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(2013-09-05 - 2013-09-05)
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Morrighan Alazne Location: Targ Wood - Several Hours Ago...

They come.

They continue to come.

Again and again.

These humans and their curious ways.

And yet, it is that curiosity that provides the forest sustenance.

Another foolish mercenary had entered these woods, likely with the aim of bringing /it/ down. Yet the forest knew that he would not succeed. They knew very well the results of this endeavor before it even happened.

The sellsword stepped into the clearing. The forest stirred. The sellsword drew his blade, fueled by the promise of riches. The forest took shape. The sellsword steeled himself and charged.

...The forest struck.

There was nary a chance for this unfortunate mercenary to utter a scream before the forest devoured him. His heart and body being assimilated into the life of the greenery.

The forest returned to rest and all was well.

...For now.

Location: Targ Wood - Presently...

Walking along the road that lead into the depths of Targ Wood, was a single dark elven girl. Her eyes lacked a certain light and her gaze was ever curious.

But on this day, something more than curiosity drew her to these woods. It was not the stories she had heard from those in Junon either. Something more...instinctual drove the girl to come. Something she could not begin to place.

"...Wow...there are so many trees..." Morrighan, or rather, the girl currently believing her name to be Kara, spoke out in awe. She had seen trees before of course, but not in such large volume at once. It was a woonderous sight for the dark elf.

But something compelled her to keep moving rather than take in the sights. Something deep inside of her urged her on.

Keep going.

It's here.

This is where you need to be.

And so, this girl, almost completely unarmed save for a single Ether Gun, made her way into the depths of Targ Wood, unaware of any others that could have been coming to answer the call to investigate.
Blivon The Targ Woods was teeming with fierce fiends, but also full of useful fungus, which was precisely why Blivon had come to the forest. As per the usual, he was collecting ingredients, making his usual rounds through the World of Ruin so as to not only assist Rosemarie with her potion-making, but for herbal remedies to medicate those who sought out his help; was it a coincidence that there were others that had congregated in the wood on this particular day? It was true that as a spiritual advisor, the shaman did like to keep tabs on the unfoldings of particularly active paranormally-inclined regions, but since he didn't actually plan on performing an exorcism, he'd only come in the hopes of procuring fauna for his stock.

All the same.... Blivon had his staff equipped in the event that he had to deal with rowdy spirits or demons! Quite by coincidence, as he was plucking some tidbits, having arrived at his current location only minutes prior, unbeknownst to him that hours ago someone had been swallowed, Morrighan(or Kara, as it were) encroached on his location, causing him to pause, look up at her, and grin, "Salutations, again!"
Avira At this time, other events do not matter to Avira. Previous scuffles or expeditions or tasks in progress have been set aside for now and she focuses entirely on the mission at hand. As was routine for her when she selected Marks or missions, she had done her homework. Calling on contacts and inquiring with locals had lead to the troubling but familiar trend of mercenaries departing to investigate or slay the beast, only to fail to return.

For the very mortal Avira, failure was always an option. However, being timid and shying away from danger was not. She'd come prepared with a small backpack, ready to spend a few nights in these woods if she had to. A variety of healing supplies were on hand for herself and, buried deep in one of her pouches, rested a gummi grenade 'borrowed' from her joint test site with Arthur Drover.

Her movements through the wood are swift and metholodical. To the observer, should she actually be spotted, she certainly knows what she's doing. In fact, she seems quite at home moving through the forest and very neatly stays out of sight-for now. Especially as she hears a jovial greeting in the distance from a voice she did not know.
Deelel Deelel has been quiet she's been working her new club job in Manhatan unaware of pulling a daft punk by always doing her DJ shows with her helmet on. It would be amusing if she ever found out. She was just recalling two other music programs she knew of besides she liked going by the title of Basic Girl. There was just some strange program humour at work there.

She'd however pulled her self awary at this point just to get out also she's been concerned for Morrighan ever since the incident with a certain letcher. Shiki and Deelel were very close likely punching him a but over waht he'd done. Still she was aware that Morrighan had not been a good person before, first hand even. Still she was basically a stray at that point and Deelel would be lying if there was no compassion for her there. Well should she encounter, she's got a bit of a time being stealthy given she emits some form of light normally but she certainly is trying, one might be able to spot her if they were paying attention.
Chita Of course, not all parties who happened to be within the Targ woods were actually /within/ it. Some where above. Or, rather, at least one was above. A Viera wearing not very much in the way of armor save what looked like a modified assassins attire for a male was currently standing on top of one of the trees of the forest while otherwise looking out over it, waiting for something to catch his attention. Something that sounded off, looked off. Maybe a tree just snapping in the distance.

A scream.

Or some monstrous sound.

Something to go by. Something had to be there for the rumors to have started and it had to be fairly large if it couldn't have been taken down more easily. Or maybe it was simply Heartless. Or both.
Morrighan Alazne "...Mmn?"

Kara hummed lightly at the familiar voice, turning her gaze over to Blivon distractedly. She spent a moment staring at him before it dawned on her that she knew him. "'re....that person. ...Blivon?" She asked, tilting her head slightly, unsure of herself.

The elf spent little time, if any at all on greetings and her gaze gradually returned to the depths of the forest. "...I have to...go..." That said, Kara proceeded to step onwards, moving past and out of the Shaman's area of work. " waiting for me..."

And without spending any further time lingering there, the elven girl was off.


The forest can sense it.

New intruders.

They come in larger number than before.

They have no right.

And yet, they are here.

Can you sense it?

/She/ approaches.


Let them come then.

While the 'forest' proceeded to converse with itself, several subtle things began to happen. Vines began to slither along the ground. Flowers swayed to and fro despite there being not enough wind force for such. And the trees shook ever so slightly.

And withi a certain clearing that was drawing closer and closer to those within(or above), something was congregating...taking form...
Blivon Having a considerable advantage in woodsy places full of organic matter, especially that of the nature element, Blivon was most likely already mildly aware of other presences without initial, ocular evidence of their arrival-- this was not to say that he was incapable of seeing them when they came into his line of vision, though, which they probably would, in eventuality. But whether he announces his awareness of other 'visitors' to the green-laden realm or not was another matter entirely, for as an unobtrusive sort, there was no cause to herald the emergence of others unless they made their occupancy undeniably obvious; let those who wish to be anonymous, to be anonymous.

The fact that Deelel and Avira didn't proclaim their presences notwithstanding, the holy-man was also not in the habit of addressing people preemptively, since it would've been discourteous, in his mind, to garner attention to himself if he didn't have any real business with them, and thus, could potentially be wasting their time, or distracting them, by trying to flag them down. Kara made herself a bit more plain to see, and when she responded to the guru, he remarked, "I am." Her other sentiments were a bit more peculiar, but he had no place to dictate where Kara should or shouldn't venture, so he simply nodded to her, and spoke, "If it awaits you, then let us hope it has the same amount of patience to match your diligence in rendezvousing with it! Good fortune to you, Miss."

She'd never introduced herself, and being non-intrusive, he didn't ask, so 'miss' would have to do. He did begin to pick up on the irregularities of the forest's transformation, and desisted in gathering herbs for a minute, tying up his pouch; something amiss could easily lead to something worse afoot, and if that happened, Blivon would like to have available a hand-- or two!
Deelel Deelel had known of the monster but she'd been distracted by noticing Morrighan here. She'd come to hunt the beast, but the user turned stray was also something to consider. She hears her talk to Blivion, and she has to wonder about it a bit longer. She wasn't sure what it was but it seemed perhaps the monster was hunting Morri? She's not sure but she does continue on, pressing head she has to wonder. Just what was lurking out there in the dark?

She would find out sooner or later for the moment? She was going to push on head and keep as some sort of rear guard. The forest didn't feel right to her, even less so than organic life felt often to the digital being. There was so much in this world that had no purpose she could figure out. She's not notice Avira just yet but once she does? Having her on site? It would prove to be something that would leave Deelel very much less hesitant than she was currently. Blivon on the other hand is an unknown factor and having insufficient data was something that always did bother her. Just who were they and what were they up to?
Avira Silently, Avira listens in. The second voice is immediately recognized, even if she hasn't spoken with 'Kara' for a while. The hesitant, unsure and almost childlike response she gives to Blivion's greeting is a dead giveaway. A spike of worry suddenly jabs into her mind-what WAS Kara doing out here in this dangerous forest? The very forest where several adventurers had recently lost their lives in pursuit of the mysterious beast inside?

