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Requiem for the Nameless
(2013-08-22 - 2013-08-22)
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Namingway The Ship's Graveyard.

A light fog hangs throughout the air, obscuring the sight of the many sad and rotting hulks of ships from various eras and worlds. Some lay forgotten in the sand, others jut out from the still waters.

And VALKYRI as well as some other freelance adventurers has received a request today from the 'salvagers' to aid in recovering one wreck in particular. The rest of the details have been sketchy up until this point.

Upon arrival, there is a trio of burly individuals, all laden with gear and carrying weapons surrounding a group of three tiny creatures. They look like small bipedal rabbits, wearing turbans with a jewel upon their brow. A hood covers even their turban, with their bunny like ears jutting out. Upon their backs are various backpacks.

The group of thugs is shouting at them menacingly. One of them, obviously their leader speaks to them.

"This is our claim!"

One of the rabbits, also known as Hummingways states in a calm voice.

"We're here to perform the Nameless Requiem. It is a very somber ritual. Please leave us in peace."

The scavenger leader scoffs, replying by drawing his weapon, "And what are you going to do if we make you leave?"

One of the Hummingways looks at his other brethren before stating.

"Naming Magic Forbidden Art: Revelation!"

Suddenly every one of the thugs has a nameplate hanging over their heads, which state ScavengerThug_001, ScavengerThug_002, ScavengerLeader_001

"Oh that's so sad, they don't even have real names, since they're not important to the plot."

Fourth wall spackle is applied at this point.

The leader lunges forward, sword leading.

"Naming Magic Forbidden Art: Forced Change!"

ScavengerLeader_001's nameplate changes to Guinevere Pettigrew Longbottom III. He's also been polymorphed into a girl in her early adolescence with a bright pink dress and blonde curls. The sword clatters out of /her/ hand. She then looks at herself shrieks, and runs off.

The little hummingway chortles, smiling to itself. "Our Naming Powers are absolute. Does anyone else want to test us?"

The two other scavenger thugs look at each other, and take off hastily.

"Smart move."

The three hummingways then turn to the gathered group. They appear to be rather satisfied.

"I'm Namingway."

"I'm Mappingway."

"I'm Recordingway."

The one who spoke up as Namingway smiles, and hitches up his backpack before stating, "We're here to perform the Nameless Requiem for a ship that never was christened. It sank as a result, and to us, that's so very sad. We're name salvagers. Just think of us as historians of sorts. We're here to give the ship a name posthumously, and to recover the Captain's logs. All other treasure is yours, provided you can protect us."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks up as the three bunnies start speaking with the 'Scavengers'. Angantyr frowns a all rights, their claim is legitimate, salvage rights are a very complex afair...except when you get down to the very most basic law. 'First come first serve' and 'We have a bladed weapon and you are made of squishy fluid parts that bleed and scream when correct pressure is applied'. However, the three bunnies seem very uninterested in the fact they have a blade.

Even more so when they try to do things peacefully...

Angantyr starts to walk up, ready to interfear with this...

And then dude looks like a lady. Angantyr takes a step back, staring at Namingway a bit leerily, and then waits for them to move exposition along, "...So if you can just do that, why do you need us? I'm glad you wana throw free money at us, but really? Or is this an ego thing?" Angantyr says, with a shrug.

"Whatever." he shrugs.

Then some more explaining, "Seriously?! Who sails with a ship that isn't named!" Angantyr suddenly looks personally offended, "That is horrifically stupid. And you want us to go on the nameless wreck? Ugh. I am increasing my fee."
Avira Yes! WORK! Just what the doctor ordered! Gummi research takes more than just elbow grease and Arthur Drover isn't a charity. It's the latter that makes it more than acceptable to step away from the camp for a little while to do this little salvage job.

Avira and her awesome partners in salvaging seem to be arriving just as the first thug, now a little girl, flees in terror from the hummingways. The scarred woman lets out a low whistle for she is familiar with the species and their rather...well, unique abilities.

Pretty well loaded up on gear herself, Avira casually hooks her thumbs onto one of the belts around her waist. "Hello there. I take it you are the ones who called us for the salvage job?" The three explain further and a small frown starts to form over her face as their clients reveal that it's not just a /salvage/ job.

It's a...


0..escort job also.

"Sounds fair." she nudges Angantyr in the ribs in the hope that he'll be just a /little/ more polite to their clients. "Who would sail a ship that isn't named, though? That is pretty weird."
Vespa This is quite the surpised to Vespa. She didn't expects rabbits to be the that requested the job. There so cute! She just listens to their story nodding. They have very intersting job.. Vespa is dresseed in her usual maid outfit, she carring her massive axe over her shoulder.

"Of course we can project you.. I mean if we coudn't well we woudn't be alive! What could..", she doesn't finish that sentence she doesn't want to invite troulbe or hear about it from her teammates.
Serah Farron Serah Farron ponders about that "Maybe it sank before it could be christened? You know, like they were testing to see if it was actually holding up on the waters..." She suggests as an answer to Angantyr at least. Hey, its possible.

She takes a step up to the side, looking at the graveyard of ships, further than the eyes can see it seems. Probably because they are blocking the horizon too "So how will we know what ship it is if there's no nameplate? There's surely more than one ship that we can't see the nameplate anymore, faded to time or just broken off." She wonders if the rabbit-things really thought this one through entirely, but she's here to do the work. Every group needs a good healer backup, right?
Maira Maira is along for the ride as well. She has never met these creatures before, but she is using /every scrap of her willpower/ not to run over there, scoop one up, and snuggle it.

Luckily, she knows better, and a good thing, for these are powerful beings of magic they are dealing with here, by the looks of it!

Maira strolls up beside Avira and Angantyr, smiling brightly, chipper and ready for adventure. She glances toward Angantyr and pokes him in the side, rolling her eyes. "Don't be so sour...what, is it bad luck or something?" she asks, geneuinly curious.

"Now, exactly are we getting down there? And breathing?" Maira has learned to swim at least a little bit, but being under the ocean is a little bit intimidating to think about!

Maira smiles over to Serah, giving her a fellow healer thumbs up before turning her attention back to the....thingy's. Humingways?
Mercade Alexander Mercade isn't used to the more fantasy world method of mercenary work, even if it basically is a predecessor of the modern detective model. Avira lives this stuff though, which means he's got a vested interest in dealing with it.

The Detective watches the confrontation between the curious bunny-like people and the scanvenger bandits, and he arches an eyebrow. "Renaming powers, huh." He peers at the changed man(?) as they run away. "I guess that answers the question of how important a name is to someone." He tips his hat, letting Ang ask the obvious question. He provides an answer. "Perhaps there are things that these cannot rename. Or perhaps they cannot do it while performing the Requiem, and we have to provide security." He says.

The subject of the ship's name (or lack thereof) is brought up. "Perhaps someone stole it before it could be christened." Mercade says, shrugging. "Though I hear it is absolutely terrible luck to not name a ship..." He glances over at Vespa, but says nothing. Not alive indeed.

"Since these guys can seemingly find names out inherently, they'll probably know the ship when they see it." Mercade answers Serah, scratching his chin as he walks. "Hopefully, everything will go smoothly."
Ariel Ariel is among those that are salvaging in this place. She has her piratey clothes on, since that seemed the most likely to make sense out here. She's following along quietly. This place is so eerie.... but it does remind her of some places she knows back, well, home. She doesn't like to talk about that.

As such, she's remaining quiet to listen to what people are planning. Will they really have to go under?
Emi Dennou A Dennou (identity not especially obvious because they have elected to cosplay as a pirate today too) has also come along for the ride. Since Dennous STILL have yet to learn how to swim (they have tried but are apparently bad at it). Perhaps expecting something with the codename of Legion being able to swim is a bit of a false dream anyway.

But that didn't stop one from coming along. She siiiidles up to Ariel.

"...Y'arr." The DEnnou tells her. "Matey." She has a plastic hook costume piece on.
Caran Steel Treasure hunting! More adventuring work -- it pays well, and Caran has the skills. So it is that Caran comes to the ships' graveyard. Although, he's not sure how he'll breathe under water... hopefully, the client will have a solution.

When the thugs threaten the Hummingways, Caran's hand goes to his sword... but a show of Naming Power means they needn't fight here. "I've never seen a ESCORT JOB is made more reasonable by the fact that these clients seem able to defend themselves!

Caran nods in greeting to the Hummingways. "Pleased to meet you." And he gives nods of recognition to those he's seen before. He's in a recognizable outfit himself, since it's bright red and screams RED MAGE to anyone who sees it. "So..." He looks the strange bunny-people over, putting a hand on his hip, then holding his hands out, palms-up in a questioning gesture. "...How will we travel underwater?"
Namingway The Namingway bunny looks at Angantyr, offering him a patient smile. "Because a giant Heartless has taken up residence inside the ship's hold. And Heartless are.. difficult, to affect. Their names are not a representation of what they once were in life, but what they are now. As their names are incomplete, we cannot completely change them."

On his other question, the Hummingway, named Recordingway nods solemnly, "Some worlds have strange traditions. This ship looks like it was sank in a storm shortly after it was launched. Maybe on their world it is not christened to begin with? Either way it makes no sense at all to us."

Mappingway answers his final question, "You won't have to. Underwater adventures are silly. Who would want to run a plot like that?" Another coat of spackle is applied to the Fourth Wall.

