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The Selection Cup Rally
(2013-08-26 - 2013-08-26)
Sugar Rush holds it's daily race... but everything goes wrong, secrets are revealed, and touching moments are had... it's... TURBO-TASTIC!!!
King Candy The Selection Cup Derby is in full swing!

And by Royal Decree, King Candy has forbidden all foreigners from participating. After all, what if they made it into the top nine? Then they'd be selectible as a racer, only they wouldn't be there to race the next day! And that would cause all kinds of unfortunate problems. Like getting the game disconnected after maintence failed to repair the 'problem'! A King has to look out for his subjects, after all!

And so those wishing to take part in the festivities are, sadly, limited to the viewing stands. The nice, safe viewing stands where hundreds of candy-themed sprites and cheering their little hearts out... because a surprise racer has entered the race! Little Vanellope von Schweets, the black-sheep dark-horse with raven-hair and an at'i'tuuuude.

And the little firecracker is in second KING CANDY his royal self! The pair plunge into the Snocone Caves, a cold and dark place of ice and colorful syrupy goodness, their personal battle for 1st place being displayed on the Megalotron(tm) Screen back at the finish line.

King Candy throws a jawbreaker over his shoulder that quickly grows to the size of a boulder. "You can't beat me, little girl! No GLITCH is ever going to defeat the great KING CANDY at his own game, don'tcha know!"
Serah Farron Scuttling through the rows of cottonball candies, you can see the similarly colored Serah, trying not to overly disturb as she slides over to her seat. Yeah, with all candies sorted out by sections like this, they apparently thought she would fit right in there, so they gave her this ticket. It feels weird being surrounded by candies and sweets like that, but... guess its still not the weirdest thing that happened in this new world.

She finds her way to her seat, and waits for the celebrations to start up. "Is there a problem being a glitch?" She doesn't know much about computers and games, but it doesn't really sound fair either. She plops a pack of peanuts into her lap, starting to munch quietly as a snack. She'd be worried about eating actual candies in this world.
Vanellope Vanellope just /knew/ racing was in her code! She has proved it by blowing almost every other racer out of the water! All except one--King Candy. But this little spitfire is NOT giving up!

Vanellope reacts quickly when King Candy throws a jawbreaker over his shoulder at her car, steering to the side quickly, car going up on two wheels to balance precariously before it comes back down solidly and picks up speed, trying to pass King Candy. "I am NOT a GLITCH!" she yells, stepping on the gas.

The engine of the sweet-laden vehicle roars, the car lurching forward as Vanellope takes maneuvers to try to slide past King Candy into first place! "I can do this, I can do this, I can WIN!" she chants to herself. VROOOM!
Will Sherman Will looks proud, he had helped Vanellope build her car through a super special side quest, but right no Will was here...

Disguised as MYSTERIOUS HOBO W. Who is just will with a Luchadore Mask on at the edge of the stands cheering on Vanellope!

And also maybe counting cheating with his own brand of cheating when she gets in range of luck boosts.

Which is to say, once every lap she makes. He doesn't help her win, but he does aim to help her against CHEATING KING CANDIES who are MEAN and also fat.

The MYSTERIOUS HOBO W also has a cape that flaps in the wind.

He sure hopes Umi stays focused on being the wind long enough to make his apperance dramatic.
Reno A certain Turk is in the stands, disappointed that he couldn't haven taken part in the race. But in everything there is an opportunity, and Reno is taking this opportunity to do some business.

"Hey lady, giving out free materia samples--have a fire materia, you be careful with that now," he says to a random passerby, winker before he moves over to Serah, offering her a glowing orb. "Hey there, how about a lightning materia. Something about you says lightning..." he offers with a sly grin.
Blackbird Blackbird huffed at the whole 'forgieners couldn't participate' since she even had one of those nifty light-cycles from the grid. Still the view was nice, though diabetic inducing if she thought too hard about it. Then she heard Reno pipe up. "Oi!" She shot a hand up and waved it ot try getting his attention, which meant she was just one of a few thousand noisemakers in the crowd waving hands. "Lightning Materia. I have Munny!" She din't know what Materia was made out of so in blissful ignorance she thought to snag something magic to play with. Given she had a worker drone, and all sort of electronic gizmos that needed power something that made electricity seemed a good idea.

So Handwaving shouting. Just another spectator in the crowd... except she was one of the few non-candy beings out here.

She kept her eyes out, however, for that little glitch, Ralph, and other assorted oddballs she saw last time. Each she wanted to see for diferent reasons. Still enjoy the show they might not even be here.
King Candy "You're the glitchiest glitch that ever did glitch!" King Candy replies, cutting his throttle abruptly as he cuts in front of Vanelope to cut her to the pass as he cuts her to the Quik! That's a lot of cutting and at least one pun within a pun, and it's terrible. The King's cart swerves back and forth... but Vanelope manages to slip his bumper and starts pulling up along side him. "You don't seem to get it, Vanelope! I'm the big sugardaddy around here!" As she starts to pull ahead, the King fights a little dirty, pulling into a hard swerve against the rear half of Vanelope's racer.

There's a crunch on impact and the girl's kart is forced lateral in comparison to the track, now being pushed along by King Candy's racer. "You know, if you'd just been content with what you had, this wouldn't have had to happen!" There's a fork in the road ahead... literally, it's a giant fork like you'd find on a dinner table, just sticking out of the road in order to mark the two branching paths in the road.

And Vanelope's being pushed right into it!
Deelel Deelel had come better prepared than the last time she was here, things had happened rapidly in her life, such as the truth about her home. Finding her way back to her home and just what was going on back there. She had not forsaken the Arcade or it's people she'd just also had other things to tend to, but she's not forgotten Vanellope.

How could she? To see one of her kind without a function yet the desire for one was a form of torture had the King behaved better about it she might think a bit more of it. Yet? She had an ace up her sleeve even if things went badly, still she could not find TRON. To speak to about perhaps fixing Vanellope to be functional enough to perhaps leave.

There was a wide world out there and she'd seen after all with humans and other species who were born without function. They could find such in the more open world beyond. Also she was totally going to enter the race herself now where had Will got himself to? Where was the king of all hobos? She spotted Serah for a moment and sighs she'll explain to her later as Vanellope gets mad at her. She can't fault her for such there's just some break downs in communication between organic and digital life she's found. Speaking of Hobo there is one here. Who is totally not Will she wonders where did Will go and who was this other mysterious Hobo W?

She turns over her shoulder as she looks over at Reno for a moment and smirks a little bit.

"I see they got you out working again mmm Reno?"

She's brought a coin to enter the race and had come prepared for just how crazy this world got. Not having respawn was something she was used to every day, it was rare if unheard of for a program to be constantly backed up and restored upon death. It really took an act of Flynn there.

"Greetings programs."
Will Sherman "VANELLOPE! DON'T LET THE FAT MAN FRIGHTEN YOU! BELIEVE IN ME THAT BELIEVES IN YOU WHO BELIEVES THAT YOU CAN WIN!" he shouts, suddenly on his seat and balling his fists into his hips while he makes a /DRAMATIC/ POSE right towards the Race.

He looks around him, then at Deelel, "Flap my cape!" he demands and then continues to look HOBO inspiring! Mysterious Hobo W will be the figure that INSPIRES HIS FRIEND to victory, while also twisting luck in such a way to make her make the impossible possible...if she belives in the power that he believes in the power that she beleives in the...
Wreck-It Ralph Wreck it Wreck it Ralph is not moving as fast as he can because when it comes to racing there's a limit to what his colossal hands can do. He has likely assisted with cart making (Vanellope has to win in order for himt o get his medal back so he can go live in a penthouse apartment and also maybe have a piece of pie oh man he'd love a piece of pie).

Umi may be in the background, holding up one of those squirt-and-fan things up to Will's cape to make it blow. She will likely be doing this the entire time in the background because of alt interaction rules barring her from actually being helpful.

Nevertheless, Ralph is presently waiting, and watching. If he goes out there and screws up the race, he won't get his medal!

"Why that little punk..." He murmurs, hiding behind some MINTY BUSHES as he holds up a pair of BEER GOGGLES from tappers to get a closer look at the proceedings.

Ralph isn't sure how to feel about Will calling people fat. Some people just are born that way, Will, it's not very nice and sure, it may be King Candy, but Ralph is certainly a big guy too and he has feelings too.

Oi oi oi..." He says, peering at the jumbotron. "That dirty rotten uh..." He trails off as he fails to think of an insult appropriate for King Candy. "Stinkmeaner." He resolves, a bit anticlimatically.
Vanellope King Candy is ruthless! Really, what is his problem!? Vanellope is about to reply with something snappy and sarcastic when King Candy slams his car into hers--so she screams instead. "Are you crazy!?" she shouts, struggling to keep control of her car, hands on the jerking wheel.

