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(2013-09-12 - Now)
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Alma Hyral So yeah, the cooking competition.

It turned out to be less a cooking competition and more a 'Who can create the least potent biological weapon?' competition. Alma felt sorry for all the judges(except Hades, being an immortal being of absolute evil kind of made him immune to any ill effects of cooking). She even felt sorry for Pain and Panic, the two little Hades minions that Kyra kept accidentally skewering.

So after she made certain that Kamon and Soan were both going to survive, one only by the grace of a literal Phoenix Down. She took the time to sit down by the harbor, watching the sun rise. Watching the waves from the incoming tide lap against the quay was a rather serene experience for her. She was dressed pretty casually as dawn's light first touched her, wearing only a pair of denim jeans, a T-shirt, and a crimson windbreaker. She was still seated within sight of the bar where the famous(Some would say infamous) competition occurred.
Haneisuru You know how you know that cooking competition was best avoided?

Haneisuru was nowhere near it. That should tell you literally everything. That said, he's in a bit of a frustrating spot. On the one hand, he wants to be out there finding new monsters. The work he's been stuck doing is almost...boring. And boring is the worst thing. On the other hand, his own private projects...might see some fruition. All he has to do is find an immortal being of absolute evil, and then mimic his actions perfectly. Then..yeah. That's going to be pretty awesome.

At any rate, he's still wearing the bright, gaudy outfit with the leather chestpiece, wandering past Alma. He's staring intently at the map as he wanders by, probably unlikely to even notice the mage. There is /so much work to be done/
Alma Hyral When the masochist is avoiding a cooking competition that's generally a very bad sign. When the masochist is avoiding it and the best healer of the academy surviror's is on scene that's an even worse sign.

Kyra had even forbidden her from eating any of the food which Alma was inwardly relieved that she wouldn't have been obligated to try... the horror of /Marlboro Icecream/.

She spots Haneisuru almost immediately, his gaudy, ostentatious outfit catching her eye rather rapidly. This brings something of a smile to her face. Now she's not oblivious to his mimic the god's plan, having heard him and Nik discuss it extensively. She just doesn't make an instant connection given that he was a Zaibatsu man, given that the Zaibatsu was recently in the area. Having a mobile headquarters made such considerations at the forefront of her mind.

Adjusting her glasses, she calls out to him. "Hey there Hanei. Didn't expect to see you out here this early, or at all really." Standing up, she brushes herself off, before sauntering over towards him. "Just sightseeing, or do they have you out on an interesting assignment?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru would /almost/ have eaten it, but he's pretty much maxed out his understanding of the Malboro. At any rate...
"...Nah, my current assignment's kinda boring, and I'm taking a break from it. I'll be honest, I'm kinda getting left to the wayside while all this gummiship research's going on. I can't, uh, safely hang out in the void between worlds, so it doesn't have a whole lot going on that I care about." He ughs, rubbing some knuckles on his chest. "But hey, sightseeing's good too, you know?"
Alma Hyral Pretty sure that goes beyond understanding of the Marlboro and just moves right into the zone of ultra-masochistic. After all, Kyra made it.

"Ha, yeah, I know all about being left by the wayside." She makes a motion with a hand going over her head. "My field of study isn't one that most people get into. Though I think I'd like to get into the gummispace research projects going on soon. That actually is kind of my expertise."

Chortling softly, "But, I'm kind of cut off from most people doing anything in gummispace at all. So you know, if you do come up with any projects of your own, just give me a call. You sound like you'd need a White Mage pretty frequently."

There is a moment's pause, where she takes a brief glance towards the sunset. "Yeah, sightseeing has it's perks. How's life at the Zaibatsu anyhow? Getting along alright with everyone?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru chuckles. "Yeah......white magic's /kinda/ alright, but it's weirdly harder for me to learn it. I dunno why. Anyway, so having one of you around is kinda handy. I'm seriously gonna do that Tonberry thing someday, and then maybe get to work on the H--hah, well, the Zaibatsu's been going alright. I mean, nothing really crazy's going on right now anyway, y'know?" He tilts his head.

