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(2013-08-21 - 2013-08-24)
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Deelel Dashing through the snow on a one horse open sla...wait that can't be right. That is not right at all for what is happening up in the mountains of Narshe. No Deelel had found about this things users did with snow. Flynn OS had it but programs didn't partake in winter sports much other than the rare biker sort who'd use a light snowmobile to check out part of the wasteland really.

SOP here she was at one of the safer peaks having convinced a few others to come along this would be fun. After how serious things had been as of late? Deelel could use some time to cut lose. As happy as she was about home to see it in the state it was was almost heart breaking to the program.

"So come on to these sleds you just ride them down, no power and just make use of gravity? Seriously?"

She has to wonder sometimes how her friend's people have lasted so long but then again they seem to have knack for defying logic from the looks of it. She grins "So are we going to do this just note I never done it before."

She does have her drop pack armed in case things do go crazy but that's just for her. Lets hope no disaster befalls this.
Maira It feels good to get out of the jungle. Just for the novelty of it (and to show off her fabulous knitwear) Maira is dressed for snow with a hat with earflaps and a pompom and matching mittens in the fair isle design. She does not have a sled, but she does have a very nice piece of cardboard.

This is what she tells herself, anyway. "Yeah, its totally fun! Watch!" she says, then gets a running start before diving down belly first on the cardboard, down the hill. Kinda slowly. Aw, nuts.
Katyna Well, Kat's not really a snow person, buut, she had been following rumuours that a certain someone she was looking for, had been seen in this area. Of course while she's here, she might as well take a look at the bnny hills.

"Ooh.." She sniffles, having clearly caught a cold somewhere along the way..Snow? Cold? Give her heat and desert any time of the day! "Darn, why does the snow have to be soooo cold?"

She doesnt have a sled. Actually, she's never sledded before. Go figure, she's not big on the snow thing afterall. So she just watches curiously as the others have fun, half wanting to give it a shot, half fearful of getting buried knee deep in snow...
Deelel Deelel just kinda stares at Maira as she shows her how it works, the basics does get it but it's just one of those things that takes her a bit to fully understand. Going down a hill on something slippery without any powered means of control? Then again. Deelel has something akin to a sled she bought down in town a former employee of the recently shut down tool company had turned to making sleds.

"Are you all right Maira?"

Deelel seems to have got it as she waits a moment then makes up her mind taking her sle4ad and down the hill she goes over the snow at the mercy of gravity itself!
Maira Maira comes to a stop before she even reaches the bottom of the hill, looking disgruntled. She simply must have a better sled! She should have grabbed a lunch tray or something!

The girl gets to her feet and considers. She should be able to make something, surely...a finger rises to tap against her bottom lip as she begins to walk back up the hill as Deelel slides down. "There you go Deelel!" she cheers.

Maira smiles brightly as she makes it up to Katyna, throwing her arms around her friend in greeting. "Katy! Nice to see you! How have you been? You look cold. I have an extra pair of mittens if you need..."
Katyna Katyna had not seen her fellow VALKYRI in a while, having travelled for a bit in search of her dear friend, Razan. She beams at the sight of Maira, hugging her back warmly. "Maira!! Heey, what brings you here?" She grins, nodding to Deelel as she recognizes her, although not knowing her all that well, she does not get hugs.

"Heh, sledding huh? Actually I'm not much of a tobogganist myself, just came here lookin' for someone.." She makes a face, "Heh, I guess I've always been more of a fire person myself...Gee, I wish I could make it hotter here.." An evil idea comes to mind as she says that..

Maira Maira grins and winks to Katyna. "Well, I know all about that. Luckily, my magic always keeps me warm pretty much no matter what. Very handy sometime!" she chirps. Maira could prance around the snow in a bikini and melt it around her if she desired. But sledding is more fun, and so is wearing hats and mittens. "Yeah, back over at the Inn. Go ahead and run and get them! You gotta stay warm!" she replies, waving Katyna off.
Deelel Deelel lets out a surprised cry, it's not too startled,. She has gone sky divine both for business and pleasure before. Still this is still something new. She has little control on her first run down the hill. She manages to keep enough control until the very end she has no chance to reply to Maira, why? A snowbank! WHOOMP! Deelel slams right into there's an explosion of the powdery material and Deelel vanishes in said plume.

It take s a little bit for the now covered in snow program to shake herself off and start trudging back up the hillside with her sled in tow.

"...I think I need to work on the stopping and it's good to see Kat is getting out more. So Maira your certain you won't melt the entire mountain, right?"
Maira Maira giggles brightly as Deelel crashes into the snowbank. She can't help herself. It is totally something she would do (and has done. Here, actually.)