Then she happens to glance back, knowing there was a divide in the road--she's heading right for the fork! She's going to slam right into it. It occurs to her in that moment, that King Candy may actually be trying to KILL her! She tries to steer out of predicament but she's stuck fast on King Candy's car.

Somewhere, someone is shouting her name! They believe in her. Her /friends/ believe in her! She's not just a glitch, she a--GLITCH! That's it!

Time seems to slow slightly as she concentrates. "Know I said I wasn't going to do it again but I gotta do it just one more time--come on....GLITCH!" she says.

For the first time ever, she's happy to glitch out, because it quite probably saves her life. Vanellope and her car blur into a mess of disorganized pixels with a sound much like a scratch on a turntable. Its a mere second before she would have been, well, completely and totally /forked/.

Suddenly, she's ahead of King Candy, all her pixels in order, her hands on the wheels and her foot on the gas, taking control of her car once more! Vanellope lets out of woop of glee, "WOOOO!" then guns it.
Serah Farron Serah Farron gasps as she watches the action on the big screen. Vanellope almost got rammed into that wall there. "Is that really part of the game? I'm glad I didn't get into that race, what if it killed me? There are no continues for us..." She sighs a bit, munching on some peanuts as she nods to deelel.

But then there's Reno that appears out of nowhere and offers her... lightning? How did he know exactly? She takes the glowing ball, looking at it "What is this?" She wonders, she's never seen this before, but she can feel the magic... probably because she's a magic user herself now, thanks to l'Cie ownership.
King Candy "Hey, hey, what are you doing there?! Are you trying to use the Force? Because that's a totally different franchise, Vanellope, and I won't have any of it in Sugar Rush! I don't care what the lawyers say, until that deal goes down and Eisner says otherwise, no skywalking in this game!" King Candy looks towards the viewers at home, sternly. The fork in the road looms ever closer, only seconds away. "What what what!?" King Candy replies, reeling backwards and pinwheeling his arms as if Vanellope's glitching were contageous.

Vanellope pulls ahead in a dramatic display and with a shriek, King Candy appearently plows into the fork, the camera cutting out around him to follow in on Vanellope. She powers out of the caves and into the long straighaway that's the only thing seperating her from the finish line. Surely she can do this!

And then a dark shadow passes over her racer.

King Candy's car slams into the ground ahead of her, having launched off of the ramp on the upper path. The monarch throws his wheel into a hard twist, spiralling around to drive backwards, just ahead of Vanellope's kart. Bumper to bumper, the King climbs out of his seat. "I... FORBID you to cross that finish line!" He rips off his three-horn apparatus (the notes set so that he can hand-honk 'La Cucaracha' at his leasure) and takes several hard swings at Vanellope herself! That's VERY dirty cricket. "I won't let you undo all my hard work!"
Blackbird Blackbird took a drink from the space paranoids branded go-mug she'd brought with her to the arcade. She looked very little like Deelel. She wasn't a fighter, or at least hse kept telling herself that but the whole 'sovriegn monarch is trying to shove poor girl into a litteral fork left her fighting every instinct to keep from grabbing the baton she had tucked away. That'd just cause a huge pileup mess.

Odd considering she wasn't a racer she wore a very race-inspired jumpsuit. Blue jumpsuit with gold flames at the sleeves and legs. What? She'd come hoping maybe she could get in. Then she spotted Deelel and whistled. "Yo! Deel!" She tried finding a path to get through, all while keeping an eye out for Reno in case materia fastball special.

And then... Vanellope solves the problem of how to rescue herself from the situation. "WOOOHOO! Work it girl work it!" She was extatic. She didn't care if Vanellope was leftover data and the cabinate art was wrong and outdated! Nothing was going ot keep that little half-pint down and c'mon, what was Candy's problem anyway?
Reno Reno slaps away a hand grabbing for his bag, "Hands off a death materia yo," he says to a passing Sourpatch Kid (the 'nonprime, noncomposite'-level death has since been canceled from manufacture, since level one enemies are so rare and puny you wouldn't need a death materia for them anyhow... what damage could he possibly do?), and then looks over to the other, Blackbird, who's calling that she's got munny. He shoots her a smile. "Well if you've got the munny, I've got a few leveled up materia in here I /suppose/ I could sell you..." he begins.

Reno then looks back to Serah, grinning. "Materia, it will let you cast the lightning spell. You just equip it," she says to her, waving a hand nonchalantly as if it should be obvious.

Reno looks at the screen then as everyone's eyes turn. "Whoa...not cool, yo," he comments.
Deelel Deelel looks to Mysterious Hobo X and nods for a moment and moves to slap his cape she can't help but be amused about their there's a stupid grin on the basic's face. If the Mysterious Hobo X wants this she can provide such for him. She gets to slapping it while she keeps watching the race. It's quite the race at this point she can only get views on the large display screens. That's all she can see she's is pretty sure that something strange is going on with the race she's not sure what and she looks to the master of hobos for a moment.

"No continues where I'm from barring an act of Flynn."

Come on Van Deelel knows you can prove what you were made to do and if not made chose to do. Hey Blackbird."

She goes back to watching the race.
Will Sherman Wi-MYSTERIOUS RACER W, looks back at Ralph and nods once!

"Indeed my hobo friend, this man is indeed that!" MRW says with a nod... but Vanellope proves that the power of Friendship and BELIEVING in yourself is stronger than ANY force.


WHAM! "Well...there is something to be said about persistance!" Will says, crossing his arms, "DUCK VANELLOPE! DUCK!" he says...hopefully, his use of DUCK can be used for good...or perhaps there is no need to help. This perhaps, has to be won by Vanellope's own will...

Blackbird Blackbird jjust kinda stared as the camera showed Candy go from simply trying to beat Vanellope to candy... trying to beat hrer black and blue. "Wait what the?" She grabbed a random candy spectator, "I dunno but unless this is road rash that's very against the rules. Seriously what?"

Candy shrug.

Blackbird stood in her seat screaming obsceneties thankfully drownd out by the crowd reaction. She was not happy. Very not happy. Whether Reno had tossed her anything or not was more or less forgotten. Things were wrong here. She wasn't versed in the Deep Magic of assembly on arcade boards bt something felt off about Candy. The fanatacism to keep a glitch from causing his whole home from getting unplugged would be understandable, except... "Jeeze." She muttered, "What's his problem? This is just a game.. Right?"
Wreck-It Ralph "Ha!!" Ralph says, hopping into the air excitedly. "You did it!" He accidentally punches over a nearby candy apple tree nearby which crashes noisily nearby. He cringes and quickly ducks down behind it once more. "Heh...just gotta get past that lousy king and it's all in the--w..w--wait, he's punching at her?! Is...that in the manual...?"

A cute little baby cybug waddles up to Ralph's leg and nuzzles it happily.

"Oh hey there little guy." Ralph says. "Uh, not now, I'm kinda busy." He shooes the cybug off and it waddles off for a moment.

Then he pauses for a moment, "wait..." The cybug waddles up again and nuzzles at him. "No no, not now, I've gotta think, something's bugging me."

He pauses for a moment as a larger shadow hovers over him and he turns around and sees an ADULT cybug, painted up like a candy cane, staring at him and hovering in space.


He looks PAST that cybug and sees a virtual army busting out of the ground and swarming for the the race.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Ralph screams in terror and charges onto the track. This naturally only causes even more of a panic from the people of the kingdom already terrified of him as Candy People start fleeing in a massive panic that does nobody any good which is only FURTHER compounded by the swarm of bugs charging and fluttering for the race track.

Of course the other problem is there are bugs literally BURSTING out of the ground right now in a horrific geyser of candy bug heartless that look to consume anything and everything as prey.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Ralph screams more. He has had some experiences with these bugs before.
Vanellope The finish line is in sight. She can't believe it! She's almost there! This is it! Everything is going to change. Her whole life was going to get better. No more rejection, no more being made fun of and feeling useless. No more feeling like she didn't belong! She was going to win, and then she'd be a real racer!

A dark cloud descends on her hope--except its not a cloud at all, but King Candy's car slamming down in front of her, bumper to bumper. Vanellope screams in frustration and alarm, struggling to keep control of her car as King Candy starts trying to physically assault /her/!

Either this guy is a really, REALLY bad sport, or there's something seriously rotten in candytown! He's not just trying to beat her. He's trying to stop her from crossing the finish line. "What are you talking about!? You're crazy!" she cries, trying to steer as she tries to avoid his punches. A familiar voice from the stands yells DUCK! And Vanellope does so, avoiding a flailing attack from King Candy.

Then another familiar voice, as Ralph starts screaming. Vanellope looks over to see horrible BUG things bursting up from the ground in a swarm. The crowd goes wild. And not in a good way! Vanellope's eyes are big, round, and terrified!
Will Sherman Wi-MYSTERIOUS HOBO W looks up in shock and then horror...

