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The Worst Face
(2013-09-06 - 2013-09-06)
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Right now is what would be considered 'after hours' in the Olympus Coliseum. All this really means is there isn't a large combat event being held that typically percipitates a large crowd of spectators. This doesn't mean that the place is completely abandoned. At this time of day, in fact, there were quite a few 'aspiring heroes' hanging around.

The measure of a hero can mean many things. But in the case of Phil the Satyr, it was actually a very quanifiable thing. It was, in fact, a lot like being qualified for a job at a law firm. There were STANDARDS. Tough standards! Tough standards that involved breaking lots of barrels.

It's not Avira's turn. She's actually waiting in a line of other hero-wannabes.
Garland Avira's competition is reasonable, but not terribly tough. There aren't a lot of people there who can do the job in the time it takes; after all, in general, most people don't even have what it takes to smash one barrel, let alone a whole bunch of them in a very short time. Most of these people are plainclothes joes who thought they'd come out and see if they had what it takes.

Well, they don't.

Still, it's not all bad. There are some reasonably competent people here. There are a couple swordsmen, a couple heroic pirates...and then there's one knight, a man in silver armor, white hair, and a goatee, who looks like he's been around the block before already.

The older man (he can't be more than fourty) smiles at Avira. "I must admit," he observes to no one in particular, "I had not thought to see so many...half-hearted souls here. Do they even understand what the word 'hero' means?" He laughs.
Avira Avira's used to being in the company of those that could hold her own in a fight for the past few months. It's this experience that reminds her that not too long ago, she /was/ one of those average joes. She was one of those forgettable faces in the background, not actually tuned to the world around her.

As she waits, she does what any normal person would do and starts sizing up the other people in line. This is done mostly between attempts or when one guy who has no idea how to break a barrel takes his turn. It's clear from looking around that not everyone here is destined for obscurity. When she comes upon the older knight in silver armor, her eyes seem to meet his at the same time.

She smiles back. Strange, though, his words remind her of someone. Sable. But this clearly wasn't him unless an aging potion was involved. "Oh I bet they have some idea from reading books or watching shows." She replies, "But they've never had to act with conviction before."
Garland "There are few tests in this world more profound than conviction's," the older knight observes, "And few things more difficult to cling to." His smile widens a bit.

"I suspect that many of these men have never truly desired something before. I imagine that they walk through life with their eyes half-lidded, drifting along without a true understanding of what it means to fight for something." The knight shakes his head and lets out a sigh.

"What about you? Have you ever had to truly battle for something you wanted, Lady...?"
Avira "It's true. And that is what sets apart heroes from the bystanders, I think." Avira considers aloud, falling silent as the knight expands on those thoughts, looping in desire and drive. "Though I don't think everyone really gets the push they need towards acting."

She smiles a wry smile to the knight, "Avira, I am Avira." She says cordially, placing a hand over her heart. "Absolutely. I've been through some pretty wild struggles in the past few months. What about you, Sir...?" She'll go with sir. That's what you call knights.
Garland "So it is," the Knight agrees, "But then, that spark exists in everyone, even if the flame does not necessarily ever light. It is only laziness that keeps men from strength, I feel."

"Ah! My manners have eluded me in my old age," the knight replies, a broad grin spreading across his face, "My name is Alder Bays, my lady. The honor of this meeting is mine, I fear; I have heard of your work before, though I have no doubt that you have not heard of me." Sir Bays laughs, a pleasant and gentle laugh.

"So what is it that brings you to this event, if I may humbly ask, my lady? Surely you do not need to have your strength proven, nor your skills - and I cannot imagine that such a lady is so insecure that she needs the opinion of, erm..." Sir Bays tilts his head to the side and looks over at the way, "...such an /eccentric/ trainer to feel like a hero."
Avira "Definitely the case." Avira laments, looking back on her own life prior to the Heartless. How she didn't go anywhere in life-all the fault of laziness doubt. How many other people were trapped in the same morass? Lacking motivation? Lacking conviction?

"Sir Alder Bays?" The name rings no bells. "Oh, you've heard of me?" Her smile widens a little, though it is quick to become an embarassed one, "No, I'm afraid I haven't heard of you, good sir."

"W-well it's not insecurity, no, it's moreso that Phil's heroic trials are pretty well known. I kind of just want to prove that I can actually get through it." Still, she seems like she's about sheepish about this. Like she got caught doing something incredibly silly, "What brings you to this event, Sir Alder? You seem experienced enough that you wouldn't really need the validation."
Garland Sir Bays laughs. "I suppose. I come here on occasion to see what the next sort of heroes will be like, and to find out if there is anyone worth joining my strength to. It is...I suppose you could call it scouting, in a way." The older man brushes his fingers aross his goatee.