She doesn't abandon her stealth but does opt to move closer, listening in on the confused dark elf. Her continued words do not bode well and Avira grits her teeth in response, making herself visible just as Kara takes off into the woods. At that precise moment, the presence in the forest seems to acknowledge her and the hairs on the back of her neck stand.

"Kara, don't!" Avira calls out abruptly, her pursuit halting suddenly as something happens in her field of vision, just out a view. A moving vine with no animal in sight responsible. A swaying tree when the wind was clearly not blowing. "Kara, come back, it's dangerous!" She pauses, looking to...Blivion she called him? "We need to get her out of here before the thing in this forest takes her."
Angantyr Vespar "You have a large heart." A voice says as a portal appears.

"Sorry about being late," Angantyr says, looking towards Avira and then across at Deelel. Two people he knows...the Rabbit is not immediately recongized, probably for his benifit. His eyes looked back towards the words, "Something is out there, that is for sure...I can feel it from here, I fear." He says, "Or perhaps it is just the atmosphere of these words. Reguardless, If you're gona follow her, now would be a good time." He offers advice, and turns to follow after Morrighan. "Sorry about being late." he assides, "I was caught up in handling another issue with a heartless near home. Those things are persistant lately."
Chita "..."

Was that clearing... moving? Was the entire woods here alive? Even atop the treeline as he was, staring on, his ears pick up on the rustling of things. Viera were, in the end, creatures of the woods. They could sense subtle things, hear subtle things in some cases. Or in this matter hear some kind of conversation relatively nearby, likely on the forest floor. Choices and decisions.

Go towards the clearing and try to find out what was causing the woods to move/stop it, or... warn those down below. If the woods were alive, though - did they even have the ability to escape?

Chita sighed before hopping off the tree and down to the ground with a light thud of landing, the assassins attire making him a good bit more quiet than the armor he used to wear. "You should all leave, now." he says, voice soft but clearly male, "These woods are alive, and... moving somehow. Towards you all." He wasn't looking at them so much as he landed between the clearing he had seen from above, and them. Back to them in fact.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan, or Kara, would not heed Avira's words. Something bigger compelled her to move onwards. Never stopping. Passing through the trees, over vines and flowers, through the grass. All the way until she eventually found her way into a large clearing of the forest. "... This is...?"

Dead ahead of the elf was a massive, wriggling collection of...plantlife. Roots, vines, leaves, flowers, branches. All come together to form some manner of nature based monstrosity. Frozen in her place, Kara stared as the 'thing' unfurled itself. Raising high above the ground and the tree line.

It was vaguely serpentine in appearance, the head formed out of a thick stitching of vines and other plants to form the head of a dragon.

This was it.

This was the creature that has been ending lives in this forest over the past few weeks. How did something like this even slip in unnoticed? No one could say. Save for one.

Kara stared up at the creature, oddly without fear. "...I know you." She spoke softly, meeting the plant dragon's gaze calmly. "You were the one that's been...eating people. ...I saw you in my dreams..."

The creature's eyes glowed a bright yellow as they swept across the landscape below. It was high enough to catch sight of all current intruders to the forest. Blivon, Deelel, Avira, Chita, and now Angantyr. It's massive body rustled, leaves fluttering from it's form.

And then a voice echoed outwards. A childlike voice. One that certainly didn't fit the appearance of what they were seeing before them.

"We finally meet. ...Mother." The dragon lowered it's head somewhat as an opening formed in the general vicinity of the forehead, revealing...something human-like.

No, that's not right. It was an elf. A dark elf. But a child.

The most chilling aspect; she looked just like Morrighan.

"Why have you come?" This question was directed at all others as the dark elven child that revealed itself from the head of the dragon directed a chilling glare down in their general area. "More mercenaries come to throw their lives away in futility?"

And through all of this, all Morrighan could do was furrow her brows in confusion.

Blivon Tucking the pouch neatly under his belt, which was probably makeshift enough to qualify as more than just a standard belt, enabling it to securely hold fast things that normal cords would not, the sage pressed his feet firmly against the ground, straining his gastronemius muscles as he arose into a standing position. No sooner did he ascend than did Avira come around the bend(or whatever one might entitle the place from whence she came!), at which point she informed him that a female was in danger, which most certainly was an allusion to the drow who'd just passed by. Nodding his approval, and seeing no qualms about granting Avira's request. As he prepared to chase down Morrighan, a viera descended from above, causing Blivon to tilt his head to the side and remark, "Things are always in motion, to some degree. But I appreciate your concern, in defiance of my resistance to take your advice, for the moment....", conveying an expression of earnest gratitude for the assassin's attempt to aid.

He had some aiding to do, in his own right, which revolved around helping Avira rescue(?) Morrighan. Approaching the consolidation of amassed wreathes, Blivon halted his stride when his quarry, the mature Morrighan, was confronted by some manner of vegetative beast, listening to the being's queries with unprejudiced feelings, and a willingness to accommodate, "The answer to that question, as far as I am concerned, is multi-faceted..... Do you have time for an in-depth discourse?" As for being a mercenary? That was hardly the appropriate term for Blivon, and he couldn't speak for anyone else, so he couldn't truthfully enlighten 'Biollante' as to whether they were there to discard their lives meaninglessly.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands forward almost pushing ahead of the group when the monster made itself visible.

Angantyr resists the urge to play his hand...though the Keyblade almost jumped into his hands at the sight, at what he sensed...years of training under Garland's employ, he's learned how to sense both darkness and the taint of chaos. He is less surrounded in Chaos these days, thanks to some very special people, but...

"Well, it seems my former master gets around." Angantyr says, addressing the child, "So you can fill us in on the details, I am guessing of what Garland did to her. I am imagining it was more than just make her forget who she was," He muses.

"No, my former master was much more...maticilous than that, and vengeful. So who, or what are you?"
Avira Morrighan not listening to her? Doesn't THIS feel familiar to Avira. "Angantyr!" Avira doesn't slow as she continues after Kara. "You've made it! Good!" There was no sense in warning him about the presence as Angantyr could obviously feel it himself.

As nature itself reshapes into a beast before her, Avira slows and quickly draws her weapon. "This must be it. Nobody's ever gotten away to say what it looks like." Kara starts walking towards it and Avira starts reaching out to stop her, only to stop herself as Kara starts speaking.

Then the dragon starts speaking.

"Mother?" Sje repeats incredulously. She's a little too stunned to confirm or deny that she's here to kill the vicious forest monster/apparent small child.

"...Garland can do something like this?" Her confusion and horror are laid bare. "How?"
Deelel Deelel was not expecting this heavy backup, if Angantyr is here? She's not going to question it at all she also stops skulking at this point given there's no need at this point.

"Greetings, Angantyr. Good to see you and I know how that can be. My own home is suffering issues as well. It's ... managed to keep Clu distracted for the most part."

Chita gets a notice for a moment he says "What else would they be? Oh I see. I'm not backing down, sorry it's not in my nature to do so."

Kara does not heed the words of Avira and see Deelel is moving to tail her before she gets eaten by something or another. Speaking of eating Kara has found the creature ahead of them she's not sure what to think of it as she looks at the thing ahead she's reaching for the Disc at the point. It speaks she did n to expect that or it to sound like a user child either. That is more unexpected, the thing then has what seems to be a child come out of it.

Deelel is remaining silent for the moment also wait did it call Kara mother?!

Deelel just manages to avoid blue screening herself at this point.

"Just what, are you?"

She doesn't make a move to attack gauging the thing and what her allies are going to do at this point. However she does not make for her weapon even Angantyr is asking questions so she just holds her hands for the moment wondering just what this girl? Was. Seriously what the heck is going on here. She does notice Chita still but well Deelel has not listened too well now has she? She generally knew everyone here but Blvion and was admittedly curious about this but given who Ang's former master is? That could be a huge problem with the nature of this child.