"Oh gods.." he says, as the Cybugs make their appearance. He calls for back up, but they may not get here in time...where was the Sergant lady?!

"RALPH!" Pause... "YEAH! Go help Vanellope! I'll go get the other people some time!" he says and then looks towards the Cybugs decending on the poor people!

He pauses...there isn't any denying this he can't hold back...

"DYNAMIC..." He shouts and LEAPS into the air soaring high into the sky. The sun is eclipsed by the form of the Hobo King as he starts... "HOBO!"

And then falls like a meteor right towards the Cybug Swarm, "KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!" And he aims to litterally dive through the swarm in a overly dramatic fire kick formation!
Will Sherman <CSYS> Will Sherman Swapps to his Mysterious Hobo W Style.
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at the commotion. She doesn't keep the materia, she having it handed off back to Reno, her attention is taken by what's going on the screen... and at the finish line just below of them. "What... oh no. Not those bugs again! That's not good at all! They will end up eating the entire world!" She gets out of her seat, and quickly jumps out of the stands, going to join up with Ralph, he knows about those bugs as well.

Wanna-be teacher Serah shouts over to Ralph "Over here!" She waves him toward the finish line, as the bugs are swarming everywhere around from the geyser. The exit to the realm is beyond that road, to the Game Station.
Sergeant Calhoun Meanwhile, on the direct opposite side of the track where Ralph is watching the brave little Glitch that Could...

"Darned candy-coated, sugar-infested, diabetes-causing-" Sergeant Calhoun grumbles as she picks her way over the terrain, smacking a handheld-sized electronic device against a gauntleted palm. With each whack, sparkly pink powdered sugar spills out of the piece of hardware and the tiny screen flickers. If the device was in poor shape, Calhoun herself is arguably worse. Fortunately, her ultra-alloyed standard-issue space marine hardsuit protected her from the ravages of miles and miles of undiluted glucose.

However that does mean it is coated in various candy gunk, which was having unacceptable effects on her mobility. Mysteriously, her blonde hair remains perfectly untouched.

Something on her handheld pings, showing her a cybug presence directly in front of her. The screen fizzles again and that single ping turns into hundreds, "But that's-" abruptly, she looks up just as the swarm begins to rise behind Ralph. Ralph?! "YOU!!!" she scowls as one hand reaches behind her to pull out the standard issue beam rifle. For a few seconds, it looks like she's about to SHOOT RALPH, only to fire right over his shoulder to take out a cybug. Her other hand is tightening into a fist that threatens to crush her cybug tracking device.

"You and I will talk. LATER."
King Candy King Candy starts swinging away, cracking through the sugar-glass of Vanellope's windshield before taking several swipes at Vanellope herself! "I DIDN'T RE-PROGRAM THIS GAME SO THAT YOU, OR THAT HALITOSIS RIDDEN WARTHOG OR THAT (strangely attractive) HOBO TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM ME!" As Vanellope starts losing control of her giltching due to the stress, the glitching runs up King Candy's arm as he grabs the girl's collar.

The effects are dramatic.

King Candy starts to glitch, fuzzing in and out of 8-bit pixels, before they start coalescing into a much more hi-def version of a funny-looking little man with a skull-white face, yellow eyes and matching teeth, and a white jumpsuit with a red cross on the helmet. What the funny fudge?!

"I'M TURBO!" King Candy declares, displayed for all to see on the Megalotron(tm) Screen, his form still re-pixelating between Turbo and King Candy. "THE GREATEST RACER EVER! AND I CAN NOT BE DEFEA--"

A geyser of Cybugs opens in front of the pair; King Candy's car, King Candy's crown, and King Candy's petard (not to mention the rest of him) go falling into the cybug filled abyss because his car, travelling backwards, doesn't have the speed to make the jump! Nor does Vanellope, but she has another weapon in her arsenal, however!

"YAAAAA HAAA HOOO WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" King Candy shrieks as he plunges to certain(?) doom!
Blackbird Blackbird's shouts at King Candy became shouts for candied spectators to make way, head for Game Central Station. Clear out. She had a gun in one hand and her baton had turned into a short rod. She's seen these bugs before in Space Paranoids and they were Very Very not good news. "CY-BUGS!" She shoved candies out of her way as she started firing into hte mass of insects. Her gun was unloaded and hadn't actually held bullets in weeks, but it was a good focus for her magic.

Fire. Pew Pew Pew. Little spurts of flame sailed into the bugs and would probably ignight anything that wasn't Cy-Bug due to the fact suger burns very nicely.

As she fired she used her baton to usher candies towards the game's exit ."Go go go go go!"

She should have focused her magic on re-enforcing Ralph since he was a far more effective bruiser than she'd ever be, but she wanted to get the bug's attention away from the candy people. Her motions were not smooth or practiced. She was afraid, but she was acting."Serah! Buff Ralph! He's a bigger tank than either of us!"

Something about the Jumbotron caught her attention. Wait... that couldn't be.... she's SEEN that guy before. She was there when... "It can't be...."

Wait. What the... What? WHAAAAT?!
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph runs into someone he finds considerably more terrifying than a cybug. He raises his hands into the air and keeps them up there even after CAlhoun shoots a bug past him. "Where'd all these come from!? The cybug that was in the ship with me fell in Nesquik Sand! There's no way it could have survived! Sure, I mean, we never found the body, but--"

Ralph trails off and because people in this universe are generally pretty cognizent of the fact that they are video game characters, he facepalms directly and takes a moment to look absolutely freaking miserable.

He sighs. "Some hero I turned out to--"

King CAndy si shouting over something at the Turbotron. Ralph can't freaking hear it at all, but he doesn't have to. He looks up, and recognizes him.

"/Turbo/? No way!" He says, and then realizes-- "Vanellope!"

He starts lumbering his way through the crowd to try and make it to his glitchy compadre. Well, okay, maybe he forgot that it's basically a teleport--Ralph isn't that bright.

Speaking of not too bright, Umi tries shooting electricity at a cybug but the cybug swallows the electric blast and becomes a being of living electricity and starts spraying bolts of electric voltage everywhere. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU POSE IN SOMEONE'S ALT AND SORT OF FORCE ALT INTERACTION, WILL SHERMAN! It's like time travel, it always goes poorly. Umi, naturally, starts running away from random electric bursts because she too is also not that bright.

Will Sherman does have better luck though, Will Sherman kicks a cybug and sends it sprawling away. The other ten Cybugs around him immediately try to eat him because that's really the most ironic possibility here.

Ralph passes by Serah. "Sorry can't talk now, gotta save Vanellope!" He pauses for a moment before adding, "Come along--if you want?"

He doesn't really know these outsiders too well, but right now they're pretty much all he's got.


Fix It Felix is all by himself, lost. "Ralph? Sgt. Calhoun? Anybody? Gosh." He sits down on a chocolate stump. "I wonder where everybody is."

His back just so happens to turn away from the giant geyser of cybugs that can even be seen from there.
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods to Blackbird. That's something she can do. She has healing powers like this, so she starts concentrating her magical energies... and then Ralph runs past her. She almost gets bowled over, so when Ralph looks back with his pause, she's actually disapeared.

That's because she managed to get caught on his back, hands balled into his shirt @_@ "Watch it!" She phews, her light frame just clingling up and climbing his back "Lead the way then, I'll help you!" She finishes casting her spells, surrounding Ralph in layers of protection and speed.
Vanellope Vanellope can't help but glitch in such a stressful situation! She is however, surprised to see that her glitching IS contagious! This is drowned up by fear and pure confusion as King Candy reveals his true identity. Of course, Turbo doesn't mean anything to her, so she just yells and tries to keep from crashing! King Candy falls into a ravine, and Vanellope would have followed him if not for her glitching. "Glitch glitch glitch!" she cries as she seems to teleport over the gap and past it.

Sadly, she's unable to completely keep control of her car as she tries to avoid cybugs, spinning out until she crashes into a candy cane post. Luckily, she'd slowed herself enough so that the impact wasn't too severe. She spots Ralph running toward her, waving as she tries to restart her car. She HAS to cross the finish line! "Ralph! Ralph! I have to finish the race!" she cries, trying to get the engine of her confection to turn over. What, is it flooded with cream filling or something!?
Deelel Deelel is having one of those moments where you don?t' think it's actually happening until it sinks in a little bit. This is one of those times as it sinks in what the King is saying to Vanellope, what he seems to be trying to do she has to agree the dude be crazy.

"I know she can do it and ..."

Cybugs, oh by her user this was bad timing. She already s going for her disc now as Mysterious Hobo X gets into the swing of things. She also goes for her disc, it's pulled off her back and thankfully that's not quite what she's using today. Arthur had helped to make her another weapon that acted just like a program's disc. A Chakram has been worked into mounted under her actual ID disc. She takes the weapons in one hand puts her ID disc back. Given the risk of Cybugs eating half her soul she'd rather not risk it and away she goes launching the throwing weapon ad she moves to lend a hand.

