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(2013-09-03 - Now)
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Blivon In the Rehab Clinic, a subsidiary of Rosemarie's consultation center, Blivon had completed his workday as he began to put things away. He was relatively anal about cleanliness, and though he hadn't put up the 'Closed' sign yet, the fact that it was almost ten at night meant that he'd worked overtime, so he had to really hurry to tidy things up for the next morning. Traverse Town was always dark, but since other stores had probably closed, the veil of night was especially potent during this hour, since other lights had gone out, save for convenience stores that stayed open twenty-four hours.

Blivon's door was unlocked, and the center had on the front a large sign that clearly advertised what his profession was, aside from the fact that the 'open' sign hadn't been turned around.... so, all were welcome, if they truly needed refuge, or somebody with whom to converse, or into whom they could confide!
Garnet Princess Garnet - now calling herself Dagger while on the run - had wandered far and wide, momentarily separated from Beatrix before being reunited with her once again on the outskirts of Archades.

They had wandered aimlessly for several days, evading all manner of Alexandrian guard, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Eventually however, it was a surprise heartless attack that had pressed them further, forcing them through a random portal and ended up in Traverse Town.

The scuffle had left them exhausted, and Dagger had taken numerous wounds. Unlike the tougher stronger Beatrix, there was only so much she could take. She was exhausted, wounded..And hungry as she lagged behind the persistent Beatrix who led them through darkenned alleyways, and had eventually stumbled upon the quiet, unassuming rehabilitation clinic belonging to one Blivon.

"I...Cannot..Make it..." She gasps, clutching a bloody arm as she reaches towards Beatrix for support." Dagger is mere steps from Blivon's front door when she collapses in exhaustion, in typical princess like fashion.
Beatrix The presence that precedes the princess is draped in a cloak. It would be a bit too flashy for the general to travel without that, her figure is a well known one after all. Red hair, patched eye, Save The Queen. The namesake of the sword is followed though. When the princess asks for assistance, it only takes a moment for the cloaked lady to come and offer her shoulder to the runaway princess.

"I know... The inn is closeby, let us get a room for the-"

Her speech is cut off when she tugs the princess to the side of the wall, entering the mouth of the nearby alley, out of immediate sight. Guards, Alexandrian too, at the doors of the inn. The general mutters "Well there goes that idea..." And she knows the princess needs her rest...

She sighs, and looks around, noticing the clinic... Well, better than staying outside right now, perhaps they can get a bit of shelter for a coin. She helps 'dagger' to her feet, heading inside of the clinic "Excuse me, is there anyone here?" She calls out as soon as she enters.
Blivon Blivon wasn't exactly a miracle-worker, but he could perform small services for others, although, if he were a little bit more predictable, it might've endeared him to others; at least he could provide uncommon answers for those in need, although.... the typical problems people had, he couldn't solve without sufficient time, because of his slow, methodical tactics that were employed to salvage the minds of the afflicted. On this evening, he could do something for somebody which wouldn't take years of restructuring of the mind in order to attain visible progress; he could open the door for somebody in need! When he heard some noises outside his facility, he promptly went to his door and looked through the glass pane to see what was afoot, but by the time he arrived, Beatrix and Garnet had already ducked into an alleyway, which mystified him for but the briefest of moments, before he decided that something must've happened in short order.

Certainly, it could've subsided just as hastily, before he could've witness whatever it was that transpired. When Beatrix entered into his waiting room, he turned his head and raised a brow when he saw Garnet's bloodied arm, then gazed back at the other woman, "I am here, and so are both of you...." he smiles calmly, and heads towards them to close the door behind them, since the general is undoubtedly trying to pull Garnet to a comfortable piece of furniture as soon as Blivon demonstrated that he was receptive, by offering a friendly greeting. As he reached the door, he blinked, and turned to Beatrix and Garnet, remarking, "Please hide in the other room for a moment, if you'd be so kind....? It appears someone is coming, and I do not know their intentions, but I can easily discern that your predicaments are not foul...."

....And true enough, since the 'lobby' was so small, it wouldn't've taken much extra labor for the one-eyed woman to haul Garnet into the room behind the other door. As if to reassure them that his idea is a good one, he remarks, "There's a couch in the other room that is designed to facilitate someone of my.... stature, and I believe would function perfectly fine as a bed for your friend." he nodded to Garnet. The lobby didn't have incredibly cozy-looking trappings, and after all.... /somebody/ had to derail their pursuers!
Garnet Dagger gasps as she sees the guards pass by the inn..As it is, she doesn't think she has the strength to evade anymore guards..But Beatrix is there, as always, holding her hand, lending her her support and strength and companionship..It causes her to smile faintly and nod to the good general, rising shakily to her feet as she follows after her once the coast is clear.