"He is a twisted thing the darkness has long consumed."
Chita The entirety of what was actually going on here slipped past Chita, not knowing many of those here. In fact, he only 'knew' three of them, and how well he knew them was limited. That, and no one much seemed to pay attention to his advice to back off as it was. Only one even seemed to respond. "So be it." Then suddenly there was a draconic plant creature thing staring down at them. And some kind of humanesque child that seemed unhuman yet. And talk of things he didn't know of.

And mention of Angantyr.


Chita finally leapt aside and away from the creature and whoever it was talking to, making certain his back wasn't towards Angantyr(if they really were here) and looking around to get a better scope of what was going on. Then that thing asked a question.

"I came... with hopes of ceasing the bloodshed. That is all."
Morrighan Alazne "Who am I?" The child muttered, repeating their question rhetorically. Her crimson gaze narrowed, and then she turned her gaze back down to the currently confused Morrighan. "...It really is a shame to see you like this. But then, I wouldn't exist if you hadn't been."

That vague comment aside, the little girl let herself fall back, vines, roots, and wood covering up the spot she had emerged from, and assimilated her back into the dragon. Her voice echoed outwards then, addressing all.

"I am the Life Dragon; Origin. It is through my will that all life shall be devoured. Devoured and returned to the origin. To the earth."

The creature calling itself Origin then let out a loud bellow, it's maw opening wide to accomodate as it kicked up a forceful gust of wind. "I will devour you all, and your hearts shall become the fuel that will spur me ever onwards."

Through all of this, Morrighan, or Kara just stared up at 'Origin' cluelessly, not at all sure as to what it was talking about. But somehow, she knew that this thing and her were one and the same.

"...Origin...? Why do I-WHAAA!" But alas, the adult dark elf was given no time to try and think about this as the dragon had grabbed onto her with a vine, pulling her towards the body of the dragon and dragging her inside. "H-Hey! What are you--Stop! Hey! I said sto--"

Her complaints her cut off as she was pulled into the creature, disappearing within the depths. That done, Origin's voice echoed outwards again. "...And now, Mother has joined with me. There is little that can stop me now." The congregation of plantlife coiled up and stared intensely at all present. "Prevent bloodshed? Laughable. The world is built upon bloodshed. Every world in every age. Bloodshed is all that mortal creatures know. In order to prove their own existence, they fight. Endlessly, they fight. It is an inevitable truth gleaned from ages of history long past."

While it spoke, Origin began to build up it's own energy, preparing to attack. "To say otherwise would be to tell the most common lie ever conceived."
Blivon Knowing almost nothing of Angantyr, Garland, or even the enigmatic girl who he was actually trying to steal away from the extremely ghastly forest, as well as its resident 'master', Blivon decided to remain silent as the considerably tall fellow began to interrogate the amalgamation of plant-matter that exuded a disconcerting aura. As more names are tossed around by Avira, the guru tries to assemble a storyline that describes what might've transpired, labeling protagonists and antagonists alike, silently.

Although given his ignorance on this situation, a clearer picture will be improbable until the dust has cleared..... and judging from how formidable Biollante appeared to be, at least in its physical embodiment, the dust might end up clearing in its favor-- that wouldn't mean that the druid would bail out, regardless. Looking over to Chita as he admitted that his ambition was to stymie the continued violence, Blivon nodded his approval once more whilst smiling, inwardly already developing a fondness for the sleek, garbed ninja-viera's disposition, even at these early stages. Looking a little displeased as the great dragon swallowed up Morrighan, the guru readied his shield to try and deflect upcoming assaults aimed at his person, although he's mildly irritated that his inquiry went disregarded.

Deciding it wasn't an important question, anyway, since he offered to converse for the 'dragon's sake, Blivon craned his neck back to look upwards at the lofty devil, responding to what has been uttered, "That would be incorrect. Stillborns are mortal, living only temporarily, but never come to know of the concept of bloodshed." He states, in a factual manner. He could provide other evidence as well, but, he wasn't sure that Origin was actually interested in debating for the sake of attaining truth, so much as validating its own agenda.... which was to kill everyone who was present! With that, he casted a few spells on himself, to give him added bonuses in avoiding damage-intake.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr wasn't fast enough to react to the vines, he does not curse...this was honestly her own fault...and now they would have to clean up her mess. When it states it's purpose, Angantyr shakes his head, "Sounds about right.." he mutters and his hand moves infront of him.

A flash of light reveals the keyblade, The Tyrant Breaker ( appears. It is a wicked looking Keyblade, dark crimson blades, but wrapped in silvery metal. Strength tempered by compassion, as he was told once.

"You are certainly a creation of Garland...because /every/ one of you <GOOSEHONK>s are long winded, arrogant, and moralizing. Sure, it's the 'ho ho ho human nature's true colors' and all that...but still, it gets old. Get off the soap box."

Then there was a flash of darkness, a technique showed to him, mastering of his own inner darkness. Shadows wrap around his form, clinging to his armor and sheilding him from the outside. A heat haze appears around him as he gathers the shadows to summon the abyssal armor.

"Alright people! Dragon flanking positions! Remember to give it some breath to avoid the tentacles. Call out if you get grabbed! Deelel! You're quick, run around the dragon and cut anyone out that gets caught!" he starts calling out.

"You, monster, can call me Angantyr Vespar, name it well, I am the mercinary who will strike you down! Don't be afraid people!"
Avira According to Angantyr...yes. Yes Garland would do something like this. More than just erasure of memory, a part of Morrighan had been taken and warped into this fiend. Her grip tightens considerably on her unique-looking weapon as Origin unleashes a roar in their faces. Right afterwards, she shouts out again, calling for Kara to back away. Only it's too late.

Any other time this could be written off as street justice but in her current state, Morrighan was an innocent. She'd already suffered enough that she didn't deserve to meet the miserable end of dragon food.

"She certainly sounds like Garland though. With the...endlessly fighting mortals bit. That comes up quite often." Avira's already moving at 'dragon flanking positions'-at least, for what it was worth, because it was pretty clear that this creature was made entirely out of vines, which already was an unpleasant red flag for Avira. She's fought things with motile vines before.

"Deelel! Angantyr!" Avira throws a hand back behind her, red motes of light swirling around her outstretched palm. Time magic, Angantyr would instantly recognize moments before a haste spell settles around him.
Deelel Well they had tried to talk? But it does not seeming to go very well. She listens as they give their name as the Life Dragon. Odd name fort a horror and clearly it's a twisted and there's no real choice at this point as it grans Kara. Oh this is going to end up bad. She tilts her head for a moment as she looks at the dragon for a moment.

"Your blind to what I am. It does not matter if you wish to be a virus? Then you will be Derezzed before you can harm others."

She goes for her disc but does not attack out right, no she's running a number of command line to boost her combat functions at this point. It is going to be something she needed and now she's very happy that Angantyr has a keyblade. From this things words hinting at it's likely nature they are so going to need the back up like this. She feels something from Avira effecting her and it's most welcome.


Her disc is now grabbed and it powers up humming to life.
Chita "..."

Why does so many things, so many peoples, in this world insist on bloodshed. Then again, it may simply be that such is all they know. In fact, if that was the case... who was he to try and dissuade this creature, this creation - possibly child, given it had referred to the young-looking woman as 'mother' earlier, from all they knew. "There are ways to conflict without bloodshed. There is a land known as Jylland, a land governed by the magic of Laws which, when followed, can prevent death and senseless violence while still settling conflicts. I offer you that... as a last warning. I will not destroy you child, I will not cull a life even if necessary... but I highly doubt most others here have such compunction. Please. Return the woman and resolve to a peaceful ending."

He had to try. Had to... even if he was quite aware that a creature who only knew such would never change, nor have any desire to. At least in such a situation.

