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(2013-09-09 - 2013-09-09)
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Rhiannon Zellen It had been some time since Chita and Rhia parted ways since...that night. Rhia's activities remained largely the same. Experimenting with blood samples and occasionally dabbling in machinery. Sometimes, she would take time out to actually do something Shinra required of her, which was rare. But it was on this particular day that our intrepid scientist, while taking a brief break and looking over some new medical files that had come in, discovered that one of their branch hospitals had gotten a unique visitor.

"Oho..." Usually, the patient lists weren't anything she'd concern herself with. Sometimes they might have an interesting name or two in there. In which case, she'd pay the facility a visit. But usually, they were filled with boring cases she'd seen countless times before. "I suppose my work could use a bit of time to cool off." Rhia decided to herself, standing up from her chair and moving towards the door. Grabbing her lab coat and smoothly putting it on, she left her lab and made her way to her destination.

It was a simple matter, leaving Shinra HQ and strolling through the streets of Goug, on her way to the hospital in which their unique patient was being held. It would seem he came in rather battered. Likely from fighting some manner of beast. The details failed to pique her interest. Eventually though, the eastern attired woman arrived, stepping through the doors of the hospital and moving straight past the front desk. Her face was recognized and the receptionist offered not a single word of protest.

Taking the elevator up to the next floor, Rhia stepped out and approached the designated room number. "Here we are..." And with that, she opened the door and stepped through, into the room.
Chita Just a while. And the Viera had departed quickly enough in the early morning to take care of something somewhere, apparently work-related. And since then hadn't really been heard from. Until just now, of course. When Rhiannon arrived in the room, it would seem that the majority of the healing/doctoring work had already been done. The simple enough room, with window, had it raised and open and Chita was sitting in the chair near the window while looking out it, not really paying attention to much.

Most of his body was wrapped up in clean bandages that could be seen anyways. He had on a pair of simple enough pants and was currently without a shirt. His wet hair implied he had just bathed not long ago.

The reports did mention what appeared to be 'magic' wounds, combined with various injuries from being thrown around apparently a great deal. Maybe he got into a fight with the Midgar Zolom? A Zolom? No, actually.
When the door opened, though, Chita's left ear cocked a bit and he turned to look towards the one who entered, "Did you forget some-- oh, Rhiannon." Probably was expecting the nurse when he responded, and in fact he was, the one who had applied the bandages and such when he got through bathing.
Rhiannon Zellen Upon seeing Chita, awake and well, Rhia deflated visibly, actually looking disappointed. Though mostly for show. "Oh. You're awake." A dramatic sigh was given then. "What a shame. And here I was hoping that I could take a blood sample while you were out. What a shame~" Shrugging airily, the scientist shut the door and stepped further into the room then.

"Well, I suppose I must change my plans, since you are wide awake and all." A brief chuckle escaped from her at that before she sobered up and continued. "So, tell me." Rhia began, casually seating herself atop the edge of his currently unused bed, crossing one leg over the other and letting it dangle carelessly

"What happened to you? I read the reports and your case sounded quite...irregular." Perhaps there was some rare creature out there that she could order some grunts to try and capture! ...Or not.
Chita Chita couldn't help but chuckle at the reaction he saw, shaking his head a little before reaching up to idly rub at a sore ear a moment. "Well, you still can I suppose, although I dislike needles. Though I would ask why you need another when you had the one from before." As for the question, he thought about how to respond for a moment before standing and walking over to place a hand on her shoulder to pat it gently.

"Hello to you too by the way." That was followed with a kiss on her cheek if she allowed such and him saying rather simply, "There had been rumors of some thing in the Targ woods killing passerby's indiscriminately. I... went to try and put an end to such. Others showed up, chaos broke loose and... somehow that thing shrugged off everything I threw at it. And proceeded to abuse the thing I am weakest to while nearly killing me. I suppose I am lucky in that regard. There was a healer in the group that was able to heal me enough I could get here atop my Chocobo."

And there you had it. As to what happened to it? He had no idea. In fact, he didn't know if it survived or died. He was unconscious/beaten around at the time pretty badly.
Rhiannon Zellen "I have no need for one. But just the act of taking without permission is exciting, no?" AKA, it's all for nothing. Funny. She didn't offer any resistance when he approached and placed a hand on her shoulder. Nor did she resist when he kissed her cheek. All she did in reponse was smile mysteriously and listen to his story.

"I see. So you were one of those(brave fools) who stepped in to investigate the rumors." She nodded slightly at that, tapping her cheek lightly with a finger. "Hmn, so it was that powerful? Shame. I would have liked to see it for myself. But alas, Shinra had no interest in following up on those rumors." And she herself was too hampered with prior work to bother.