"Thank you, Miss Beatrix. I could not have come this far without you..." She sighs tiredly as she follows after her towards the clinic. When Blivon tells her to hide in the other room, she frowns a bit, wondering if the guards had followed them here..It's not a trap is it? But by now, they have few options and so Dagger nods wordlessly, sneaking into the next room, collapsing exhaustedly on the couch..
Beatrix The general is tired as well, but she can still fend off a few guards... if its a trap. But then again, this man seems to be ready to help. She'll give him one chance to prove himself here, but they don't have much choice either way, the princess can barely stand. They have been on a run for far too long now.

She gently helps the princess to the backroom, laying her down on the offered resting place, while she goes to check at the door, staying out of sight of what's going on on the other side of it. She doesn't want to be spotted either... and she can keep a watch on the shop owner as well, just in case they need a hasty exit.
Blivon Not long following Beatrix and Garnet's retreat into the other room, Blivon heard a knock on the door, which spurred him to answer. Outside was a man in a cloak that didn't make him look unreasonably suspicious, but the fact that he had appeared so quickly after their arrival was in itself, questionable- additionally, he had some (recent)stains of blood on his outfit, mayhap indicating that he had a hand in Garnet's crimson decoration upon her caudal limb? "Salutations. May I be of service?", asked the therapist.

The mysterious figured nodded politely, and inquired, "Just curious.... I'm looking for some friends. One of them is a one-eyed woman, and the other is a girl who is kinda skinny, did you see them come by here?"

Shaking his head, Blivon responded, "I did not, I am sorry to say. Is there any other way I might help you, this evening?"

The cloaked figure's gaze suddenly fell upon a few droplets of blood on the rug where Garnet had been, moments previously, and pointed at the rug, "That's funny.... but, she happened to be injured, and I couldn't happen but notice you've got blood on your carpet. I'd really like to know if she's okay.... Are you sure she didn't come by? I understand you might be trying to protect somebody, but..... that stain looks pretty recent....." With that, he faked an expression of genuine worry, to which Blivon shrugged, and pulled back the sleeve of his robe, being something of a spiritual leader, thus dressing in traditional shaman attire, exposing a bandage that had blood stains upon it.

"This is also a fresh wound, is it not? Many people in this world bleed when they are damaged." To which the man gave a quizzical look, then nodded, and tipped his wide-brimmed hat.

"Sorry to've bothered you." the stranger says, after believing his quarry had utterly evaded him.

How coincidental that just one day before, Blivon had ended up having his arm deeply due to being 'coerced' by Rhiannon to give her a blood-sample, however.... that still has to have one wondering if the therapist truly had integrity, considering he just lied to the bounty-hunter who'd just been dismissed, even if it was in a vein of aiding Garnet; chances were, Garnet and Beatrix heard most, if not all of what was said. Regardless of whether or not Blivon perpetuated a falsehood, he put the 'Closed' sign up, and then locked the door, before moving towards the back room, where his guests had gone. "I do not suspect that your stalker will be returning." But.... if the druid had lied to their pursuer, how could they trust Blivon, either? What evidence could he provide that this hadn't all been staged? So few stores had been open at this hour, it was awfully coincidental that his clinic /just happened/ to be open, and accessible!
Garnet Dagger breathed heavily as she tried to catch her breath meanwhile, in the other room. She managed to keep from making too much noise however, breathing into the supplied pillow, biting on her tongue as she tried not to make a sudden noise, even as she was in some measure of pain. No doubt, Beatrix would tend to her wounds once it was safe to do so.

For now, Dagger barely pays attention to the exchange on the other side of the door, trying to regain her breath and rest a little.
Beatrix Beatrix stood next to the door... but as soon as the guards left again, she immediately went to check on the princess. She also was drained, evne if she was doing her best not to show it, otherwise she could have healed the princess wounds with magic easily. But there wa sno chance to do it. She looks over to the shop owner, nodding her thanks "Thank you kindly for your assistance... I am sorry you had to do this for us, but as you can see... we have seen better days." She sighs, reaching into her travel bag for a first aid kit, pulling it open to get the bandages out, starting to tend to the princess wounds.

"You must have alot of questions..." She says simply to the man, as she picks a small cloth, cleaning Dagger's wounds first, so it doesn't infect. Fortunatly its not too serious, despite the blood.
Blivon When he returned to the other room, where Beatrix and Garnet had been stowed away, he looked down at the wounded arm and asked, "May I assist with that wound? I have clerical powers at my disposal, and I am betting that she doesn't want that fissure in her arm." Blivon had his own unique way of offering help, but it was still, in the end, an act of true compassion for another, or so one would hope; Beatrix, on the other hand, is courteous not to look a gift-horse in the mouth, but the guru wouldn't've been offended even if she had decided to run a background check on him.