Which is why a lengthy spear was drawn, though it wasn't familiar to any who had seen Chita before. A long, silvery ornate spear, but not one made of the Judges Crystalline metal. A spear from his days as a Clansman. While in his other hand that fake keyblade that had been crafted for him in Duagerreo, the mockery that he had hoped would have some power(it didn't), simply to serve as some defense in case he had to use it.
Morrighan Alazne Not taking the bait, Origin calmly and carefully considered all current possibilities. There were five of them. usually this would not be a problem. But that loud one with the key shaped sword and the magically formed armor was mildly worrying. And the others seemed to be a few steps above the usual run of the mill mercenary or greedy sellsword, the likes of which it had eaten droves of beforehand. In fact, they could probably spot loose weapons and armor littering the clearing here and there. A testament to past failures.

"If you think I will just drop everything and go, then you are sadly mistaken." Was all Origin had to say in response to Chita's imploration. "I am a being with a single purpose. And I will carry out that purpose no matter what stands in my way."

Prepared to strike, the creature let several vines lash out from it's body, moving to grasp any not fast enough to evade and restrict their movements. What followed was it's maw opening wide and firing a stream of solar energy down at all present, aiming to sear them in nature's energy while they were being held.

And to finish it off, any who were held would find themselves raised into the air, and then thrown straight into the ground.
Blivon Blivon was fairly grateful to have assistance on this occasion, but he wasn't entirely sure if his objectives were the best idea ever, or not-- however, doubts always playing the eternal part in his evaluation of choices, all he could do was quietly acknowledge that he would do what he would do, and be what he would be, which, in this instance, meant trying to retrieve a dark elf from the bowels of one of Godzilla's worst nightmares.

The fact that Angantyr took point and sought for others to notify him if they were caught was something the shaman was thankful for, and revered as noble, for it meant that the Keyblade user was not just a destroyer, but willing to perform the duties of a savior, even if it meant delegating the task to Deelel; albeit, if yet that too could not be said about the knight.... then it could still be said that had a flair for fashion, since his Tyrant-Breaker was pretty darn nifty! As for Origin, the shaman could argue that there was a subdivision of vegans known as 'fruitarians', who didn't indulge in any animal product whatsoever, which meant that, in essence, assuming that these folks didn't wage war against man or beast, that no bloodshed of /any/ kind would be spilt on their behalf.... yet, just the fact that the dragon itself was perfectly content to start eradicating sapient life should've been indicative of an entity who had little interest in consistency in their argumentation.

"I don't understand why you are concerned with what one thinks, unless you desire to police others' thoughts. You should be more concerned with what one actually does, I wager, good sir!" he calls out to the viney villain. Not dissuaded by words, Origin blasts the guru with its energy ray, but fails to ensnare him for the time being. Knocked back from the blast, Blivon is dizzied for a moment, and shakes his head to recompose himself, and then casts some more buffing spells..... on Chita!
Angantyr Vespar "Don't argue with the giant chaos plant dragon! JUST STAB IT!" Angantyr shouts, "It's one of Garland's children! It's as much of a windbag as the old man is!" Angantyr says, with a smirk.

Even as the vines do a number on him, Angantyr isn't without tricks of his own, as Vines move to grab him, ne TWISTS his weapon around, aiming to cut through Vines that get too close.

"Oh no you don't!" he says as it rises into the air, and his right hand moves to make a grabing motion towards the sky, aiming to wrap tendrils of darkness around the giant monster...

And DRAG it back to the earth. Once there, Ang jumps right towards it, aiming to slash and cut, darkness ripping out from his blade to try and consume whatever parts of the monster he can strike.

"COME on! I can sense your fear monster! Let me let you in on a secret, the man that created you, trained me. I know your tricks. And /I can kill you/."
Avira Looks like there's going to be a significant discarded armor/weapon payout for this mark. Assuming they can actually destroy Origin and not die in the process.

Her prior fears are realized as vines lash out at all angles from its body, calling into question whether or not flanking tactics would be worth it. With a shout, the Spine is swung before her, the motion combined with a blast of air magic that neatly shreds the incoming vines into inert pieces. She only spends a moments worth of time pausing to execute this and is soon up and running again. If anything, it'd make her a difficult target to ensare.

Continuing to loop around Origin, Avira slips behind the dragon and jabs the Spine down into the earth before her. Both hands grasp onto the pelvic bone hilt of the weapon and glow blue, ice magic called forth this time that channels itself through the mythril coating of blade and disappears into the ground.

Moments later, massive spires of ice emerge from the ground all around Origin, seeking to cage it in a prison of vicious icicles.
Deelel Deelel says "Then that's one thing we both understand to be born for a purpose but ... i have managed to grow past just doing what I was made for."

She feels the power Avira has loaned her and she watches as the vines comes at Deelel she's just too fast as she weaves in and out managing to just get out of harms way from the attack landing neatly on the ground thankfully having avoided her first encounter with the tentacles as she launches her disc at the things head then will catch the weapon ion the return regardless of what happens. She sees some of her comrades are not doing so well but she has no way to heal others she can only manage to run a few commands to repair her own damaged code.

She runs at the beast fast as she can even as Avira makes her own move and she now making use of the terrain and perhaps the vines that have been lurking about a she launches her disc several more times at it.

"However I will not let you rampage, not will I let you have your way with Kara. So get glitched."
Chita The Viera felt magic wrapping around him, beneficial magic, and before he had a chance to turn to see who was casting it the plant creation responded and lashed out. The sheer amount of natural energy present, of 'living things' around him and being angry/aggressive/whatnot, drowned out the Vieras natural senses enough that he was simply wrapped up fully in the vines and didn't have much of a chance to try and escape when the next attack came.

He simply brought the false keyblade up, and his spear, and crossed them in front of his head while trying to duck down as much as he could and hopefully slice through it, to slice it away from himself.

Given Bunny wound up in a smouldering heap a bit away after the blast hit him, bouncing a couple of times and looking half-cooked(albeit alive), one could imagine he doesn't do too well against this type of opponent.
Morrighan Alazne The immediate concern at this very moment were twofold. That armored freak with the key, and that lady that had apparently ripped out someone's spine and was now using it as a weapon. How vicious. The yellow glow of the dragon's eyes narrowed somewhat as it heard Angantyr's speech, how he knew Garland and how he knew everything it could do. To all of this, Origin had one thing to say;

"My fear? You are mistaken. A being such as I feels no fear. Fear is a mortal emotion."

The creature held fast however, remaining aerial even as parts of it's body continued to be consumed by the encroaching shadow. The dark knight would note however that all portions the darkness consumed, nature would replace with new vines and foilage. It was a back and forth process of destruction and creation. Spying Avira out of the corner of it's eye, Origin lashed out with several vines, totally deflecting away the various ice clusters that were fired at or forming around it.

"A valiant effort."

Of course, wasting time taunting Avira gave Deelel just the time she needed to launch her disc straight at the beast. The flying weapon tears through vine and foilage, briefly revealing a glimpse of Morrighan inside before the dragon drew on the forest to restore it's form once more, repairing the damage quickly. It should also be noted that the damage to the environment was also being repaired constantly. Strange.

"You say you know how to defeat me. We shall have to test that theory."

And all at once, Origin lowered itself to the ground, eyes gleaming a golden yellow as the earth itself began to quake. The ground began to break apart as earth energy and rock clusters shot upwards across the entire clearing. But the dragon did not stop there. Weaving through the flying debris, it bared it's fangs, aiming to bite into any in it's path.


"...Who are you?" Morrighan asked, staring at the little girl before her. One who looked...just like her.

"I told you already. I am the Life Dra-"

"No, I mean, really. Why do you look like me?" Morrighan cut off Origin then with another question.

"...Because, I happen to be a part of you." Origin answered distractedly, working double time to repair the damage to herself and the environment. It was tough work.

"...You're a part of me? ...How does that work?"

"Ugh, why did that man have to leave you completely brain dead?" The child muttered, feeling a tick of irritation over the older dark elf's constant questions. "I am a fragment of yourself. One that represents a part of you, that YOU yourself do not even realize exists."

"......?" Morrighan just tilted her head and stared in confusion, but fell quiet then, thinking about it. It wasn't like she could escape or anythin-"WHOA!" She cried as Deelel's disc tore through, revealing the outside world.

At least before Origin immediately restored the opening.

