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(2013-08-22 - 2013-08-23)
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Zidane So yeah. Pirates.
Zidane had a lot of fellow feeling for Pirates, being fellow brigands and all that. He slunk around the causeways of Port Royal, knives at the ready, ready to fight back against the invading Heartless.
He was after treasure, after all. So he added an eyepatch along with his frilly cravat shirt.
Deelel Indeed Pirates and Deelel's outfit has changed so darn much this was one of the more dramatic world alterations. She had a bandana that had a pixilated skull and crossbones on it, thigh high boots, shirt, bandoleer, where one might keep a pistol a empty sword scabbard on her hip and a strange sick hanging on her mount. Let us not forget bad-ass leather gloves either. Deelel had just been exploring this strange place.

Still there were things to get things to run into and well trouble to find she's wasn't too hard to not spot given she was a bit cleaner than the other natives.
Zidane Zidane kept slipping through the area, and caught sight of a familiar girl in pixalated pirate gear. With a grin, he jumped over a couple of barrels towards her, and waved. "Hey there Deelel... what brings ya out here tonigh, eh?"

He chuckles, idly throwing a knife behind them to skewer a small Heartless
Deelel Deelel stops pauses an looks over at yet another pirate as Zidane just pegs another Heartless. She pulls the disc off her back and then launches it at another that's she's spotted. She catches the disc as it returns to her, then she scoops up the mummy it leaves in it's wake.

"Humm food supplies and some rum. Honestly I need to keep the Shard Seekers stocked up. You?"
Zidane Zidane chuckles as he jumps over to get his knife back, shrugging a bit. "Treasure, booty, all that good piratey stuff. Arr." He says, winking at Deelel as he hefts his knife up and down in his hand a bit. "I think there's a tavern back this way, if you're looking for Rum."

He indicates another passage behind them, but a shuffling sound indicates that there's more Heartless coming their way.
Deelel Deelel says "Booty? Which sort are you hunting both?"

Deelel has been starting to get certain things about user after all. She smirks a little bit as she looks over at Zidane for a moment

"Rum's the last thing to get honesly the food deal is easier to ... oh that's just glitched. We got more heartless on the way."
Zidane Zidane snerks a bit, shrugging. "Eh, you know how it is... either or, I assure you. Mostly gold right now..." Dagger was still around, after all. He turns his head toward the noise, and sighs. "Sounds like it... we'd better run."
Deelel Deelel says "I understand. As for the heartless I think that's why everyone else has cleared out maybe we can lure them away from this part of town."

She gets up now and looks to Zidan and takes off but not so fast he can't follow her.

"Stop lagging and get moving!"
Zidane He yelps, and then runs after her, nodding a bit as he does so. "Hey, I'm running, I'm running! Don't you worry about me!" He huffs and puffs a bit, but keeps up, cutting a few ropes as he goes, letting piles of building materials fall on top of the Heartless as they get closer
Deelel Deelel is running away at high speeds and is she breathing? It's hard to tell if she is or not as she goes.

"I'm not about to feed someones to those things, wait look this way we can loose them by the docks and train them into the bay!"

Will it work? Perhaps it will or become one of those stories they talk about and never give anyone the details on.

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, Zidane