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Zeke The good thing about working with the church FAruja's affiliated with, having lots of work. The bad thing? Same thing. It's an organization not accustomed to dealing with a navy and sometimes they seem to expect the impossible especially when he's working with having to make maps as he goes and unknown currents, winds, and the whole 'worlds stitched together' business..

Oh well. Zeke was leaving the shouting and the getting his ship back in order business to Shephard while he checked the harbor for work, persons needing transport, and just to stretch his legs.
Chita To put it quite frankly, Chita was tired. Very tired. He'd not long back, earlier in the day in fact, gotten into a rather large scuffle in Castle Oblivion in an attempt to secure a friend. This showed partially in the simple fact that the Viera didn't look to be in the best of shape. He was wearing a simple pair of mens tan slacks and a loose shirt, left arm in a sling, large bruiser on the side of his face and, just in general, looking tired. He had been simply sitting on a box near the docks, his chocobo(red, actually) standing next to him and spacing out, but when he spotted someone nearby that seemed familiar, the Viera hopped off the crate and walked over towards him.

"You... are the one I met in Palum Polum, yes? The friend of Mickey?"
Lumeria Lumeria hadn't found much of interest in Luca, it seem to be more of a places for leisure than knowledge. Still it was a major transport hub. She arrived at the docks looking for a suitable vessel for her destination. The rabbit man with his chocobo got the girl's attention. It looks like he had recently in battle. "What happened to you?"
Zeke Zeke quirked an eyebrow at the Chita and hmmed. "I would't say Friend, though that fellow does seem rather agreeable." He offered a hand to the tired looking fellow, "Is thre anything I can help you with man? YOu look like the fifth day of a four day run."

A glance back to Lumeria was made and a nod so she'd now he saw her but attention was focused on Chita.
Chita Naturally that question would be asked.

Apparently by a second person as well. Chita peered at them a moment before mentioning, "Cute kids like yourself should not be wandering around alone." He meant that in the most sincere, non-creepy way possible, if one could tell such by his voice. It was an honest tone to it, like an older fellow might say to a younger kid that was doing something dangerous. "That said, though... I was attempting to make sure someone I knew was safe and... something got in my way. In the process I got hurt. They made it out fine, though."

And he seemed content like that.

Chita nods towards Zeke as if asking him to wait a moment before looking towards Lumeria again, "Are you searching for your parents?" Yeah, he didn't know her age, just that she seemed pretty young. He'd seen enough lost people around this new world as it was.
Lumeria Lumeria turns a bit red at that, "I'm not a child! In fact, I'm likely older than both of you put together!" Of course she doesn't know about Viera lifespans either. "And I know where my parents are." She can't help but to add. "I'm trying to get out of here and somewhere else with actual knowledge and culture." It doesn't seems Luca was too much to her liking.

Her attention turns towards Zeke, "You're captain of this vessel right? Are you heading anywhere certain or whatever people will pay for you to take them?"
Zeke Zeke shrugged at Lumeria since he himself wasn't sure what her age or even species was since a lot of things can look human but arne't. Just ask Rosemarie next time you're in traverse. "Aye, worth the lumps taken if yer friend's in good condition. but ye dinna answer th'question lad." He put his hand on Chita's shoulder opposite the injured arm. "Need you anything we can give? I might not like th'church at times but they do tend to keep a healer or two on deck for such emergencies as I see needing their skills, and i dare say this qualifies."