Namingway nudges Mappingway, hard with an elbow, "What he means to say is that we can summon the ship here, to the beach. So you all won't have to go underwater, just kill the Heartless, loot the ship, and be well paid for it. We just need someone to apply this..." He holds out an arcane symbol crafted out of cold iron, in the shape of a bunny's head, " the exterior of the ship. We summon the wreckage, you kill the Heartless, and loot the ship. Simple enough, right?"

The Namingway then turns to Mercade, nodding. "Astute. We know where it is. And we can use our Naming Arts so that the person who volunteers to attach the symbol will be able to see the names of each of the sunken ships. The ship without a name? That's the one."

Recordingway stares at Ariel for a long time, perhaps with an intensity and insight that belies mortal vision, "I have a feeling that this young lady here is best suited for the task." Namingway locks gazes with Recordingway, before peering at Ariel, "You may be correct. Young Lady, would you like to volunteer for the task of attaching the symbol?"

Mappingway walks right up to the Dennou. It locks gazes with her, and stares up with adorable little bunny rabbit eyes. "You are missing something. Forbidden Naming Art: Temporary Change." The Dennou now has Captain Dennou over their head, as a nameplate. A period appropriate pirate's hat also appears on her head. "...there."
Ariel Ariel was really doing her best to keep quiet. So much so that when she's addressed, she looks over her shoulder. This is not because she didn't realize she was addressed, so much as, she's trying to pretend she can pass off the idea that someone else was. Unfortunately for her, there is no one there, so she takes a step forward. She looks Recordingway in the eye for a moment.

Then she takes the symbol, viewing it with reverence. She cannot, for the life of her, remember the name of the animal that this symbol looks like. Hopefully this doesn't matter. "Thank you. I'll try! Just-- just let me know where I should attach it."
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks as she sees the nameplates. She wonders what her name would be... but she rather not incur the wrath of the naming rabbits... just in case, really.

She nods at the instructions "Sounds simple enough... I mean, at least we don't have to go to them, its coming to us." Heartless though, its another story... She really would rather not be anywhere close to those when she can... Having your heart nearly ripped out once is enough of an experience, not to mention being a proverbial magnet to them for reasons she ignores. Sheesh. To think that today she'd be the one running after them, in a roundabout way.

She nods to Maira with a smile, more healing power can be nice that's for sure. Especially if they end up facing one of those giant heartless or something... these things can hurt even the toughest adventurer.
Caran Steel Caran blinks, feeling a bit deflated. He was actually curious to see some kind of cool water breathing and freedom of movement magic. It would be neat!

Even if trying to remember the 3-dimensional combat rules and the underwater rules /would/ slow everything to a crawl.

Now he's confused, though: "If you can summon the ship, then what do you mean, she has to 'find' it?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been here before, she's salvaged something from a nest of floating wrecks. It had ended well enough, still looking like something out of a horror movie for a day or so wasn't enjoyable. Still she was thankful Helena patched her back up. A job like this would get her attention. Having been hired by some strange fellows. She's a bit shocked at the naming just leaves her a bit shocked for lack of a better work. She's never seen magic like that before, the deal is a fair one she just does not wish to anger her employers however. Man names can make the person it seems, who knows what could happen here with this. Still an adventure was to be had, there was treasure and best of all there was water, oh so much water.

"That is quite strange even the most landlocked sort would name a ship if they had one."

She tries to puzzle this out but perhaps it being nameless is why the ship sunk in the first place. Mercade gets a grin from Myla though.

"Good to see you, I hope you not run into any uppity baked goods since we last ran into each other? Also hey there Caran."

Okay time to get to business as she looks to their employers

"Your terms are fair I'm in."

No under adventure she kinda looks a bit crestfallen but a job's a job right? Also if anyone from her world is paying attention she does have new bells in her hair where did she get those?
Avira There is a good crowd here for this mission! Avira feels pretty good about it, even if Angantyr is a little grumpy right now. In response to that, Avira nudges him with an elbow again, especially as Mercade brings up a very good point about the Namingways needing protection while they do the ritual.

"We held of a zombie assault. I'm sure we can handle whatever a sunken ship throws at us. Even a kraken. I have kraken experience-and remember, Angantyr, Maira, we have sea serpent experience too! We should be good."

Avira grins confidently. Giant Heartless is mentioned: "Giant Heartless should be no problem for us either."

Her attention turns to the pirate Dennou and Avira looks thoughtful. She knows one of the Dennous is fond of the pirate thing...but which one?! She can't remember! THE HORROR.

"Oh so we're not actually going underwater? That's too bad." she looks to Ariel as she's passed the naming symbol and a flicker of recognition is seen in Avira's eyes-but nothing more. Avira swears she's seen Ariel somewhere before but she doesn't recall actually talking with her.
Vespa Simple? Right never simple and a large Heartless on the ship.AT least they don't have to go to the ship iit will come to us. How handy. She likes these rabbits already! They have an odd way ot talking.

"Cutting Heartless into peices is alot simplier."
Angantyr Vespar "A heartless huh..?" He says with a grin, "Shouldn't be a problem anymore." he says, and watches as Ariel gets volenteered... "Well, if she wants to..." Angantyr doesn't thinks he looks like much of a fighter, BUT...spellcasters...

Okay sure. "Eh, whatever." He shrugs after a minute, she really seems to be okay with this, and that's fine by him.

Avira's rib nudge causes him to completely no sell it, but he stops being a grumpypuss. "Alright alright, We get the ship, loot it dry, and you get to rename a nameless wreck. Everyone wins and we get paid twice. Sure." Angantyr is okay with this suddenly, as long as they don't have to actually Sail a namlessship...and no underwater missions to boot. "Small favors." he quips.

"...She has to put a symbol on a ship for them to summon it to us." he explains slowly to Caran, as if speaking to a child.

"It was a heartless Kraken. Well, Semi-heartless." he shrugs, and is glad for the bullet dodging of an underwater mission...fighting underwater is a pain in the <GOOSEHONK>.

Those descend and asscend controls...if you asscend too much then you get a FMV of unrelated, but awesome, events too.
Emi Dennou Namingways can apparently not just change name but also perform spontaneous hat materialization. Perhaps one of them is secretly a Hattingway which the Dennous would probably eat up like woah. As it stands, though, a Captain Dennou nameplate appears above a Dennou that is in no way qualified to be a captain but now, at least, looks like one.

The Dennou in question seems a bit dissapointed that Ariel isn't going to 'play pirate' with them but who can blame her when fuzzy forest creatures are about and making requests.

"Is it bunny intuition....?" Captain Dennou wonders to themselves. If Legion could swim they'd probably be happy to be in underwater plots. They know for a fact talking crabs exist. Or is he a lobster? They're not actually sure and get the two confused a lot which might be a mammalian problem.

"How did you make a hat appear?" Focusing on what's important.
Maira Maira stiffens slightly. Oh, of /course/ its a giant Heartless! She'd rather fight zombies. Guh. She tightens her fists then and squares her shoulders. Alright, fine, giant Heartless it is. At least, she now learns, she won't have to try to work her magic under water. That would go pretty poorly, after all. Fire magic and all.

"Alright...I'll be prepared," she says to their adorable employers. She'd pick those most likely to be doing the heavy fighting (Angan, Avira, Vespa...) and be ready to cast her protection spells then stand back where she's least likely to be horribly mauled.

At the unknown Dennou's costume change, Maira giggles. "That's adorable," she comments, then turns and looks toward Ariel. Oh, she must be a good swimmer! She thinks no more of it than that.

"I'm pretty fine with not going underwater Avira, really I am," she replies, for reasons that should be obvious. "Heh...kraken....good times," she replies, unclear if that's sarcasm or not.
Caran Steel Caran blinks at Argantyr. "...But that means /she's/ got to go on an underwater adventure. So we still have the same problems!" he replies as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.
Angantyr Vespar "Boy do you listen? All she has to do is find the ship and slap the rune on. It's a FETCH quest at most. Obviously it's a solo intro quest." Angantyr says, shaking his head. "Seriously keep up boy."
Mercade Alexander Heartless. He frowns at the situation. He's fine with what's going to happen, but his choice of Ariel causes him to look at the woman. He didn't know her very well. Was she equipped to handle this? "Huh. Are you going to be all right?" He asks Ariel... But she seems confident. He nods to her. "Good luck!" He calls to her. He'll be ready in case backup is needed.

Privately, he's relieved he doesn't have to worry about going underwater. He's not specced for it. "Presumably, she finds the ship, and then attatches the emblem. Then they can affect it." Mercade says to answer Caran. Myla's greeting causes him to wave. "No, I've been in good shape lately. No murderous pastries or anything. It's been a relief, honestly. I like to be the one eating the cake, not the cake eating me." He chuckles.

Avira expresses her confidence in the situation, and Mercade moves up next to her, surveying the area. "We're going to want to keep an eye out." He says, simply, before facepalming at Maira's horrible pun.
Namingway Recordingway gives Caran a blank stare. He then states in slow exaggerated words, "Must, attach, symbol, for, magic, to, work. The, Ship, has, no, name." Namingway nudges Recordingway, "Hey lay off the kid Recordingway, it's not like they teach Naming Magic except in the most elite Lunar Hummingway academies. He was obviously disadvantaged and doesn't know any better."

The Mappingway looks at the Dennou and states, "It's a secret to everyone."

The little Hummingway known as Namingway then grasps Ariel by the hand, ushering her to the edge of the still waters. Once there, he claps his hands together and states, "Forbidden Naming Art: Temporary Change. Forbidden Naming Art: Name Psychometry."

