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(2013-09-10 - Now)
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Deelel It's later in the evening the Arcade is closed technically but given people who know one of the trio of programs who live here? It be easy enough to drop by for a social call after all. Deelel's been busying herself on an art project it's been too long since she actually did what she was made for after all, she'd like to. Humans had their creeds their faith, while Deelel had such? She knew without even asking to thinking what she was made for. She's a person after all but she is a program she was made to do something and she still enjoys it. In some cases, so she's working down on one of the tables on the main floor with some of her updated art tools from Argon. It was so nice to be using something that was from 32bit OS and not something that was ... older than her very native system.
Alma Hyral It'd been a lonely past few weeks. Naturally that inclined her towards seeking out some company from time to time.

And while the Arcade brought back some... memories that she'd rather not discuss, they were for the most part fond ones. She knew it was the entrance to the area known as the Grid, and from there, the grand surge protector station that housed the video game world, based on all of the games of the arcade.

As she pushed open the door, her eyes lingered on the Super Ghouls and Ghosts box, which gave her something of a chagrined and yet sad smile. Nevertheless, she put on a cheerful face in short order, looking throughout for any occupants. At the moment she was wearing nothing more elaborate than a pair of denim blue jeans, a T-shirt covered by a crimson windbreaker, with a white scarf decorated with red triangles around her neck. Just something practical. She lingered at the Donkey Kong cabinet for a moment, imagining she could wave in at the ape inhabitant, but deciding against it.

It didn't take long for her to spy Deelel, and she leaned up against one of the columns in the area instead of one of the cabinets(It seemed disrespectful to her), crossing her arms as she looked at the program. "So, good to see you again. What's been going on?" Her gaze shifted over towards what she was working on, but she only implies the question, rather than asking outright.
Deelel Deelel was often a strange girl that way, she did seem so human she'd honestly had a hard time telling people she was not flesh and blood like they were. She was made with a purpose after all. It's comforting really to know why your here form the moment of your creation after all. She looks up from her work with the floating hard light constructs which were the prototyping of her current art work. Deelel's clothing didn't change much if all. It was a mysterious if she owned more or even bothered to change. Or did she just have dozens of the same outfits, she didn't have all the concerns that a human might have to cause her to change outfits as much after all.

She looks up from her work which seems right not to be a collection of floating polygons Deelel seems pretty intently working on for a moment.

"Greetings, Alma. This that, the other thing, found a way home. World's gone to what's the term? Hell in a hand basket."

She has no idea if her friends like Ping or Cel are alive anymore or if worse things had befallen them. She's already accepted the likes of Bios and Cashe likely are dead or now goons of Clu.

"What can I do for you? It's been quite some time since we talked. You were curious about what I am, and where I was from if i recall right?"
Alma Hyral She looks over the mass of floating polygons with cheered smile, though it sours somewhat when Deelel mentions that her world has gone to hell, which she's pretty much equated with Chaos, the equivalent on Galianda. She gives her something of a worried look.

"Well I'm glad you found your way back but.. is something happening? Did the Shadow Lords and the Heartless decide to invade?"

Then she asks what she can do for her, and that gives her some pause. "Well sure, I had questions on your world. And I guess they've become a little more pressing if your world is in trouble. So let's start with that then we'll move on down to the basics. Like say, how well does magic function there? In the video game world there were so many rules from game to game that it became unpredictable."
Deelel Deelel pauses her work for now turning the unit off and the whole thing derezzes after she saves the progress of her world.

"We have heartless problems already. They are just known as the black virus. The only reason any of my people know of their true nature? Is due to Tron, Beck and I experience it first hand. We have no magic of our own."

She tilts her head for a moment clearly thinking at the term basics? Deelel starts to giggle, she finds it's funny.

"It really is all about Basics. Like myself isn't it? It still seems to function there. No it's one set of rules much like this world here, it's ... quite the orderly world. Far more so than these. After all basics like myself or if you prefer programs are made for a purpose after all."
Alma Hyral Black Virus. Well that's one way of looking at the Heartless, she could wrap her head around that. No magic, also made sense. Fully technological world. That it functioned at all was one of the small blessings she'd count later.