At Deelel's teasing, Maira shakes her head, waving her hands in front of her emphatically. "Of course not! I don't even think I could melt that much snow--no, no, I'm pretty sure of it!" she says, turning to look at the mountain. Well, maybe if she really let loose and had no care for collateral damage....Naaaah. That's a LOT of ground to cover!

"Say, could I borrow you sled for a run down? Pleeeease?" she asks, smiling warmly. Her piece of cardboard is pathetasad.
Percival Gargoyles don't get cold easily. Narshe however was plenty chilly, almost on the verge of discomfort.

As he crunched along in the snow, hands folded behind his back, and wings furled around his shoulders, he soon spied the sledding group. However, at first he doesn't say anything, after all, they're having a good time. And watching them sled was plenty fun on it's own.

Also he might break the sled, and he'd hate to be the cause of one of them making the name of the sled their last words like some eccentric billionaire or something, that'd be a real shame.
Emi Dennou A Dennou is nearby. She is wearing warm clothes--including scarf and sweater--and even mittens--and most of her body is covered up making identity, once again, not especially obvious. She has been making snow angels when people start crashing in on the snowbank. It's pretty reckless and whatnot. But even so.

"..." It raises a hand before continuing work on the snow angel.
Maira Maira takes the sled with a bright, grateful smile. She lays down upon it then channels a burst of aero to give her a nice boost down the hill.

"Weeeeeeeeee!" FWUMP! Maira sails past Perci and the mysterious Dennou to land in the very same snow bank as Deelel. She climbs out, laughing brightly, the snow that touches her skin already melted. Upon spotting Percival, she shuffles on over to him, leaping up for a slightly soggy hug and a warm kiss, her lips wet with melted snow. "Hey! Come to go sledding?" she asks. She hopes he's wearing the sweater she made :|

Maira then notices the Dennou making snow angels and waves. "Hey!, which sister are you?" she asks with a laugh.
Deelel Deelel didn't seem too bothered by the cold, well it bothered her but not to the level someone made of flesh and blood would be. She does however seem to be making her way back up and she looks over to Percival for a moment.

"Come on join in, I think we may have some more cardboard around here some where for you to use."

Then she notices there's a Dennou here she's not sure who it is right now given how bundled up the Dennou is. However it's clear they are having fun so that's the important thing. She waves to the Denno but is going back to get ready for another run but she looks over to Maira and nods

"Please take it and have fun!" She passes Maira said sled.
Percival He is in fact wearing the sweater, but just because she made it for him, not because he's actually all that cold. /FWOOOMMM/ /Fwump/.

The Gargoyle has a sudden sweatdrop as the Aero boosted Maira sails past him and lands in a snowbank. At first he stalks over to try and help her up, but she'd already extracted herself, so instead, he just returns the hug, with /double hugs/ of his own, and a light kiss. "I'm not sure if I'm cut out for sledding Maira. I'm a little...overweight, I'd probably have to make my own. Or find a Bangaa sled shop, if one exists." The Gargoyle chuckles lightly.

The Gargoyle waves with one hand over towards the Dennou and /Dee/, "Good evening Deelel...and..." He scratches his head, he didn't have enough Legion rep for instant recognition. "...yes, which Dennou sister are you, if you don't mind me asking?"
Emi Dennou The Dennou in particular has made at least two on their own. She stands up and says, "This one is Shida of the Network. Hello." Pause. "Hello." She looks towards Deelel for several seconds. Stare. And then she adds, "It's snow problem."


"Emi told this one to say that." She looks towards Percival and thinks, for a moment, about overweight gargoyles. She says, instead though, "It has been some time Percival. What have you been doing?"
Deelel Deelel watches Maira go off to have her fun and he smiles as she sees Maira just go down the hill and having a good deal of fun. She grins a little bit and seems she's not going to be going down the hill for a bit. She peers at Percy for a moment then understand he does have more mass tn a human given his height, tail, and wings. So ya that could be an issued.

"we could attempt to find you one if you like. Still good to see you out."

Deelel looks at Shida Dennou now as she now knows which Dennou is here.

"Well good to see your enjoying yourself as well Shida."

Now she does know which of the Dennous is here and that makes things well less troublesome and save Deelel the embarrassment of miss identifying which Dennou was here.
Maira Maira laughs out loud when Percival says he's overweight. "You are not overweight! That's a terrible thing to say! Hehehe, you're heavy, sure, but that won't matter on a sled. In fact, you'll go down the hill faster than someone who is lighter! You can use my cardboard--though its pretty sad as far as sleds go. We'll have to get a good one. Built strong," she comments with a grin.