Then to Lumeria he nodded again. "Aye lass I'll take ye wherever I can and feed an board ye the whole trip through. Too many people lookin fer home or work or somewhere shadows arne't trying t'eat them fer me to refuse passage t'anyone." Well there were those two guys that kept jawing about hunting mermaids and how fun it'd be. He left them swimming in the middle of the ocean. No really he just left them on a small island in the middle of nowehre... but it had water and thigns to eat.
Chita Lumeria's response and indignation caused Chita to laugh softly to himself, looking a bit pained. Before he could respond, he heard Zeke's remark and looked towards him, cocking his head a little in thought. "While I would not turn down healing, no, I did not ask to speak with you seeking charity. I had meant to ask if you know where I can find Mickey. I had hoped he might have the answers to some questions I have, as he seems rather worldly and liked by those I trust."
Then back to Lumeria, Chita smirks a bit, "And just how old are you then young lady? I will have you know I am also much older than you likely think." He seemed amused at her embarrassment, but didn't seem like he was going to be the type to press his luck and badger her more. Too many people in these worlds know magic and will use it at the drop of a hat, and right now - it'd hurt like hell.
Lumeria Lumeria knows some other species of demi-human can live a long time but she sound confident, "76. Mickey?" She might have heard that name before somewhere but she can't say she's too familiar with it. "Daguerreo might be interesting, but I doubt your ship can fly. Then again with how the worlds shifted about it, it might no longer be an issue. Ever been there before?" She doubts it, but it could be worth a shot.
Zeke Zeke had to laugh at the apparent 'who's older than they look by the most' contestgoing on. "Well I'll have you know i"m probably older looking than I really am and am proud of such." Then to Chita he grunted, "Nah sorry but I only see Mickey in passing an have no set ryme or schedule with th'man... Mouse... whatever he likes t'call himself." Really cheerful fellow all things considered.

Headshae at the question, "Nah. She canna fly nor have I been to this Daguerreo. HOwever i can find it with a little looking I wager. If not then i can always find somewhere else that might be close, or at least be more to your liking than this place."
Chita "A pity." Then Lumeria responds and Chita blinks towards her, caught by surprise. She /was/ older than him, but not by much. "I see. Well then. And... yes, actually. I have been to Duagerreo. Not too long back in fact. I still have a book from there." The Viera reaches up into the air and stares at nothing a moment before plucking a book out of it and showing it briefly to them before depositing it back into his Judges inventory. Useful loot storage trick. "Though I would suggest against going there at the moment. Last I was there... there was a lot of Heartless, or something like them, around the natural parts of the isle. The library itself was safe enough, but the journey there and around was rather dangerous."

Something about Duagerreo seemed to make the Viera a bit sad, though he didn't linger too long. "And yes, Mickey. Short fellow, large ears, black fur or fuzz, if you rather. You likely wouldn't know him, but you may, given how much he gets around."
Lumeria "Why do the Heartless swarm around all the good libraries?" Lumeria sounds a bit good annoyed at that. "How am I suppose to do my research?" She looks at the book curiously before he pockets it. "I really should learn Float so I can get about on my own, but still it would take a ton of energy to get anywhere worthwhile. "Do you know how to get any large libraries that aren't surrounded by Heartless?"
Zeke Zeke shrugged at news of the islan'ds overrun status. "Me an my crew could carve our way through to th'library. It'd cost since normal fair to and from places don't tend to include armed responses, but it could be done." Zeke sounded confident about going to an island full of heartless and coming back out again. "Not something I'd /ADVISE/ but doable if the need is great enough."
Chita Chita started to shrug a little before mumbling something softly and giving a pained hiss. "I should stop standing around. After all, I am doing nothing constructive and there is likely somewhere I can be of use. Nice seeing you again." Chita nodded towards Zeke, then turned towards Lumeria, seeming a bit curious. He didn't /quite/ believe she was telling the truth so much as fending for herself, but it doesn't hurt to be nice about things and play along with it. "And it was nice to meet you too, miss..." he trailed off as if asking her name, left hand reaching out to take hers as he bent to try and kiss the back of it in a polite-enough 'gentleman' fashion.

5tPreeeeetty sure she was a kid, but why not play to her fantasy. He used to play to his own after all.
Lumeria Lumeria's a bit surprised as Chita does so, but she doesn't resist. "Lumeria Silverdash, surely you've heard of us before?" Yes, the girl has a bit of an ego. "It sounds like money will be the least of our problems. So you know how how to get to Daguerreo? How did you get there? Chocobo? I doubt you have access to an airship." He wouldn't likely be hanging around here if he did.
Zeke "Take care of yourself." Zeke's voice was grave as Chita walked off. "You're good to none of your friends if pride keeps you ignoring injuries til you're too banged up to do anything." He meant it as 'stop nickering about and let me get your arm fixed, but take it however you like.