All that aside, a shrug was given and she chuckled at his expense once again. "So, how do you feel, returning from being a big hero? Hm?" Clearly patronizing Chita, Rhia asked that rather mocking question with her usual pleasant smile. "Do you feel as if you performed a great deed?"
Chita A soft snort came from the Viera as she continued to speak and when he sat down on the side of the bed behind her and turned to rest with his back against the headboard, the final remark did earn a rather sour look from him. "Sometimes I wonder about you. You go from being somewhat personable, and even enjoyable to be around... to making me dislike you all over again."
One leg crossed over the other, his arms crossed just beneath his chest and he studied her a moment more before giving his answer. "I am no hero. I have never been a hero and likely never will be. Though I imagine it is every little boys dream at one point to do something heroic in their life, or all throughout... everyone has to grow up at some point. I grew up long ago, Rhiannon. I have no whimsical notions of being a hero. I simply... try to do what I feel is right, and will continue to do such as long as I can."
Rhiannon Zellen "Mhmhm~" Rhia brought a hand to her mouth, covering it as a brief giggle escaped. It always did amuse her to see his mood sour. "You are all too easy to rile up." Staying beside herself with amusement for a little longer, she listened to his answer.

"My, that was surprisingly...exactly the answer I expected from you." Shaking her head, Rhia continued on, uncrossing her legs and crossing them the other way again. "You grew up, you say?" A rhetorical question as a follow up soon came after. "...Then please, do explain to me that significance of that forged keyblade you carry around."
Chita "I suppose I am." he admits freely, not quite sure why anyone would enjoy pissing others off, but hey, to each their own he supposed. What she brought up next, though, was different.

Forged Keyblade?

He had shown her that? Not that he ever recalled. The false keyblade that had been forged for him, upon request, by the Legendary Weaponsmith the group he had been with found in Duagerreo, /was/ always something he kind of clung to and he wasn't even sure why. Why did he even carry that thing around? "Truth told I had hoped it would allow me to fight the heartless properly. Or to do something to help save the worlds." Holding up his right hand, Chita pulls out... the broken, shattered husk of what was once the false keyblade, the keyblade-shaped 'weapon' that had no power whatsoever, before, or after that monster he'd fought had shattered it. "Destroyed. In the fight I was in that left me in this shape. Along with one of my few remaining Judge Spears." The broken hilt was sat down on the bed near his legs, fully within reach of Rhiannon. "Does that suit your question? Or does my pursuit for power over the Heartless seem childish?"
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmn..." She listened to him, watching as he produced the broken keyblade. "Well, would you look at that. All broken and sorry looking. What a shame~" Smiling in amusement now, Rhia reached out and grasped the broken remnant of the weapon, picking it up to test the weight, as well as to have a closer look all around.

"Much like one's heroic ambitions. This keyblade is a fine representation of the end result. Mhmhmhm~" Unable to keep it to herself, the scientist wound up letting out another fit of giggles. Once that subsided, she set the remains of the fake keyblade down and shook her head. "Your pursuit for power over the heartless is not entirely childish I would say..."

There was a pause then as Rhia allowed time for her response to sink in. "...But rather, there are alternatives to relying on the concept of a weapon that seems to be rather choosy about who owns it...something...darker." And that statement was topped off with a smile to belie the nature of the conversation.

"Surely, you know what I speak of, yes?"
Chita "..."

Not the most fun conversation. She did have a way of making him feel rather useless at times. But what she began to speak about next caused him to cock his head. Surely she did not just suggest controlling the Heartless. Or, simply, using Darkness instead of Light. Well, she wasn't the most scrupled person in existence, and in fact her scruples were curved the wrong direction, so he should have known she would have that inclination. Not to mention the Black Beast thing.


A simple response. Did he mean no he didn't understand what she meant? Or no that he had no intention of doing such. Up to her to assume which.
Rhiannon Zellen "Alas~" She didn't argue, or attempt to pursuade him otherwise. It was just a suggesstion after all. "Well then, seeing as how you are quite alive still, I suppose my business here has ended." That said, the eastern attired woman stood from her spot on the bed, smoothing out her dress and coat after.

"Do try not to get yourself almost killed next time however." And then she paused in thought. "Ah, but then, if you are killed, I can harvest your body for research. Win, win~" Giggling at the prospect, Rhia moved along, heading for the door and intending to leave without a proper goodbye.

To be expected, considering she never offered a proper greeting either.
Chita This woman was frustrating. Frustrating beyond belief. As she so simply stood back up, keyblade husk left on the bed, and intended to leave - he watched her start to walk away. Should he say something? Stop her? Then a thought ran through his mind. How can he ever learn to control that blade, to keep it from being abused. Misused. But... was he strong enough? As she walked towards the door of the room Chita silently slipped off the bed and the next thing she would feel was him, as he had done several times in her lab, walked up behind her and placed his arms around her, wrapping them about her stomach.