"Lets move."

There may be more over the jumbo tron. She may hear some of it she cringes perhaps but she's now got a whole bunch of cybugs to worry about and getting a bunch of innocent people out.

"Move it head for the exit get to game central warn them that this game is being over run."

She continues to strike out at the cybugs with her disc even as Candy reveals he is the infamous Turbo. The game program who went mad and game hoped at the cost of his own and another game's end. Things just went from bad to even worse.
Reno a frown crosses Reno's face as King Candy is revealed for all to be... a pale jaundice-eyed crazy man!

"UGH." Reno sneers at the sight. "I sure ain't looking foreword to tomorrow's business negotiations with THAT guy, yo."

And he fell to his (probably final and certainly not verifiable) doom as horrible mutant bugs spewed everywhere.


"...Careful what you wish for, huh?" Reno says, unsurprisingly nonchalant.

Oh well, desperate fight for survival time! Reno cracks his neck to the left and the right, then with a sudden flick of his wrist, his electromag rod is in his hand, humming with crackling energy. Time to show them all how do do things Turks-style.

Reno held up a hand, causing a blue-green glow of materia to envelop Deleel and Blackbird, both of whom seem to be right nearby. "Barrier Materia, ladies. First one's a freebie."
Will Sherman Mysterious Hobo W fears no consiquences of Alt Interaction!

In the background of the shot, CAPGRAS devours a Cybug.

However, the Cybug he kicked is GONE, however, this leaves him surrounded. He ducks, moves, and MATRIX styles from their hunger mouths, aiming to consume hime whole!

"Nope!" he says, and punches one right across the mouth, followed by a Flip back and to safety. "HEY CYBUGS! LOOK AT ME! I HAVE UNIQUE ABILITIES!" he says, and starts running distraction for the citizens of Candy Kingdom.

Then Will runs, narrowly avoiding a claw that scraps his leg. "GUYS BLAST THE CYBUGS CHASING MEEEEEE!"
Sergeant Calhoun 'Turbo' huh? Calhoun hears it all, but being the newest game in the arcade meant she wasn't around when that 'Incident' went down. She's only heard the story in passing-but it was haunting enough. It was a story that ended in getting unplugged. ...which would no doubt need to happen to this particular game if it reached mass cybug saturation.

"GET EVERYONE OUT ASAP!" Calhoun barks, validating the instructions Deelel had conveyed moments before. There's a grim look on her face as she backs away, firing rapidly as she does. Cybugs fall as the sergeant is able to drop them with ease like it's her job.

Discarding the pretty much useless cybug tracking device, Calhoun yells into her inbuilt communicator, demanding the rest of her squad to immediately report to this game.

Will will find just as a cybug rears up in his face with its tooth-filled maw spreading open that the creature is blasted away sideways by a large beam of white light. Calhoun stands there looking largely unamused.
King Candy Cybugs continue to erupt everywhere. It's total chaos and panic and BLAAAAAARGH all over the island! It's a tragedy, it's a farce, it's... it's going to be /really/ bad for King Candy's new tourism initiative.

That's assuming King Candy is still the head honcho tomorrow.
Assume he has a head tomorrow.
Or a honcho to be head thereof.
Blackbird Blackbird put her baton through a Cybug that'd decided her gun would be tasty to nom on. "You are not getting my gun you freaky clone making thing!" Then she pointed that same baton at Deelel and sent her magic through it to wrap layers of protective and regenerative magics on the art program turned fighter. There wasn't much else to say other than the fact she was scared whitless in a sea of chaos while she tried working her way towards Vanellope to pick off bugs that thought she'd make an awesome snack.
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph says, "Woah..." as he gets buffs. Ralph never gets buffs, he's a bad guy! His ability to receive buffs from others is basically negligible. He only speeds up gradually a game goes by. And sometimes he gets seagulls to help crash into Felix. "Thanks!" He says. "We gotta get Vanellope outta--"

He trips over a small green ball. THUNK. He turns and takes a look.

Sour Bill looks at Ralph, utterly terrified. He turns to flee but Ralph seizes up the vice-honcho and grabs a firm hold of him.

"Hey, what's this about Turbo being King Candy?"
"I...I'm not gonna talk!" Sour Bill frets.
"We don't got time for this!" Ralph says, shaking him a few times. "Do it--or I'm gonna find out what's at your center--I'm thinking--caramel."

"You wouldn't--"


"OKAY OKAY I'LL TALK! I didn't know! I swear I didn't know! King Candy showed up one day and mucked around with the code. We don't know why, or who Vanellope is. He took our memories of her and tried to remove her from the game! NOW PLEASE DON'T PUT ME BACK IN THERE!"

Ralph frowns. "So that's why she's a glitch--"

"A..and the reason he doesn't want her to cross the finish line is because if she does, then the code resets--the game will be returned to normal!"

Ralph thinks, and then tosses the gooey and sticky Sour Bill to Serah Farron. "We gotta get her across that finish line!" He charges again, plowing through cybugs in his rush to make it to Vanellope but even as he charges ahead, cybugs start rearing up, getting ready to try and take a tasty bite out of a sweet(?) little girl.

"Almost there--hold on!" Ralph shouts.

In the background a line of cybugs chase after Will Sherman, gradually getting blasted to bits by Calhoun.
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks, catching Sour Bill with her free hand, still holding on to Ralph's back as he tramples through in his way. She heard the entire story too, and she frowns at the candy "And you let the king do this to her? That's unforgivable!"

Then she realizes how sticky he is too x.x "EWWWWW" She looks around... and sticks him on Ralph's shoulder, wiping her hands. "I can't use my magic on them, they can swallow it up and then use it against us, it's not going to help us much!"

She looks around "... But I can do this!" She looks at on eof the huge candy trees nearby, and aims a fireball at the bottom of the trunk. The large tree crashes down right on top of a group of Cybugs, heopfully squishing several of them in the process. "Blunt seems to work on them, just don't let them eat your attacks!"
Vanellope Vanellope has had a pretty tough life, really. Being a glitch and all, with no friends, living alone like a little homeless lady, etc. etc.

But seriously? No one has ever tried to KILL her or EAT her before! Naturally, she's kind of freaking out. "AAAAH! Get away from me!" she yells, glitching out of her car again and again to try to avoid the cybugs. One almost swallows her whole, but she glitches just in time to appear a few feet to the left. The finish line! She has to cross! Since her car won't start, she runs around to the back and starts trying to push! "Ralph! Will! Somebody! Help!" she yells, trying to push to no avail. She's like, three feet tall, okay!? She has absolutely no leverage!

From behind, a group of cybugs is descending toward her, fit to devour the precocious girl trying to push her candy car across the finish line. QUICK! HERO NEEDED!
Will Sherman Will Sherman is forced into a defensive formation.

"THAT'S RIGHT! I AM A TASTY UNIQUE MOB! COME GET ME!" he shouts, trying to attract the mass of the Cybugs.

Will sees and hears Ralph...and he nods once. This isn't his time to be a hero, but he /CAN/ help. Ralph wants needs this. And with that, he reaches up, and grabs the strings of everyone here...


Suddenly golden light surges into the threads of Vanellope, Calhoun, and Ralph. Will can only do this once in a great while, he can stack the deck...but it is up to them to do it.

"I'll distract the bugs guys! Go!" he says, and grins. "HEY!" he throws rocks at the bugs. "COME ON! TASTY UNIQUE ABILITIES!" he slaps his rear.
King Candy "HAVE some CAN-DY!"

A monumental force smashes into the large juggernaut that is Ralph hard enough to send the giant man tumbling into the nearby candy-cane field, snaping them like twigs underneath his bulk. When everyone looks back to see what the hufflepuff just happened to Ralph, Turbo is standing there, small and unimposing. He smiles, a predatory thing that flashes his ugly yellow teeth for all the world to be grossed out by.


A set of crab-like legs starts unfolding from behind the king's back, purple and chitenously mottled. His face pixelating between Turbo and King Candy, the monarch rises, his body insectile and cybernetic... the little man has become a very, very large cy-bug. And that can't possibly be any good... he towers over everyone present and is more then twice as tall as the incredibly tall Ralph! "Because of you all, I've become the most powerful virus in the arcade... mwa ha ha ha..." Heartless Cybugs start ignoring the citizens, pausing for a moment to take to the sky and zero in on those attempting to defend Vanellope. "I can take over any game I want! Really, I /should/ thank you..." Turbo gestures expressively with a claw... "Buuuuuut it'd be more fun to kill you... gwahaha!" A veritable wall of cybugs decends on the heroes, in a flurry of gnashing gnashers, clawing claws, and mandibating mandibl--look, they can't all be winners, okay?
Blackbird Blackbird pivoted , holstering her pistol and tossing her baton in front of her forming a lightcycle. Sure htis wasn't the Grid but no matter she had power enough to spare. As she sped up she noticed part of the swarm was following her. "Oh Hi there welcome to," She twisted the throttle and let her will shape just a little of the world behind her ignighting a line behind her cicle making it look like her wheels were litterally setting the ground on fire. .

