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Sanel's Bond With Big Sis
(2013-08-25 - 2013-08-27)
Sanel is taking the time to bond with Kyra while Alma is missing. Forgotten memories slowly fester.
Sanel Time has passed since Sanel started staying in the Hyral family's residence. After the recovery from his venture finding them, the boy had decided to stick around and help out with the place.

Amidst the scorching heat of the desert city, Sanel had been refreshed and recharged enough to act as a battery for keeping the place cool. As long as he's strong and happy, the heat won't bring him down. It helps that he is in-doors, so it makes manipulating the temperature easier.

Sanel had been working on cleaning up the place. Straightening any of the furniture and sweeping underneath it. In fact, with a single arm, he lifts up the said couch and sweeps out the dust, before setting it back down.

"Hrm hm.. hrmm... o/`"
Kyra Hyral Kyra's actually pretty appreciated Sanel's presence. Free air conditioning! A city such as Archades did get very hot-though at the same time it did make her worry for Sanel's well-being since she knows he preferred the colder temperatures. As far as having him around went, Kyra's pretty receptive to Sanel's presence. He's a good kid.

Kyra rolls in pretty late. She's a busy person! Tired, though not exceptionally so, she steps through the door just as she spies Sanel lifting the couch with one hand over his head. Shocked, she stares at this for the duration of the cleaning and couch-dropping.

"...hello Sanel." she finally says.
Sanel Sanel is happy to have been accepted by Kyra. After all, the young boy does like Alma a lot. The young wintry sprite of a boy has been working hard to keep the place cool enough, especially since he desert heat is strong enough to sap his strength.

After the dropping of the couch, Sanel hears a voice greeting him. Creening his head over, Sanel beams a smile to Kyra and he bobs his head a couple of times. "Hi Mog Ky! Sanel figured he would do some cleaning. Mog Ky and Almmy let Sanel stay with them, Sanel would be of some use." He tilts his head over, looking over at Kyra for a few moments. "Mog Ky had long day?"
Kyra Hyral Strolling in, Kyra elects to flop down on the newly dropped couch. She stretches out and swings her bag onto the cushions next to her. It's like she's melting into the couch on the spot. "Well thank you very much for cleaning up the place, Sanel. You're doing a good job."

He was so cheerful. It's a shame Alma wasn't here right now-she could use this boy's cheer. She could use some cheering up.

"Oh yeah, very busy day." Kyra yawns. "So much science. I'm exhausted, Sanel!" She rolls her head back to look at him, "How have you been doing here?"
Sanel As soon as Kyra flops on the couch, Sanel gets a good look at her and he brightens his smile. It looks like she could use the rest. "Thanks! Sanel did not want to be a burden." He does, however, worry for Alma. The boy, admittedly, had not seen Alma in a while.

The eyebrows knit together, but it is tossed away as Kyra answers him and then moves to question about his adjustment here.

"This place is extremely hot. Sanel hates the heat." The boy sticks his tongue out, but then he brightens, "But, Sanel can combat the bad heat with his powers. Also, Sanel has Mog Ky and Almmy." His smile starts to grow a little more. "... Sanel has not had the need to wander around anymore. At least, it doesn't feel like Sanel needs to wander around."
Kyra Hyral "Aww, Sanel, you're hardly a burden at all!" She smiles at him, "You even clean the house for us, it's great! You're practically moved in, but..." Kyra IS concerned about Sanel's constitution in this environment, remembering quite vividly when he nearly died in their room from the heat.

She looks surprised, "Can you handle it here now? Is it not too uncomfortable? Because if you want to stay here, I'd definitely be okay with it. I doubt Alma would mind either..." she trails off again, "I'm sorry she hasn't been around. She's been very sad lately and had to go off and think for a while."
Sanel It brings a smile as the older sister of the Hyral family praises Sanel for his cleaning. It makes the boy happy that he is useful to the people that he cares about.

Kyra brings about a very important concern. "... Sanel is uncertain. Sanel... doesn't do well in the heat. Sanel does not know why. Maybe it is because Sanel feels natural with ice. Heat weakens Sanel." The boy lifts his head up to gaze at Kyra, "Sanel once said that he'd brave the heat to find his Almmy. Sanel keeps his word."

Then, the mention of Alma being sad brings forth a sad smile. "...Sanel would like to see his Almmy again. ...Maybe be able to comfort her. But, Sanel will wait until Almmy returns." He looks at Kyra, "..Just like Mog Ky, right?"
Kyra Hyral "If there's anything we can do to help you survive here better, let us know, Sanel." The concern on Kyra's face doesn't fade at all. "We don't want you to get hurt just to stay with us." Though at the same time, the Hyrals weren't likely to move just to accomodate their snow sprite roommate any more.

"I think you'll be able to see her again. She'll come back. Sometime. I will let her know that you miss her. Of course I will wait for my sister. If she takes too long, I will hunt her down again."
Sanel "Sanel... will let Mog Ky and Almmy know!" The boy furrows his eyebrows, "If Sanel could block out the heat, that would make things easier!" Sanel would not dare ask the sisters to find another place just to accomodate him. While it would be nice to be in a better environment, keeping close to Alma is more important to him.

Kyra's reassurance brings a smile to his face, "...Thank you, Mog Ky." He shuts his eye, then he re-opens them to look another way. "...Sanel feels at peace here, despite of the heat. ... No need to wander around... and bad templar men with spears are not around to try to take Sanel away."
Kyra Hyral "...hmm, I'll figure out something." Maybe some insulation would help. Keep the cool air in and the heat out! That might also be expensive unless Kyra figures out how to install it all herself. Which shouldn't be a problem.