As for Lumeria? He actually put credit into the idea she was as old as she claimed. Then when Lumeria started grilling Chita he put a hand on her shoulder. "Easy lass easy there. Man's been through the wringer. Th'one good point t'heartless infesting this isle is even if it makes our job harder it means your library won't be looted as they seem t'care nothing fer books or devices." Usually.
Chita The sudden string of questions got a light laugh and he shook his head a bit, "It is fine, my arm was dislocated, not my throat. I... got there by boat. Most could not make it to the island, but we were all quite mobile and I can jump quite well, so it was little effort to get onto the island itself, and assist the others. A ship by itself will most likely not make it due to the layout of the land. There may be lots of rocks beneath the ocean nearby." he paused, thought about it more, then said, "If you wait a bit for my shoulder to heal I could go about it myself. I do not ask payment, I wander enough as it is and I... protect others as a hobby, I suppose, since I get no pay for it. I am a Judge by profession, of Jylland. Or this fellow. Up to you."
Lumeria "Well, maybe I could do something for you and you could do something for me then. Yes, I know. The last time I went there was on an airship, that was years ago though." Lumeria knows how difficult it can be. "And how do you intend to get there with the Heartless swarming about?" It sounds rather it dangerous. "It doesn't do me much good if you get killed on the way."
Zeke Zeke headtilted at Chita, "As I said we have healers on ship and if you're offering services as a guide then there's no reason for us to not get you in good trim." From nside his coat he pulled out a metal whistle and gave two short sounds. After a moment three whistles sounded from his ship followed by two more.

r"Almost finished with mantinance and repairs. Two more hours til we start taking on provisions." He did a little mental figuring and smiled to the both of his new companions. "You have six hours in town before we set sail. I suggest using this time wisely."

In answer to the 'how' question Zeke gave another long loud whistle. From his ship Frank stood p hefting a pair of ship's guns one on each shoulder. "Sir?!"

"You see that man there?" Zeke was grinning ear t oear. "He's weapons master on my ship. I have a whole crew that would make him look like a mewling kitten out in the middle of winter in a fight. don't you worry lass we can carve your path."
Chita "Possibly." Chita mentioned, then asked, "What did you have in mind?" he looked towards Zeke next and thought about it before nodding. "I suppose it would not hurt. And truth told, I have not a map to the place. I would have to visit a friend of mine, the one I attempted to protect today in fact, and see if she has the map still. And as for how to get through the swarm, if it is still there... I came in second place in the Hades Cup, nearly first. I have no issue cutting the things down myself. Or, at least, I hope that is still the case. I have not had an encounter with a heartless since an unfortunate incident I was in about a month back."
Lumeria "I'll heal you, so you can come with us." Lumeria figures she's getting something out of this. Besides he knows where to go, she doesn't want to get stuck lost on a boat in the middle of the ocean. "Well, I suppose we can wait until you can get the map." It doesn't hurt to know where know they're going after all.

Her attention then turns towards Zeke, "I'll give you half the money now and half when we're safely out of there. Take it or leave it." The girl crosses her arms, trying to look imposing as she says that.
Zeke Zeke nodded to Lumeria, "I'll take a quarter now, the rest when we get out." What? He shrugged if there was any sort of unusualness about the arrangement. "We're mostly provisioned as is I just like doing a full accounting between outings. Plus I do get non-material pay out of this in way of additions to charts. Plus i expect your own coffers are running thin yes?"
Chita "Oh? Healing me you say? Well, with him offering his own ships healers..." Chita nods towards Zeke as he departed to check on things, "That is not much indeed." He was teasing, of course. "And I do have so little interest in money. After all, I have more in a stipend from my job than I will ever use, plus the prize munny I earned from the Hades cup." He didn't actually ask for anything, though, instead smiling towards her and asking, "Would you like something to eat? I could buy you something." He may forever treat her like a kid. Hard to say. "I believe they have ice cream and such here. Maybe candies."
Zeke Canon fire from Zeke's ship. Fortunately they're pinted away from port... and 'empty'. Cue zeke shouting to give warning before running fire drills.
Lumeria "A quarter, sure I won't argue with that either." Lumeria's not going to protest a better deal for her. "Well, I'm sure I have more experience than any of them! You don't live to be 76 without learning a thing or two?" She can't help but to insist. "Besides I come from a talented family of mages." She can't help but to brag either. "Well, what do you want then? Nobody does anything for free." She figures hhe has to have some motivation.

