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(2013-08-23 - Now)
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Cid Randell Cid Randell is the Judgemaster of Ivalice. The power invested in him is as absolute as a human can hold in New Ivalice; only one human has greater authority, and she is the woman he loves, Queen Remedi. With that power comes certain responsibilities - responsibilities that Cid oversees with a serious and determined air. Though some men might be tempted to misuse the power of the Judge for selfish means, Cid is a man who refuses to allow such things to creep into his heart. Selfless, upstanding, and righteous to a fault, Cid is an even-handed and fair-minded arbiter of the Law.

But even the fairest-minded man can't help but appreciate the perks of the royal office. For example, the Royal Office. It is here within the palace, in this lavishly-decorated office space, that Cid takes appointments and deals with the magicks and powers that bind Ivalice together. From his chair and desk - humble despite his title - he work tirelessly to ensure that Ivalice is protected from anything that might do it ill.
Chita "Judgemaster."

That was the voice of one of the palace aides. "There is a visitor currently waiting outside the palace. The guards were not certain as to their... authenticity, but they claim to be a Judge from another world. They mentioned something about Baguba... one of the Baguba Judges inquired has mentioned there was briefly an armored knight who fought in a scuffle not long back that broke out near there but they weren't certain beyond that. Do you have any interest in seeing him or should I send him away?"

And thus, the aide waited outside the quarters for some kind of response to act upon, or simply a response.
Cid Randell "Show them in," Cid replies, not looking up from his paperwork. The Law, unsurprisingly, requires a lot of paperwork to maintain; cases to read over, files to deal with, loopholes to double-check, so on and so forth. While most of these rarely were actually important, it was the ritual, the /act/ of maintaining the Law, that helped keep the Law strong. It was the ritual that Ezel Berbier wanted to disrupt; the ritual that held power over the world and kept it solid and afloat.

It isn't surprising that people from other worlds come to visit him. He tries to make time for them, but it is starting to wear on him; the power these outsiders exert is fierce and troublesome in ways Cid could not predict, and it has often led to problems for him.
Chita "Yes, Judgemaster." And that was that, off they went.

Nearly fifteen minutes later - the palace was quite large after all. Procedures, weapon checks, etc. Things happened and finally people were admitted further in. Things were of course extra cautious with the Heartless issues always about. Finally there was another knock on the door, one that the palace aide that helped out here often led with before after a moment the door was opened and a tall, thin figure was shown in. No armor or anything of the sort adorned the Viera, as it happened to be. And, at that, a seemingly male Viera.

At the moment, his attire consisted of a red and white flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow as well as a darker red and off white striped pinstripe vest. And, of course, loose slacks and a pair of shoes fitted to a Vierans feet.

"I... take it you are Judgemaster... Cid, was it?" Chita's voice was soft, but he didn't seem worried or uneasy so much as attempting to be polite and, well, soft spoken. "Chita."
Cid Randell Cid still hasn't actually looked up from his paperwork; not even Chita's statement of inquiry is enough to actually distract the Judgemaster from his work. After all, previously mentioned, it was part of the ritual that kept the world running smoothly; for him to neglect it would be...dangerous.

Finally, Cid rises. "Yes, that is correct. Is there something I can do for you, ma'am?" It's an automatic response; Cid, after all, is not Viera, and does not concern himself with Viera traditions more than he needs to for diplomatic purposes. It's not like the Viera are a different nation in New Ivalice, after all; they're subject to the same laws and rules as everyone else.
Chita The response brought a slight smile to Chita's mouth, actually feeling a bit better about himself that he can still be mistaken for a female when dressed as a male. He started to speak, but stopped and coughed softly, offering a correction of, "I am male, actually, for what it is worth." Damn Hades' curse. A part of him would have enjoyed simply going along with the presumption of being female.

