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(2013-08-19 - Now)
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Ariel Ariel happens to be sitting alone on a dock tonight.

She's looking out over the water, kicking her legs and thinking about far away places. As she thinks, she sings. Not because she's trying to earn money for herself, not this time. Just because she can. The melody is wordless and just a little mournful. It echos out over the rolling sea. Lights ripple in the surface of the water in front of her, and scatter through her hair as the wind blows it. It's a warm night.
Zeke At one point Zeke would have been taken as Strange around here. However with anthrapamorphic ducks, Elves, and Other Things someone that happened to be a few hundred years back the wrong way in time seemed relatively normal; especially since his crew was man-hauling things from one world to here to help with hte whole 'huge city needs lots of resourcesto keep going' situation.

That wasn't what he was doing right now though. Right now he was just wandering the docks and homed in on the singing. "Hello there." Friendly voice and he looked happy to see Ariel. "It's been a while. You seem well."
Ariel Ariel startles a little bit. She had no idea that someone was even listening. There's a little motion of darting underneath the water in front of her, too.

She's happy that it's Zeke when she turns around. "Oh, I thought that voice sounded familiar!" she says, with her voice brightening.
Ariel "That's great! Me too! Well..." Ariel smiles a little.

She brushes aside some hair and decides not to go into it just now. She looks around and up. "Isn't this city wonderful? It's like nothing I could've ever imagined."
Ariel "Hm." Ariel looks around a little bit more. "Get moving? As in... cargo? I guess this is something like the future. With all the... electric lights?"
Ariel "Ah. Okay! I'd like to learn more about their technology. And how it works. I guess you didn't check up any of the crates on your ship?" Ariel smiles. "I got a lift into the digital world, and it was... kind of amazing! I can't remember how to get back."
Ariel "It is like a world of light!" Ariel says, a little enthusiasm entering her voice. "Everyone wears light... and their clothes glow." She gestures with her hands, as if envisoning a new picture in front of her. "The buildings all have thousands of stars on them. The music... is like a pounding ... earthquake sound. And if you go in deeper there's an entire world made of candy inside!"

She isn't making a lot of sense.
Ariel "The, uh, pounding earthquake music?" Ariel asks. She thinks about it. "I think some of the ... clubs play it too. But I'm not properly dressed for one and then when I do go they ask for my EyeDee."
Ariel "I'm pretty curious about it, how they make it. Inside the computer world I only got a look at some kind of big board." Ariel makes a gesture, spreading her arms wide to show the size of what a DJ's soundboard looks like, as far as she can tell.
Ariel "Right! Did you see one?" Ariel asks, her eyes lighting up again. "What's it even called? I don't know how you'd make something like that back where I come from..."

She quirks her mouth for a second. Well. Zeke knows, kind of, where she comes from.
Ariel Ariel has not yet learned the wonders of Gummi. When Zeke mentions fallen worlds she clenches her hands. "Really? That stuff does? What.. is it?"
Ariel "The Heartless come from between worlds?" Ariel asks. That seems strange but the proposition totally makes sense. They must come from somewhere. "So, I get it. You surround yourself in that and then you can... swim in the place between worlds."
Ariel "Ohhhh." Sure, that makes sense to Ariel. "So you use it to construct a ship," she confirms. That seems interesting too. "And then you... sail out on the void sea."
Ariel Ariel nods. "Mm-hm. Yeah. But... if there's another way of getting home, um, I think it'd be ...good to try." Ariel seems unsure, but she clasps her hands together. "Even if there was a risk. It's not that I want to go BACK. It's just that-- I want-- to make sure my family is okay. You know? What if my whole world collapsed, and I didn't even know it? I really worry about that."

She pushes some hair out of her eyes. "It's kind of weird thinking that still nobody really knows. I'm glad nobody thinks less of me for it."
Ariel "All right." Ariel smiles. "Good deal! So do you have a shipment to get out here tonight?"
Ariel "Just wondering. I mean we could go for a walk in the city. Get... ice cream, or something." Ariel shrugs, rolling her shoulders as she props herself up with her hands. "Otherwise I'm sitting here until I find a place to stay overnight. But I'm not really bothered by wandering around. Everywhere, you find kind people."
Ariel "I stayed in the digital world until I couldn't figure out how to get back in. I guess I can find a hotel room here though." Ariel is used to this transaction from Traverse Town, so it's no big deal as long as she manages local munny.
Ariel Ariel seems to consider that a totally innocent and not-creepy request. She smiles a little. "Ice cream sounds good!"
Ariel "It's okay. I like walking." On legs! Ariel walks everywhere.

And another nice thing about New York is the carts are pulled by horses, which are very exciting animals.

She keeps to the sidewalk. "Tell me about your other travels...."

This scene contained 19 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Ariel