Blivon Hoping that Angantyr wasn't speaking to him, Blivon bets on the fact that the Keyblade user was directing his words to the other folks who were disputing the plant's professions filled with fraudulent logic, for, after all.... the guru did not have the ability to really stab anything in immediacy, given that he was opposed to carrying blades or pointed objects, therefore utterly disqualifying him from being able to comply. Presently.... all he really had was a shield, and whatever fabric or animal-skins adorning his person, but even if he couldn't(or desire to) actually inflict harm on the horror from Hades(or from Garland, more appropriately, not that the god of death couldn't've been just as inventive about manufacturing revolting hellions), he /COULD/ still try to bolster those convened around himself, and more importantly....

Chita was looking somewhat worse-for-wear after Swamp-Thing's last bombardment, so the shaman felt inclined towards refreshing an ally in need! There's also something to be said for the fact that he's a druid; he's got a special place in his heart for woodland creatures, which becomes more obvious when he calls forth a Nightingale to go forth and heal, accompanied by another helpful spell or two. While Blivon may be a fan of 'pat the bunny', his avian friend is more pronated towards -pecking- the bunny.... but this kind of behavior is generally restorative in nature, whether one should believe it, or not.....?

To Origin, he calls out, again "Incorrect. Immortals also feel fear. Fear is a symptom that causes excessive rate of cardiovascular activity, which is brought on by the presence of a contingent that displeases, or worries a particular entity. If an entity can die, or feel any kind of displeasurable stimuli, and seeks to resist said stimuli, it effectively feels fear." Boy, this plant-beast really had no sense. But then.... plants were lower on the evolutionary scale than humans, were they not? And proving that he was more capable than the primitive lycopod, he manages to repel the onslaught with his shield.... go Blivon!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's blade swipes left to right, continuing to cut vines that get too close to him. His weapon is fast, faster than the vines this time as he see's an opening in the attack of the Origin...He swings, instead of dives, aiming to blast the force of the attack away with pure strength, and grins. However Blivon makes his eyes glaze over as they continue to speak. "Look seriously, what the hell are you no..." he says, ugh.

Seriously, he was sure Blivon just did more damage than Origin did...

"Oh that's okay! You don't feel'll learn the emotion shortly enough." Angantyr quips, as he grabs at the monster once again, aiming to try and DIG at the monster...trying to BURN it with the dark fire that does not stop.

He steps forward again, once more darkness aiming to burn as he swings, aiming to steal the vitality of the monster with each blow...

And drain it back into himself.
Avira "Why /thank you/!" Avira shoots back all too cheerfully, harkening back to a time when in spite of Morrighan's outright rudeness, she had instead opted to be painfully polite to the dark elf. There's no doubt in her mind that Origin meant that to be mocking. Avira doesn't care!

Just as Avira yanks her weapon free, the earth breaks around her and she's thrown off her feet, flying into an upended tree. A groan escapes her as she paws her way through the foliage. This delay at least prevents her from getting a face full of fangs. As she crawls free, she pushes a hand against herself, setting another time spell upon herself-this one a 'regen.' Drawing her hand away, she turns it toward Chita.

She's only vaguely aware of who that is. It didn't matter, really, because he was clearly hurt pretty badly. Her time magic is spread to the viera as well.
Deelel Deelel has to wonder if this thing eats life force? Would it even feed on her? She does think she's alive but she's not life as this world would know it. He nature is an alien thing she's very much aware of, however she's pretty sure shes' got a heart so? Ya it's a good idea to not die here to this thing. Also, she's starting to see why users don't like tentacles at all.

She hopes her own method of sleeping won't bug Avira after this, however she's got to worry about this.

"If it's coded it can be deleted."

Deelel counters she's just working so fast she's not taking that extra second to translate into a bit more normal way of speaking. She lets her disc fly but not with the intent of doing much damage as she aims to hurt them as she best can. She listens to the argument but has to focus. She does catch sight of where Kara is however and she presses on attempting to make the Dragon's life a bit more interesting.
Chita What was that? The Viera who was laying, half-charred on the ground, was suddenly being healed? From multiple sources? He groaned a bit and almost began to stir before suddenly the ground began to break and shatter and the form of the fallen Viera was launched upwards amidst one chunk before being battered around and slammed back into the ground with a rather disheartening thud. Chita slowly pushed himself to a stand and began to feel around for his weapons only to realize that the spear he had, and the false keyblade, were laying not too far away - completely shattered and destroyed. Trying to cleave through that original attack with such banal and paltry weapons didn't do a thing.

"Mmph..." The cloth that had been wrapped around his face to act as a deterrent for poisonous pollen that may perhaps have been in some of these woods trees, or even with this creature. There had been fear of a Malboro until he got here and didn't smell anything of the sort. " this going to be it?" He could barely stand at this point, looking around at all the others fighting, faring better or worse in this chaos. "Alright then. Well, I suppose you have... cough... left me no choice." As he coughed a bit of blood left his lips, straightening his body up as much as he could and pulling out two long lances. THESE would be far more familiar to those who had seen them before. Something only one Judge seemed to have, or one person for that matter.

That Vieran Judge.

It might be /far/ more recognizable for the three who knew him given the area around began to grow darker and he began to glow before he leapt up into the air and threw both spears as hard as he could towards the 'head' of the dragon, trying to pin the plant-creature down long enough for the others to finish it. Hopefully before he was done in himself. And not just two spears, but four, six, eight, ghostly images of the spears that looked to be made almost of light were launched from the actual spears he had in his hands before they all vanished and the energy gathered into a single spear which he launched down towards the beast.

That was his all... though perhaps they would notice something else.

The explosions that would come upon impact, hitting the dragon of plants or otherwise, were targeted to explode the area around them, trying to clear the 'clearing' further out, destroy anything that may be plantlife in the immediate area. Chita was trying to cut off any ability this creature had to regenerate or escape if at all possible.

"I hope that... you may find peace in the end, at your end... whatever may give you such."
Morrighan Alazne By this point, Origin was oddly in agreement with Angantyr. Choosing not to enter into a debate with the Shaman. There were more pressing matters at hand. Like the fact that four others were attempting to eradicate it. Seeing as it's earthquake gambit was rendered mostly ineffective, Origin drew back, taking time to gather itself again for another strike. Seeing the keyblade wielder coming, the dragon could feel the fires of darkness burning into it again.

Inside, Morrighan squealed, covering her head as dark embers fluttered down from above, which earned her a 'BE QUIET' from the child controlling the plant monster. Origin could feel it's energy waning from the continued effort of restoring the damage caused. It needed a reprieve. "I don't imagine that I will. But I suppose you will try your hardest to make sure that I do." The child's voice echoed out to Ang, following his quip.

Deelel's disc hits the mark again...but oddly does no damage at all. This drew suspicion, but there was no time to dwell on it. For something more pressing was coming. Ah, over there. That rabbit it had tossed aside multiple times. Or twice. Yes, it was twice. He looked serious now. And those lances looked sharp.

Origin stared as Chita leapt into the air, tossing down the two spears with great force. No wait, there were more. Four? Five? Six? The creature was sure that an attack of this calibur would have been sure to cause considerable damage...

Which is why several vines bound themselves together, lashing out all at once to contact with the spear of light. There was a brief struggle as it looked like Chita's gambit would prevail! ...But then at the lost moment, the attack was turned aside, flying past Origin and into the depths of the forest, causing an explosion further out.

"...You tried." Came the voice of Origin. It was monotone, but somehow, one could tell she was mocking him. Somehow.

The plant dragon took no chance to attack this time however. Falling back and drawing in nature's energies to recover...
Blivon .....And as the hand of fate deigns that time move forward, it also decrees that Blivon's loquacious denunciation of Origin's proclamations are deemed..... annoying. The main personfication of his words being an irritant first comes in the form of Anagantyr's chiding, who is probably a lot more sensible than the guru in a number of ways, starting with the fact that Blivon is clueless to the fact that his words would be /more/ useful if they fell on deaf ears, than the ears through which they resound.

The Green Giant is not moved by the shaman's words in the least, and if anything, everybody else is starting to tire of his intellectual jousting with the attack from the killer green tomato. One thing is true of Blivon-- he /tries/ to oblige others, and since he's doing an utterly horrendous job helping his allies, and not convincing Origin to reconsider his ideological standpoints, the insufferable therapist decides to take the keyblade-user's advice and pipe down for the remainder of the battle.... or at least, until someone(besides the monster) actually desires information from him; knowing when to keep one's mouth shut is an art that is under-appreciated by Blivon.

