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(2013-08-19 - Now)
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Blackbird Blackbird was. Well she'd been back in the 'real' world for maybe a day. Deelel might have known thorugh Aurora she'd been helping with getting people wandering thorugh integrated and shown the basics. Currently though? She seemed happy eating a burger and staring at the Hero's Duty machine. "Why oh why," She mused, "Are you the oddball of this place?"
Deelel Deelel is just doing her thing helping to run the arcade or just hanging out here really. They had brought in new games like Sugar Rush, Hero's duty and several others. Like a dancing game, seriously? You think Deelel would have let TRON not bring in such a game? Still here she is and she seems Blackbird's been hanging out just enjoying herself.

"How is it an oddball? It's not the only new game we have set up here, you know."

Deelel pauses and yes she has a bag of chips of which she goes for yet another one before continuing up to join Blackbird. The back's close and just held of fin her hand as she looks the woman over for a moment.

"You seem to enjoy yourself here quite a bit."
Blackbird "Well I was meaning the cybugs. They seem t'be the only thing in the arcade that is purely mindless. Everything, sprite, anything that seems like it has a mind treats this like a job." Blackbird tapped the screen when a cybug popped up. "Those htings they're just walking glitches." Then a grin as she turned from the machien to Deelel, "I practically grew up in this arcade. Ifind it a touch familiar especially when everything went strange. Decided to take a break from the grid when the rush of new people slowed down enough Aurora seemed to not be up to her eyeballs in work. Nice girl I'd... kinda had to lie about things since i don't think she understands the whole idea of 'users' and userspace so... Yea Programs."
Deelel Deelel looks at Blackbird with a this isn't an good idea to bring up in public sort of deal. There could be other customers wandering in for a moment she tilts her head a bit at the woman and sizes her up a bit more.

"True still please try to use some discretion in conversing about such things. No it's best for her health if she doesn't know and just thinks she's helping unfortunates. News flash many don't there was only one person using that system. Perhaps we should go somewhere more private?"
Blackbird Blackbird shrugged after looking around at the arcade and gave a clear 'what?' look. "I... sortof figured that out on my own thanks, though I'm having a little trouble figuring out what i'm supposed ot actually do when it comes to, well, system relavent work." There was a small frown. "I like your home, I'm trying ot lear nhow to be useful there but I keep getting the feeling if i screw up Me or anyone else is just going to bring blackguard down on everyone like a ton of bricks which.... sortof puts the idea of me moving on hold."
Deelel Deelel looks at Blackbird for a moment but is not looking hostile or somewhat she shrugs a bit at her as she looks over at one of the game for a moment.

"Pulling a Flynn would not be the wisest of ideas. If you were exposed it would raise a lot of problems. You'd have to be skulking around in Purgos a lot. Trips are not a bad thing but flat out living there?"

There?s some she'd trust to and sadly blackbird she didn't know well enough to extend that level of trust just yet.

"That's about the long and short of it at the moment."

She leans on one of the arcade units and seems to be thinking on something.

"It's a world that is alien to you and has a sharper learning curve, than this one did for me."

The chaos of this world at least let her survive and get her footing if it been the other way around? Her world was far harder in that way, it wouldn't have ended as well as it did for Deelel and she knows it. So she wishes to guard users against such hazards if she can. It's a lot like herding cats really.
Blackbird Blackbird nodded slow. "I mean it's an amazing place I don't want ot see get ground down to nothing for a lot of reasons." Blackbird was surprisingly calm sounding given how she felt about the whole issue. "I'm not much of a fighter here there or really anywhere." Tell that to the giant machine gholem thing she nosebeeped with a giant hammer. Or the junkmonsterthing at tortuga she helped blow up, or... you get the idea right?

"But it is your place. I did have a thought or three. How do the guards feel about planned performances? Big dance routines, exibetion acts, that sorta thing. Something to take everybody's mind off of the stupid and dangerous for awhile. Natural inclination is to just DO, but between everyone on edge and me not being sure how they'd react... Bad idea. Very Very bad idea. Plus I've actually talked to a few of them, at least the ones that are on the street seem pretty nice when they arne't on the job." Shrug.
Deelel Deelel says "Not everyone is to be honest. I wasn't either but it was a case of fight or die, it can be a good teacher if your fast enough to learn. Just because one can not fight does not mean one isn't useful right?

She seems to believe this statement. If it's not cleared and approve your going to wind up in the games or broken up if you get a bit of a bleeding heart of an officer on site. It is a very bad idea, people are people. Were you expecting something else?"

Deelel seems rather amused by this a lot. Seriously like what were you expecting is what she's wondering.

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