Let's take stock of things. On the one hand the Cy-Bugs were leaving the Candy-People alone which was good. On the other they now all were focusing on Vanellope and the people defending her. More magic to make her cycle speed up. Sure it wasn't supposed ot be used as a ram but anything going fast enough will tear through anything else. It was just a matter of getting enough speed and making sure you didn't break your neck in the process.

"Come and get me boys! Fast Food Hot n' Ready!"
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph gets Sour Bill stuck to that one spot on his back that he can't reach with his arms. He tries a few times.

"A little to the left!" Sour Bill cries, because he'd really not be stuck to someone approaching the cybugs. Ralph grasps for the right.
"No /left/."
"You mean right, right?"
"No left."
"Left, right? Aw forget it!"

He'll use his stump to get Sour Bill off later. Instead, he reaches forward and starts pushing the car. "Don'tcha worry, Van', we'll fix everything. I'm sorry, I screwed it all up."

"Kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh--" Sour Bill starts stammering.

"Ughh I'll get you off in a second, okay??" Ralph says.

"Kuwaaaaaaaaa!!!" Sour Bill cries out in terror moments before King Candy whallops him, sending him flying across the ground. Sour Bill, inexplicably, remains stuck to his back.

Will tries Taunt again! But TAUNT is starting to have diminishing returns, especially when King Candy reappears. Rather, they all turn away from Will Sherman and /totally ignore him/ and --well, see King Candy's pose for more details, faithful readers! Excelsior! See Sgt. Calhoun: Agent of SHIELD for more on this amazing adventure!

Groaning, Ralph sits himself up and finds himself in the strange position of having to look up.

"...Oh cheeseburgers." He says.
Deelel Deelel says "... I owe you one yet again Reno!"

Deelel calls back the barrier would be very helpful to her very helpful indeed. AS the Hobo X does his thing daring the cybugs to eat him and he now runs away training a large number of cybugs chasing after him. Well that's useful and then comes Calhoun as well very much welcome backup from the space marine. Deelel would also be pulling several flat things off her hips what the heck are those? Wait are those the grenades that Clu's troops use? Yes, yes they are. Deelel has been carrying a few since she picked them back up at the armoury in Purgos. The bombs are set to detonate after a short while so even if a Cybug eats one it's likely to go off before it can assimilate it.

the Fight continues as she launches another strike saving several of the locals who are fleeing for the exit.

She could run for the exit sure that's not what she?s going to do she's going to run for Vanellope to help her she's not about to leave her to die not like this.

"I am coming!"

Deelel sprints as fast as she can go for the little glitch that could. She launches her weapon over and over yelling.

"Get away from her you null units!"

Oh dear they got some major attention here.
Serah Farron Serah Farron jumped off Ralph before he got slugged at least. Vanellope is crying for help too! "Is there a way to get rid of all of those Cybugs at the same time? There's too many, it slike they keep multiplying!" She raises a hand toward Ralph, washing him over with her Cura magic, since it seems like that one hurt a bit. He's big and tough maybe, but doesn't mean it won't hurt anyway, and she definitely needs ralph in good shape too.

Her eyes 'bug' out, pun intended, at the new form of the King Candy too "Oh, that can't be good! How could that even happen!" How could someone assimilate those bugs and stay (relatively) sane?
Sergeant Calhoun The concept of 'tanking aggro' is not beyond Calhoun. It's not exactly a tactic she promotes in her particular game. "I barely know you." she grunts at Will as she storms closer. Her voice sounds like it could grind nails into shiny metal powder. "But I'll be danged if I see you get eaten right in front of me." Stonily, she shoots down another Cybug. Since she's not actively being attacked herself, it makes it extremely easy for her to pick them off very quickly.

"Tch, like ducks in a shooting gallery." At least until the altered Turbo appears and commands the cybugs to do his bidding.

Calhoun's jaw drops a little. "He can CONTROL them?! That's /never/ happened before! His code's become more mutated than an original script for a movie that likely had a very good idea but was subjected to several Hollywood executives and marketing committees!" There's a wild look in her eyes as she glances back to Will. "He needs to be taken out! Now!!!"

Quite convieniently, several large figures make their way against the steady flow of delicitizens escaping into Game Central Station. They are, quite obviously, the rest of Calhoun's crew. They're not shocked when they find themselves to NOT immediately be the target of the candy-colored cybugs. They just start shooting.

Grimly, Calhoun shoulders her beam rifle, reaching over to crank a dial up to its highest setting. After a few seconds, the weapon clicks, then rapidly expands into a much, much /bigger/ gun that looks like it belongs mounted on the side of a vehicle. Calhoun bears this burden easily, though, and coldly takes aim at King Candy.

A Big Effin' Laser follows.
Vanellope Heroes! Delivered! "Shut up stinkbrain! You did your best! Its not over yet!" she shouts to Ralph, showing him a smile. The smile of a child the believes you are her hero. It has magical powers.

Will tries to take the cybug's attention from her, but it no longer seems to be working! Why are they all trying to get HER?

Suddenly, Vanellope gets the answer to that unspoken question. King Candy--no, Turbo, is rising into some horribly hybrid abomination that is nightmare fuel for the masses, and he is going to do everything possible to keep her from crossing that finish line. If she doesn't move quickly, there won't even /be/ a finish line! "Sweet mother of monkey milk!" she exclaims, then goes back to trying to get her car to start. She jumps back into the drivers seat--and miraculously (perhaps it has something to do with, oh, I don't know, the strands of DESTINY being yanked!?) the car starts! "YES!" she cries, peeling off the candy cane leaving her bumper behind.

Now the only problems is the HOARD of cybugs between her and the finish line! The rabid viral menace descends on Vanellope, her scream sounding of the now put-put-put of her damaged engine.
Reno Reno tumbles under a low-flying Cy-bug lunging for his head and lands on his feet with a wide-sweeping backhanded strike against the three newly adjacent cy-bugs with his trusty weapon, beaming their carapaced faces with voltage-infused hard steel. The hollow "kz-Doink!" sound it makes when the electro-mag rod hits them is strangely satisfying, but Reno has no time to appreciate the sound. He doesn't have the luxury of standing in one place waiting while his opponents decide what to do... that would be a silly way to fight indeed.

No, Reno dodges and kicks, moving and weaving away from cybug attacks and blasting with his Thunder materia when he gets enough space to do so. Despite others nearby doing their best to draw agro from the bugs, a frightening number of the smaller-sized ones seemed to be swarming all over him.

"Hey, don't mention it, yo." Reno calls back to Deelel just as one of the little buggers bits down, managing to grab hold of Reno's pant leg. The turk immediately stabs it from above with a firm electrified jab, electrocuting the critter to zero hp. Immediately after, another bug swoops in from behind reno only to get jabbed from underneath, Reno holding the rod in place until the bug falls to the ground. Finally a third bug leaps in front of the Turk, biting onto his weapon and electrocuting itself to death before Reno could even respond.

Reno shrugs and kicks the steaming Cy-bug corpse out of the way and starts towards this new source of commotion. Oh boy... boss fight. With a wave of his hand, a yellowish glow emits from Reno's fist, and then an impressive lightning bolt Strikes down upon the literal wave of Cybugs that had placed themselves between the small group of fighters standing ground in the stands, and the battle between King Candy and... well, pretty much everyone at this point.

*Kraka-BOOOOM* The bolt branches from bug to bug, bugs pop open like popcorn kernels from the power of the shock, and creating a nice little opening in the cybug defenses that was filled with nothing but hot, slippery ground and a lingering smell of fried bug.

"Oh yeah, Thundaga yo." Smirks the Turk before rushing through the opening himself before the bugs could swarm together again.
Will Sherman Will pauses...

He throws off the mask and shrugs. "Well, I guess that was pointless." he says, and shakes his head.

He runs around, but the Cybugs aren't paying him any attention...because KING CANDY is back!?

And he means buisness.

"At least he isn't calling himself Porky..." he muses, and then...

Vanellope is back in the saddle, but Ralph is fighting King...part of him wants to help Ralph, but he knows what the big guy would say. Vanellope has to pass the finish line. This is what it is all for...

Will decides that he can't play around anymore. Red energy burns around his hands as he leaps into the air again, gaining stupidly high heights and dives right towards the Cybugs right in Venelope's way!

"GO!" he booms in a strange duel voice type and starts PUNCHING Cybugs the best that he can, killing their fate so that the Calhoon can get the finishing blows off. Come on Ralph, you can do it...he thinks!
King Candy Masticating mandibles. Masticating, /masticating/, that would have been a great use of allit--oh, right. Sorry.