Maybe he can work on that a bit. As if to atone for being a nuisance, the sagacious one endows Angantyr with some beneficial magics! Again the adorable little bird swoops down and showers those in need with healing energies, while Blivon causes his own visage, as well as that of the swordsman's to become blurry. The unusually tall guru also makes a note to steer clear of Chita, since he's on the warpath..... because if Blivon ends up being the victim of that devastating attack, there will be no question as to Who should be blamed, but Ravager Rabbit....
Avira "Tch, it's regenerating." Avira scowls, then scowls some more as the plant dragon casually turns away Chita's lances. Having first had experience on the business end of those lances, she knows how much damage they can do. When they hit. It actually made Avira a little angry to see that happen-anger on behalf of Chita, even!

A shimmering silvery light clings to Avira quite suddenly and Angantyr will feel the swell of light energy within the huntress. It's a state he's witnessed before, though normally it took Avira much longer to achieve. Angantyr will know, coordination over their VALKYRI frequency aside, that Avira is ready to go. With little warning or shouting, she launches herself into the plant dragon. There is no witty banter or heroic catchphrases shouted in the process-in fact, her approach is completely silent save for the whipping of wind against her hair and clothing. Unless Origin is watching her, it wouldn't even know until the Spine is suddenly sawing through the vines and plants the creature is made from. She saw a glimpse of Kara still in there and Deelel was able to confirm the spot. With vicious dogged determination, she /will/ drag the dark elf free.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods once to Blivon...okay he will accept the long windedness of the healer.

You respect healers.

The Keyblade moves ready to strike again but the thing focuses on itself...

"NOW! DESTROY IT NOW!" he says. The light of the keyblade starting to glow brightly. "This is the fear I will show you, monster. Those of chaos, and those who think the world is for their whims only."

"Know who I am before you meet your match, I am Angantyr Vespar, warrior of the light and defender against those who are oppressed...tempered by the darkness. Former apprentance of the man you call Garland...your creator. Know this name, creature, and know your end." he says. Morrighan was somewhere in there...but Angantyr knew where to put his weapon.

Light started to shine off of the keyblade, a bright light as he takes a step forward. A strong wing explodes from him...

BGM Change:

"TYRANT..." he booms, and swing once. Darkness washes out, aiming to tear through the vines...with that, he hopes to find the weak point...the head from earlier...

Angantyr thrusts, at where it is... "BREAKER!" he booms, aiming to drive the beam of light forward, a large wind follows behind it, as the power of darkness and light work together as one...
Chita And it was all for naught. Chita had poured everything he had into that and the creature just brushed it aside somehow. Not to mention it didn't seem like the others were doing too well against it either.


Well now, that wasn't a bit ridiculous.

"Yes, I did." It mocked him too. But he had tried. And failed. "And failed." he responded accordingly. "But you just swallowed that girl and I /will/ have her back, even though I know not who she is. So spit her out now!" And injuries aside, albeit quite heavy, the Viera leapt straight towards the creature and tried to ignore his pain long enough to jam the two spears themselves straight into the forehead of the best, hoping that somehow it would be a weakspot. He hadn't been able to look around but, then again, foreheads didn't tend to be too 'not weakspot' as far as aiming towards things went.
And as insult to injury he attempted to give it a final kick while trying to leap to relative safety.
Deelel Deelel is paying attention to many things, her earlier strike was just a set up for what she was about to do. Avira has made her plan clear. Deelel is gong to attack but make sure to avoid where Kara is. Rescuing Kara is up to Avira, at this point. She's going to follow up Ang's very well put suggestion now, to murder the heck out of this thing.

"Not done yet, I fought greater things than you..."

Memories of Lexus come to mind for a moment as she's forced to put them aside to focus on the fight at hand. She launches into a run at the Dragon. She does not stop as he runs as fast as she can, which is a bit faste5r than a typical human of her build could manage she's got her disc in hand and she's going to use it as as melee weapons. Deelel gets up close and starts tying to use it to carve up other portions of the hulking thing. Even as it regenerates? Deelel is confident it can't do it forever, as you can not get something from nothing after all. She continues on her attack.

"Game over."

She pulls away now not wanting to get caught up in a counter attack should it survive the assault form everyone somehow.
Morrighan Alazne Angantyr, being the loud one had Origin's attention at the moment. "Destroy me? Nonsense." It spoke in monotone, watching as The keyblader made his heroic speech. It remained completely silent and just listened. And then watched as his keyblade began to give off an unsettling shine. Perhaps if things were different, the chaos spawn would have been afraid. But as it stood now. It simply...was not. "You prattle on, human. About light. About darkness. About defending the oppressed..." Speaking slowly, it formed a barrier of vines, weathering the wave of darkness that washed over it, completely eroding away the vines to reveal the creature behind it. But it's job was completed.

Following up, Origin opened it's massive maw, letting loose a blast of solar energy to push back against the light of the keyblade. There was a beam struggle for several seconds before both died down...with no result. Origin still stood.

At least before Avira came swooping in like some sort of Ninja, tearing into the vines and foilage of it's body quite viciously. "....!" The attack revealed Morrighan once again encaged within the body of the creature. Along with the child. The 'fiend' created from Morrighan's fractured Soul. "Eh? ...Avira?" The older dark elf asked cluelessly, spotting the leader of VALKRI mid attack. Origin's true form glared at Avira for a second before raising a hand and directing nature's energies to seal the opening. Before her 'Mother' got any funny ideas and tried to break out of her hold.

To Chita's attempt, Origin resumed control of the foilage dragon. Turning the creature's eyes upon him and deftly delfecting the oncoming attack with several vines. One wrapped around his leg and casually tossed him aside, leaving him to land all wrong. Not that Origin was going to bother looking to make sure.

"Greater things than I? ...Perhaps that may be the case. My power is negligible in the grand scheme of things. Which is why I endeavor to gather more." The child's voice echoed out in response to Deelel. But the program was fast. Probably the fastest here. It was hard to keep her within sight as she moved about, carving up sections of it's body. Of course, each spot regenerated, but it was becoming slower and slower with each pass... Origin's energy must be waning.

"I quickly begin to tire of your games." The child muttered, an aura of darkness beginning to emanate around her. "It is time. I will return you all to the origin point! To the earth!" The dragon body Origin constructed raised up and let out a loud bellow, creating vibrations in the air as various vines burst out from it's body. The ends were all razor sharp and aiming to slice up the group without mercy. As this was happening, the creature opened it's massive jaw again, rays of light emanating from it, building up to create a blast that would no doubt leave quite a bit of damage in it's wake.

"Out of my sight!"

And then it released an aura of azure energy, firing from it's mouth and splitting apart. The energy array rained down across the entire clearing, aiming to sweep all up into the destruction and be rid of them once and for all.
Blivon Any gestural thanks administered to Blivon is short-lived, for just as he finishes casting his defensive charms, he spontaneously succumbs to his 'hyper-narcoplepsy' issue, which results in his body slumping over atop his shield, which digs into the ground and miraculously ends up positioned such that it supports him so that he remains upright. Right as he's falling asleep, though, he isn't alert enough to bother to raise his shield, and the cascading, destructive photonic barrage engulfs him, causing him to grit his teeth, demonstrating that he was experiencing some pain, heedless of the fact that he was rapidly giving way to his somnolence. Not to be rendered useless, in spite of being unconscious, his faithful cat comes to his defense!....

Now, regrettably, it was a pole-cat, which might've put off some of the folks who were in the perimeter, since odors could easily carry throughout the enclosure with little trouble. On the other hand, Blivon's pet skunk blazes into the clearing(or what might improvise as one), then pivots on her distal limbs and rears her tail up, quickly thereafter followed by a spray of putrid mist that is chemically incompatible with almost any nasal passage in existence, hence the creature has managed to survive so long in spite of there being much bigger, nastier things in the wilderness that would otherwise make a meal of her.