"Unless, of course, /yada yada yada/ you wanna fly around in space. Man, if it weren't a cool way to get to new places. ...Oh, yeah, that reminds me. You been to this 'Greece' place yet?"
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral shrugs her shoulders, "Well I could speculate why, but my White Magic is kind of an odd brand of it anyhow so I don't think I can offer any tips. Kyra's white magic is a little more normal." ...well, normal in the sense that its power fluctuates /wildly/, but she saw no sense bringing it up. "...if you want to ask her. You might be able to at least mimic some of the basics off her if she lets you."

She shivers a bit, offering a faint grin when he mentions Tonberries. "Well, can't say I don't think you're still a little out of your mind wanting to go after one of those things, but I can heal from a good distance and Tonberries kind of attack at point blank range, so I don't mind following you around."

She nods once again, "Eh, I meant more the normal stuff around the Zaibatsu. Like making any friends among your coworkers? Don't need to know any of the real big and crazy company projects anyhow. Souji would probably get upset if you talked about them with me."

Now on the last point she grinned, "Actually I do very much like flying around in space, I took one trip on a gummiship to New Ivalice recently, it was a real experience. Going to have to write a dissertation on the place once I get more facts and data, theoretical astrophysics is kind of my expertise."

And then there's a short pause as she considers the question. "...well depends on which version. There's a seperate world, called Olympia, which has a Greece, then there's the one from the world of Manhatten. Going to guess you mean the Olympia one. They have some interesting star configurations and constellations from that world."
Haneisuru Haneisuru uhhs. "Making...uh. Yeah. Sure. That's a thing." He squints a little. Then again, he's a guy who thinks hanging out with Tonberries to absorb their power is a good thing. That's not the guy at the office you drag out to go partying on the weekend, and he's probably the guy who doesn't show up for the company picnics.

"...Yeah, Manhattan is boring. Now, maybe that arcade has some cool stuff, but Manhattan itself is way, way boring. I don't know why everyone doesn't just up and leave that place, there's so much cool stuff everywhere else, you know?" He sighs. Hms.

"Yeah, New Ivalice. I gotta see that place again, that looked pretty cool. Hey. Uh. That...Hades guy is from Olympia, right? I had that one correct?" He clucks his tongue once, rotating his wrist a few times. "Just making sure. ...And wait, really? Theoretical astrophysics? That's what you ended up studying?"
Alma Hyral "Good, good..glad everything's going alright." Alma isn't an idiot and can sense that that means 'not really', but no sense pressing the guy on it. Most people at the Zaibatsu were pretty awkward when it came to that. There was once a time when she fit up there in the category of /most awkward/ along with Minette.

"Eh, Manhatten kind of reminds me of being back home on Ramuha sometimes. A little lower tech, but when it rains, it really feels like I'm back there, if I just close my eyes and feel it.. might be me just being a little homesick sometimes. But Kyra and me live in Archades. A little more developed there on the Magitek front. But I agree, love the arcade. The Grid and the Grand Central Gaming are pretty excellent worlds to visit..." She rubs one arm across another, kind of crossing them as she tries to turn the conversation away from home. She gives Haneisuru a wry look at that, "Yeah, the Hades you met is from Olympia, the Greeks back in the world from Manhatten, their Hades looks a whole lot more human I guess?" She grins, "...thinking of trying to mimic the gods, are you?"

And then on the last part, she chuckles, "Wondering how someone my age got into that? Well, let's just put it this way. You know how most kids grow out of the whole wishing on a star phase and resting their hopes and dreams on some distant celestial bodies?" She gestures vaguely to the sky, "...I never stopped. I wanted to learn everything about them. But even learning the science behind them didn't make me stop thinking of the metaphysical aspects of stars, and space, and the origins of the universe and life itself."
Haneisuru Haneisuru also doesn't sound that concerned anyway. Friends are cool, he's alright with 'em, but they're this thing that happens when they happen. Besides, he's got way, way cooler things to do.

