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(2013-08-29 - 2013-08-30)
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Zeke Port Royal has had the great good fortune of avoiding most of the insanity revolving around the Heartless. Sure you could see the occasional 'tourist' that was plainly from off-world but with it being night out there really wasn't that much foot traffic. People either were sleeping because work or were on the docks loading or unloading cargo.

Then you had people in the bars drinking, singing, and doing what people in stressful situations tend to do.

And then there was Frank. Nevermind he wasn't human he was part of Zeke's crew so he got a pass to go into a few bars. Trouble is Frank is an angry drunk and he's so very very drunk right now. "Whathalookin at me like that fer lass?" He staggered about as Miri glowered up at him. "I'm fine."

Tell that to the guy he'd sent sailing into the wall. Miri looked from Frank to Zeke as the captain gengerly approached his soused crewmember. "Frank." Zeke's voice was quiet but stern. "Why did you smash a mug against that man's head and send him throug ha table?"

"Didn't like th'way he was lookin at me boss." Frank grumbled.

"Don't you think you've had enough?"

"NO!" Frank grabbed Miri in a sudden burst of speed and threw her at Zeke. "I'm not done and you can't make me!"
Deelel Deelel had come to Port Royal again, she'd wanted to check it out a bit more this time. The last time she and Zidane had to train a bunch of heartless into the bay more or less. So perhaps this time she'll get to try this rum she's heard about here. Her clothing has changed as she arrived here, she's got a bandana on with a digital jolly roger for one, she's got on hip hugging leather pants, a shirt that doesn't quite go all the way to the pants, an bandoleer, long leather gloves, and thigh high leather boots she's also got a scabbard with what might be a sword within it and her disc looks almost like a mundane Indian throwing weapons and she's just come to check out things. however she's a bit surprised at things as she enters she looks to see basically a hole? Wait a hole? What in the name of her user was going on here?
Brooklyn There may be a slight posibility that Brooklyn has a bit of an obsession with pirates. So when he had heard there was a world that practically revolved around their existance, he dusted off the old Halloween costume and headed out.

Right now, he's looking for a seedy bar where he can get a mug of grog. Someone in town seemed more than happy to direct him towards this particular establishment of ill repute, and Brooklyn has come upon it in time to spy the Zeke shaped hole in the wall...And Deelel.
Zeke While Miri had bounced right back up and in the process had gained about a foot or two in hieght and lots of hair... and had in general gone from Human to WErewolf looking Zeke just kinda continued to lay on the ground. "That was not my best moment," He muttered as he slowly got to his feet. "Not my best moment at all."

Meanwhile the now lupine Miri was dragging Frank out of the bar while punching him in the face and saying things of a very colorful nature in Russian.

And then someone from another bar saw this goings on and threw a bottle at Miri's head. "Oi! Get yer dirty filthy paws of that elephant ye mutt."

Mutt? Miri's ears twitched. Did someone call her a Mutt? At the exclaimation everything stopped. Zeke stared as Miri's eyes narrowed while she let go of Frank... who or is Part flexed his now free arms and started marching right behind Miri. Oh... dear this was NOT going to go over well.

Zeke dusted himself off and caught sight of Deelel. Of course the problem is he's never seen Deelel in 'normal' clothes so no recognition. "Down lass!" Somewhere out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Brooklyn and grinned. "Not one o my men but." He gave a whistle. "You there, can ye fight? I need help breakin this mess up before it turns-" Suddenly chair decided to go flying! "Ah... worse?"
Deelel Deelel looks over at Brooklyn for a moment, she was not one to judge how well one fit in a world. After all she was very alien to most of the worlds she'd seen in terms of what she was made up. Meanwhile Zeke seems like he's having some more adventures of his own. She walks up to him smirking a little bit for a moment.

"Seems like you been having some fun Captain."

Ah the warble should give her away to someone who knows her well enough. She looks over to Brooklyn for a moment.
Brooklyn "I can fight, yeah!" Brooklyn calls out, as he moves up to Zeke, and then ducks a flying chair, "Aw hell. Things seem to already be turning worse. Oh well. Guess we'd better get in there!"