People start blowing away Cybugs. Even when you add the 'Heartless' template to them, they're still mostly 1HD critters. Gunfire, blasts of magic... even outright punching them takes them out with little fuss or muss. They're swarm predators. Individually they're nothing but in large masses maybe one of them will get through to do a little damage.

Calhoun's marines are professional ba--wait, can't say that here... professional mo--aaaaaah, can't say that either! They're professional MUH-REENS and start laying waste to swaths of cybugs. It's their thing, they do it every day and do it well. The citizenry will be safe due to their bravery, though they'll likely say that they were only doing their duty.

King Candy gets right up in Ralph's face, sing-songing, "Hello there, little guy!" Wacky hi-jinx of Ralph scrabling around King Candy's legs ensues, but it keeps Turbo away from Vanellope for those few critical seconds it takes her to drive off. Turbo looks up from holding one of Ralph's arms and playing the classic game of 'why you hitting yourself', and exclaims, "Wait, what?! No, you come back here! There's no DRIVING on this racetrack!" Calhoun's laser smashes into his flank, hurling him back and releasing Ralph.

"Ow... hey... Porky, what are you... look, there aren't any imA BUM!!!.

Oh snap. 'It' is officially, 'on'.

King Candy leaps upwards, wings carrying him over top of the growing morass of heroes, cybugs, and bums, as he zeroes in on Vanellope's car. At the speeds it's going, he can catch it easily unless someone stops him! And she's so very close to the finish line, too!
Blackbird Blackbird somehow heard Serah's question and shouted, not really sure if she was being heard, while playing bumper cars with the buggies. "Because that isn't Turbo... Candy... WHOEVER anymore. Those things assimilate Everything and take on it's traits. Candy was always a megolamanical jerk so it's like trying to figure out which flavor of Crazy is going on here. Consume/Expand. Consume/Expand. That's all the bugs know and that's all he had been doing anyway. Match Made in the Recycling Bin!" Sure Deelel had a more solid lightcycle going but this thing could turn on a dime and... Oh hang on. This thing has one more trick. LIGHT WALLS! Sure most of the bugs leap or fly over it but sudden /WALL/ springing out of nowhere gets more than a few. Unfortunately powering bike and ribbon is taxing and Blackbird has to pick between sudden Wall or continuing to buff her cycle to use as a weapon.

Eh it's not so good against fliers anyway. So she resorts to drifting around colliding and pinballing into things. It's inelegent and ugly and if she wasn't pouring power into the poor thing the bike would've de-rezzed back into the baton after hte first impact. Oh well.

Blackbird has spent entirely too many quarters on Road Rash and given how she's weaponizing everything from picked up scenery to her bike itself it's fairly apparent she was, and still is, quite good at vehicular bug-slaughter.

They just keep coming though. Wave after wave after wave of mindless munching bug directed by the amalgimation of Candy/Turbo and Cybug. "Calhoun! How do you get rid of a whole swarm in your game? Think! Can we do the same here?" The best part about magic is you can use it to make with the Big Voice so you can be heard over a crowd of mindless munchy bugs trying to eat people alive.

No matter Calhoun's answer Blackbird would continue with the vehicular slaughter since- And then she got run-over by a ball of bug. Calm. Calm.

She's surrounded by a swarm of chompy things. PANIC! PANI!

FIRE! Blackbird's lightcycle burst out of the knot of bugs like a rocket and with twice as many flames as she nitrosed her way towards Candy as a digitile missile of pain. "TURBO!" Blackbird's emotions were running high and hot since these were the things that fuled her magic. "GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!"
Deelel Turbo, King Candy the new cybug King? Whatever he wants to call himself can control the Cybugs?! The Sargent s words are more true than ever. Worse Beck and TRON are nowhere to be found they could really use some anti viral powers right about now. Still they have to try to take him out one way or another, and thankfully more Marines are coming, she had to respect those guys. They proven to be solid backup before against the bugs and she was happy to see them.

She just can't hold back she may have to risk using her real ID disc she doesn't like it but they need every bit they can get right? She looks to see the horde that's decending upon them.

"Come on Vanellope! It's not game over yet!"

Deelel swaps discs and the edge of her id disc powers up now as she stares down the horde ahead. She really wishes she had the skill to use two discs at once but Tron's the only one she's ever seen who can do such.

Reno meanwhile is lending his support again and proving he's quick on the uptake of gaming physics as he goes about being a redheaded bug zapper.

She falls in with will moving to help. She launches he disc falling in with Will trying to clear the path but there's something else coming after Van. Oh heck no. Deelel turns and she launches he disc at King Candy.

"Get away from her! Virus!"

She'll catch it on the return pass hit or miss and launch it again trying to keep him away or distracted long enough for Van to make it across the finish line.
Sergeant Calhoun "We're never really rid of them! The remaining ones just go back to sleep until the next game starts!" Calhoun calls back, "The Endgame Tower emits a beacon and the cybugs all fly into it!"

Calhoun is loud. She can EASILY be heard over the chaos. Being the loudest person in the room is a class trait for space marine sergeants.

Though speaking of yelling, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING, UGLY?" Calhoun calls out to King Candyturbobug. "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!"

The faint 'vweeeee' noise her gun makes as it charges the laser up a second time is no doubt lost over the din of battle. Calhoun, however, knows it is there.
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph is given a break from King Candy's assault--thanks to Vanellope's car suddenly starting up and driving by. Unfortunately, going a direct route just isn't going to work--too many cybugs in the way and King Candy can fly. There's no way he's going to make it like that. He's just going to have to hope that Vanellope can glitch past somehow. It's over. Even if Vanellope manages to get across the finish line--some hero he turned out to be!

"Hey!" He shouts suddenly. "Fartbreath! Who said I'm giving up?!"

Oh right he was thinking that, but there's no reason he has to let Vanellope know that. Still, a magical smile full of hope and promise--smiles like that, it is rumored, is what brought the world back from the brink of despair in ages past. Trust and faith that is difficult to find and for once, even if it might be not entirely /deserved/, Ralph feels believed in. And really, maybe being believed in isn't all about deserving it anyway.

"Hey..." A marine wanders over to Ralph on his standard marine issue galaxy glider hoverboard. "I don't remember what happened but we were at Tappers and I saw a bug and last I remember I wasn't wearing any clothes, do you--" A bug flies by and he accidentally punches himself in the face and falls over, unconcious.


Ralph jumps on the standard marine issue galaxy glider hoverboard and starts flitting around through bugs--many of whom have their own problems as is--to catch up to Vanellope's car.

"AHHHHH LET ME OFF!!" Sour Bill screams.
"Later!" Ralph yells, jumping down, landing down in front of Vanellope's car which does not seem like a bright strategy so far.

Ralph ducks down and hefts the car up into his arms and just starts runningw ith it under his arm like a football. Still... kind of an awkward plan, but the reason for it is soon evident as bugs break through the defenses and shoot their arsenal at Ralph.

Ralph turns his body, taking the strikes across his back. "Raarggghh!!!!" He roars. "That hurts! QUIT IT! ARGGH!!"

"AHHHH!!!!" Sour Bill screams, laser bolts forming a circle around his body.

"STOP SCREAMING AHHHHHH!!!!" Ralph yells, before finally just JAVELIN THROWING Vanellope's car for the finish line.
Will Sherman Ralph goes for Vanellope's car...

But KING CANDY, has offended Will personally. His eyes turn towards him with that Baleful look they got on the day they met for the first time.

Will SUPER jumps right towards King Candy...soaring...soaring...

He isn't stopping...

His head soars right towards the GUT of the Cybug-Candy-Porky.

"I ONLY KNOW THIS ONE MOVE!" he shouts, and crashes into the thing, aiming to grab the large bug by the front of the shirt.

"My name, you sack of Will Sherman." he says, staring right into the soulless eyes of the King of Porky, "I am not a bum, a bum is a lazy person. I am a /Hobo/. The /KING/ of Hobos...and.."

"Secretly a god. Oh wait, forgot to mention that one!" he says and uses his head.

Litterally. Into the King Porky's stomach again.
Serah Farron Serah Farron sticks with Ralph (although not like Sour Bill does), closely enough but she can't do much... but then she can't follow him when he decides to go parasailing down toward the finish line like that. She moves back to the Sergeant and the others, chased by the Cybugs. As she runs, she uses a blizzard spell behind her, not at the Cybugs though, she knows they can eat it... but at their feet, making for a ice rink under them and probably not any easier for them to thread on it. "But there's no beacon here, is there? Or is there a way of making one somehow?"

She doesn't know how the Cybugs mechanics work really, but she's worried this world could collapse too "Or is there another way of resetting the game or something?"
Vanellope Its game over! Except apparently its not, because someone is shouting that its not game over and she's inclined to believe it! Vanellope glitches her whole car a little closer to the finish line, but she just knows she can't glitch through it. That wouldn't work. She has to actually CROSS it, in her car!