"Ice cream?" She looks a bit surprised about that. Why was he being so nice to her? "Well, sure if you're buying." She does have a bit of a sweet tooth, not as much as her sister though.
Chita "I have no hidden motivation." he offers rather simply in response, cringing quite heavily at the heavy canonfire, tall ears folding down as if to cover themselves since he couldn't exactly. Apparently loud sounds weren't exactly the most pleasant sound for him.

"Come along then. You may even ride atop my Chocobo if you wish, he's quite friendly. It would not do to have a lady walking when I can do just the same. Unless you would rather walk."
With that, he gives a sharp whistle and his Chocobo trots over to the pair, standing there expectantly. Unlike some Chocobos, or wild Chocobos, he doesn't have the same odor. Must get quite a bit of Gyshals.
Lumeria Lumeria doesn't really care for the cannon fire either as she cringes a bit. Still, it's nice to know the guns worked if they were needed. Lumeria eagerly climbs on the back of the chocobo, she's certaintly not going to walk if she doesn't have to. The girl's light so the extra weight shouldn't prove to be much of a problem. "Do you have any siblings?" She can't help but to wonder with the way he was treating her.
Chita Chita reaches over with his good arm and offers up the reins to Lumeria before saying, "Do not get any ideas, by the way, of riding off with my Chocobo. He is trained well to my voice more than the one riding him, and did you try I would have him buck you - softly - right into the nearest water." Perhaps someone tried that before. Happy to get away from the docks, though, and all the hubbub, he looked around a bit before deciding to try his luck in the circular area near the edge of Luca that led to some shops. "And I do not truthfully know if I do or do not. I was taken from my family when I was too young to recall and... where I was raised, in an area with other menfolk of my kind, I had none. So it is entirely possible I have sisters, but I have never met them myself, nor do I know of them." pause. "Why do you ask?"
Lumeria Lumeria takes the reins, "Do I look like a chocobo thief to you? I could buy my own stable full of chocobos if I wanted to!" Sure, the girl can be greedy but she's not going to lower herself to that level. "I'm sorry to her that..." Did she actually sound sincere there for a moment. "Just curious..." She feels a bit bad for bring up the subject now. The mage turns away looking at the various shops.
Chita The quick apology got a smile out of Chita, but he didn't say anything regarding it, simply leaving it at that. He did mention though, "That was many, many years ago. I do not even remember those who gave birth to me, so I worry little. And I am sure you could. Which is why I am offering to buy you the ice cream." Because she could buy it herself? Gift? Humoring himself? Wanting the company? Hard to say.
He did say he had no hidden motivations. Perhaps simply being nice.