"I'm not certain what I had to do for you-- I was not inconvenienced by your presence." Blivon states, which is an irregular thing to say, when accounting for the fact that he now had tarnishing marks of vermillion on his rug, aside from the fact that he was about to expend some mana to help the wounds of the princess, if both of them permitted him to do so. In any case, whatever reasons he had for 'claiming' that it was no trouble, his tonality matched his words in totality, delineating no proof that he was speaking untruly, which meant he was either a master of emotional control, or he meant every word of what he'd said to them, when factoring in his little 'ruse' to trick their hunter who'd just departed a minute ago. Bringing two chairs to the couch where Garnet lay, he motioned for Beatrix to seat herself, and then he himself sat as well, so that he wouldn't have to stand while mending the noblewoman's laceration.

When Beatrix asks him if he has a lot of questions, Blivon looked at her and tilted his head, inquisitively, "Presently, I have none that are outwardly viable. I have many questions that I ask myself inwardly, endlessly, and sometimes.... answers come to me. However, if you have questions, and you feel I can accommodate, I shall do my best to oblige....." He offers a warm, but soft grin, unlike something a more energetic, hyper sort would bequeath, or unlike the kind of reluctant grin a somewhat irritated individual would render, if they were feeling hassled by the current situation that was facing the therapist.
Garnet Dagger doesn't relax until Beatrix assures her that the guards have left. Breathing a sigh of relief, she glances first to Beatrix as she tends to her wounds, then towards their savior, nodding in agreement with Beatrix. "Yes, thank you so much for your aid..." She offers him a faint smile, slowly finding the strength returning to her frail body as Beatrix cleans the wound.

It seems the general has her wounds under her care, and being a healer of considerable respect herself, it does not seem like she will require any further assistance, as the wound is indeed not nearly as serious as it may look at first glance.

However, Dagger now has other concerns. It is late, and those guards are still out there. "Oh, please..Might I ask of you one last favor? If we may stay just the night, until the immediate danger has passed, I would be forever grateful to you..I even have some money that I can repay you with.." Not her falcon claw of course, but she does have some munny that she acquired from a group of heartless they had encountered on the way here..
Beatrix Beatrix finishes cleaning the wound, but is grateful for the offer of assistance from the shop owner, that they have yet to get the name of. "Then if you have no questions, I can at least assure you that we are not fugitives, not in the sense of the word at least. We are no danger, we simply wanted out of a terrible situation, but our pursuers seem to be think otherwise..."

She sighs a bit, shaking her head, as she removes the head of her cloak finally, letting free of her bouncy and curly brown hair "Money is not a problem either. We simply need to rest and we shall be out of your hair by the morning." Both ladies seem to be tired alright, even a general needs to stop sometimes.
Blivon Blivon rubs the bottom of his chin, looking at Garnet sidelong a moment later, his curiosity piqued, wondering if she was an immortal being-- if she was planning on being grateful eternally, then that would have to mandate that she wouldn't perish "You may stay the night, or however long you wish, but you cannot repay me, because I abstain from imposing charges for my services... Repayment would require that there was a debt involved.." He says, realizing that Garnet's wound won't require magical attention. With that, he goes over to one of his shelves, and starts to put books into them, which he had been doing earlier that day, until something distracted him. Deciding that he'd be in that little room for a fair interval, he saw fit to get some more work done, unless further help was needed, or inquiries were issued.

Serenely, he repositions tomes as Beatrix tries to assuage him by disclosing their legal status; primarily, they were not fugitives. Suddenly, he hears something that causes him to pause, and torque his head to face her, "I'd disagree. I'd say money is a big problem in this world, and many others." But promptly, he goes into the back room, behind even the one in which they'd all convened, demonstrating that the building is a hair larger than what could be viewed from the outside. Inside the other room, Beatrix and Garnet might hear the sound of wood rubbing against the floor, until moments later.... the guru comes back through the doorway, with his arms above his head, holding the sides of another couch, which he's balancing on his head.

The sofa looks like it must weigh at least five hundred pounds or more, but there is nary presence of strain on his face as he hauls the quarter-ton fixture into the room like it was an after-thought. Blivon does grunt a little as he has to bend to lower the thing to the floor, but subsequent to this, he extends a hand, presenting the thing to Beatrix, "I suspect you would find this more comfortable, if you plan on resting tonight?"

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