"I look for people with strength of character. People who belong in the world - out to do good, to help others. I seek those who need my help; strength of arms and strength of will are wonderful, but the strongest weapon of all is the heart. So far, I have been...endlessly disappointed. Most of those who come to these trials have little in their hearts but a desire for fame and fortune."

The older man waves his hand. "What about you, my lady? Do you feel you have a strong enough heart to be a hero?"
Avira "Scouting?" she questions with a raised eyebrow. There is definite interest in her voice, "For anything specific or for just the purpose of measuring the potential heroes of the future...?" But he continues, clarifying, and Avira feels a little bad she jumped to interject.

"Interesting." Avira says once he's concluded, "Though I agree-and pun intended-wholeheartedly. Especially with the threats currently facing the various worlds. I think without a strong heart, a hero cannot hope to stand against them. Have you found anyone so far?"

Her grin widens even a little further. "Me? I feel I do. Not to brag or anything but...I've been tested in some very unusual circumstances before." She folds her arms over her chest, watching another man that steps up to give the barrel test an attempt. "I have conviction, Sir. Alder."
Garland "Is that so?" Sir Alder inquires as Avira offers her opinion. "Hm. Well, perhaps this meeting was not merely by chance, then. If you believe that you are of stout heart and strong arm, then permit me to offer you - and your organization, of whom I have heard much - my blade and my expertise. I have been on many adventures in my time, but a true knight does not stray from the path; there are always more people to help." Sir Bays folds his hand over his chest.

"I have been searching for a new lord or lady for some time now; while I am not a knight accustomed to guilds, I am certainly more than capable of pulling my own weight, and if you are willing...well, you certainly seem of a different cloth than..."

Sir Bays looks over at the man currently failing to smash a barrel meaningfully.

"It would be my honor."
Avira "I've got quite a story to tell. So I've been told." By Avira's mother, mostly, though in retrospect Avira really has been through a staggering amount of strife. She doesn't turn away from the barrel test in progress-not until this handsome knight offers his services to VALKYRI. He will see her eyes widen visibly before she turns to face him once more.

"Really?" she asks, for this was the first time that VALKYRI has earned themselves a member based solely on reputation. It brings her no small amount of pride. "Well, if you are willing to abide by the three rules of our clan, we would certainly welcome you aboard."

Hastily, she adds, "But far be it from me to refuse the help of another hero." At least she makes the assumption he's a hero because he seems to be so knowledgable of the "standards." "Especially now when the VALKYRI are so involved in a major research effort."
Garland "My lady, if you would accept me, I would be honored beyond imagination to join your ranks." Sir Alder observes with a broad smile, crouching down on one knee and bowing his head. He certainly does know all the hero things to do, and all the knightly things. "By my honor, I swear to serve the VALKYRI with absolute loyalty and unwavering convention; my blade will become a shield behind which the innocent may stand, and my armor will become a wall to defend my allies and my friends. So do I, Sir Alder Bays, swear on the life of my princess, on the heart that beats within my breast, and on the sword that seeks justice through my hand."

Alder rises. "May I ask, what research are you undergoing? I might perhaps be able to lend my aid."
Avira Avira could get /real/ used to being called 'My Lady'.

"And I trust you have no issue with travel, no issue with fighting, and no issue with forming friendships with the rest of our clan. Rise, Sir Alder!" She holds out her hand, though in a manner to suggest 'handshake' since that is still an ingrained action to the Earth-born huntress.

"We are researching the technology of gummi blocks, interdimensional travel, and an undead infestation. The third item is a complication that arose in pursuit of the other two. It's quite saddening as they seem to originate from a cursed city."

She steps out of the line now, surrendering her spot to the man behind her. Seems her interest in smashing barrels has evaporated in the face of their new ally.
Garland Sir Alder also steps out of line as he rises, making way for the next average meaningless joe to go through. He has some conversation on the VALKYRI radio, getting himself acquainted with their linkshell; then he smiles at her. "I can say that I have never once frowned upon hard journey, hardship, hard battle, or hard friendships, my lady." He doesn't shake her hand, mostly because the Knight from Pravorka doesn't really know anything about handshakes. Instead, he bows to her again, his head lowering humbly.

"Then I shall travel to this cursed city in order to render my aid to my new comrades," Sir Alder observes, slinging his (very large) blade over his shoulder with a smile on his face. "I thank you, my lady, for giving me an opportunity once again to serve an honorable cause."
Avira Seems Alder's fitting in on the radio. As usual Angantyr is being surely. She starts to wonder if he's getting that way because Alder reminds him of his brother. In a way she can sort of see a resemblence, if only via manners.

Her hand falls to the side. "Thank you, Sir Alder, for joining our cause. I hope we live up to your expectations."
Garland "I have no doubt that you shall, my lady," Sir Alder replies as he starts walking away, a broad smile on his face. "I have no doubt that you shall."

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