"76 though? Really? Any proof you are not simply a child masquerading as an adult?"
Lumeria "If I were going to lie about my age wouldn't I say something more believable like I was 18 and not 76? Besides neither of us are human to begin with." Lumeria can't help but to point that out. "Most of my friends from I was young have grown up and have kids of their own. It's kind of strange." Not to mention she felt lonely at times.
Chita "Sorry to hear that." The shops around weren't much to see at the moment, just small stalls from the docks. Minor things. Concessions, really, on the way to the Sphere theater. "I must admit I am curious, though. At what age are your kind considered adult? You still seem very young, where as my kind tend to be seen as adults at roughly the same time as humans - we simply age slower." Chita looked up at her as if he was thinking about something.
Lumeria "Do you age the same rate as humans until you reach adulthood? That certainly would be less awkward." Lumeria can't help to point out. "I'm guess I'm about equal to a 15-year old human at least physically. It's kind of hard to compare though." Mentally it certainly didn't work the same.
Chita Chita thinks about it a moment before responding in a teasing tone, "Oh, a little mystery is good for everyone hm?" And that was that. He simply chose not to answer. "I suppose you needn't answer in kind." And suddenly - ice cream. "Aha, and here we go. What type do you like? They have all different colors."
Lumeria "True, do you believe me now?" Lumeria can't help but to wonder that. "I like most kinds of ice cream, but I'm in the mood for strawberry. Good thing Rue isn't here, she would likely bankrupt you." She can't help but to think of her sister upon see all the different flavors of ice cream.
Chita "Oh? Is Rue your sister?" He thought about that a moment and reached into the air to pull out a small pouch with some munny, offering it towards Lumeria, "Here - should be enough munny there for you and your sister, next time you see her, to have some together. My treat. As for now... I like the one with the chunks of the black cookies in it. A bit sweet but it tastes good." Chita walks up and points out what he wants and considers his arm a moment before saying, "I, ah... guess I will have mine in a cone. I dislike them, but it is relatively hard to eat ice cream with one hand."
Lumeria "Yes." Lumeria takes the munny pouch and turns red with that. Why she was embarassed by this? She normally doesn't have problems with taking other people's money. Is her sister starting to rub off on her? "Why not just let me heal your arm already..." She doesn't know many people who would willingly go through pain if they can do something about it.
Chita As the ice cream is offered to them, Chita takes his and takes a bite off the top of his cone before looking her way, cocking his head a bit. It was a bit of a view downwards towards her, but he could still see her face after all. "Embarrassed? Or flustered again. I would say no need, but you are at least cute when you look that way - twice now I have seen such." Yeah, teasing her. He seems comfortable and at least fairly good at such. "As for my arm, I simply had not thought of it. The arm is... set back how it should be, so the medic I first saw said, and beyond that it is simply tender and aching. I suppose you could, but I do not know your healing methods and I am rather easily embarrassed in public places."
Lumeria Well, he's already embarrassed her twice it was her turn to heal him. "Hold still." Lumeria grabs his hurt arm with her free hand and begins to cast a spell. Small green sparkles appear and begin to mend the damage to his arm. "Besides, if you're going with us I want you in the best shape possible. I don't want be put in danger because you're too proud to be healed." Well, she is partly looking out for her well-being too.
Chita That response gets a smile from the Viera as he stands still, watching. If all she had to do was something like that, he wasn't going to complain. "I was worried you had some method of healing that required me to take off my shirt, so you could have access to my shoulder. If I knew you intended to simply use magic, I would have asked sooner." He was silent beyond that, watching her work with a bit of curiosity. He /was/ quite a bit taller, so she had to reach up as it was to reach his arm in the sling.
Lumeria "I told you I was from a family of talented mages. Do you think I wasn't serious about that. Why would that be such a big deal if I had to do so?" Her own shoulders are exposed after all. Lumeria starts to eat her ice cream with her other hand while waiting him for to answer. She doesn't want it to melt all over clothes after all.
Chita "Culture issue." he responds rather plainly, "I have never been... comfortable with my own gender publicly. It was only recently, after the accident I mentioned about a month back, that I even began to live openly as a male. For the last nearly two decades I have been pretending to be female openly to avoid being, as I was in my youth, taken back to be protected. The males of my kind are... very rare, and the womenfolk who follow the old way tend to view, still, that males have to be protected at all costs. Even against their own wishes."

And now that such was said, Chita simply turns and begins to eat his own ice cream, not quite facing the young-looking woman he had met only just a short bit ago. She asked, though. And he kind of stuck his foot in his mouth with mentioning an issue with such.
Lumeria "I can understand why that would be a problem." Not to mention awkward to talk about. Lumeria's not going to ask any further about the subject. She has things of her own she rather not talk about. She releases his arm and focuses on eating the rest of her ice cream.
Chita A few moments of silence lingers on and eventually Chita says towards her, "Thank you for using your magic on my shoulder. Though I do hold out that you do not need to pay me if you need protection from the Heartless. We all share that problem and less heartless in this world is never a bad thing. Perhaps this ice cream could be considered payment for your healing?"
It wasn't much, but perhaps. She was rich though, so maybe it wouldn't be.
Lumeria "Sure, why not." Lumeria figures she can go easy on him this one time. Besides it's in her best interests to keep him around if they do run into danger. Besides it was kind of nice to have someone to talk to for a change. That and she felt kind of bad for him, she would be unhappy if someone seperated her from her family.

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