As for the orderly part? Well. She did in fact understand that, better than most people. There was a time when that would have appealed to her. Now? Not so much anymore. Too many pieces to the world that didn't fit in an orderly universe. Yet they were pieces all the same, and shouldn't be devalued because they don't fit into that order. So that statement gave her a sort of sad smile.

"I see, well you make it sound like Heartless aren't the real problem since you're dealing with them already, did something new happen?"
Deelel Deelel says "They are an issue, never take them lightly. Even the most foolish person on my world would have an innate dislike of such viral creatures. They really are more or less are a virus native to this world that has slipped into mine."

She pauses at the smile it seemed dad and she wonders about that for a moment

"New to me, old news there. Another story long story short? I fell out of my world due to some sort of glitch in reality and ended up in another system. I missed a lot of things but what happened is this. The head system admin Clu? Turned upon our creator..."

She says that in the way someone would be speaking of a deity they worshipped and took it seriously.

"Flynn had vanished, Clu had killed or subverted the security forces and then expanded them into a full out army."

"There was one other race of people. They are known as ISOs or were. So far as I know most if not all of them are dead now. Clu hates imperfection, the ISOs who appeared out of the sea of simulation? Beings born without purpose...had no place in his system. He purged them, some basics tried to help them fight back. In the end? All was Voxels more or less."

Deelel gets up to go get her self a drink, well is it a drink? The liquid is glowing faintly in the water bottle she's grabbed. She takes a swig of the contents sits back down and continues.

"Now he's turned to continuing to make 'the perfect' system. Things are getting bad for everyone on the grid. He's had free run of the place for several hundred cycles or more at this point. Things are getting so locked down one can't even carry out their function. It's just plain out crazy."

The implications of beings born without purpose sounds a lot like most people outside of Deelel's world doesn't it?"
Alma Hyral The girl pales smiles in a sort of eerie manner when Deelel mentions taking the Heartless lightly.

"No, I understand, I'd never presume to take them lightly."

Never that.

Then Deelel moves on to names which are unfamiliar, she tries to follow along with her explanation, eventually nodding, with a frown as she mentions Clu's methods, her grip on her arms tightening just a tad, "So, purity freak who genocidally kills off his own people just because they don't fit into his order? And also a fascist." The next word is biting in its sarcasm, "Charming."

She removes one of her arms, placing a hand against her forehead, she already had a headache trying to follow this as she watches Deelel drink the glowing liquid. "So.. how do you fight a computer system administrator? Usually they have pretty complete power over the system."
Deelel Deelel looks at Alma for a moment shaking her head.

"ISOs are something else something different. Their code was far more complex then say mine."

She doesn't seem angry or bitter about that, it's just how it is for a moment.

"He was a System admin. Flynn clearly isn't dead, or if he is? Clu doesn't have the permissions Flynn used to."

She tilts her head a bit downs some more of the liquid.

"Lot of basics were terrified out of their minds about the ISOs, when everyone you known everything you know is born for a purpose? It's like having a heartless drop in on you, I likely took things a bit better here well? I'm made for more abstract things."

"I guess think of Clu a bit more like say Merlin in terms of that. Powerful but not God, he is ... no user."

She looks a bit sheepish

"I'm trying to keep things simple as I can sometimes you have to be shown things. Most things in this world I'd have never got save i saw it. Seriously I thought the sun was something exploding"
Alma Hyral So Merlin, Merlin.. she scoured her memories for the reference, then recognition dawns.

"Oh. So basically, just near god-like, but not like a god." And then that sank in, "Well that doesn't bode well."

She laughs a little at the thought of the sun exploding, before she readjusts her glasses "Well technically it is. Every star is a huge mass of constant fusion reactions causing near limitless energy. But a lot of that energy has to bleed off, so they are constantly exploding in a sense."

