angantyr says, towards Mercade.

"There are other matters too. Specifically with the blades." He shrugs.

"And castles of pure white that show you memories."
Avira "Wait, no no, you can't be that old." Avira looks confused, "Computers haven't even existed for five hundred years yet. They really became a thing like...forty or so years ago, max." At least that's what the case where Avira was born and lives on Earth.

She finally releases Deelel's arm after the apology is exchanged. Hey, she's never really seen Ang apologize like that. Whatever he went through for the, whatever both of them went through for their keyblades, it definitely had a profound effect on them.

But still she shivers as Angantyr references Castle Oblivion. " Deelel, where is this place you were talking about?"
Deelel Deelel says "I didn't think much about it as Flynn was around all the time so I never ahd any idea. Until the world my grid was connected to fell? No there's rip in the light rail network that leads to the Wise OS, additionally I have uncovered there's a link to hallow bastion. With Isaac's help on that. We got a problem there, it could explain where the heartless on both systems are coming from. Then again they had problems with the black virus. So yes my friend suffered issues I didn't as I was one of the rare older programs Flynn brought over when he made this system. I...was just there, there was something important that happened you two should be aware of."

She doesn?t mind as Avira lets go and she looks to Avira.

"It's this way it's a club we can get some energy and talk there, it can be private enough. Not like the Blackguard's going to stomp in there unless something's major is going down. It gets messy even for Clu's men in this ... town."

She gets up and leads the way through the slum of the grid!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks towards Deelel.

"Yeah. I knew that...I been there once. Also, you do NOT want to go to Hollow Bastion." Angantyr says. "Litterally. No. Even for us...this is..." he shakes his head, "Way too many heartless and worse. Even I couldn't make it there without aid from a Shadow Lord."
Avira "So you're a Program not from Earth?" Avira concludes with a fair bit of surprise. She could buy, then, that Deelel was hundreds of years old. "Hollow Bastion..."

A haunted look overcomes her face. "I think I was taken there when the Shadow Lords caught me. Before they moved me into the Underworld." Clearly a host of unpleasant memories there, already at the forefront of her head because of Seith's recent attack on her.

"Oh, that sounds good, Dee. Though um...I hope you didn't just jinx us there, ha ha...ha..."
Mercade Alexander Mercade reserves his opinion on the chance that everything will go smoothly with this outing. He goes quiet in the face of all of the glum talk, instead shaking his head. "Let's get to this club. I, for one, think we could use some relaxation and enjoyment time."
Deelel Deelel shakes her head "No I think I am. The arcade itself is from a city ... called Los Angeles. We also encountered a man who knew Flynn and is helping to run the arcade when we're not around."

Deelel shrugs

"Hey the important thing is we all met eachother and have become finds right? As for heading to there. I'm not insane Ang, I'm more worried they have direct access to this Flynn OS, Wise OS and Game Central. We just need to be on our guard more. No more heavy things for now, to the club!"

Deelel leads them through the streets and twisting passage ways it's certain a dive where they are but well it's clean? Then again /everything/ in this world is clean in these cities. There is no dust, no stray sand to get all over everything as Deelel leads the group in. The music is thumping, clearly technolike and otherwise there's a mess of programs in here some dancing other are at the baw itself. Also there is am brawl that just seems to be ending with one program slumped over a table.

"Well it's not much but it's got energy."
Avira "...that's true, Deelel." Avira agrees, banishing her thoughts about Hollow Basion for now. They should be relaxing and enjoying each other's company! Not ruminating on past failures!

No stranger to dives, Avira's surprised with how clean a low-end clumb even is on the Grid! Of course, dirt and dust simply didn't happen, did they? The blare of the music nearly matches the time of her own heartbeats. At that instant she knows what must happen.
EA hand reaches out to grab Mercade's and she tugs him onto the dance floor. "We're going to dance, Mercade~" she says cheerfully, pulling the detective close.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks around...a club. Do they even have drinks?