"I, uh. I guess it's not that. I mean. It's kinda like Ramuha, Ramuha. Where nothing happens. Now, I really need to look into that Grid thing. And--are you kidding me? If you mimic a god perfectly, you can become a god? And you're asking me am I going to try that? That's...that's /amazing/, I have to try that. I mean, back home, they could never prove it, but one way or the other, well, I come back with science! And yeah, obligatory 'oh, but Haneisuru, you might die or something' yeah whatever." He grunts. Everyone always ruins everything with that.

"...Okay, I guess that's cool, yeah. But I dunno if I'd say the stars and space have a /whole/ lot to do with how life began...I mean..." He scratches his head. "...To be honest, though, I guess I don't know enough about that to say anything.
Alma Hyral Alma actually laughs at that, "Well, guess I wouldn't know. My family was kind of...restrictive. I barely got out of our estate until I was twelve, and then I was shipped straight off to Chocobo and Alexander Academy. So I kind of have a romanticized view of Ramuha. So it probably is boring Ramuha, I wouldn't know, even though I lived there most of my life."

Nope, she isn't actually going to admonish him too much on that, "Well cool, let me know how it goes. Just be careful you know? Sometimes there's such a thing as digging too far, too deeply, too quickly. Take it slow, just a bit of advice from someone who knows. And I'm totally not being a hypocrite here..." She grins sheepishly, "....totally not, even with the little haste spell thing that you know, just happened."

She waves it off with a smile, "Well this is the part where I'd generally launch off on some semi-pedantic lecture until most people's eyes would glaze over, but I'm going to spare you that."
Haneisuru Haneisuru chuckles. "What, you kidding? That haste spell thing was /great/. ...I mean, really, sure, I was all 'That's a terrible idea', but..." He clicks his tongue, pointing a finger at Alma and cocking it like a gun, before spreading his arms widely. "How do you think I found /out/ that's a terrible idea? Experimentation is what life's all about." He considers. "Yeah...uh. A lot of my work at the Academy...uh. Well." He scratches his head.
Do you describe the part where it's like 'Yeah, we have no idea what exams to give a Mimic. Just go pick a random class and take someone else's practical exam /with/ them, and pass.'. Do you describe the part where your blue mage training is just basically being shipped to Odin and you have a white mage with you in case things go wrong?

"It was...uh. Well, I got to see a lot of the world."
Alma Hyral She scratches the back of her neck, right beneath the long tresses of red hair which extend all the way down to her waist. She laughs awkwardly, "Yeah, yeah... it was /great/, but I think I was scaring the Chaos out of people. Aeschere sounded like she wanted to hide under her desk until I collapsed."

She grins at him, "I actually used to do all sorts of crazy deadly experiments back at the Academy that few people know about. I think Kyra would kill me or hug me if she knew about half of them. Let's just say you can attribute some of the bigger of the mysterious explosions to me."

As for the Mimic thing, didn't sounds pretty appropriate! From what she knew about the Ninja class, it was pretty much 'You found out the Ninja class actually existed, then infiltrated another class, without said class knowing you were an intruder.' This is why she knew of no actual ninja graduates, just poser rebel ninjas without a cause who roamed in gangs and did stupid stuff.

She gives him a wistful smile at that, "Wish I'd had the oppurtunity to see more of the world before it fell. Now I kind of want to see anything, and everything, and know a little bit about everywhere. A good friend of mine rubbed off on me a little bit there. Just a smidge. So I've been doing a lot of exploration lately."
Haneisuru Haneisuru shrugs a little. " Now I have more world to explore than I did before, y'know?" The mimic cracks his neck a little. "Huh, was that you? That is pretty cool. I never really got to do any crazy, deadly experiments, mostly because....well. Y'know, to have me do something crazy and deadly, you have to have a crazy deadly thing already there /doing/ somehting crazy and deadly, and you can't really justify having two of that at once. So I got sent out a lot on field trips." He coughs.

"Anyway, well, there's nothing wrong with scaring people. People oughta be shaken up more. It's important."
Alma Hyral "Well crazy and deadly for me." She handwobbles in a pretty obvious manner, "I'm pretty fragile. You just wouldn't know it because, hey, White Mage. It allows me to actually function on a day to day basis."

She grins impishly, "Well, I'm kind of a night owl and...noone knew those experiments were going on. It's why my magic is so different from most White Mages. Not necessarily more powerful, just... different."