Luckily, there are heroes doing all they can to clear a path to her for the finish line. Its within sight, she so close!

BAM! There's Ralph, picking up her entire car and towing her and it toward the finish line while King Candy flies after them in a rage. Vanellope wails, holding onto the steering wheel for deal life. "He's right behind us!" she cries, but then, suddenly, she's....flying?

Ralph has tosses her into the air like a bean bag toward the finish line. Well, alright then! "HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS!" she cries--

Then, she slams down and rolls across the finish line!
Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph loyally grabs his butt. Sour Bill doesn't have a butt and is /screwed/.
King Candy King Candy comes a skittering and a scrabling towards Vanellope's racer with outstretched grabbyhands. This is particularly creepy because of his long, claw-like fingers. "REMEMBER ME, VENELLOPE?!" King Turbo taunts, his voice getting higher and higher pitched. "When I killed your brother I talked. Just. LIKE. THIIII--"

Turbo pauses for a moment. "Wait a second, that's not... forget that, forget that, that didn't happen. Okay everyone? That was an outta--" WHAM-O. Deeleel's disk smacks the bug-crab monster in the face, throwing him backwards, legs clawing at the air like a dying spider. Calhoun's laser smashes home again, throwing King Candy for a loop and sending him bouncing down the track. But his new body is a powerful thing, and it scrabbles to its feet and chases after Ralph, whom is carrying Vanellope. "Where do you think you're going?" Turbo Candy exclaims, leaping towards the giant in a mighty pounce...


King Turbo is hit so hard he actually pings off into the sunset, hits orbit, bounds around the curvature of the (admittedly small) world, and comes sailing in for a landing from the opposite direction that he was launched in. The bugazoid grabs at Ralph's legs in desperation, trying to stop the giant as others weigh him down. "No, don't you carry... no, don't throw her either! You can't! You... wait, wait..." Vanellope sails.


Confetti fills the air! Peppy J-Pop music starts blaring (not that anyone can hear it over the screaming and the shooting and the droning buzz of cybug wings)! Bright lights go off everywhere! Chocolate geysers fountain high! There would normally be cheering crowds, but... well. But most importantly of all...

The game resets.

A wave of light comes washing across the world, a solid wall of beautiful luminence. Cybugs stop what they're doing and stare up at it, dazzled. Many take off, flying towards it. Those that touch the wall are instantly vaporized. The wall fixes that which is broken, repairs that which is damaged. It is the single most beautiful thing that Fix-It Felix has ever witnessed in his life; he doffs his hat, holds it over his heart, and sheds a single Indian tear of joy at the beauty he witnesses.

"This isn't over!" King Turbo announces, trying to look away from the coming screen of luxocity. He shakes a fist in the direction of the heroes, giving them a good what-for because it makes him feel better about himself. "I'M TURBO! I'M THE GREATEST! AND I'LL BE BACK!" A portal of darkness opens up, and King Turbo slithers into it, leaving behind one final message.

Blackbird Blackbird was left sitting on the ground, which might or might not have been made of candy, dazed and loopy with her bike disintigrated from the impact with cybug/turbo. So she missed out on Aaaaalll the world healing reset magic. By the time she got her senses back it was all over and she was left looking around while trying to get back to her feet. "Bumper cars is a lot less fun when you're doing about a buck twenty whiele on fire." She must've been out of it since she didn't notice Vanellope or anything really. Not even Turbo. "hey great job guys are we done? because if we are I'd love to collapse in a boneless heap for awhile and take a five year nap."
Sergeant Calhoun Another blast of laser promptly follows Turbo into the portal of darkness as he retreats. The beam is immediately swallowed up and Calhoun has no idea if it actually did anything to the mutated cybug.

Confetti flies around her. Cheery j-pop blares. The game resets and vaporizes the remaining cybugs. Throughout all of this...

...Calhoun stands there with a stony expression on her face. It's a victory of sorts but the sergeant doesn't seem too pleased about it. "If only. If only it was done and over. But no. As long as Turbo is out there, like that, it will /never/ be over."
Will Sherman Will drops down next to Calhoun, "Hey." he says with a frown, "We did good, lady. We helped a little girl claim her rightful place." He nods, "And relcaim her dream." The game resets, and Will looks around, with a small smile. It's moments like these that get him all choked up. "You gota take the small victories...let them warm your heart. Cuz after all, isn't what you do to protect the smiles of children?" He asks her.
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews as the Cybugs disapear. She looks around as the entire game world gets resetted "That's... rather impressive." She watches the 'fireworks' of the cybugs disapearing in the light show, a hand playing with her ponytail a bit over her shoulder "... That King was odd, and scary. I don't like him at all, and it scares me to think he would be back even..." She sighs. "... So the race is over, Vaneloppe won? What happens now?"
Reno Reno breaths a sigh of relief as the world resets itself in a wave of 'makey-bad-better'(tm) energy, and then sits down on a nearby jawbreaker, flipping out his phone, and sending a quick text out-of-game back to someone at ShinRa HQ; 'Cancel meetin' tomoro- ill xplain l8r.'

Meanwhile, everone is cheering and Reno might just help himself to a dessert or something in celebration, provided he can find one that doesn't have a painfully cheerful face on it.
Sergeant Calhoun Calhoun stares intently at Will Sherman. Her reaction to his words can be summed up as:

Wreck-It Ralph "He killed your brother?! You had a brother?!" Ralph gasps, buying every word. When it turns out Turbo didn't actually do that, he's kind of annoyed and is frowning severely while holding his butt. He has also fallen over because King Candy nabbed his legs for a moment there. He's in a really awkward position, holding his butt. But luckily THE LIGHT and the FIXED CODE end up chasing Turbo off. Unsurprisingly, King Turbo is great at racing away even as a giant bug creature.

"That dirty no good, making bad guys look...uh...bad?..." Ralph scratches at his head before turning back to Vanellope, grinning.

"Well well, first place! I guess it's true--it's in your blood, eh kiddo?"

He reaches out to ruffle her head with a BIG HUGE HAND. "And hey--maybe now you can actually leave the game. Go anywhere you want or dreamed of."
Will Sherman "Look lady, when you live as many years as I either learn to deal with it all, you go crazy, or you stop being human." he says with a long sigh. "You'll find the days get easier if you start enjoying the small things." He says, and with that walks off. There is only so much hobo advice he can give, and there are two big heros that need a high five.

He stands near Vanellope and Ralph, with a hand up expecting a high-five.
King Candy As the warm sunshine comes streaming down from above, Fix-It Felix comes a-skippin over the hills, fresh off of a musical number that happened, regretibly, off-screen. It will be locked in the Disney Vault for the next fifty years and see the light of day for the first time during the platinum re-release. But now!

Felix comes skipping up to the Sergeant, doffing his cap. "And a good-day again, Ma'am!" A marshmellow peep that was sitting on Felix's head gets up and fluffers off, singing a happy song of happiness. "Now I couldn't help but noticing that you're frowning on such a lovely day as this, with the sun shining and the birds singing and well..."

The funny little man scuffs the ground with his foot, bashfully. He blushes a little.

"Well, I was wondering if I could be so lucky as to try to turn that frown of your upside-down, gosh-golly."
Vanellope Kazam! Magic light flushes through the game world, healing all that was broken and annihilating all the cybugs in one epic blast.

Not everything is wrapped up in a neat little pastel package however, as Turbo opens up a portal and escapes the game. Still, Vanellope is willing to just let that go for the moment because she WON THE RACE! She crossed the finish line! She's a /real/ racer now! She's in the roster! The players can choose her as their avatar! Everything is--

"Hey, what's with all the magic sparkles!?" she asks, suddenly finding that she's floating out of her car as if lifted by sparkling ribbons that wind around her, glittering and glowing and transforming--

Wait, what!? Is this a henshin sequence!? Are there bubbles!? Ahck!

Yeah, its totally a henshin sequence. Vanellope's outfit disappears in light and sparkles, a poofy pink dress that is absolutely ridiculously ruffled appears on her form, complete with a stiff collar, crown, and pretty staff of office.

Vanellope settles down on her feet, looking down at herself. At that moment, the memories that had been locked away in the code were released! "Whooooaaa....." Vanellope says, memories flooding back to her as the remaining denizens of Sugar Rush start to fall to their knees, hailing Princess Vanellope.
Blackbird Blackbird took a deep breath and shook the cobwebs out. "OK plan involving me slamming head on into Godzilla is Bad Plan." She finally looked around just in time to see Felix being all bashful and cute causing her to grin. Then she looked over to Ralph and Vanellope before grinning like an idiot. "OK... I"m going to have to say this makes it totally worth it though." She stretched and popped and walked over t oReno before handing him a granola bar. "ShinRa huh?" She gave a half-smirk. "You guys hiring?"
Vanellope Oh, right! Princess Vanellope jumps up and high-fives Will Sherman, grinning.
Wreck-It Ralph Ralph looks at Vanellope dressed as a princess.