Before their eyes, Ariel shifts into a Mermaid, not only that but she's able to see an ephemeral nameplate over each of the shipwrecks. The Namingway then winks at her, with all the implications that her secret is safe with them. He then points out in a Westerly direction and down.

Once Ariel actually does start to swim out there, it doesn't take her long to find the ship without the nameplate on the sea floor. It's almost like she's...done this before. Who'd have thunk it?

She does spy a black tendril that vaguely resembles jellyfish stingers, seeping out from inside of one cracked half of the ship, but it appears dormant at the moment. The ship, however, looks extremely familiar to her. Maybe something out of her past, or just from her world? The ship has various scorch marks and burns all over it, indicating that it might have once been on fire, just before it sank.... All she has to do is attach the symbol, and return to shore.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Wait you fought a Kraken?!"

Myla goes wide eyed at that for a long moment. "I will have to hear this story someday!"

She does not press about it as they have other things to worry about. Large Heartless? She's got experience with that thankfully. She looks to Avira and Ariel for a moment as she seems to be thinking about what they have to.

"True, Angantyr I can't argue with the logic here, can't argue with it at all."

She's armed. ready and good to go. It's just heartless, right? She wonders about their employers powers and just hopes to not make them mad at her. The Dennou's costume is amusing it looks cute on her she has to think just get her a serpent coils and she's be totally the part she thinks.

Myla stares in surprise at the change that befalls Ariel. Well to Myla it be more of a present but anyway she hopes Ariel isn't too put off by this.

"Well I'm ready for whatever we find here..."
Serah Farron Serah Farron oooohs as Ariel changes into a mermaid, her eyes going wide and sparkly at it "That's pretty! I wish I could turn into a mermaid too sometimes! I swim about as good as an iron weight tied to a rock." She sighs at that, looking deflated too.

She kicks up a rock, looking around... nothing to do while waiting on the ship. "Uhm... if we know there's going to be a heartless... mind if I start putting up spells on everyone here?" Little miss healer is thinking of everyone's safety.
Caran Steel Caran sputters a bit. How does everyone keep missing the point?!

And then Ariel was a mermaid.

"Oh." He blinks at that, then looks back at Namingway. "/That's/ what I meant," he waves a hand at Ariel. "How would she search the whole graveyard underwater, being able to summon the ship /once someone finds it/ doesn't fix /that/... But, I see your solution to that now. That's a really neat trick actually, can you turn anything into anything? And do you /really/ have an academy on the moon?"
Ariel Ariel was a little unprepared for that....


She flops down into the water.

She realizes she's wearing her seashell bra instead of pirate dress, and looks around a little alarmed... just to make sure nobody is freaking out about this. But it seems... okay? Maybe they don't really...

She looks over at the Namingways, frowns, and then dives underwater before anyone really gets a very good look. She'll have to just not concern herself with this.

One she's underwater, she swims fast. It's not hard to get her seaworthiness back. She sternly looks straight ahead, determined to find the right spot and get this figured out as fast as she can.

She stops a little when she sees the ship. ...What is it? Just as she's peering toward it, Flounder, who follows her a lot of places if he can, swims up to her side. "Ariel-- you're--"

"Yeah. I know. Not now." She points to the big ship, and then to him, and then makes a 'shush' gesture. "There's... something inside. Let's be really quiet."

She, very carefully now, approaches the ship.
Maira The Kraken wasn't even the thing that hit her the hardest that day, but we don't go there!

Maira gawks as Ariel gets turned into a mermaid, bouncing excitedly. "Oh my gosh now I wish I'd volunteered! Maybe if I had a tail I could actually swim better! Eeee mermaid! So pretty!" she squee's.

Maira looks to Serah then, nodding. "Oh, yes! That's a good idea!" Protection spells, ahoy!
Angantyr Vespar "You know, for a Forbidden technique, you /use it alot/." Angantyr points out. "Like seriously. Alot."

Angantyr notices the girl go into the water, but is immeidately distracted by the smiling gun moron talking to Avira. There is a moment of tensness...regret maybe, but annoyance too. Something about Mercade...makes him angry. It's not just competition...something about the man himself irritates him. Angantyr pushes it need for this crap now, there was about to be something to unleash his anger issues on in a few moments.

And then Caran keeps talking, "Boy." Angantyr addresses him in a way that should mean 'shut up before I strangle your pencil neck.'

Then, slowly, Angantyr holds his hand out. Ariel will be back with the ship, and the heartless, so he better get ready...

And then the Tyrant Breaker appears into his hand, a keyblade with light metal, wrapped around with dark red and savage looking spikes. The thing is a weapon made to destroy heartless, but tempered by compassion of it's nature. The weapon goes down, pointing into the ground as Angangtyr waits for the ships approach. Angantyr's darkness channels again, darkness wrapping around his body, and infusing itself into his armor and outer self. Soon the Dark Knight is ready for battle, armor completely black as the abyss and red eyes poking out from the viser that completely obscures his features.

His voice is slightly distorted, "I suggest preparing. We have the rare element of surprise."
Emi Dennou "Are these actually forbidden?" Captain Dennou asks. She opens her mouth when, suddenly, mermaid. OH NO SHE NOTICED?!

Then again she also noticed that the Namingways seem capable of summoning hats so for as far as she knows, Ariel is mermaiding it up because the Namingways turned her into one which is a relatively reasonable deduction from the evidence provided!

"Gosh." Captain Dennou says, ALSO a bit saddened by the fact they didn't get to have mermaid time themselves. Sniff.
Avira Grinning, Avira loops an arm over Maira's shoulders, "And I'm pretty happy with you staying on land. Fire doesn't happen very well under water after all."

"Oooh." Avira looks pretty impressed as the naming magic switches Ariel into a mermaid. Just in time too-Avira was about to ask if Ariel could swim. "That'll make an underwater adventure a LOT faster." she says appreciatively. Glancing over to Myla, she nods, "Yep, fought a kraken once. It was a...very, very long time ago. Though uh...that fight didn't go so well for me."

Avira turns her back to Myla and gestures behind her, tugging some of her leather armor off. Her shirt beneath it is semi-open in the back and held together with leather lacing. Myla can see two circular scars on Avira's back. One has sort of a sunburst pattern to it while the other is a much tighter sunken circle.

"The one on the bottom is where it ran me through with a tentacle." Avira explains, then pulls her armor back on.

She is currently oblivious to the tension between Angantyr and Mercade. Mercifully.
Namingway The Jellyfish tendrils sway gently in the sea currents. The Heartless seems dormant. Perhaps it doesn't sense either Ariel's heart, or Flounder's as of yet?

As she gets closer, the ship /definitely/ strikes a chord within her as something she should remember... The prow seems like the most obvious place to attach the symbol, but there are other areas, on the ruined rigging, or the mast if she seeks to act a bit more boldly.

The Namingway looks at Angantyr blankly, then leans over and whispers. "They're not forbidden at all. Don't tell anyone, it makes them sound more powerful to the rubes."
Maira It hits Maira then that Mercade and Angantyr are both here. Whoa. Two keyblades. What was she even worried about? She may as well have a picnic toward the back of the beach. Maybe some nice fruit salad?

Maira glances to Angantyr as he looks to Mercade, noticing the moment of tenseness. Oh boy. Then he is summoning his wicked looking keyblade, and Maira can't help but smile, beaming with confidence for her friends who are most certainly going to kick a whole lot of ass. She calls up her magic with a thought, the flicking green flame-halo settling over Avira, Angantyr, and Vespa for the time being.

"Alright, I'll be toward the back then, staying out of the way. Let's kick some butt!" she exclaims, looping an arm around Avira and giving her a tight squeeze before she scuttles back to a rearward battle position, ready to go.
Angantyr Vespar "As the guy litterally using a keyblade and darkness, your secret is safe with me, little bunny man." Angantyr says quietly.
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks around the people gathered "Well if noone minds... I'll start giving an edge unti lthe ship arrives then." Angantyr already seems to be starting it up, so she summons her own magic, surrounding Mercade and Avira in two consecutive circles of magic. The first one is shaped like a clock, the arrows speeding up as if time was warped around them, the second one forming a shimmering blue shield, shaped of hexagons that form a sort of cocoon around them. The cocoon disapears, only appearing when something comes in contact with it, it seems, dampening the blows.
Zeke Zeke grumbled at the group. He took this job on because, well, who else here actually knew ships? Then Serah started her buffing thing. "Aye that be a good idea lass." Then he looked to Angantyr and addressed him directly. "That fancy key let you do anything similar best do it now befure the usual three rings of insanity an any plans had go up in smoke. Ye be th'leader o this band oh he of the overly large key?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Zeke, he points at Avira, "She's the leader, I suggest you stop making assumptions because you'll make a <GOOSEHONK> out of you and me."
Zeke Zeke grunted at Angantyr and pointed to the key then shrugged. "Fair enough." Then he looked over to avira, "You there." Calm voice, "Is there any sort of plan beyond find ship, murder everything inside, then make out like bandits?"
Ariel Ariel swims -- carefully -- up to the prow of the ship. WAS that a Heartless? She really hopes it didn't see them.

Flounder follows her, because, he does. But he's shaking his fins a little out of fear of the whatever-it-is in there.

Ariel reaches the prow and... attaches the symbol to the side, pressing it on. "That... should be it?" she whispers, uncertainly.
Caran Steel Caran blinks at Namingway. He's being ignored, while he ignores Argantyr in turn. Sigh. He rolls his eyes. Ketan, meanwhile, flies down out of the sky to stand on the shore, looking into the water. For anyone who hasn't seen him, LOOK IT'S A WINGED CAT!

