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Fanservice Shower Time
(2013-08-19 - 2013-08-20)
Minette gets wet and naked and Helena provides the fanservice.

Minette, soaking wet and wearing a towel, is shielding herself from Helena's newest intrusion into the Ame-no-Torifune's communal bathroom. Today was an okay da--no, today kind of sucked in retrospect. She got exploded and then she made a giant ass of herself by singing in the shower while everyone listened and laughed. Ugh. The memory makes Minette's face go beat red again, and the accountant gathers her towel up around herself. Other then that, she's wearing sandals (safety first) and the crystal pendant that Souji gave her. And her glasses, she put those on before toweling off.
Helena Celba Helena giggles, "A cute butt." She says after a minute, "Small, but not all of us can be a certain thief...or Thira." a nod...Helena's rear was not a thing of legends, she had a chest for that.

"Oh don't worry about that, I used my powers for good, in this case stopping that before it went farther.." She says, placing a arm around her shoulders. Come on, get toweled up and drier."
Minette Odam Minette's head falls towards her chin, the bells in her hair jingling. "Ayieeaaaaaah... were... were they all laughing?" There's a flat tone to Minette's voice; she knows the answer. She's a terrible singer. She was laughed out of glee club auditions. The bard students actually took a vote and banned her from singing in the halls. Jerks.

Minette sits down, grabs a spare towel, and applies it vigorously to her head. "I can't believe my linkpearl didn't shut off... why didn't anyone /say/ anything?"
Helena Celba "Master Murasame did...unfortinately the range between you and the pearl was...too great." Helena says, instead of saying 'because your singing was so bad and loud it blocked you from hearing him..

"So I took things into my own hands. Helena sits down too, as she watches Minette. "So I came in to stop it. Hmmm...I suppose I should have just shut the link pearl off and waited...but.." She smiles, "Well, sometimes my nature gets the better of me."
Minette Odam "Aww... of course he did." Minette replies, her left hand moving unconciously to touch the pendant hanging around her neck. "Of course he did... Souji always looks out for me." She sniffles a little. "I can't believe the others just... ugh."

Minette wiggles a towel-covered finger in her ear. "... thanks, Helly. At least you did something instead of just laughing at me." She frowns, again touching that pendant unconciously.

0thou shouldst punish them

"Huh?" Minette says, looking up and glancing at Helena. "Say whatnow?"
Helena Celba Helena looks a bit confused, "Huh? I didn't say anything?" She says, frowning a bit.

"Sounds like you just had a bad day." she says, standing up and moving to give old Minette's shoulders a good rub. Being a monk, knowing where to put pressure helps a lot. "And anytime...we gota look out for each other, after all, nobody else well. Oh and Thirza didn't laugh. Selly thought it was cute." She says, with a musing thought, "Kyra thought it wasn't half bad. I think she wants to remix it." she says, "Everone else? Yeah pretty much. Even your minion." A grave nod.

"Also, Master Murasame looks out for us, and we must look out for him. You know that, right?"
Minette Odam Minette rubs a finger in her ear; it makes a squiggly sound. She shrugs. Wouldn't be the first time she's heard things.

Minette shrugs her shoulders, trying to shake Helena's grip loose, but she eventually just gives in with a sigh. "Of course Thirza didn't. She's... Thirza." Minette grumps. "Oh, Gods, nooooo, no remixing, goddddddds." Her head slumps.

"Hey!" Minette replies, head shooting up. "Of COURSE I know that! How could you think that I don't?! I've always been looking out from him, from the very beginning! Okay, so I'm not that good at it, but it's the thought that counts!"
Helena Celba Helena continues, but her grip is a mix of soft and reassuring.

"You can not stop the remix." She grins, and then speaks.