The gargoyle's eyes (or rather, at least the one without the eyepatch), flare white and he rushes in through the big hole on the wall, flaring his wings out as he dives onto a table and leaps off of it into the middle of the fray.
Zeke Brooclyn dove into what was turning into a dozen-man brawl... with most of the guys ganging up on Frank and Miri. Given both were supernaturally strong and seemed to be busting heads quite well this wasn't much of a surprise. Then the cyclopse spotted Brooklyn and snarled before hurling a chair at the poor fellow.

Zeke finally caught on when deelel spoke. "Aye lady things be interestin right now." He muttered something incoherent while watching the mayhem. "Wonder wha's gotten innna him. Usually Frank's the calm center when everythin's gone all daft."
Deelel Deelel tilts her head a little bit "A fight?"

Deleel weapons tend to lean more lethal at leas for those from her world. However she can bra2wl at the very least. She sighs and leaps after Brooklyn. She sighs for a moment and then leaps into the fight right after him. A brawl all right this would be a bit of a new experience for the basic as she gets into just a regular knock down drag out bar brawl!

Seriously how does she keep getting into things like this with users? She had to wonder about it but right now she's in the tick of things.
Brooklyn Uh oh. Not a good sign. The chair smacks square into Brooklyn and sends his flight path off course, which makes him crash down behind the bar. He grabs a bottle of rum, and pops the cork on it, taking a big drink, before jumping back up onto the bar proper, "Avast, ye skurvy dogs! Have at thee!" He dives off the bar towards Frank, his enhanced Gargoyle strength hopefully enough to take the big guy off his feet
Zeke When Frank whent down he kindof took a table with him since table wasn't designed to handle eight hundred pounds. Miri for her part snarled at Brooklyn. "Get back to yer city and stay out of our business.

Zeke quirked an eyebrow at Deelel's intepretation of Mosh Mosh Revolution before whistling. Loud. "Alright that's enough!"

He fired a pistol into the air. "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

"Uh-oh." Frank swallowed hard as Zeke pulled his necklace of istols off and removed his jacket. Zeke never takes his jacket off, at least he hadn't so far as Frank could see. "Ye be an embarassment t'our guests boyo."

And then a random drunk punched him in the gut. "I WASN"T TALKIN TO YE!" Zeke countered with a chair to the sod's face.
Deelel Deelel has a surprisingly good right hook all things considered. She manages to get another good hit in before Zeke fires a round into the air ya that's enough to get her to stop she pauses half way way though punching someone. She lets go and starts to get back up and she looks over to Zeke with a, this isn't normal look. She knows little about this world so she'd assumed this was normal. Brooklyn seems to be having a good deal of fun all things considered.
Brooklyn "Your business is disrupting a whole town?" Brooklyn asks, as he rolls off of where he tackled Frank and glares at Miri. Of course then Zeke fires a shot into the air, and gets everyone's attention.

Brooklyn sits up and turns his head towards him after the shot, only to watch him get slugged, and smash a chair over the man's head, "I just wanted to come here and drink. Wasn't expecting a fight."
Zeke Zeke shoved the now dazed attacker of of him and helped miri up before both helped Frank up. "Both of ye. Back to th'ship Now. We discuss yer puhishments Later."

Then to the bartender he droped a bag of coin. "I hope this will cover th'damages an a round."

Frank and Miri sulked off with the latter litterally holding her tail between her legs. Only then did he address Brooklyn. "Ye be from Manhatten Ser Grgoyal?"

Someone put a mug o something in front o Deelel.
Deelel Deelel nods in agreement with Brooklyn. She didn't come here seeking a fight herself either maybe she just got carried away, but seriously she wasn't here looking for a fight of any sort.

"I just came for a drink as well."

She looks at the mug for a moment thens he goes to grab it and start drinking it she's curious as to what it is.
Brooklyn "I am." Replies Brooklyn, as he smiles a bit, "Wanted to see a pirate tavern first hand...Didn't think I'd wind up nearly getting killed by a cyclops and a werewolf in the process.." He says, "How'd you wind up with them on your crew?"
Zeke Deelel managed to snag rum. Actual Honest-to-Flynn Rum.

Zeke laughed a bit at Brooklyn. "Wel I needed a crew and they were willing to sign on and wored well enough. Odd though" Zeke was handed a beer, as in a brown bottle of beer which was... new. He sipped it and raised an eyebrow then looked to the barkeep. "Normally good fok but I"ll make a point ot keep Frank on a short leash with alchohol. Didn't realize he's a lightweight."

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