Caran nods to Argantyr. "Good idea." He draws his sword, and with his free hand makes gestures in the air as he casts spells. "Shield us from fire water earth and air! Protection! You can't hit what you can't see! Invis!" He extends the spells to cover Mercade too -- Shields appear over their boddies, scintillating different colors before fading from sight, and then they too fade from sight... sort of. Their shadows remain, but from that alone it's hard to tell /exactly/ where they are...
Emi Dennou Wait, The Network thinks. Angantyr has a keyblade? Captain Dennou has to wonder what it takes to get one, Angantyr and Mercade are very different people. Maybe it just requires patience. After all, a little bit of patience...can open many doors.


But Captain Dennou is getting a bit antsy. She hopes Ariel hasn't run into a mershark!!
Avira "Welllll I guess I'm the leader?" It's actually not something Avira outright admits terribly often, not being too big on things like rank-in fact, she usually defers to experience. "It's more than that, after the ship is raised, these three-"

She gestures at the Namingways, "Will be performing a ritual that they need to be defended during for the duration."
Mercade Alexander A mermaid!? Whoa. Mercade blinks and is taken aback for a moment when Ariel suddenly, well, becomes a mermaid. He carefully looks down at the shore. For clues, and not to stare at the mermaid, of course. She flicks out of sight, and he waits, anticipating the upcoming battle against the Heartless. He fidgets slightly, glancing over to Angantyr. Something about the man appears to make him uncomfotable, but he doesn't seem to be acting on it.

He also doesn't look over to Avira when she shows off her scars. Instead, he holds forth his hand, and with a flash of light, the Twilight Seeker Keyblade appears.

The Keyblade itself is gorged of burnished brass, the handle connected in a large square around a worn leather-wrapped core. The key 'handle' continues the theme with a flared, ornate look with curled flourishes. The central shaft is mostly plain, ending in a balled sphere on the tip. The keyhead is flared, looking much like a stylized north star. An etching upon the center of it looks much like an eye, resembling the TDA insignia. The center of the eye is a crystalline star lens.

And then he's bombarded with prepartory spells. The magical power forms around him, shields appearing as Mercade vanishes...

And Mercade prepares. Like Batman, except not nearly as OP.

"Thanks." Mercade says to Caran and Serah, invisible.

Behind them.

Because he's /always wanted to do that/.
Namingway Ariel attaches the symbol...

The sudden reaction is violent, as the Jellyfish churns up the water, and begins to rush both her and Flounder, tentacles undulating about to propel it forward, as it's opaque, umbral head leads the way. It continues chasing her all the way to the beach. Hopefully she swam back to the beach where everyone was, right? Even if she doesn't, it still veers off that way, sensing a massive concentrating of strong hearts, especially with two Keyblade wielders and two Princesses of the Heart(?) present. Once there it rises up out of the water, floating in the air, and spinning about, with it's tentacles leading the way. It begins to turn about like a wheel, the tendrils, covered with poisonous stingers whipping about wildly to try and strike everyone in sight.

The three Namingways, being so tiny, manage to duck the initial onslaught before declaring. "We'll help! We just need some time to focus. Not-So-Forbidden Naming Art: Revelation!"

The NameWiggles the Everliving
Zeke "As you say then." Zeke loosened his blade in it's sheath and shifted his gun necklace around to make apair of his favorite pistols easier to reach. Sure some here would consider it antiquated equipment but it worked for him.

Then Wiggles the Everliving!

"Well. that's different." Zeke's expression was one of absolute and utter boredom on his face as it rose and tentacles lashed. His attention briefly turned to the namingways to check on them before quick-drawing his blade and slashing one of the tentacles that got a wee bit too close for comfort's sake. Nevermind the sting, he could still move.

He frowned and pulled a chunk of jelly bit off of him and pulled his flintlock. "That the best ye've got ya spineless git!"
Angantyr Vespar Good thing for BRUTALLY heavy attacks upon swimming out of the water.

Angantyr is struck right in the chest with the various assaults of Heartless Stingers and causes him to go flying.

Hitting the ground with a loud thud, Angantyr, pushes himself back to his feet and growls with anger.

Angantyr pauses...Mercade holds a weapon similar to his in his hand....

He focuses...Heartless first, Everything else Second.

Angantyr's darkness surges, and he dives forward, darkness trailing like a heat haze as he dives right towards the rediciously named heartless and slices brutally at it's tendrils. Darkness slashes all about him, even as he attempts to plant that heartless RIGHT on the ground.

"Right there." he says, and then brings a overhanded attack DOWN aiming to try and slice right through it.
Serah Farron Serah Farron acks at the sudden apparition. Well, sudden enough anyway, considering it got dragged out with an entire ship like that. She was just out of range of the jellyfish whippings though, so she only had to do a small hop back, which wasn't too hard with the surprise, to get out of harm's way. Fortuantly for her at least! Healers should be going down last! Its a basic rule of party play!

But some of the companions are not that lucky, especially Angantyr that seems to have been caught in the middle of the storm. That seems to have hurt considerably! So she doesn't waste time thinking about it, sending a salvo of green balls of energies at him, the curing magic helping him regain some of his footing helpfully. A keyblade wielding needs to be protected too!
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Serah for a moment smirking.

"Some have thought I have been one pretending to be human."

It still makes her laugh really, she's flattered if anything on such a comparison from the tone in her voice. Myla isn't freaking out at all for what it is worth. Maira gets a grin for a moment at her words about being a mermaid. Angantyr got a point on that, why are they using that phrase a lot and she thinks it's best to not cheese him off too much.

Myla's checked over her pistols and some of her explosive inventions.

She meanwhile is making preparation for the fight as the dark knight was correct. They best be prepared, for what's coming.

"Lead on then...."

She trails off for a moment as Wiggles makes their appearance at this ? She just has to cringe for a moment, tentacles they wrap about Myla injecting their venom into her and she lets out a scream of pain.

She tries to fight her way through the burning agony and just happens to drop one of her inventions and that might make things work a bit better. She's still in a lot of pain, she has to purge her self. Oh Myla won't be able to fight, not in pain like this a she focus herself holing on to her pistols and chants for a moment. Water rises from the ocean itself it will seem to envelop her turning a sickly colour as it leeches venom from her body and then dissipates with it.
Vespa Vespa get whipped around by Wiggles tentales. The jellyfish ceretainy packs a punch! Looks like everone else took a beating too. "Let's make this a short balttle Al!", she charges foward swinging her massive axe around trying to make Wiggles tentaltes alot shorter.
Ariel "Whoa... Ariel!"

That's Flounder shouting, but... it's no good, as Ariel didn't see the tendrils moving for her quite in time. She's slashed with them, flying backward away from the ship and leaving a bubbling trail in the water. Flounder evades, but swims dutifully after her.

She floats back to the ocean floor, stung with poison. She's awake, but her eyes flutter as the poison ripples through her system.


"I'm fine," Ariel says, determined, despite the fact that she does not seem fine. "Come on. We have to help them!"

And, unworried now about being stared at in this form, Ariel swims toward the surface.

She pops above the water, her hair wet, falling into her eyes. She flips it out and starts swimming toward the big Heartless. Seeing she's not the only one that's been hurt by it, she splashes some water toward her friends in the sea. Hopefully they can benefit a little from the healing powers. "Here!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade may be invisible, but that's a lot of pain coming in. When you hit /everything/, being invisible doesn't help! "WAAAAAAAAGH!" Mercade yells, flying through the air and cratering into the sand. And twitching. Invisibly. This is less cool than he expected. "MMPH MMPHLE MMF MMRPH!" He yells, muffled, as he digs himself out. Mercade rolls to his feet, caked in grit which doesn't help matters as he focuses himself. "All right, guys. Don't give up!" A faint light shines out, weaving among the battlers as it softly begins to relieve the pains and deblitation of the jellyfish's poison.
Avira Mercade masters the art of zwee movement, which Avira notices at the wrong time and completely mistakes for invisibility.

After replacing her armor, Avira calmly slips a small circular buckler shield over her left forearm. Her right hand reaches over to pull out her weapon, a strange serrated sword called the Spine. "Alright, get ready!"

Wiggles the Everliving rises from the depths of the ocean like an ancient horrorterror from a far-flung galaxy. Rather than take a moment to argue the chosen name (really, it should be Wiggles the Soon To Be Not So Living, that would be far more encouraging), Avira moves, ducking beneath the whirling onslaught of tentacles. The Spine is stabbed upwards to tear into the wiggling appendages as they whirl overhead for good measure.

At just the right moment when a gap passes over, Avira leaps upward, clearing the poisonous tentacles. With a flick of her free hand behind her, she summons up a small gust of air that propels her at a spinning downward angle, right into the ocean, right on top of the Heartless jellyfish. The air in her wake seems to shimmer silver as she leads the drop with her weapon.

Caran Steel Caran jumps at Mercade speaking from right behind him. "Don't /do/ that!" he starts to turn--

And then there's something in the water. Ketan bristles, and then takes to the air just before GIANT JELLYFISH shows up and the flailing tentacles sting Caran just fine! "Agh! Damn, what is this thing?" The Namingways oh-so-helpfully answer that question.

The tentacles glance Ketan but he escaRESIST plate possibly appearing above him at the rate things are going. Back on the ground, Caran waves his sword wildly at the stingers while backing away. This poison needs to be dealt with immediately! "Healing light, purge the darkness inside! Esuna!"
Maira Well, they sure /thought/ they were ready. Hubris, its a thing. Maira had thought, surely, with two keyblades and a whole slew of badass warriors she probably wouldn't end up horrible mangled! Not so much.