"Slow down there and wait a moment." What did he want? He didn't say exactly, though he remained silent from that point, leaving her to assume. Well, he /had/ intended to see just what her remark was fully about, but who knows how she'll take it.
Rhiannon Zellen "...?"

Stopped just short of the door handle, Rhia could feel Chita's arms wrapping around her again. This was becoming rather familiar now. "Yes? Was there something else?" She asked, giving him a glance out of the corner of her eye. "I don't believe I have any further business with you." Saying that, she fell silent and just stared still.

And then an idea came to her. "Oh, I know! Is this an appeal for mati-" Conveniently, a truck drove by in the streets outside, honking it's horn loudly. Ah, traffic.
Chita Blink.


Her confusion was expected, though her actual response caused him to laugh softly, actually taking a moment to rest his forehead against the back of her head a moment as he laughed before saying, "No, no. I mean, I am not dumb enough to turn such down but... no. I had actually intended to find out just what exactly you had meant by what you said earlier. I... have no intention of ever using heartless to further my own means - if that is indeed the darkness you were regarding. But... all the same... it would be foolish to turn down the knowledge of how. Or, for that matter... foolish to turn down being taught."

He did laugh again, however, one of the hands, his right, reaching up a bit and playfully poking her stomach. "Such a one track mind you have. If I did not know any better, I would think you were hoping for such."
Rhiannon Zellen "Nonsense. I have greater things to focus on. Besides if I wanted pleasure, then I could simply..." She paused at that, and then brought a hand to her cheek, feigning embarrassment. "Oh my, I shouldn't say~" Leaving it at that, she moved on to his previous statement. "You realize that there is more to darkness than controlling Heartless, yes?"

Explaining calmly, Rhia let her hands lower back down to her side as she spoke. "Take for example; Angantyr Vespar. He controls Darkness to perform a plethora of different abilities. All without ever involving a single Heartless." And casually, she began to list people off the top of her head. The fact that she was bothering to recite names was a feat all by itself. "His former teacher; Garland, seems to be a very embodiment of darkness. And again, nothing to do with Heartless."

He also assisted in the creation of that weapon. Or at the very least, provided some base material. But that's not a detail he needed to know. "And then we have individuals like Seith, Morrighan Alazne, Leida, Riku, Raine Arland...None of them focus on Heartless as their power source. Or so I understand anyway. Some of my information needs updating." But the point was made clear at that point. "All that I am trying to explain here is that darkness is not inherently evil. Just as light is not inherently good. Understand~"

And with all that said, Rhia smile playfully and began to peel Chita's arms off from around her, apparently ready to be off again.
Chita Chita snorts again in that 'yeah right' manner that he did now and then, though this was more of an angry response to something. "To Hell with Angantyr. That bastard would have died months back by my spear if I had no issue with killing others. Quite frankly I still fully believe existence would be better off without him. Even considering..." he trailed off, not fully explaining such. But what she began to remark though... Seith? Riku? That arrogant boy focused on darkness? He'd never even thought about it, but Chita had seen him open one of those dark portals once. But could he trust a Shadow Lord? He didn't even know any of the others she rattled off. Well, there was that one girl named Leida that he knew, faintly, but...

He was lost in thought a moment and before he realized it, she had already peeled his arms from around her. He didn't move to stop her from leaving at this point, though he did reach a hand down to smack at her backside as she left simply to irritate her. Or attempt to. Who knew aiming to do such could be seen as fun. "Do me a favor and do not do anything crazy between now and next time we meet?"
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh my. Typical male rivalry. How fascinating." Rhia mused in a tone that suggested she wasn't facinated in the least. Not to say she was fond of the man herself. But he was useful still. Regardless, she had said her piece and the door of the room was opened. Rhia was ready to make her way out when she felt a hand actually smack at her backside.

Her response to that was simple. Almost in the blink of an eye, she had returned next to Chita, smiling up at him. "That is not something I can promise." As she said so, she rested a hand against his chest. "Now be a good boy, and--" Her hand began to emit an electrical current that transferred stright to him.

Not enough to do any real damage, but enough to potentially scare him into thinking so. All the while her violet eyes took on a glow that made them stand out. "--Keep your hands where I can see them." And then she casually hooked one of her legs behind his and shoved forward, a simple trip, using his falling momentum to put him to the ground, should he fall for it.

And with that done, the glow left her eyes and her hand ceased sparking. "Now then, if you will excuse me~" Rhia turned away then and strode out, humming a random tune to herself.
Chita Suffice it to say - Chita was /extremely/ weak against Magic. As in - even a child throwing a basic fire spell will often hit like a fira or even Firaga if he gets hit directly. Hence why that little shock, followed by the trip, had /no/ issue laying the Viera flat on his back. It took a bit before he realized what even happened, actually a full minute after she left, given he was already relatively weak and still wounded.


Yes. He most certainly didn't get this woman.

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