Her gaze hardens, "They can't come here. They won't dare hurt you while you are here with us. They cannot get by the soldiers watching Alma and I." She seems resolute.
Sanel It would be interesting to see Kyra at work. He always has been curious over Kyra's SCIENCE activities. He'll have to take a closer peek when he can. After all, a curious mind tends to wander. ...Save for unusual distractions.

The boy brightens at Kyra's reassurance. "Thank you..." The smile grows. However, just as the smile grows, it wanes as his eye cast a sadden look to where that yellow luster loses its color. "...Sanel does not know why. Sanel remembers those templars when they surrounded him."

"... It all felt strangely familiar."
Kyra Hyral Sanel will be introduced to the wonderful world of making fiberglass. Such a thing should be easy to do in Archades, right? What with all that technology they have here. She'd have to carefully warn Sanel away from eating the cotton candy-like material.

She remains firm in her declaration that Sanel will be safe here, if only because Alma's presence has merited quite a bit of attention. Of course, they didn't have to know that Alma wasn't here, did they? Kyra was actually kind of worried that if they did, they'd leave completely. Kyra didn't have the same VIP status in Archades.

Kyra frowns and motions for Sanel to sit on the couch with her. "They've come for you before?"
Sanel The lusterous yellow eye fades in color as Sanel starts recollecting about the encounter.

"Nnn. Sanel was wandering, found himself within the crossroads. It was then that Sanel saw many templars on horses. Sanel tried to offer them candy, but they all surrounded Sanel and pointed their spears at him."

The eye lowers, "...Sanel does not know why that they were trying to harm him. It seems strange that many people would be sent out to hunt a single boy." He furrows his eyebrows.

"Even stranger that they all seemed prepared."
Kyra Hyral Kyra motions at him again, beckoning him to come over and sit down next to her on the couch. She wanted to really look him in the eye as he spoke. Especially with that glow-though that could be just part of his otherworldly nature?

That could also be why the Church was so interested, right?

"I agree that is strange and very cruel. Maybe it is because're not quite human? I don't understand why that would be a problem for these churches because they were not hume exclusive." She sets these thoughts aside, "Can you remember anything else, Sanel?"
Sanel Beckoned by Kyra, Sanel soon joins her over at the couch and he sits next to her. His posture shifts to where his entire body faces her with is undivided attention. This is rare, considering that something will always distract him pretty quickly.

"Sanel is not human? Maybe. Sanel does not know. He is not like other children. Sometimes, Sanel feels distant because of that. ... It feels like Sanel lost that feeling long ago, which is why it feels so distant." He is uncertain. Everytime he plays with the kids out in some of the villages, part of him feels so distant and longing. Maybe he lost something?

"Sanel... only remembers very few things." He shuts his eyes, "...A song that he was asked not to sing by Snow Mouse King. He said it brings Sanel pain, even if he doesn't remember. ... A tomb."

His eyes shut, "...A smiling girl. It is faint. It reminds Sanel of Almmy, but without the glasses. Sanel doesn't know this girl. However, it feels very familiar."

"...And sometimes, Sanel sometimes thinks he is in a cage."
Kyra Hyral She's not unfamiliar with Sanel's mayfly-like attention span. It's adorable, on one hand, but frustrating on the other. With how he's behaving right this second, she has to wonder, though. Maybe it was a burden he could overcome.

Gently, she reaches over and puts on of her hands on top of his. She doesn't try to grab or pull back to look at the scars she knows it there. She doesn't stare at the suspicious collar around his neck.

"I think you are special, Sanel, which is why they're coming for you. I don't know that church very well so I don't know why they want to hurt you so bad." She carefully explains, then falls silent to allow Sanel to work through his stream of conscious memory recall.

So there was a girl that Alma reminded her of. Interesting. "What is this song, Sanel?"
Sanel Sanel is comforted as Kyra rests a hand on top of his. His eye gazes at her with a faint smile growing.

"..Nngh." The thoughts about the church has been why Sanel has grown a bit wary of large crowds of people. He hasn't been to the point of panicing again. However, the boy looks at Kyra carefully with a sad smile.

"Ah... the song." Sanel shuts his eyes for a brief moment. He lifts his head up, the feeling of the song starts to hum from the child.

"o/~ Where are you, my light? Farther from my hand?
o/~ I reach out to you and... call you to my arms.
o/~ For that day that you will stay with me tonight...
o/~ And guard me from the darkness that haunts me.... o/~"
Kyra Hyral Sanel receives a smile back from Kyra. She's calm, hiding her worrisome thoughts from her face. Those thoughts really weren't getting her anywhere at the moment anyway-she needed to know more about Sanel. Maybe a blood sample would reveal something?

She'll ask him later. For now she lets him sing, hoping it would be cathartic. It's a nice song, she realizes, and it seems a shame to forbid him from singing it.

"Go on." she whispers.
Sanel The song comes to an abrupt end.

"Sanel does not remember the rest of the song." The boy furrows his eyebrows, "It feels... incomplete. Parts missing. Sanel does not remember the rest. Sanel always sang it because... it was some sort of reminder."

The young boy furrows his eyebrows, "...Though, Sanel is not sure if he wants to remember anything else. It feels like each piece he explores, it grows darker... and darker. As a dark veil covering him like a blanket."

The eye loses that bright color, "...It is why Sanel felt the need to make new memories."
Kyra Hyral Perhaps it would be easier to cross a bridge upon coming upon it.

"It's a nice song, Sanel, but..." she hesitates, disliking the approach that would lead her away from knowledge. But, however, for Sanel's safety it sounded like the best, "...he has a point, if it makes you feel darker and unhappy, then don't sing it."

She smiles warmly at Sanel, "As lomg as you're with Alma and I, we'll see that you get some nice new memories, alright?"

Leaning forward, she hugs Sanel tightly.

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