The beast rises from the deep and Maira's eyes widen, instinctual fear gripping her heart--which the Heartless would be all to happy to devour. She can't even register another thought before she is suddenly moving, and not of her own accord. There is such pain, bright and sharp, stealing the breath from her even as she opens her mouth to scream. She lands hard, the several of the spines sticking straight through her, completely unarmored as she is.

She lays in a heap for a good bit, bleeding out onto the sand, gasping for breath that will not come. Summoning her magic, she whispers the cure spell for herself, knowing she will not survive without it. The cure spell reaches out to envelope Angantyr as well, as she knows well enough he's most likely going to throw himself in the way for her.
Emi Dennou Captain DEnnou manages to avoid geting skewered by a super jellyfish of doom, but her hat...IS SKEWERED and impaled into the ground. The Captain's eyes widen--with horror! She frowns and tries to tug her hat free--but fails. Her eyes get a little teary. It's a hat. They have FEELS about hats.

Being invisible is dangerous. You never know if someone has X-Zone. Luckily Dennous don't have this issue.

What they do do is frown at the Jellyfish. She raises her arms and draws an electrical field around the jellyfish--before unleashing two strands from both hands of voltage into the creature.

Maybe it's best she's not a mermaid right now. "Welcome back, The Network says." They add a bit distractedly.
Namingway Zeke shoots at Wiggles the Everliving. Flintlock power! It splatters a bit of matte black gore on the ground, and a single tendril hangs limply by the time the assault is done. When Angantyr attacks, it seems to sense immediately that it's facing a powerful keyblade user. Which is why it instantly flattens itself against the ground, it's head becoming akin to a spongy shield against the assault of darkness, and the drive down into it with the keyblade. And.. the keyblade bounces right off. /KERBOING!/

Since when did keyblades go /KERBOING!?/ Oh right, Sora invented that fine tradition, blame him.

As it rises up, however, /C-C-C-Combo-Breaker/ as Avira strikes downward with a spinning strike, which drives the Jellyfish down at the ground. It strikes the sand hard, and doesn't appear to be moving. Which is when Vespa comes in for the kill with Al. And Wiggles the Everliving actually rolls out of the way of her massive axe strikes. ...right into the water. Which is when Emi strikes. ZAPPPPP. Smoke sizzles off of it as the Heartless is electrocuted. Boy, good thing Ariel was just out of range of that.

The Jellyfish rises anew, looking.. extremely ticked off. It begins to spin again...

The three Namingways all focus, by chanting something which sounds like nonsense, and then as one state.. "ULTRA-Forbidden(Disclaimer: This one is in fact actually forbidden, just saying.) Naming Art: FORCED CHANGE!"

There is a huge puff of smoke around Wiggles the Everliving, and before the smoke clears, the nameplate has changed to....

Pooki the beast of CaerbanARGHNOTINTHEFACE

The smoke clears, and suddenly the Jellyfish is a little, Heartless, Bunny rabbit.

The bunny does not attack visibly, it simply sits there, scratching itself with it's hind legs with as a menacing aura of ultimate dread creeps out from it. A pressure in the air that begins to erode away at enchantments and make the world very uncomfortable for spellcasters. It stares at them all with beady little yellow eyes. This may not be something to be trifled with. Just saying.
Zeke Zeke was hurting from the poison make no bones about it but he signed on for the job and complete it he would. Still, after firing and before reaching for another pistol he looked at where tentacle bits had gotten on his arm and frowned, "I'm not about to let a little thing like this keep me down." then he tried moving his arm and nothing. he scowled at it.

Then ARiel did her magical mojo thing and yes it still hurt but his arm was moving. He saw a brief flash of scale and red hair. No words yet, there'd be time later when the lootings would start.

And then Bunny? Wait. WHAT?

OHGODNOTTHEFAAA- Zeke paused and patted his head for a moment. His hat got knocked off. Hat? HAT?! Wait how'd that miss? Eh his hand hurt so he pivoted towards the rabbit of doom and opened fire.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr jumps infront of Avira, shielding her from the Rabbit and growls as he dives in for it.

The Tyrant Breaker slams down aiming to try and shatter the bunnies defenses as he jumps back. Next to Avira and Maira.

"Time to end this." Angantyr says, and suddenly slams the Tyrant Breaker into the ground. Darkness surges around it and Angantyr as he slowly picks the Keyblade up and holds it up into the air.

"Time to die, rabbit." he says, and then he swings Once...Twice, each blow aiming to stagger darkness into the ground, absorbing the spilled blood and feeding it back into Angnatyr as he...

Aims to slam the rabbit into the ground.

And then Angantyr pulls the blade back... "TYRANT..." he shouts and then thrusts the blade forward, as a massive stream of light explodes out aiming to storm in a cone like torrent aiming to consume the Heartless..

"BREAKER!" Followed by a massive detonation.
Ariel "Well... that's weird," says Flounder, poking his head over the water and looking, puzzled, at the bunny.

"It's still dangerous," says Ariel, and she swims over closer. She dives down... then up, to build up some steam and float to the surface before making a connection with the rabbit. She's going to ram into it, and then flip and 'kick' the creature with her tail. She has no choice but to do it while she's still a mermaid, at least until the battle is joined and she can get renamed again. If she can. Saving the Namingways sounds like a really good idea right now.

When Ariel breaks over the water, she does a pretty acrobatic dive and smash manuever. She must be used to this mermaid thing somehow...
Vespa "Killer rabbit with sharp pointy teeth!",it proceeds to live up to its nam.e "Good thing I always carry one of these around!", and she pulls out a Holy Hand Genade!(Tm) and throws it at the now killer rabbit.Cause you never know when you meet a killer rabbit. Oh and there a kaboom of course!
Emi Dennou Captain Dennou raises an arm into the air, pausing for a moment as the Jellyfish has been transmogrified into an adowable widdle bunny. Ami would never harm a bunny so it's pretty obvious it's not Ami when the Dennou ZORCHES the bunny with lightning rather than allow it to use magic spells on her.

The Captain is moderately impressed by Ariel's mermaid fu. Perhaps she has been turned into a mermaid before. Or maybe being turned into a mermaid gives you an innate understanding of how to battle as a mermaid? Nevertheless, she jogs forward towards the bunny, rears back a foot--

PUNT OF THE LEGIONS!? Yeah she's basically just gonna punt a bunny. It's /definitely/ not Ami. And probably not Umi--she has short hair. SO MANY OPTIONS STILL.
Serah Farron The hearler still managed to evade another round by being far enough. This is a lucky spot. She'll stay here she thinks. This spot likes her. Or maybe its a 4th wall thing and its a glitched spot that makes attack automatically miss due to height difference?

So many glitches in this game, sheesh.

Anyway, it seems that her teammate are holding out well, but some of them still got hurt in the previous attack, so time to patch some a bit! She sends magical energies to heal and remove some of the bad things those tentacules are inflicting, giving her encouragements "Keep going, its weakening!"
Avira Honestly? Avira would prefer the jellyfish. She knows how dangerous rabbits with Sharp Pointy Teeth can be!

The huntress recoils in horror and Angantyr moves in front of her, somehow blocking the terrifying sense of dread from infecting her as well. "DOES ANYBODY HAVE HOLY WATER? OR A HOLY HAND GRENADE? NOW WOULD BE A VERY, VERY GOOD TIME TO USE IT! JUST SAYING!!!!"

In fact, Avira's looking through her pouches for holy water right now. She swears she has some on her from the earlier undead seige activities. Somewhere.
Emi Dennou "The Network doesn't get the reference. It must be especially dated, The Network tries to hide their quiet scorn unsuccesfully." Captain Dennou adds.
Mercade Alexander "SORRY!" Mercade calls from his beach crater to Caran. He'll not do that again. Maybe.

But it's so /fun/,

Either way, he gets healed by Caran, and some of the wounds from the jellyfish begin to close up. He gives Caran a thumbsup.

And then the deadly jellyfish of doom is turned into a bunny. A doom bunny. Mercade stops, staring at it before the aura of the rabbig rolls past him in a malignant wave, shattering the spells around him. Now he's visible!

Mercade looks over the bunny, grunting as he tries to focus. He pulls a shotgun from his coat with a flick of his hand, leading off with a blast of brilliant buckshot as the Keyblade's power augments his attack, but the bunny doesn't even seem to need to move to avoid it. SCARY.

Mercade gunts. "All right. The Holy Hand Grenades are out. Time to show you something of my own." He leaps forward towards the Vorpal Rabbit, lashing out with a salvo of shot to clear the path, trying to force the bunny into a defensive position before he levels the Keyblade. "I have to lock this thing down..." He says, quietly, and he focuses.

White power gathers at the end of the weapon, and he calls, "SEAL EVIL!" A thin beam of light fires towards the bunny, attempting to seal away that terrible power in an explosion of overwhelming brilliance... That rapidly shrinks around the bunny.
Caran Steel And then it was a bunny.

A /CreeRed Mage, and they do not rely on magic alone! "Power of lightning, stagger and strike! Caran's Thunderwave!" W whip of lightning extends from his free hand, but instead of cracking, it tries to wrap around the rabbit and pulse electricity through it, stunning it! "Have at you!" Caran then charges in with his sword, trying to attack the small creature! Okay, in theory he can do physical attacks, but in practice can he hit it? That's why he tried to stun it first!