She clears her throat at that point, "But really you don't want to hear about my field of study, it's rather boring to most people. So what sort of rules has this CLU put into place?"
Deelel Deelel says "Exactly he's not a god."

She looks right at Alma.

"... Really? Huh, that's wait limitless energy?!"

She stares the concept of such and how it could be used. She shakes he head that isn't something she's got skills int.

"I have never fought him. Honestly he'd likely tear me apart in a fight."

Deelel's no weakling either from what Alma might have seen she drains the rest of the bottle down and tilts her head.

"In some ways The Grid is a lot like your world lot like this city really, as for him I don't have enough data. He has full command of all the security forces on the grid has access to just about anything I can think of. He doesn't have control of the ways into ... the Gird however. Flynn is a wise man, he ... didn't tell Clu how to get out. he took a lot of effort to keep us from getting out. To be honest I think a lot of programs might not take this world very well. So I see why Flynn did that."
Alma Hyral She actually smirks a little bit at her comment on godhood.

"I bet when supernatural entities ask him if he's a god, he says yes."

Grinning, she nods. "Yeah, usually for at least ten billion years. It goes through phases of existence in which the energy waxes and wanes......and I'm lecturing again, I'll stop, really." The comment on whether he'd tear her apart in a fight raises one of her eyebrows, "Yeah, well strength isn't always who you can take on in a battle."

She adjusts her glasses. "A lot like my world? Well, not sure about that. The power surges from my city would be so chaotic to deal with inside a computer system. But I can see it otherwise. I went through the Grid twice, pretty angular, kind of sterile... wasn't sure what to make of it, and not knowing the rules I kind of hurried through."

She gives the subject some thought, "But can they get out? Seems like the best way to solve this issue is to find Flynn."
Deelel Deelel does not mind the science lesson at all, it's curious to her. Learning about things most basics will never know is kinda of a thing she takes enjoyment in.

"Grid's god weather. Well the Flynn OS does id you want to get more technical about it. There are ways out, TRON and Beck locked our way in but there's another way or two I found. I could show you if you like, we have our ways they are more or less safe and int the end we are going to need all the help we can get."

She grins brightening up a little bit. "Flynn ... Flynn is the creator he made the grid, he knows it's all. Things that are even unknown to Clu are known to him. Given my own travels in this world? He's likely got a hidden bolt hole somewhere out there. There are environments programs are not suited to survive in. Really most things from the grid would find it hard at best to survive out there. As for the gods bit? Humans ... are. Our gods. You made us, you made our world, gave us our purpose."
Alma Hyral Alma holds up a hand at that, "Hey a tour sounds great, better than great actually. I'd love to take some time exploring the place. 'BUT'." She punctuates and then drawls out the word. "Is it safe for us to just look around like that? And will Clu's people be able to find a way out if we're careless? Just gotta put it into perspective before we leap right in."

She nods when Dee talks about Flynn and him possibly being in hiding but pales from her usual unhealthy color to an even more sickly shade when she discusses humans being gods. "Look um, I had no hand in creating your world, or your kind, or giving you purpose so...don't think of me as a god, please. And I mean it I'm...really the furthest thing from being some arbiter of life or death, or a Creatrix so...yeah...just think of me as different than you, but not above you. Because we really shouldn't lord ourselves over your people."
Deelel Deelel says "We have our ways, contacts. There's some ... programs who are sympathetic to those trying to do something about Clu. We can get you set up with a disc and a light suit easily so you shouldn't stand out much."

Deelel sighs

"Look I try to show any user I meet at least the basic amount I would give to Sarah-42."

She still is faithful in the users even if it's hit the basic that? They'd be darn well lost without their computer systems.

"People are people yes but just keep in mind. Also best to not talk about it anyway on the grid when you meet my contact your just a stray I'm trying to help. She's a good person. True every user is human, but not every human is a user. Still though I find it interesting....several people who got to known me quite well don't quite get I'm not human. Maybe I'm a better artist than I thought. "

She's got a bid old nearly Sora grade goofy grin at the moment.

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