Maira brightens (how is this possible?) and waves to Shida. "Shida! Good to see you! Have you tried sledding? Its fun! But the best part is going for hot cocoa afterward," she says before looking back to Perci, tugging at his sweater a little, blushing. "You're wearing it. It looks really good on you," she comments, then motions for him to follow her as she begins to drag the sled back over to Deelel, grinning. "Thanks Deelel! That was fun. I can give you a little boost on your next run down, then you'll really get some speed. OU OU! We should totally build a little jump--get some air. That's be /awesome/!"
Percival The Gargoyle looks towards Shida, offering a smile as he answers her, "That's a pretty good pun, Shida. It's good to see you again. And mostly adventuring, training... we visited Atlantis not too long ago, that was an interesting journey."

He then turns to Dee and Maira at that point, "Well...perhaps..." A chortle rumbles within his throat, "....I might try the cardboard one, but I have a feeling that it will fall apart rather easily under my..." He grins a little, "I don't mean overweight as in... you get the point."

And then the issue of creating a jump comes up. And he thinks about it, considering. "Hrm, if only the sled was able to support all of our weight, I could likely given us..." His grin widens even further, "...a good amount of air time."
Emi Dennou Naturally Percival has a rock solid build. ;) ;) ;)

"No, we haven't tried sledding. ... but we would not mind skipping to the cocoa. There is cocoa, yes? The Network inquires as to where cocoa may be procured." She's pretty coooooooold after all--she's been making snow angels. Though she is going to start making one right now in the meanwhile, who knows when cocoa may appear and as it stands she could make a third one.

"Atlantis is an underwater kingdom." She says. "Does daylight count--"

She trails off, thinks about it, then doesn't add anything else.
Katyna Katyna returns a good while later, with thick mitts on her hands and a grin on her face. "Heh, that's muuuch better. Had some hot chocolate n, hung out by the fireplace for a bit.." Honestly, it's a lot more cozy than being out here, and she feels a bit warmer too.

Unlike Maira however, she's not all that magically inclined, just a normal(ish) human whose used to warmer climes and took quite a liking to her firesword..But that's another story for another day..

"Hey guys!" She smiles and waves as she sees the group has got a bit bigger now..Ooh, and Kat's brought with her one of those light weight, magic carpet things! you know the ones!

"Heee, so who's up for a little race?"
Maira Maira's eyes widen as she reaches out to take Perci by the shoulders. "YEEEESSSS that's an amazing idea! Oh, we are so doing this," she says, then turns her attention to the hill. Those sensitive to magic would feel the air prickle before the ground begins to shake, a bit of earth rising up suddenly to form a mound they could smooth over to make a ramp.

Maira titters like a mad squirrel. "This is going to be awesome! Guys! Help me pack the snow over this and smooth it down to make a ramp!" Next up, half-pipe. WEEE.

"We could take a cocoa break if you are cold Shida..." she says, taking off her scarf and wrapping it around the Dennou. Maira doesn't really need it.

Maira spins toward Katyna as she returns. "Katy! Building a jump! Oh ho ho, a race you say! I'm in!"
Deelel Deelel says "He is larger than the humans the sled was made for."

She's just poking a bit at her friends for the most part, she looks at Maira as she does brighten. How does miss I may be a fire elemental pretending to be a human to get brighter? It has happened somehow this is seriously a thing that just happened.

"humm more speed that could be fun! Why not!"

Deelel really liked things fast, however she looks over to the Dennou for a moment.

"If you'd like to use my sled, your more than welcome to."

She looks back to Percy, it seems she likes his suggestion and the wheels are turning in the basic's head. Or perhaps somethings more it's hard to tell just what she's thinking about. Then Katyna returns and brings up the idea of a race. There's so many possibilities of what the group could do at this point.

"I could be up for one...if no one needs my sled."
Percival Unspoken puns for the win!

"You can probably find some cocoa at the inn, Shida." On the question of Atlantis, he actually grins a little, "When sunlight can't reach us, our bodies still stay relatively in synch with the cycles. It's just when we visit worlds with... odd quirks, or places with traverse town that our sleep and waking cycles shift in strange ways."

He waves to Katyna, he's not too familiar with her, but he smiles amicably nevertheless, "Good evening Katyna."

Maira suddenly takes the amazing airtime idea and runs with it, causing an earth ramp to form. And while he's still doing some mental calculations on whether he can get on the sled without it breaking, even for a short time he still walks over to pack snow on it.