Ketan, meanwhile, sees that the attacking jellyfish is now a /rabbit/. Not a rabbit-person, not a giant monstrous rabbit, just a rabbit. At least in shape. "Ooh, who's they prey now, huh? Let's see how YOU like it!" And the winged cat divebombs the evil rabbit, trying to claw it and lift it into the air!
Maira Maira lets out a small sigh as her healing magic washes over her. Undoubtedly it helps some, but after a hit that gruesome she is still leagues away from being 'okay'. Still, she's been through worse.

Maira winces as she speaks over the radio, dragging herself to her feet--her head spins, but Angantyr is easy to spot on the battlefield. Just go toward the huge dark blob. She shuffles, a hand to her chest, where the most serious of her wounds is located, until she is nearby him. She reaches up to tap his armor to let him know she's there, then coughs up some blood as she leans over, looking up to see the jellyfish turned into a bunny. "So cute...

Maira cracks the smallest of smiles when she hears Avira's quip. They'd watched that movie before. "Heh...sorry, all I have is...plain old Holy..." she replies, gathering the light of her heart into its blinding brilliant form, timing it so that it blasts just as Mercade's attack is aimed as well, the spell exploding on the Doom Bunny.
Myla Mason Myla Mason stares for a moment it's a freaking bunny now? You know what? She's very okay with this, she's so very okay with there being less tentacles. She's so much very okay with there being less tentacles. She's also not getting attacked this gives her time to recover get her pistols being brought to beat against the creature as Maira just unloads upon it she can't help but smirk given what she hit it with earlier may be making it's day far worse. Caran is also proving to be a solid bit of backup now as she adds in to his comment.

"I do think a bit of roast rabbit might just be the thing for dinner after this. Whatcha think Caran!?"

Then Myla opens fire with her pistols firing spell rounds most of them are water based but wait what?s this? Some explode on impact and a few actually burst into flame.
Caran Steel Ooh healing sparkles! Caran feels his magic power return. "Thanks!" He looks to Myra and shrugs. "Ehh, I don't like rabbit that much."

"I do!" shouts Ketan!
Namingway The Namingways all stare at it in horror, "Oh no. Not..." Recording way finishes the sentence with a dumbfounded sound, "...Pooki." They all hastily begin chanting again, all stating as one. "ANYTHING BUT THAT!"

Angantyr strikes down at it, as a massive stream of light and darkness overpower the Heartless rabbit, slamming it down into a massive crater of sand on the beach. The beast is stunned by the intensity of twilight which rains down upon it.

Ariel follows up by doing her mermaid acrobatic manuevers, kicking the bunny up into the air. As the bunny comes back down... CAPTAIN DENNOU follows up by punting the bunny straight out of midair as if it were a football. It gets knocked right into one of the nearby ship wrecks, and slides off, with little tiny stars circling it's head. When Caran comes with a /CAT ASSIST/, the bunny is struck by lightning, keeping it chain stunned, right before the cat lifts it up and drives it back down. Zeke and Myla begin to open fire at that point, beginning to make the ship around it look like swiss cheese as flare shots and bullet holes begin to pound holes into its opaque darkness.

Vespa appears to be carrying Holy Hand Grenades. Because most people are Genre savvy. Which is okay, because if I was being attacked by a killer bunny then I'd wish I was genre savvy too. There is an explosion of Holy Light and fire, as Maira adds in her own considerably holy might into the fray.. Mercade bulletstorms with a beam of light attempting to seal away it's foul taint... and the ship the Heartless bunny is leaning against is shattered, splinters of wood going everywhere, as more smoke encircles the wreck... for a while, all is quiet. Then two beady yellow eyes are seen within the clearing smoke.

The holy hand grenades failed. And it's... pissed. It launches itself rapidly in the air, with the speed of some sort of cartoony flash supervillain, seeking out everyone's neck with it's teeth.

"NO! NOOOOO!" The Namingways all shout in tandem with each other as the Bunny goes to town. "Not-So-Forbidden Naming Art: FLASH CHANGE!"

The name Sharkion The Ill-tempered

The Heartless Bunny instantly transforms into a Heartless Shark.. with what appears to be rocket boosters on it's back. And a swivel lasers. Yes, sharks with freaking lasers, we are in fact using every dated reference known in this scene. It rockets through the air, circling around the group like it was circling in for the kill. The swivel lasers begin to fire at everyone, seeking to target their legs in order to cripple then, so it can fly in for the kill with diving rocket-boosted ground smashes.
Zeke Zeke facepalmed at Namingway's reaction to the Bunny of Terror.

Nevermind all the action going on around him. He had no real onnectiosn to anyone save /MAYBE/ ariel and yea... tht leaves him an island. Oh well, nobody to quip with or bond over? Oh well them's the dice roll with the bones. And then suddenly LASER ROCKET SHARK!

Before drawing his blade to dodge and weave around yet more lasers to get close to the shark of doom Zeke paused for a moment to look at the namingays to wail, "I LIKED THE BUNNY BETTER YOU DIPS! IT DIDN'T HAVE A BLOODY RANGED ATTACK!"

And then when he got close to it he took every gun he coudld reach, flintlocks, matchlocks, a couple handguns he'd picked up from manhatten and unloaded on the beast.

Then he pulled a pair of almost comically oversized muscatoons and fired.

Serah Farron Bunnies, jellyfishes, and now sharks. She's not sure if this is actually making the fight any better. Also, sharks out of the water? Is this Sharknado? She hopes not.

And yet, once again she seems untouchable, as if there was a forcefield around her spot. Maybe she needs to thank lady luck, or some other divinity for this, but right now she's just glad she can concentrate on keeping her teammates in better shape, considering some of them are taking a beating! She concentrates her healing on Caran and Angantyr, who seem to be having the less luck in this fight. Fortunatly, she's a good little healer! Give her a pat after this.
Vespa Vespa looks at the bunnies. "Stop turning it into worse things!", the killer bunny is now a shark with lasers and can fly and breath out of the water. A most deadly foe indeed. "Let's kill this thing Al. It's really <GOOSEHONK>ing me off! The blade of her axe start to glow with black arua.. She bring her blade up and swinging it at the flying-rocketpack-laser weilding shark!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr once more puts himself infront of an ally. He brings the Tyrant Breaker up, and takes the pain, trying to hold back the vicious Assault from SHARKION. Angnatyr drives his feet into the ground bracing himself and every time it swings at him or at Maira, he sends a fist into the nose of the Sharkion. His eyes blaze, but he can feel it's's injured and realing, there wasn't enough time for it to capitalize on his own current state...and he grins.

Blood starts to drip from his massive injuries, no doubt to be taken care of as Maira and friends jump back into Angantyr prepares what he's set out to do...

Darkness surges across the weapon again, as he SLASHES upwards, aiming to try and drive into the massive heartless as the darkness burns off of it...

Once more, the blade glows brightly..

"TYRANT BREAAAAAAAAAAAKER!" he shouts again, and another wave of powerful light washes out from Angantyr's weapon, aiming to consume the heartless with a wave of light and darkness...
Ariel Ariel lets out a scream as the shark shoots lasers... that smash into her. She splashes back down into the water dramatically, spray flowing up all around her.

But she is used to the water. Maybe she can even use it to gum up some of the shark's works a little bit, she thinks.

She starts formulating a nature spell, building up a spiral wave of water that forms into a powerful bubble. She takes a breath to concentrate first, making sure that this one will count. She's not the most powerful here but it's going to take everyone to take that thing out.

A big bubble of water, then an even larger one, go flying and smashing toward the transformed Heartless. Hopefully it won't get a chance to take any more forms... Ariel is getting exhausted, but she has to try, for her friends.
Emi Dennou Cat assist?!?!?!?!

Though the Captain blinks and misses the shapeshift portion of bunny becoming shark. Her mouth opens and she says, "That is...unexpect--"LASER.

The laser rips into the Dennou's chest but luckily it doesn't just punch right on through her. This is probably because it wsa actually aiming for the legs. It does, however, result in the DEnnou hitting the ground painfully moments before the Sharkion crashes into her from above. Double ouch.

"Ugh..." Captain Dennou says moments before trying to draw off some of that electricity from the creature again, though this time there's some more zappy accompanyment. Dennous are not known for their versatility.

"Angantyr..." She begins, cringing. "We should catch up."
Avira "What the f-"

The Heartless sharkbomb slams into the beach and sends Avira flying across the sand, her eyes wide in shock and surprise. Scrambling, she picks herself up and gapes at the new form of the Heartless. "This is crazy!" she calls out, "Stop renaming it for a second so we can get a strategy or two going, please!" But hey, at least Maira had a chance to holy the Vorpal Rabbit. Later when things have calmed down, Avira will be sure to give her friend a hug.

The silvery aura returns in force, leaving a sheen all around Avira that seems to leave a trail in the air behind her as she runs by. Each movement and each leap seems enhanced as she pounces upon the shark, leading with another one of those rotating, drill-like blows again. When she kicks off, she orients herself so when she falls, she stabs the Spine downwards right upon the Heartless's head.

She's quick to clear the Heartless shortly afterwards, aware that Angantyr and Vespa would be following up shortly. When she lands, she remains crouched and breathing hard. Sweat pours down the sides of her face.
Maira Maira is just going to kind of assume that she is hallucinating at this point, because seriously? First its a jellyfish, then its a bunny, now its a shark with a jet pack and lasers. Totally, totally hallucinating. It's just easier that way.

Still, very real damage is happening here and she's not willing to bargain on her insanity that much. Maira stays behind Angantyr, holding onto his armor as he intercepts the damage he is far better equipped to tank than she. Of course, she hates to see him so wounded, but she is prepared with cure spells to at least take the edge off until she can see to his injuries more thoroughly after battle. Keep him going so that he can unleash the serious damage.