And then Avira grabs Mercade off the dance. Angantyr fights off another frown...he really feels like a fish out of water here...this whole place is too clean...too pristine...
Mercade Alexander They get to the club! Mercade walks through the slum, considering the environment. And then he grins. "Well, it's certainly got that, Deelel."

Avira then gives him a hand. "All right!" Me is totally fine with this development. He slides into the mass, letting the thumping techno beat lift his spirits, and he begins dancing. His movements are smooth and dynamic, the detective proving to be quite flexible as well as he moves to the beat. That training with Max appears to have paid off.
Deelel A Server pulls up to Ang and leaves drink where he can get it, it seems that? Yes they do have drinks and given Deelel has consumed user food and the like. It should be fine if Ang tries it? The drink is really good even if it's glowing.

Meanwhile is slinking over to the DJ table and talks to the program running it and takes over as she gets ready to give the pair some more interesting music to dance to. It's still techno but it's a bit more on the danceable and slightly epic sort. Either way Deelel seems to be having some fun here.

As Ang might hear some programs talking about something else going on like now that COBOL was cubes? There has been fighting between criminal groups in Purgos even with Pavel and his forces cracking down somewhat at times. Well as much as one could in Purgos.
Avira To contrast, Avira has not had dancing lessons with Max but she seems to get by fine. It seems scientifically incapable for a woman to get up and dance to techno without having everyone around them completely enjoy the experience. Right now it doesn't seem like Avira's concerned about who is or is not watching. She just dances.

Mercade definitely does not go unnoticed though, "Wow, you.." she smiles, "...we clearly need to do this more often." she murmurs, keeping her voice a little lower, probably so Angantyr can't hear. The dancing goes on for a few minutes until Avira seems to be a little out of breath.

It might be guilt of seeing Angantyr sitting there all alone that eventually drives her back over, likely with Mercade in tow. Or it might be exhaustion and curiosity. Angantyr won't be alone for that long though he likely gets a nice earful about the criminal activity in the area. Stealthily, Avira slinks into the seat next to Ang, occupying it when the current patron in it looks away at just the right time. "...sooo..what's good here drink-wise?"
Mercade Alexander The Detective grins. "Anytime." He replies to Avira. When the dancing is done, he walks along with Avira, frowning for a moment. Something seems off, but he can't put his finger on it. He sits down opposite Avira, putting her between himself and Ang. He starts looking through the patrons, trying to figure out what's bothering him while Avira delves into the world of digital refreshments. This might be interesting.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens in on the conversation...while looking at the funny blue glowing drink.

He takes a sip...

COBOL, Cubes? He just listens...maybe this will make more sense to DLL, who is conviently on the dance floor or making music? Ang lost track...

Then the love birds come back, "Don't stop on my account." he says evenly, "I'm just trying to get this world."
Deelel Deelel is still working the tables for a bit longer as she keeps the music moving the talk continues near Ang Mercade and Avira.

The Chatter goes on it seems COBOL was a crime lord of some sort who finally got killed by someone. He doesn't seem to be missed but there's been other criminal groups fighting over the power vacuum created by his death. The governors forces seem to have having a time handling it. Even with how they seem to be a bit more effective. There also seems to be a new guy whose up and coming as the pair chat on about it. Sounds like there's trouble a foot in town and things may be getting worse. Another makes a note about how the governor Pavel had been a bit of a showman when it came to running the games in the past.

The pair trail off a little bit as Deelel finish up another song and the normal DJ returns after finishing up a drink. She heads back to join her friends and just seems amused.

"Having fun I hope?"
Avira "I'm not stopping on your account." Avira partially lies to Angantyr, leaning forward against the bar. One hand props up her chin. She flags down the tender at the nearest opportunity and quickly goes for basic energy.

Rather than plying Angantyr for information, Avira falls in to listening to her surroundings too. It's a habit she picked up off of the 'pirate adventure' that Max arranged not too long ago.
Mercade Alexander "Having a great time." Mercade says smoothly. He seems to be relaxed enough at the moment. "I'm here seeing all kinds of cool new things with my friends, how could I not?" He chuckles.