"And... as for what I had meant to inquire about... I had meant to apologize for possibly damaging a part of the docks near Baguba. I had accidentally crossed into this world when I followed a group of Heartless to try and keep a tab on them and... when the ensuing fight broke out, I felt I had little choice but to destroy, or try to, as many as I could before I fell. It would seem the one controlling the heartless simply left at that point, but... my actions still took place regardless. It is my understanding that you are the ruling authority here so I am answering to possibly having offended you or yours in my actions."
Cid Randell Cid makes an 'mmm' sound at the correction. He hadn't seen a male Viera before, after all, and he didn't really know enough about the gender bias or difference to be able to tell. He'd just take the Viera's word for it.

The viera apologizes; Cid frowns a moment later. Something about Baguba had crossed his path; he holds up a hand, moving back behind his desk. One of the drawers slides open silently, and Cid rifles through the paperwork rapidly before his sense of order kicks in. He pulls out the paper and scans it over. Nothing particularly illegal stands out; there's a presiding Judge's handiwork on it and everything. Cid's own stamp and filing mark is present, as well; he at least read over the paper at some point. Cid turns the paperwork around for Chita to see. "You committed no crimes identified by the presiding Judge on-site. If you are confessing to a crime, then there are plenty of local Judges who would be more appropriate, and whose jurisdiction it would fall under. Beyond that, I am not entirely certain why you felt this course of action was necessary."

Cid slides the paperwork back into place, closing the door and locking it a moment with a flick of his fingers. "As a stranger to these lands, and apparently a clanless one, I do not see anything unusual about your actions. If you had offended the Royal Family, I assure you, you would have been made well aware of it."
Chita Chita gives a small sigh of relief before admitting plainly, "I am overly cautious at times. I have been in this... World of Ruin too long now and too often my actions have been perceived as malicious for some reason or another. I have been working as an unofficial diplomat for my own worlds Judges for some time now and I did not wish to somehow offend any other worlds Judges with my lack of knowledge of their Laws."

Closing his eyes a moment, Chita holds his right hand up palm first, a large crystalline Judge Sword appearing briefly before vanishing as if to give silent proof that he was, indeed, who he said he was. Or at least had something to try and back up his claims.
Cid Randell "Again; if you had offended our Laws, you would have been made immediately aware of it. Your explanation is unnecesary." Cid takes note of the Judge Sword silently, appraising it for a moment. That other worlds had Judges didn't really surprise him (he'd already met Constantine); he simply stands there, arms behind his back, waiting.

"Is there something else I can do for you? If the matter is cleared up, then..." Cid tilts his head to the side. "I confess some confusion as to why you are still here. I do not wish to be rude, but I have a great deal left to do, and I promised my son that I would read to him today as well."

The thought races through Cid's mind, and he puts his hand to the side of his head, as though a headache were forming. A flash of something...a memory? No, more likely a hallucination, a fantasy brought on by too much time around the offworlders. He would pay it no mind. "In any case, I hope you can appreciate my desire for brevity, ser. If you have some errand or some request, then I would like to hear it sooner, rather than later. I am a man without much fondness for preamble."
Chita "I..."

Chita wasn't even certain what to say in response to that. Maybe there was something he simply didn't understand. "In that case... I will leave you be with my apologies for bothering you." A bow of the head was given and with that he turns to leave as simply as he came. Albeit he did seem visibly confused, slightly, as to the entire situation. A part of him wanted to speak out, to say something, anything, to try and figure out what exactly didn't feel right, but he simply closed his mouth and let that be, assuming that if the Judgemaster had anything further to add, he would, before he left.
Cid Randell Cid waves his hand. "You should not apologize so much. You are a Judge, are you not? Hold your head high and walk with pride; a Judge is someone who holds the Law in their hands. They walk with the authority and the right given to them by the people; to shrink and scamper, to apologize with your head bowed low for every perceived mistake, is to look weak before those who need you to be strong. You are a pillar of Law; stand firm, with your back straight, and rise up."

Cid smiles. "If you require any aid while in my lands, please do not hesitate to ask. You do not need to worry about pleasantries with me; I prefer being straight to business, young man."

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