He's not the only one hurting, but she has to hope the others can keep going and that Serah has some healing in store as well. She seems to have picked a great position!
Myla Mason Myla Mason sees the thing become a shark, a shark with friken laser beams. It really became a shark with friking laser beams. She looks at the Namingway for a moment and shouts.

"Why did you do that?! WHY!"

She turns hat attention back tot eh Shark as it comes for her and she breaks into a run across the deck she leaps into the air generating a barrier of water about her body to absorb the blast and drops back to the deck unharmed. Her friends may not be so lucky however and Myla has had enough as she looks at the beat, her pistols are lowered and then raise as she cross her arms across her chest while chanting again. Caran might know something of some schools of Magic from Myla's part of their world and if he does? She's casting something big. She start sizing control of the near by water bring it about her for a moment forming a huge sphere in which she float even as she silently continues the chanting then she directs it away leaving her standing there exposed to the air again as for the Shark? The full force of all the water Myla has bent to her will is coming right for it in a powerful crashing wave.

Caran Steel It was just a bunny!


Its teeth sink into Caran's neck, and he feels his lifeblood pouring out and down his shirt. Caran drops to his knees, clutching at his neck as the DEATH RABBIT seeks other pray.

"CARAN!" Ketan shouts, abandoning his prey to fly to Caran's side, a flash of healing magic closing the wound, at least.
Mercade Alexander "The bunny IS a ranged attack!" Mercade yells, as he goes on the defensive. He knows what the bunny is capable of. He's seen the movie! Mercade defends, the bunny streaking past him and drawing blood... But not hitting an artery, thank God...

But then the bunny gets transformed again. "I appreciate the help, Namingway, but, uh..." He says. "Couldn't you name it something like Fluffy The Harmless Poodle or something? Weren't you guys supposed to be doing a ritual?" He shakes his head, before he is promptly lasered by the shark! The beam blasts him backwards, dissipating partially on his defensive stance with his weapons before burning him with leakage.

He can't see it with all of this obfuscation... But he can still attack nonetheless. He strikes, using the water bubble strike from Ariel as cover as he erupts through it, firing his shotgun repeatedly to knock the LAZOR SHARK back, before he finishes with a strikethough assault with his Keyblade. "Let go." Mercade says. "It'll be better soon."
Namingway The three Hummingways quiver before the accusation fretting aloud, "You don't understand, Pooki would have been the death of us all had we not changed it in time! Our Magic is unpredictable on the Heartless."

Between Myla's powerful crashing wave, the Way of the Kickassian, Tyrant Breaker, Electrocution, Ariel's water magic, Mercade's shotgun+Keyblade combo and Zeke's shots.. The flying shark falls. Before death it changes back into it's Jellyfish form, tentacles pathetically splayed out about everywhere. Then it's heart rises, freed from it's twisted and broken form, since we have two keyblade wielders here. It's a safe assumption. It's body then dissolves into motes of light.

The trio of Hummingways look infinitely relieved. "We sense that the symbol was attached, which brings us to..."

They roll out a large length of parchment on the ground, before they all get out of the way, giving it a wide berth. Then as one, the three speak.

"Ultra-Forbidden Art: Nameless Summoning!"

The smoke once again explodes into the area, and as it clears.. two broken halves of a once proud ship sit beached on the ground. Scorchmarks are everywhere upon it. It was obviously subject to some sort of fires before it sank. The moment this magic goes off, Ariel changes back from Mermaid to human form probably from the huge expenditure of magical power they just had to use to summon the giant ship.

On the surface, it would become readily apparent to Ariel what it was at once..

Prince Eric's ship.

The three Hummingways somberly begin to trod, taking places at three points around the wreck, before they bow their heads.

No not-so-forbidden techniques, or the naming of them aloud. They instead begin to sing a dirge. It's a hollow tune, full of loss and pain.

At the end of it, the one named Namingway finally states it a sad voice."I hereby christen you the S.S. Max."

He does not say how he knows anything of the Sheepdog that once rode on the ship. He just walks over to it, and breaks a champagne bottle against the wreck.

The three Namingways then begin to search the wreckage...

Boring search part of the scene is boring, so I'll skip to the good stuff.

The Namingways find: Ship Captain's Log! Ship Manifest!

The rest of the party finds: Prince Eric's (Other) Birthday Present: Huge <GOOSEHONK>ing chest full of gold coins and gems.
Large sealed Adamantine Cannister in the Captain's quarters.
The Cannister cannot be opened, even with the absurd strength of the party members and keyblades because it doesn't appear to have a lock, or even a lid, but it might contain something incredibly precious. Or sentimental, who could say? When knocked upon, it makes a hollow sound, and there's rustling inside. Maybe you should hold onto it until you can find someone who can open it....

The Namingways thank the party, and pay them considerably well with a decent amount of munny on their own right.

They linger behind for any final remarks, to make sure they all believe they were fairly compensated.
Ariel Ariel changes back, and... falls into the water, suddenly burdened with a skirt. She flaps around a bit, until she can crawl up onto a bit of wreck and stand on her feet.

She's startled by this, so much so that she's still pushing hair out of her eyes and working with dripping skirt when Flounder tries to get her attention. He taps her on a foot... She's lost her thingamajigger-- boot, she thinks, somewhere in the transformation, and reaches over to get it, thinking that's what Flounder is trying to point out.

Then she looks up...

She pushes hair out of her eyes again, as she takes in the shape of the ship. That's why it was familiar. It was there that night...

It's ...

"That-- that ship. It's... it's from my home world," she says.

Normally she would be interested in the treasure, the Human Stuff. But this is such a mystery it absorbs her attention. She runs up to it, and puts a hand on the side. What happened?
Zeke Zeke looked the ship over and. Well it was a ship that had been underwater right? He poked at the canister and frowned at it. "So who calls dibs on the unopinable whatsit?" Continued attempts at opening it just frustrated him. "You." He pointed to Mercade, "You want this?"

Without waiting for an answer he just sad the thing dow nand continued poking about the captain's quarters. No log books, no maps.. nothing that would give anything on what happened."

<HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!> When he sulked out of the captain's quarters he wasn't in a bride mood. Still if he was needed he'd be abovedecks. Oddly perhaps but he seemed to have no interest in the giant box of loot.

Then ARiel spoke which caused him to pause and turn. "Excuse me?" This had his interest. "You say this is from where you're from miss?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews. She didn't want to see what could come after a shark with lasers, honestly... even if she didn't get but a scratch from this. She moves around to the fighters, using more of her healing magic to make sure everyone's wounds are taken care of, smiling "Good work everyone."

She moves toward the ship once the shark vinishes, and the ship gets christened. She hmms, laying a hand on the boat "... It looks clear, I don't feel anything inside." Why would she know that? She doesn't know either, but anyway, she hops into the ship, jumping on the deck to go explore the various treasures and other things of interesting.

She looks toward Ariel "Your world? Really? Is there something familiar or that you know about here?" She hmms. Well the diary is secured, so she goes to check on the bottom. The adamatine can is already called for, so she's rummaging through the rest "Plenty of treasures..." She takes her share of the gold, nto too much because its heavy but enough to not worry about expenses for a while, while she looks for trinkets of interest.
Vespa Treasure! Everyone loves treasure! and they got paid too! For all the trouble the monster brought they did well on the money wise. Vespa now need to by a repacement Holy Hand Grenade for the one she used. Those things are expenisive! She need to get a few other things she need to get as well. She looks over as Ariel speaks and takes a few steps away from the beach. She will let her have her moment.

"I'm exausted. I'm going out to get a bite to eat anyone want to come along??'
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's armor finally shatters, revealing the normal form of the Dark Knight...oh god this hurts alot.

However, thanks to Maira and Sera, he's has his blood back in.

Angantyr looks towards Mercade after a moment, "...We need to talk, later. I have a suspicion." he says, and then, "When it's less crowded.." and a look at Avira, "You too." he says, and then moves towards the Ship.

Ariel says something about it being from her world, "Huh. Do you want it to be scuttled then?" he asks, but moves to help the looting process and makes sure everyone has a fair share. EVERYONE. Nobody is getting extra, EMI.
Avira Avira will gladly accept her compensation for the mission. It goes squarly into the 'pay Arthur' fund. It's a special fund. FOR THE FUTURE.

Though eager to search for loot upon their newly raised wreck, Avira actually hesitates when Ariel reaches out to touch the ship, admitting that the vessel was from her home world. "Really?" Avira gestures to the wreck, "Hey, if you see anything you want to keep, go right ahead, you were a big part of this."

The strange cylinder gets a lot of attention from Avira since it strikes her as a big puzzle box made out of an alloy that is worth a fair bit of money to synethesists.

"Alright." she nods to Angantyr, "Just give me the word when."
Emi Dennou "You're so lucky," The Dennou tells Ariel. "You got to be a mermaid. But treasure is nice too. This will solve our money problems for quite some time. Emi will be pleased." She can be pretty obstinate about negotiations for the aforementioned reasons of 'has recently gained a new mouth to feed'. And she wants to get her a gift on top of that.

"It would have been fun to try." The Dennou adds. "Thank you for your help." She pauses a moment before adding, "You are certain it is that ship?"
Maira As much as Maira loves shiny things, people are her first concern. Now that the battle is done, Maira pulls out a potion to drink, which effectively puts her lungs back together. She is still incredibly lightheaded, but determined to see to those who need healing.