He adjusts his hat, turning and leaning on a wall next to the group. "Though I admit, something unusual seems to be going on."

Mercade always pays attention to his surroundings. Except when he doesn't. It always seems to work out that way. "So what are you guys having?" He asks casually.
Deelel Deelel looks up from the bar now with a glass in hand and she's shipping at. She tilts her head for a moment as it hits her, they know none of the names for drinks here. She takes a moment to think over something she'd hope Mercade would like.

"Just a Blue Bold right now, you might want to try a chip set or a glitched Bios. Both of those are pretty good I think you'd like either."

She looks back to Avria and she's grinning a bit.

"I can find all sorts of places to go, there's a few other spots we should check out later."

Meanwhile Avira might hear some chatter from patrons about the raid on the Arena, or that there are claims that the Renegade might actually be Tron. Several of them dismiss this claiming Tron wouldn't have done what the Renegade has. There's also more talk about this Java, whomever it is? They seem worried about them, just who are they from the earlier chatter it seems something did indeed happen to the program known as COBOL who used to control a fair chunk of the slums here.
Avira Avira wasn't aware that these drinks came in different 'flavors' here. Based on previous conversations with TRON, she always thought Programs just ate and drank grid energy and that was it! Maybe this grid was just a little bit different...?

"Spots we'll use the light cycles to get to, right?" There's a grin on Avira's face at that. She loved driving those bikes! They were fast! It felt like flying!

As she listens in, there's a smile on her face as she discovers the raid on the arena is still a topic of discussion. They must've /really/ made an impact back there, right? But man, poor TRON.

Java, though. A person? Or coffee? Probably a person, they don't have coffee in here. Still grinning, Avira nudges Mercade and nods her head in the direction of the Programs talking about the arena.

There's a biiiiiiiiiiiig grin on her face. She seems pretty proud of that break-in.
Mercade Alexander Mercade chuckles. "You really love the light cycles." Mercade enjoys them himself, given half the time he has to get around on one. Cars are generally too big to fit through portals so it's bike or Watson.

Mercade gets a strange look on his face, and then chuckles to himself.

As Avira directs his attention to the people talking about the Arena, Mercade fidgets with his collar a bit. "Hope no one recognizes me. Last thing we need right now is a bar brawl over whatever bounty is probably on my head."

He sighs. "You've got a good recommendation Deelel. I'm going to go get a drink." He heads to the bar and starts negotiating at the neon lighted area for a drink. He comes back with a glass full of a neon-colored beverage. He swirls it around in front of him. "This is kind of crazy. It looks like a lava lamp."
Deelel Deelel says "Some of them totally will need them to get there. So don't worry you'll get to see some portions of Argon you have not seen just yet."

Deelel seems excited to show her friends, her world. She never really thought she'd get a chance to do as such.

"Might be a good what would you all it a look out point or two."

She tilt her head at Mercade for a moment an nods.

"Best to keep that down humm and hope you enjoy it."

A moment passes and Deelel peers at him for a moment.

"Lava Lap?"

How do you keep molten rock in a lamp!?
Avira "They are so much fun!" Avira gushes, lowering her voice to speak to Mercade alone, "Just like your motorcycles. But faster~ I'm so glad you taught me how to ride." Grinning, she takes a second to walk her fingers up the side of his arm before settling back on her seat.

After Mercade continues, though, she pauses, "...that's right, there's probably a bounty..and they might know /your/ face." Deelel and Avira had the luxury of masking their faces during that.

Mercade walks off to get a drink. "A look out point would be kind of nice. Some good scenery.." she rubs her chin, then Mercade returns. "...hmm, I think I'll get my own too." Now it is Avira's turn to disappear for the bartender. She takes a little longer than Mercade and when she returns, she looks a little bothered.

"...well the bartender seemed intent on pointing out that I was an antivirus. Not sure why he felt the need to do that."

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