"Hey that's right..." Sour Bill says, his memories returning. "All hail the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, Princess Vanellope." He sounds slightly panicked but still rather droll at this point.

Ralph manages to flick him off, getting him stuck to Felix's back. He hifives Will, a bit distractedly, because he's still kind of agape at Vanellope as a princess.

"So a princess, huh?" He looks back to Felix and sighs a bit.
Will Sherman Vanellope high fives Will.

Will thinks she is super awesome.

"Well! I hope you are not going to forget about us now?" He says, though he knows the answer already, and he looks at Ralph. "So...what are you going to do now Ralph?"
Sergeant Calhoun "...I'll consider that." Calhoun says to Will dryly, though it's pretty clear she won't be enjoying anything anytime soon. She MUST DESTROY ALL CYBUGS.

Will is replaced by Fix-it Felix Jr. The expression on Calhoun's face switches from that grim line of grimness to blank shock. The hobo's cheer was bad enough. This right here is what Calhoun imagines to be the happiness equivalent to eating Sugar Rush in its entirety.

One side of her mouth twitches. A few seconds pass and it twitches again. Felix slooooowly earns himself a half-smile which is held for a few moments before it seems to collapse under its own weight.
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmmms and thinks about this, looking at Vanellope's transformation. She smiles, and gives her best curtsy "Your highness. Does that mean you don't have to race now? Or that you're not glitched anymore?" She lets a laugh at the high five though. Maybe being a princess isn't so different after all.
Reno Reno raises an eyebrow at Blackbird, and exchanges half-smirks with her.

Together, they could perhaps make a whole smirk?

"Interested, huh? There just might be, yo. I'll give ya a lift back so you can fill out an app or somethin'."

Reno's eyes shift over to the side slightly, focusing on the newly crowned princess Vanellope.

"Just hold up a sec, Business stuff first, yo."

At that, Reno saunters over to the poof-dressed ragamuffin before the crowd gathering around her could grow too large.

The turk gives his best courtly bow (complete with slightly goofy flourish) and addresses Vanellope. "Princess Vanellope? Reno, of the Turks, representing the interests of ShinRa Power and Electric Company from... well, you wouln'ta heard of it, it's one of the worlds outside of videogames. Hey-Congratulations on your first place and survival of your race." Reno flicks his fingers, handing Vanellope a card. "Anyways, It looks like your brand new Princessipality might have some security issues. ShinRa can help you out with that, you should give us a call."
King Candy "Well, I guess that's a start!" Felix exclaims with gusto, thrusting his thumbs into his belt with pride. "Why, I'll bet you love cake. We've got this lady that bakes one hecuva good cake back home tha--jumping jeepers! Home!" Felix scrabbles around in a panic, running towards Ralph (an odd, blockily animated motion) and jumping up and down, waving his arms to get Ralph's attention... complete with bleeping and blooping SFX. "Ralph, good buddy, we've got to get back home fast! If we're not there when they open the arcade in the morning, they're gonna unplug us! We've got to get moving!"
Blackbird Blackbird looked up and noticed Ralph. "Hey Ralph!" She called out. "How's it feel to be a hero?" She meant it. Ralph is the reason Vanellope crossed the finish line. Sure this was all his doing to begin with, but everything was made right in the end.

"I hope she keeps racing. She was freaking awesome out there!" Glitches and all. "Plus c'mon her being able to do short range teleports would be an awesome special."

Then when Felix was talking about unpluggins. "Nein! You will not be unplugged. You've been rocking for thirty years and I want to se another thirty out of you two!"
Vanellope Despite this whole Princess business, Vanellope feels she needs to prove that she's still Vanellope.

Plus, the dress is completely ridiculous!

"Hey! Don't look at me like that! This isn't me, not really!" she replies, doing a magical spin in which she suddenly changes clothes back to her usual outfit. "/This/ is me! I'm a racer! No way can I drive my car in a dress like /that/!" she comments.

Vanellope looks up at Will, big brown eyes shining. Its painfully adorable and heartwarming. "What!? Of course not! Without you two stinkbrains I wouldn't have made it--and look, you've saved the world! Not bad for a bunch of hobos," she adds with a capricious grin.

Vanellope jumps up to hug Will, then leaps from his arms to Ralph's hugging him next. "You could stay, you know. You can live in the castle and have your own wing and no one would complain about your stench and you'd never be sad again..." she begins, before a weird red head in a suit is approaching and handing her a card.

"Uh, alright, yeah, okay. Uh, thanks for you help! Everyone!" she says. Gotta get this whole...ruler thing down.

Vanellope hears Felix though, and frowns some. "Well..." she says, and looks to Ralph. She knows he has to go.
Deelel Deelel looks at King Virus for a moment she's not even sure about his taunting she doesn't care as he catches him in the face and throws him backwards hopefully setting him up hopefully of the others or delaying him for a moment long enough to help Vanellope out there. It's enough of a set up for what is come next. Turbo goes around the world and then comes in for a crash landing.

IT may be too late for Turbo as Vanellope gets across the finish line an the world reset the system restoring it as it should be. he sees Turbo has escaped though a portal of darkness. Did he summon it? Or was it something else she doesn't know but he's gone even as the words Turbo-tatic echo on the wind but she can't help but marvel as the world is repaired and how efficient it was. She looks over to Van grinning a the J-pop blares she kinda likes it.

"I know Sergeant Calhoun, I know but your not alone in this. I know some people who can help and yes he's right. We have to take the small victories, a world's been set right."

Then She gives the look of doom to Will she looks a bit sheepish at the Sergeant.

"Look I know some programs including an Anti-viral who can help us. You just ... got to get ready for some strange things if you want to deal with Turbo."

Right now she's looking over to Vanellope watching what happens to her as the game resets and she henshins. Woah would sum of her reaction nicely as she watches for a moment grinning.

"It seems you had a function after all my friend. You all right Vanellope or should I call you Princess now?"

Deelel has a big old grin on her face right now as she looks to her and then to everyone else. She's got this urge to do something and who care she's gong to do it shes' going to try to move in and give Vanellope a hug for a moment before she lets go.
Sergeant Calhoun "I-" Calhoun starts, more or less being interrupted by Felix's own cake talk and then him running off to gibber at Ralph over going AWOL. It's actually a good thing this happens because Felix provides an effective barrier between her and Ralph. Ralph, who had messed with her game.

"True anti-virals?" Deelel gets Calhoun's attention. Well we're going to need it. That code seems completely corrupted now." Slowly, she narrows her eyes, "...what do you mean by 'strange things'? I doubt anything could top the caramel-coated clusternut I've seen today."
Deelel Deelel looks back to Sergeant. "Yes, I do. I'm going to give him the full readme on this whole situation with the cybugs. He's come to help before when they hit Space Paranoids. I'll explain more later as for strange things. Trust me on that, it's something you'd have to see to understand. I was the same way."

Given Calhoun's back story she might get some of the concepts quicker and wouldn't have the Oh god what is that reaction to the sun. Still getting outside would be an experience.

"I do think I owe you and your men an round at tappers on me."
Wreck-It Ralph Well Vanellope may have been a little homeless lady, and Will may be a ... tramp? Hobo? Look just because you're a tramp doesn't mean you're bad. It's good, and that's not bad. And--well, okay maybe this is overthinking it.

But the point is, Wreck-It Ralph does have a home. And it needs him.

He ducks down a bit so he can look Vanellope in the eyes, glancing back to Felix, and then back to her. "I gotta get going. It may not be as fancy as being ruler of a candy kingdom, but it's my duty. And it's a big duty. So..." He returns the hug with surprising gentleness.

"I'll see you around, princess poopmonger." He stands up and bows, exageratedly--at this point Felix is starting to freak out, the arcade is about to open and well--it'll take some time to get everybody into places.

"But hey--this isn't game over..." He glances back. "I'll see you next level! To be continued!"
Vanellope Vanellope snickers appropriately as Ralph talks about duty, because she's an immature little girl and she can. She lets Ralph go. It isn't like she'll never see him again! "Farewell Admiral Underpants!" Etc. etc.
Blackbird Blackbird did a little dance and dug a quarter out of her pocket to toss at Felix. "Hey, try seeing if the apartment guys wouldn't mind rotating out who gets chucked out the window start of the game. Bet that one guy really freaking /HATES/ that ralph's been doing that for so long."
Will Sherman Will smiles...

"So what did we learn?" he asks Umi, who may or may not be able to show up now without Alt-interaction problems. He grins at Venellope who gives him a hug, "You know me, I'll crash on your royal couch from time to time...and he looks at Ralph, "And I'll crash at the dump too. I'll even bring a cheeseburger."

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