Maira watches Ariel for a moment, frowning gently. Something from her world? She recognizes the emotions that flash over her features.

Maira then looks between Angantyr, Avira, and Mercade, blinking. Oh boy. Well, guess she's not invited. Not sure she's sorry about that. "Okay...lot of people got pretty hurt here, would like to see to some wounds...." she says, then glances to Vespa, "Then I'm maybe up for a bite," she adds with a tired smile. She doesn't look up for anything, frankly.
Mercade Alexander That ship, huh. Mercade watches as the ritual is completed, and he dismisses the Keyblade as he watches what's going on. He looks over to the reactions of the others, and he frowns at the response from Ariel. Interesting. It's from her world. Mercade himself is not really interested in treasure. when Zack offers him the canister, he gestures to Avira. "Give it to her." He says. "Avira will have a better idea of what to do with it at the moment."

He looks back to Ariel, listening intently to her explanation. The mystery is the real thing here, though Angantyr talks to him. "Huh?" He says to the Dark Knight. "Uh, sure. We can talk later." He says, looking back to Ariel and listening.
Ariel "It is. It went down in a storm. I rescued..." Ariel halts for a moment, "Someone..." Maybe she shouldn't go into too much detail. "It wasn't too long before I found the portal out that lead me... well, far away from home."

Ariel looks out over the water.

"Yes. I'm sure. And being a mermaid isn't so special," she says dismissively to the Dennou comment, waving it off.

Flounder asks the obvious question, calling out from the water. "Ariel, does that mean you think we can get back--?" Then he seems to realize that most people here don't know about talking fish, and... fish blushes, diving down under the water.

"It's... it's okay," Ariel says, "and I don't know. But maybe. I guess we should try." But she doesn't really know how.
Maira Honestly, talking fish is the least weird thing that happened here today. Maira does look up and over toward Flounder though. "Hehe, friend of yours?" she asks Ariel.

To Angantyr; "THAT'S what you focus on!?"
Angantyr Vespar "...Did that fish just talk?" Angantyr asks. "Meh...then again, we DO have ultros...hey is that guy fish royalty? Do we have to have a boss fight against him too?"
Zeke Zeke only took enough money to get his clothes fixed. Hey having not only a business in shipping and family that sold to tourists and fishers (he wasn't about ot tell ariel that though) meant the money was better gifted to those htat didn't need. So anyone interested and in a mood to scrounge the ship would find another pile of gold. Why he wasn't sticking around for the explaination was simple. Search the ship in places only he might know things might be hidden.

Unfortunately no smugglers holds, no false floors no nothing where stray bits of interesting and or useful could be secreted away...

On returning to wehre the largest clump of people were he reported nothing of value interest or importance. Then he looked to ARiel and echoed Ang's question. "It comes from your world so your call. If you want it refurbished as your own or to sell I know a few people that can do all the little things that need doing."

Hmm that might be good to have for someone like Mercade. "I'd suggest keeping it for Mercade's merry band of adventuring but that's just me not wanting ot et things go to waste." He'd talk to the lady fish about her home situation later. It seemed to make her uncomfortable.

Then Angantyr spoke. "Yes. Yes it did." Calm voice. "Apparently that's a common thing from Ariel's home world."
Myla Mason Myla Mason holsters her pistols now that the battle is done as Ariel beings up the ship being from her world. She pauses surprised and looks at Ariel for a moment.

"It is? Do you know anything about it then?"

Myla will take her cut of the cash and loot with no real asking for anything major out of the loot really. So long as she gets her share she'll be happy with this.

She looks over to Serah for a moment with a grin.

"Your help was most welcome."

Always be good to the healer. However the two keyblade wielders converse about something.

"...I was about to say this could be a bit of a mystery with that canister."
Vespa Vespa looks over Maria, she looks exauseted. "How about we just order in Maira?"
Emi Dennou "You know a lot of undersea talking creatures." The Dennou says. "But this one supposes it might be different to experience something than it is to wonder what that 'something' is like." She looks towards Angantyr for a moment before adding, "But it came in handy today, so thank you."
Ariel Ariel looks at Angantyr, and shakes her head with a small smile. "That's Flounder. He's just a friend. He's royalty..." Though I guess I technically am, Ariel thinks, but she doesn't say that yet.

Flounder pops his head up over the water again. He does not look much like a Flounder; he's clearly a tropical fish of course. "Uh. Hi."

"I know the ship belonged to the royal family," Ariel says. The landbound family that is. But she doesn't know anything about the canister, so it's something to search later. "Anyway, thank you all. That's one less Heartless in the ocean now, right?"
Maira Maira would give Vespa the thumbs up of approval, but it appears to be nap time.
Zeke Zeke nodded to ARiel, "Indeed so lass, and this ship while needing practically one of everything and some hard work to make worthy of more than limping into port after a bad blow but she seems to me worth the effort if anyone of you needs." Otherwise if he could get it to port royal or tortuga... hm there's a thought but he'd have to find enough gummi to clad the ship. "Also if anyone has no objections i'd like the chest after i'ts been emptied. Seems solid build and it'd make a good thing t'replace th'one that was in me cabin."
Avira Knowing what she now does about the ship's previous owner, Avira actually hesitates a little as others pick and strip important things from the estate. "Now the area's going to be a little more safe." she mentions, pointing at the random cars at others here.
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks over to Zeke, nodding "Looks like pretty solid metal, you'd have a hard time breaking it normally I think. I wonder what's inside though."
Zeke Zeke shook his head, "I could try getting frank behind something but I'm personally afraid to try any sort of physical means of breeching it and would rather a magi or warlock of some nature take their turn." He grumbled at Serah.
Serah Farron Serah Farron hms "Well, I think that trying too hard might just destroy what's inside... wouldn't you think there's a way of opening it otherwise? Like a key or something." She wonders about those giant keys.
Zeke Zeke shook his head at where Sarah's line of thought appeared to be going. "Nah lass y'seem t'be thinking too much of Force. Magic is more than just Boom. Magic binds and heals yea? Why can't it be used to open or make a clean opening iwthout kaboom?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron's eyesbrow frown for a moment, and then she ohs "You mean like a spell to open doors or locks then? I didn't even know those existed actually." She hmms, scratching her cheek "I certainly don't know any spells like that.
Zeke Zeke chuckled, "Neither do I love but magic does all sort of things, so why not a spell of opening or wards or something of that nature?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods, thinking about it. Does she know someone that'd have that kind of power? She starts counting on her fingers "I only have spells that toss fire, spells that toss ice, spell that toss thunder, toss that makes others feel better or stronger..." There's a reason she has those too, but she rather not get too much on the subject either "... That's about all I know about magic." She scratches the back of her head. "I wonder if that makes me too plain."
Zeke "nonsense lass. Nonsense." Zeke pulled his sword out and was cleaning the blade with a cloth rag. "We each have our strengths and failings. You're good at what you do. Good enough t'get into harm's way without losing your head."
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles a bit "Well yeah, but when I was a kid we pictured magic like being able to fly, or transform, make furniture move. I guess reality isn't quite the same."
Zeke As Zeke continued cleaning his sword he leaned agianst a convenient chunk of ship. "And i learned magic was something not for the likes of us that could heal or hurt or do all sorts of things if you werne't careful. There's probably rules to it but the way I see it magic is capible of letting you do whatever you want so long as you think you can do it and put your will into the spell. I could be wrong."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hms at that, considering "... I'm not entirely sure it works that way for me. Its hard to explain, but... I'm not able to use all of those spells at the same time either. Its like... there's a mode, that triggers with the need. Like right now I'm a 'healing mode'. I can use healing magic, and some weak holy attacks. But sometimes I can use fire, ice and blizzard magic, but not healing magic anymore." She considers that, wondering if its some kind of oddity about the power given to a l'Cie.
Zeke "I've no mind or clue lass. i"m a simple merchant," And so much more man. Oh so much more. "I'll see if there's any way to salvage what can be from this ship. I dunno how salvagable it is but waste not."
Serah Farron Serah Farron keeps rummaging for trinkets and what not in the ship "I'm still looking for a weapon and some training... I don't want to entirely rely on magic either, it doesn't always work after all. I was thinking of a bow. Or a sword. My sister was using a sword. A gunsword that is, but I'm not sure about using a gun."
Zeke Zeke nodded slow and once he was satisfied with hte cleanliness of his blade sheathed it. "I can offer lessons in blades as well as small arms as well as how to work the enviroment so you dont get pasted." He frowned at the memory of the last fight he was in before this, "At least that's how the theory goes."
Serah Farron Serah Farron thinks about that, but she smiles "Well, learning how to use it once I get a weapon would be nice. Although I don't need a weapon when I'm healing like today, but you never know when it can be useful to defend yourself too.
Zeke Zeke mmed soft and offered Serah a hand, "I can help you when you feel ready. On the other hand you are useful as you are since you were keeping everyone else alive and able to fight."
Serah Farron Serah Farron shakes the offer hand, smiling "My name is Serah. And yeah, I worry about the others alot, so I guess its a good thing I have this magic... Lots of the others were wounded today. I just got lucky." Not even a close call.
Zeke Zeke offered Serah a hand, "Ezekiel Fawkes, but since that's a mouthfull just call me Zeke." His grip would be strong and his hand calloused. Nevermind how young he is.

This scene contained 121 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Mercade Alexander, Avira, Maira, Vespa, Angantyr Vespar, Emi Dennou, Namingway, Ariel, Myla Mason, Serah Farron, Caran Steel