He then looks at Deelel, "Yes, I am slightly worried about the weight limit... I mean, how many do you think we can fit on there if I'm to be on there."
Maira Maira rolls her eyes at Percival. "Oh you're not /that/ heavy, not when you are, you know, not made of stone," she informs him, sticking her tongue out playfully. She ought to know. "We'll just have to take turns on the sled, two people at a time."
Katyna Kat peers at Shida, again having trouble differentiating between all the Dennous. "Heh..Shida, was it?" She doesn't think she's met this one. Sheesh, too many to keep track of! "Yeah, they've got hot cocoa back at the inn, it's pretty good stuff! I like sipping it by the fireplace. Real nice n' cozy!"

But first, time to make this sled jump! She nods enthusiastically to Maira and begins to work on building the snow mound, smoothing it out as best as she can. Too bad she left her sword back at the inn, or she could have tried sculpting it better with her fire sword.

Finally spotting Perci, she grins and waves. "Hii! Nice t'see you again!" When he talks about their weird sleep wake cycles, she remembers what Zia had told her before about them turning to stone..Wait, was there daylight here? Or...Oooh..Intersting.

Then of course Maira uses magic to create a mound and she makes a face. "Heey, that's cheating!"
Emi Dennou Shida is quiet for several seconds. She gives Maira a strange look. The, ultimately, she says, "Okay." She sits up from her latest Snow Angel. "Later, then, that way we can all have cocoa." She scratches at her cheek lightly before considering, and considering, and then ultimately saying, "Do you often carry Percival, Shida of the Network is wondering."
Deelel Deelel says "The inn yes does deal in cocoa or something along those lines."

She looks to Percy and makes note about that tidbit of Gargoyles biology that might useful to know after all another Shard Seeker is one after all.

"It must take a bit to get used to, though the Gargoyles I have met seem to be able to handle it well."

She's still hanging on to her sled however it seems something else is going on as magic starts to get employed this could get a bit silly.
Maira Maira places her hands on her hips and looks to Katy. "It is not cheating!" she replies before looking to Shida. At the question, Maira blinks several times, then laughs, her cheeks coloring. "N-no I don't carry him! I couldn't even pick him up!" she says, waving this off as she continues to smooth out the ramp.

When she turns to consult Perci again, she finds he has gone all statue on them. "Awwww! You have the worst timing!" she complains. Well, almost the worst timing.

A heavy sigh. "Alright fine, lets go inside for some hot cocoa."
Katyna Katyna blinks, peering up at the sky and the fast approaching sun. "Wow, it must've been hidden behind the clouds all this time.." she sighs a little, wondering how Perci and Maira ever manage to have a normal relationship when he turns to stone a lot.

"Gee that's harsh. Do ya think he's okay up here? It'd suck if someone accidently rammed into him on a sled, or he...Fell down the hill, or....." There's so many things that could happen. Sheesh, she's glad she's not a garg, or dating one :P

"Welll, I can't say no to hot cocoa! Or sitting by the fireplace!" She grins and winks at Maira, "Hah, only kidding! That's cool, I wish I could manipulate fire like that! How bout we toboggan down to the inn! Way faster!" But before she does so, Kat just HAS to reach out and touch Perci's stoned form. Just cuz, y'know, she's never seen or touched a stoned gargoyle before!
Emi Dennou "Is that so?" Shida asks. "Then how do you know, Shida of the Network wonders if perhaps a scale was utilized?" There is a non-zero chance that this is teasing. Naturally, she seems pretty excited about getting to get cocoa. She smiles brightly--she's good at smiling--and says, "Yes! We would like that very much. Mornings are good for hot cocoa."
Maira Oh, Maira would give all the ice cream in the world up if it meant Perci didn't turn to stone during the day. It makes her completely crazy, just because she worries about him so much. Sighing, Maira reaches up to lay her hand on Perci's cold, stone chest, then begins channeling her magic. She's come up with some ways to protect him when this happens somewhere unexpected.

Soon enough, the ground begins to soften and Perci's form slowly sinks down into the earth. She casts another few protection spells, then turns to the others. "I'll come get him up before sunset, but he'll be a lot safer down there," she says.

Sled down? Why yes! Maira smiles, though it has dimmed considerably. She nabs the slep and hops onto it, pulling Katy down with her before she gives them both a boost of air from behind to practically rocket them down the hill toward the Inn.

When she gets there, she blushes at Shida's teasing again, knowing now she has to be teasing. She leans in and whispers something into Shida's ear, then giggles and skips inside!
Deelel Deelel looks to Shida for a moment and grins a bit "The Cocoa is on me, I can spare the mummy for this."

She totally can after all she doesn't need food/energy as often as a human or similar being needs. So she tends to have a bit of extra pocket change from her world.

"So you got Percy covered then he'll likely be looking like a snowman at that point."

That mental images amuses Deelel quite a bit as she follows the others back to town. She'll head on inside after Maira and thinks today has been a really good day.

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