The plume of foulness is aimed directly at the evil snap-dragon, but this isn't to say that others present won't get a whiff of the stench by incidence. Angantyr might be willing to tolerate the long-windedness of the healer, but.... is he going to be particularly happy about the healer's pet's rancid-windedness? That's yet to be seen! And... while on the topic, maybe others will be a little disgruntled about the emission being released, but as if to demonstrate that she's a team-player, hastily after letting loose the perfume of doom, the skunk launches at one of the creature's vines/limbs/something-edible(unless Angantyr blew them away and only the trunk remains), and tries to bite down hard!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Blivon may be a pacifist.... but his minions are not! The skunk is more of a puke-a-fist.
Angantyr Vespar Light beats into the form of Angantyr.

However, when the bright light faded, the Dark Knight stood, his keyblade having divided the beam in half. The armor of the abyss was gone, and Angantyr looked a bit worse for ware...

But he was still alive

"I've had better." he says, sarcastically, "You are not the worse thing I faced, you are not even within the top ten." He says, and takes a step forward, and another. The blade moves to cut away the vines that gather near him... and then his right hand transforms into the claw of darkness.

"SHATTER!" he commands, and then reaches up INTO the beast...the blood that was spilled, not just from him, but from all around him forms into blades and repeatedly strike into the creature, trying to drag it down and rend into it.

And then Angantyr drives the blade forward again, right towards that dragon head. "There is no second strike."
Avira "Kara!" Avira yells out, rather exaspirated as it suddenly occurs to her that the whole time she was chasing after the Dark Elf, trying to pull her back, the woman had /no idea/ Avira was there. No idea! It would explain why she hadn't listened to the warnings but still, of all the indignant-!

Face to face with the fiend, Avira glowers at the childlike entity then reaches out for Kara with one hand. "Grab on!" she calls, "I'll pull you out!" She is perhaps inches away from seizing the dark elf when vines burst all around her and violently expell Avira from the creature. Blood splatters and stains the ground in Avira's wake, the razor-sharp edges slicing through skin and armor alike.

It could be worse, she tells herself as she gets back up on her feet. Lazily, she fires an ice spell at it, if only to try to keep it away from the other people here.
Chita Well, it wasn't hard to see the Viera was having no luck at the moment dealing with this creature. All attempts at even /hurting/ it were ignored and retorted with levels of attacks that he simply couldn't possibly combat with. No different was the rain of energy that pelted into the Viera, leaving him just about to fall over. It was only thanks to the fact that he had landed in a crouch and impaled his spear into the ground that he was 'upright'.

At least until a foul stench passed through the area. "HURK!" And a rather spent Viera almost begins to make a mess of things before he simply collapses forward onto the ground next to his spear, quite unconscious. Foul smells + Viera... they do not mix.

Not to mention getting kicked around by that plant creature so badly.
Deelel Deelel is able to unload a very powerful attack but that's it she's pressed herself hard, as skilled as Deelel has becomes at fighting? She's still gt the limitations of not being a combat grade program in design. She needs a moment to recover from what she's been dishing out as the child mutters about games. She looks at them for a moment.

"I am not of the earth I am not of any world of flesh."

Deelel at that is pulling back and flipping away from the hellish attack coming her way evading the energy blast and having some time to recover a little bit. She should be good to go once more in a moment.
Morrighan Alazne "Avira!" Morrighan had called out, reaching out for the offered hand, at least before Origin sealed up the opening and sent Avira fkying back outside. So much for that. "......" She had no real knowledge of fighting, or what was going on here in the broader sense, so...better to stay put.

Meanwhile outside, the form of the serpentine dragon, damaged, and on the brink of defeat, yet still standing, proceeded to tower over the battlefield. "........." And then all at once, the vines and plants began to crumble away. Everything that was making up the dragon unceremoniously began to peel off. Like flesh leaving the bone. The creature crashed to the ground, unable to keep up it's form with what little energy was left. The plants withered and eroded to nothing, soon leaving just the head, which followed eventually.

At that point, all that was left was the Origin's true form; that little child, standing her ground in front of a confused Morrighan. "....You people are not like the others..." She spoke calmly, though a bit winded. Her crimson gaze surveyed the battlefield, the smell passing her nose and causing it to wrinkle, but otherwise, she reacted little.

"...As it stands, I have no more energy to fight you with." The child conceded, taking a deep breath, and then falling to her knees, beginning to pant heavily. It looked like all the power she was building up over the past few weeks had been used up fighting them all off.

"Um..." Morrighan interjected then, unsure of herself. "...Are you okay?" And despite everything that's happened, she asks the other part of herself if she was well. Morrighan's gaze then moved over to the others. "...What happens to her now?"
Blivon Still in slumber, Blivon can't do very much to really evade any oncoming blows aimed at caushing him grief, but that isn't to say he didn't have other tools at his disposal! If he couldn't defend himself, maybe he could still receive regenerative bonuses that were passive, or, invoked by other beings. For one, his 'Dragon Spirit' ability would occasionally activate automatically when harm registered on his body, or mind, and since this had happened, his Reaction Ability that he'd learned while in the wars of Ivalice had a possibility of eventually coming into play, but it hadn't triggered yet, for unknown reasons. Evidently, this would not come to pass, since the scuffle had now drawn to a close.

Barring , he also had a trusty steed named Diyanuh who happened to be one of the holiest of creatures, radiating light and health to those in desperate need; this animal was known as.... a unicorn! Exploding into the area, while 'skunky' now returned to her master to try and nudge him to consciousness, Diyan waved her head around and emanating from her was a robust, invigorating essence that glimmered about the area near Blivon, randomly effecting various folks who were graced by destiny. No.... the retroactive healing wasn't /essential/, now that the monster was gone, but since the unicorn's healing energies would stabilize, or repair wounds, it probably would've alleviated some of the pain Avira and Angantyr were feeling. Blivon? He was still dozing off, and it didn't look like he was going to wake, because even skunky's efforts were to no avail. Alas. He'd done that for which he'd been needed, and now, he could get some much needed rest!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks forward, the blade still in his hand as the power of the Unicorn washes through him.

"Thank you." he says back towards Blivon. However, the blade does not fade from his hand.

Angantyr pauses... "You are a agent of Chaos, if we let you go you will do what you did here again...more will die. Or are you telling me you have chosen to give up on your nature and not follow the path of blood?"
Blivon Unable to respond to Angantyr, the guru would've been indeed delighted that the warrior had thanked him, but being asleep, this is not the case. On the other hand, the fact that his temporary ally doesn't try to rouse him from his pleasant slumber is a considerable manifestation of gratitude, to the effect that if the master swordsman's aims where to do Blivon a service for the healing.... well, he just might have done it! All in all, Diyanuh's work is not done, and she trots over to Chita, lowering her head so that the end of the horn is in considerable proximal range to the viera, which should endow Chita with some stamina, hopefully replenishing some of the lagomorph's reserves....
Morrighan Alazne Origin raised her head tiredly, staring up at Angantyr. ".....You want me to stop? Foolishness. After all, you know well what I--mppmh-" Whatever the child was going to say was immediately muffled by Morrighan's hand covering her mouth. "Ahhhhhhh what she's going to say was 'yes Mr. Scary Armor Man! I won't do anything bad anymore!'"

Origin immediately glared at Morrighan for interrupting.
Deelel Deelel is a bit surprised to see the thing is standing Morri seems to be all right and they have an interesting problem here. Avira however nails it on the head even as she makes some preparation to move depending on what the beast's answer is. This is not her call to make as finishing something that can't fight back? does not sit well with her, meanwhile she focus on recovering. For if things continue to go on it may take a bit more heat to put this thing to rest.
Angantyr Vespar "You are going to take responsibility for this then?" Angantyr says, "You realize what you say? She will kill, and kill again. It might not be you, but those you surround yourself with?" he says, the blade does not go away, and he eyes the creature. "At least she is honest." Angantyr says and looks upon Morrighan. "Do you wish to know what I think happened?"
Morrighan Alazne "...?" Morrighan blinked a couple times, staring up at Angantyr curiously. "What you think happened?" There was a pause then as she considered his words. "...And what's that?" As for taking responsibility, she didn't have an answer for that one really. Not immediately anyway. But the thought swirled around in her mind, even as Origin remained quiet, reduced to glaring at everyone around her since she had no power to fight with.
Angantyr Vespar "You, before you were reduced to what you are now...tore a piece of a manifestation of chaos named Garland and formed something named Lich. A fiend. I know this because I was his apprentance at the time. He was /extremly/ vexed at what you did...well, you as in you before...whatever happened to you did and made you what you are now. He did the same to you. Ripping a piece of you out...and making Origin. It is a manfestation of chaos, and your soul. This litterally a piece of your soul."