She shrugs, "Depends, I was pretty timid at first. I tended to overreact when people shook me up. Now?" A sort of highwayman type smile, it's a little eerie in fact. "When you deal with eldritch horrors as much as I have, not as much phases me anymore."
Haneisuru The mimic huhs. "Yeah, okay, I guess. We might have different definitions of crazy deadly, I'm alright with that." Fragile? Man, what good is that. At least she can fake being brave, and that's good enough.

"Ah, yeah. The ol' beg for forgiveness gambit. I can understand that, and besides. Just means you got more out of your time at the Academy than others, right?" He pauses.

"...Wait, why do you get to deal with more of those than I do?"
Alma Hyral "No fusion experiments with magic are pretty crazy deadly, no matter how you look at it usually." She laughs light-heartedly. "And no need to beg for forgiveness. They never found out. Experimenting with White Magic on Galianda? It was wholly taboo, forbidden by our Church. If I'd been discovered I'd have been disowned by my family. There'd be no forgiveness for it."

The eerie smile remains, "Let's just say I stick my nose where it doesn't belong a lot. And discover that either they have an interest in my friends.. or I just befriend people who they already have an interest in and encounter them that way." And after a moment's pause, "Stick around at the Zaibatsu long enough and I guarantee you'll meet a few."
Haneisuru Haneisuru huhs. "...Well. That sounds /really/ interesting," He says, rubbing his chin. "Anyway, oh. You weren't just experimenting, you were...heh. Huh." He considers, "...Hey, y'know, that kinda makes me wonder. Couldn't the gods have, y'know, done something about the Heartless, you'd think?"
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral actually pales a bit about that, as if she knows...more than a person ought to about the nature, and creation of the heartless.

"And what if the horror responsible for them is just as powerful as the gods, if not moreso, Hanei?" She states that in a voice that is barely a whisper.
Haneisuru Haneisuru considers that. "...Then, well, I guess we have to become stronger than the gods. Sounds a little /hard/ on the one hand, but on the other hand..." He ...actually laughs. "We'll be /stronger than the gods/! How amazing is that?"
Alma Hyral "Well sounds pretty amazing when you think about it until you also consider the responsibility..."

She still looks a little perturbed on the subject. "I mean, who really wants to be an arbiter of life and death? I sure don't."
Haneisuru Haneisuru stares at Alma. Then he kinda looks down. And to the side.
Alma Hyral Alma just looks at him for a time. Ah, that definitely answered some questions. "So what would you do, if you had the power above that of the gods?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru considers. "Right now, /absolutely/ no idea. But I'd probably think of something, and it'd probably be pretty cool."
Alma Hyral She tilts her head to the side, giving him an inquisitive look. "So, there's nothing that just springs to mind? Nothing you always wanted to do, and just couldn't? Or some way you'd want to change the world?"
Haneisuru Haneisuru hms? "Well, sure, but I figure by the time I actually had that kind of power--usually the whole point in stories is whatever you /started out/ wanting to do is a bad idea, then you figure out what you /should/ be doing later, you know? I'd probably figure out something better by then anyway."
Alma Hyral She nods, "Well you're right. Perspective changes, the more power you have. It's just... Sometimes you have to hold on to those initial thoughts and dreams. They're what keep you grounded amongst all the grandiose things you can do."
Haneisuru Haneisuru takes a breath. "...Well, I have no idea, really. I just kind of like learning new magics. The step two really isn't my department, you know?"
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral chuckles, "The journey, more than the destination? I can respect that. Just make sure that in the journey, you figure out what you want to do once you arrive. It'll make sure you have an eventful trip once you move on again."
Haneisuru Haneisuru scratches his head. "Yeah, uh. Something like that, I guess. I'm sure I can make that work."
Alma Hyral She laughs again, awkwardly. "Man, I must seem so strange to you. You just want to have fun learning new magic and...I'm just talking about heavy stuff most people don't want to think about."
Haneisuru Haneisuru shrugs. "Eh, people are different. It's no skin off my nose, really. It's just noy my thing, personally. I don't really handle the more complex philosophies so well."

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