"Of course, of course.." She says soothingly, "He's been through a lot, and has to do a lot more. It is a long trip before we can sleep, so to say. My trip recently have brought some things to the front..a conversation with Master Murasame has also brought other things to my attention..." she says, "Your loyalty is not in question here..." she says, "Your skilled with what you say that you have failings...well would be saying I do not have mine either." she pauses for a moment, "But we can always improve, right?"
Minette Odam Minette mutters and grumbles, then shouts into her link pearl at Alma because man that girl does not shut the hell up and at the worst times. Minette breathes heavily for a few moments, wet hair clinging to the sides of her head. Bells jingle slightly with every heaving breath. "Why... don't people... just leave me... alone?"
Helena Celba Helena continues her expert manipulation of Minette...'s muscles and that's all.

"Oh...who is bothering you now? I certainly hope you don't mean me, Minette...I am after all trying to help." She says, the tone isn't dangerous, she is actually trying to help her friend. Granted, her help isn't exactly a good thing...depending on who is asking.

"Come on Minette, what's bothering you?"
Minette Odam "Just... everyone and no one." Minette replies, miserably. "People are just so... so... so insensitive. Why are people so terrible? Would it be a bad thing to, just once, ignore Minette when she's being a spazzoid? But noooooo, we have to record her while she's in the shower and post it all over the internets. Gods..." Minette heaves a sigh. "... thanks, Helly. Sorry I'm being such a pain."
Helena Celba "You were there for me, so why wouldn't I be here for you?" Helena says, it's a thing she picked up, when she's not being a horrible monster...well, Minette shared her pain, and even felt bad for her. Despite what some people say, she does have a soul (and part of another!)

"People don't want to do that, people want someone they can laugh at...make fun of, because it makes them feel better. People have made you their jester in their life..." She says, with a small pat on her shoulders.

"When I was trying to...Well I guess you took at me trying to force my views on you...and I guess in a way you're right." She says, and moves to sit next to her friend.

"You can be better, and still be yourself. You just have to figure out what you want, and then go out there and realize it. You say you're not strong, but...I don't think that. It takes a strong person to feel like you do. And, Master Murasame does not tolerate weak and useless people. He sees your potential, and I do now too." She gives her friend a little hug. "I don't think your a pain, I wana see you prove all these haters wrong," Hel grins at her. "Oh and your glasses...I am still working on this. I decided the spell was a bad idea, without precautions. Invisible glasses does seem like a silly idea in retrospec, but I am working on this, I swear."
Minette Odam "Yeah well, people suck." Minette replies, just a hair short of whining. "I think the worst ones though are the one's that patronize me. When they just laugh, I can get that. But someone anonymously sent me a set of golden bells for my hair. 'Oh, Minette, you're just not good enough /but/'. Or when Seloria treats me like I'm some kind of dress-up doll... 'the clothes you like aren't good enough, so I'm going to condescend to make you less ugly'. I... hate her."

Minette inhales and exhales slowly as Helena talks. "It's... okay. I've worn glasses all my life, what's a few more months, right?" She manages a brave smile, then leans on Helena, resting her head on the girl's shoulder. "I'm... afraid though. Not... not all of the things that I want..." She trails off, unsure of what to say. It takes a few seconds of thought, before she admits in a small voice, "... they're not always 'good' things."
Helena Celba Helena gives Minette a bit of comfort...

"Oh...Seloria's a bit like that, if you're firm with her, and let her know you're not a doll she'll back off." A bit of a twinkle in her eye. But then the rest of this...oh that is something...something.

She listens, and then nods as poor Minette speaks up about the things she wants...

"I know." She says, "We all have these feelings, Minette. I know all about them...I act on mine a bit more than others, I think. I enjoy pain, giving it to others...I let very few people close to me..." she says, with a shrug, "We all have ugly sides, but I do not care to hide. I love letting people know what I am about...but I also understand that people like to ware thier masks. That is fine too, the important to find how you want to live, and embrace it."

"Are you ashamed of your bad thoughts? Or do..." she says slowly, leaning over, "Or do you want to let them out a little?"
Minette Odam Okay that got uncomfortable quickly. Minette scoots away unconciously, blushing a little. "Well... of course I'm ashamed of bad things. I mean... I don't /want/ want to kill Kyra, but it's like... it's just so frustrating. It's like... it's just... like, even if I were to humiliate her, that'd still just be bad, I mean it's the things that people do to me, and two wrongs don't make a right, y'know? It's just... ugh."
Helena Celba Helena is sure that Minette even at her best could never kill Kyra...