"I...think I can return it to you."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan listened intently to Angantyr's recounting, eyes slowly widening upon hearing what has happened. "...I...did that?" Tearing a piece of someone out of them and forming some creature? ...She could do that? Trying to think on it just drew total blanks, but Origin interjected then.

"He is correct. You sought to perform a ritual in order to wrest control of a being known as a 'Fiend' from the clutches of Garland." The smaller elf recounted, apparently having a good majority of Morrighan's memories. "...But it turned out to be too much for us to handle. And now you are like this." Pause. "And I exist."

Morrighan didn't totally understand, but "Basically...I did something bad and then...that person had their revenge?" It was oversimplified. Or maybe it was just simple enough, but Origin just nodded.

Hearing the possibility of being returned to Morrighan, Origin just sighed. "...Perhaps that may be for the best." Her eyes narrowed and she glared at Ang. "Besides, I imagine that if I were to refuse, you would just kill me anyhow, yes?"
Angantyr Vespar "I experienced this in a dream once...when I first uncovered the Keyblade. The power of the Keyblade is...more than just a weapon against the heartless. It has the power to unlock things...or restore things."

"...Though the power to do so I do not think is fully granted to me yet..." but ...

It was either kill it, which probably will not solve anything...or restore it. He takes a breath...

He holds the blade towards the child.

The keyblade reacts at this point, working of it's own guides Angantyr, slowly he moves forward, touching the chest of the child gently, and pushing insider her chest painlessly...and then it pulls out.

Light may take over the form of the child next...but Angantyr has done all he could...

"I fear I still have much to learn on this subject...I have to track down someone. A few people."
Morrighan Alazne Upon being touched by the keyblade, Origin could feel her form unraveling, changing from that of an elven child, to that of...a simple ball of light. Having lost a shell in which to talk and convey herself, all she could do was float towards Morrighan...

Staring as a piece of her soul literally floated right in front of her, Morrighan was stuck in a trance, offering no adverse reaction when the soul piece phased past her and went straight into her. There was a brief shine of light before everything subsided.

Once it was all done, Morrighan stood alone, and Origin was nowhere to be found. Having closed her eyes from the light, the dark elf opened them slowly, revealing that the color had returned to her eyes. They were red again. Just like they had been previously. "...Ugh...What have I been...?" She grumbled, bringing a hand up to rub the side of her head groggily, as if she had just woken up from a long, long sleep.
Angantyr Vespar "Oh no, don't thank me. Please. Your kind face and soon to be haughty words will be enough." Angantyr says sarcastically. The keyblade still lays in his hand. "More specifically, are you alright? Reaping what you sow asside, even I have standards."
Deelel Deelel just stands back at this pint and watches. Perhaps this is the best option? Who knows what killing it would do to Morri, then again there's chaos in this. there isn't a happy choice but it's perhaps the least horrible. Killing the thing might do something far worse to Kara, she wonders for a moment staring at what happens. She locks the disc on to her back, hoping there will be no more fighting at this point.
Morrighan Alazne "......." Morrighan just stared. And stared. And then stared some more. "....You! You are that uncouth barbarian who--" She paused suddenly as all of 'Kara's memories' came flooding back to her. ".....Helped me." Another pause as Morrighan took time to consider this truth. "........" After a painfully long moment of glaring, her look relaxed into a smile.

A genuine smile in fact.

Probably a first from Morrighan. The /real/ Morrighan. "....Thank you." Settling her hands in front of herself, she bowed slightly in gratitude. "...I suppose you are not quite /that/ terrible. If you have one of those infernal keys in any case."

And then she straightened up, immediately glaring over at Avira. "....And YOU!" She pointed. "How dare you give me such a terrible name! Kara? Really!?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

He just blinks after a moment, "I...your welcome." he says after a moment. "I wasn't expecting that." he says, and shrugs.

"Now lets be fair, you did do the maid thing. So she named you Kara. I call that even. Now, I guess we should go celibrate you not being a wreck of a person...and perhaps you should think about what to do now." he says, and dismisses the weapon.

"Because to be honest, you are not safe yet. Garland is sure to know what happened here. Your repreave from what you were may be temporarily. Lets talk, and lets speak of what happened, and how it happened."
Avira Avira watches this, shading her eyes when needed. Origin was gone and Morrighan remained. Or was it Kara? Slowly she had a sinking feeling about this. If the Dark Elf returned in full...well...

...but they couldn't leave Origin as is. A fiend on the lose would only...

With a heavy heart, Avira slips the Spine away and waits, folding her arms over her chest. She waits. Okay, there was a thank you, that wasn't the real Morrighan at all. Maybe she-

Oh wait, she's insulting her and glaring at her. Avira sighs, "Welcome back."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan settled her glare into a smile and approached Avira. ".....As much as I abhor your very existence sometimes..." She trailed off, averting her eyes. "...I suppose I should thank you for not taking advantage of me when I was...not well." That was an understatement. Name aside. "...So thank you, Avira." And then she offered her a hand.

"...Friends? ...Or at the very least, not bitter enemies out for each other's blood?" Her smile turned sheepish and unsure. After all, she had done so many terrible things in the past, but...something was different this time. Something...profound.

Angantyr gets a look then and Morrighan nodded slowly, her expression darkening. "...I remember everything now...I believe we do need to talk."


"AND WHAT AM I WEARING!?" Memories come flooding back then. "W-Wait! Ivo! That scoundrel! He kissed me! Where is he!? I demand his head!"

Catching up was going to take some time...
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr puts a hand on her shoulder, firm but reassuring. "Calm. Ivo will get what is coming to him eventually. Patience. Rushing head first got you into this." He says, calmly.

"I vote we go get stupid drunk and celibrate."
Avira "That name wasn't meant to be humiliating or anything, Angantyr!" she asides to him, "I didn't even know it was Morrighan at the time, she acted so differently. Beides, I thought Kara was a good name." It had plenty of a's in it. A 50 percent letter A inclusion. That was pretty good.

Speaking of faintable things, it was one thing to see Angantyr being thanked. He's the one that did his keyblade magic. But for her..? "You're welcome." she says, meeting Morrighan's gaze. There's still some suspicion. Like she's waiting for more yelling.

Wait what? Friends? "We can start with not bitter enemies out for each other's blood. Once I get over the shock, we'll see about friends." She reaches over, grasping Morrighan's offered hand and squeezing tightly. It's a short lived joy, though, because Angantyr brings up the now very real situation of Garland Retribution. Of which there will most certainly be.

"I second Angantyr's vote! Let's get out of here!"
Morrighan Alazne "Hehe...right then." Morrighan looked over to the others and Deelel, nodding to them as well. "Thank you as well." And then her attention turned back to Ang, "Yes, I suppose a drink would not hurt. ...And I need to change out of these gaudy clothes!"

That said, she moved behind Avira and Angantyr, ushering them off. "Now let us be off. We have plenty to talk about!"
Angantyr Vespar "Hmmm...I dunno, I am a fan of the clothes Shows off the figure well." Angantyr points out.
Deelel Deelel looks over to Morri for a moment "Your welcome and you seem to have regained yourself. If your to be cross with anyone it's Ivo. I haven't seen him since Shiki and I went hunting for him. We been trying to find him. I'm sorry I didn't catch on sooner. My people are not quite wired like that, I am sorry. On the other hand I'm with Ang lets go party somewhere far away from here Morrighan. I'll even provide the music."

she'll even let People get her to play something that isn't Techo or some variation of that music form. She moves to follow after Morri, Ang and Avira.

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