But perhaps...

The thought is not a good one, but still...

"So?" She says, Helena not afraid of the contact, infact, she is very personal, "So what if it's bad? If it feels good, if it makes you happy...then why is it bad?" She says, with a slow deliberate smile. "It is not enough to simply want...but one must be willing to claim what they want."
Minette Odam "Because it would make Kyra feel bad?" Minette replies, with a tone of voice that implies that it should have been obvious. "I mean, not that first one, she'd be too dead to care, but that'd make other people feel terrible." Minette scoots a little further away. "And I don't want to make people unhappy, that'd be just... terrible. And it wouldn't make me happy. Every time I do something bad it, well, I feel terrible. And it always bites me in the butt right away."
Helena Celba "Then don't fail." She says, "I don't think you could kill her anyway. You don't have the heart to do that...but you DO want Kamon right?" And she wants Kyra...

"You need to be willing to do something that will make HIM yours, right? Ignore her, instead of focusing on her...focus on what you want. And if she is in your way...make her less attractive to Kamon right?"
Minette Odam "I'm not sure what I can do, though... I mean... she's willing to... to... to..." Minette rubs the backs of her hands togather, if that explained anything. Once, Souji asked of Minette, 'what is that, Odam? Is that... is that sex?' to which Minette replied, 'it is when /I/ do it'. Which was technically a lie, she's never done it. "To /that/ with him, and even if I was, she's... a /lot/ prettier then me. And I don't wanna... hurt... her, even if I don't like her. Shouldn't I just be happy for the two of them if they're happy?"
Helena Celba "No." Helena says, "Why should you be happy for their happyness when it makes YOU unhappy. It is not WRONG to feel is WRONG, however, to just accept it." she says, "The strong rule over the is the basic fact of life. Strength just doesn't come from ACTUALLY being stronger...being smarter, crafier..." She says, slowly, "More willing to get what you want.." She murmers... "And if you feel bad after you did it...then find comfort in the big...strong...manly arms of your prize."
Minette Odam "We-well... what am I even supposed to do?" Minette almost wails in despair. "Kyra's prettier then me, she's smarter then me, she's better at most of the things that I do then me, and she's got more..." Still in her towel, Minette's hands come up to her chest. "...more /talent/ then me. I don't have... anything."
Helena Celba "Then find out what she's not good at..." She says, "And be better at that." Helena continues.

"Kamon isn't just interested in looks.." Though it helps.. "Find out what makes Kyra a bit bitchier...and then magnify that...make her life harder, try and put a wedge between her relationship."
Minette Odam "Well, she's... she's bad a cooking!" Minette says, clinging to that the way a man drowning at sea clings to a piece of driftwood. "I've got to be better at cooking then she is, right? I mean... right?" Helena can see the hope light up in Minette's eyes!

Or would, if it weren't for, you know, glasses.
Helena Celba Minette totally does the Glasses glint.

"Right. Obviously if you are better at cooking than SHE is...then everyone will love you." Helena says, encouraging this... "But you can't just settle for any need to find a MASTER...someone who can teach you the secrets to cooking...the man who trained Alma."
Minette Odam Minette did no such glint. "I'm pretty sure he wasn't teaching cooking." Minette says, following up with, "And was instead teaching wilderness survival. A-a-anyway, I don't need cooking lessons, I've had lessons from the best cook in all of Leviathan!"

Glasses glint.

Helena Celba "I dunno. But hey, if you think you can beat Kyra...then do it!" Helena encourages.
Minette Odam "Yes! I WILL do this!" Minette declares, pumping a fist into the air. It takes a moment to realize that her towel has fallen away; convenient sensoring maintains the rating in the interim. Red-faced, Minette gathers her towel up around herself and shuffles off. "I... I'm going to go put my clothes on now."
Helena Celba Helena whistles, sitting back with a small grin on her face.

"Oh my~!"

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