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Zack Fair Zack Fair's not one to be shy about people. He's outgoing, gregarious, cheerful - almost relentlessly so. So, in the aftermath of the violence over the Zodiac Stone, Zack dials up Margaux with an offer. It's pretty simple; he was going to Deling City on some business, and he was going to be staying at the famous Galbadia Hotel for a few nights. While he was there, he'd check out a table in the hotel's restauraunt; if she wanted to join him, hey, that'd make his day. If not...well, that'd be disappointing.

Zack took care of his business pretty quick in Deling; it wasn't anything really difficult. Now, as the sun sinks over the horizon, Zack's sitting there in the hotel's restauraunt, a menu in hand. The hotel has a certain quality to maintain, so he'd dropped some hard-earned gil from a recent job on a nice suit - something in his color, a nice dark blue tuxedo with a black tie. It was a little expensive, but, well, hey. He'd earned a little something nice after all that hard work.

Zack looks over the menu as he sits there, listening to the lounge singer play. He'd heard that years ago, this place had had a really famous musician, but the girl up front was just an imitator. Still, she was cute, and her version of 'EYES ON ME' wasn't so bad; Zack certainly took a few moments out of his order to put his eyes on her, at least. He sent her a drink, too, the night before - just to be polite.

People, Zack knew, liked to be appreciated. They liked to be told that they were good; that they were good-looking; that they had some talent that was impressive. A lot of people didn't realize how valuable it was to make connections in the mercenary business, assuming that reputation got your jobs. It wasn't. It was networking. Networking, reputation, and responsibility.

So Zack's sitting, waiting. Maybe nothing will come of tonight; maybe she won't even show up. But hey, that was life. Up and down and all around, you took it as it came, and when it punched your ticket, you got up and left with dignity and grace.
Margaux Fleury Margaux never really took stock of just how many dresses she owned. You could take only so many with you on the road and the troubles that plagued the world now made it difficult to maintain a decent selection. Most of her remaining dresses were ones she uses to perform in. Actually, all of the remaining ones were. This problem was not really illuminated until the dancer received an invitation from Zack to meet him in Deling City. The former member of the Death Corps pursed her lips together as she tried to find something suitable for the evening.

The good thing about being a traveller is that you are able to call in a few favors from time to time. Margaux was no stranger to networking herself.

The redhaired dancer eventually arrives in a black, sleeveless, floor-length gown that contoured to her natural shape before blossoming out near the hemline. She compliments her outfit with silver jewelry, and a black opal bangle on her left arm. Whatever she may be wearing for shoes are hidden by her dress, but Zack might notice that Margaux seemed a few inches taller than normal.

Margaux takes only a few, careful steps into the room before pausing there. As if a practiced debutante, she flourishes a demure smile towards the room at large as her eyes languidly sweep the area for Zack. The dancer spies him soon enough and begins to make her way over towards the tux wearing man. "Pardon me, but is this seat taken?" She asks simply as she places a well-manicured hand on the back of the seat opposite from Zack.
Zack Fair Zack can't help but notice Margaux walk in. He's got that...sense. That sort of awareness of beautiful women that some guys have, how they can just zero in on the attractive girls in the room? Zack's got that. So Zack leans on his elbow a little bit, watching her move towards him with a grin on his face. He's dimly aware that there are other people watching her, too, but that's irrelevant to him; he doesn't really care about other people.

Margaux moves to sit down, and Zack pretends like he was looking at his menu the whole time. He also pretends to be surprised. "Well, it /was/ reserved...but I think I could make some time for a gorgeous redhead."

"I'm glad you could make it," Zack adds sincerely. "You, I need a thesaurus or somethin'. Amazing? Fantastic? Radiant?" He shrugs.

"I'm sure there's a synonym that fits but it just ain't comin'."

"So how have you been?"
Margaux Fleury Margaux picked that dress to be noticed or else she would have just picked a random dress from her collection. She pulls her own chair out and takes her seat across from the mercenary. Her smile seems unfaltered by Zack playing coy about noticing her. Permission is granted with a compliment and now its Margaux's turn to idly peruse through a menu.

"I'll settle for gorgeous, Zack." Margaux begins with a laugh as she flips to the next page. "That was what you first went with and thus; it must be the most sincere. " She concludes with a demure grin crossing her face. The menu is placed facedown on the table and Margaux looks at her mercenary companion. "You clean up handsomely."

Zack's question results in Margaux picking her menu back up. "Getting into a few things 'ere and there. I've been offered a job as an actual dancer." Despite this news, Margaux frowns slightly. "But, I am unsure of whether to return to that life." Her eyes move now from the menu to Zack. "And you? Messire Mercenary? What trouble 'ave you been up to?"
Zack Fair "I think they're all honest," Zack replies cheerfully, "I don't really go for the lying thing very often. I find that people always figure out when you're lying, in the end; it's just not worth it coming back to bite me." He shrugs, distantly, as the waiter moves over with a bottle of very nice-looking wine. Zack slides a few coins into the guy's pocket, his grin widening.

"Take this, for example. This was surely just a random happenstance; that the hotel decided to thank me for my patronage *just* as my jaw-dropping date for the evening and possibly beyond arrived is *surely* just one of life's little mysteries, and I had no hand whatsoever in it." He laughs and pops open the bottle with his fingers, wholly ignoring the bottle-opener. The cork comes out in his hand; he sets it off to the side and offers her a glass.

"An actual job as a dancer, huh?" Zack looks at her for a long moment; he's good at picking up on the little cues. When she frowns, so does he. "Not the ballet-and-big-band kind of dancing, I take it, then."

Zack leans back. "Ah, I've been going from place to place, following wherever the jobs take me. The thing with our mutual friend went well, but he hasn't needed me since, so I've just been around. Small jobs. You know, whatever gets posted to wherever I can find."

"I had a client up here who wanted some Heartless taken care of, but that sorta changed midway through the job, so I figured I might as well..." Zack holds up the wine bottle. "I might as well enjoy the city while I'm here, huh? And I really hate enjoying cities all alone, so..."
Margaux Fleury Margaux reaches up and nearly touches the base of her ear before extending a finger to idly twirl a lock of red hair. It seems an idle gesture, but both parties here are guilty of putting on a bit of a charade here and Margaux was wearing some expensive looking earring tonight. She smiles approvingly when Zack first defends his honesty and then goes on to make light of the current happenstance. And the mercenary's choice of wine keeps Margaux smiling for now.

"Unforunately, there is not much demand for that anymore. People want..." Margaux closes her eyes and display a faux smile towards Zack. "....a different sort of excitement these days. I am still undecided, but long to return to the stage despite what form it may take."

Zack's talk of their mutual friend draws a knowing nod from the dancer. "That makes two of us. I 'ave not 'eard from 'our mutual' friend' either as of late. This has freed me up to pursue other interests even if my search 'as not been fruitful thus far."

Margaux's eyes settle on the wine bottle for a brief moment before settling in on the merc. "You are right to want to enjoy the quiet times like this. They are few and far between. And, I agree, it is much more entertaining to 'ave someone else to share those times with. It can lead to interesting opportunities." The Death Corps member smiles sweetly again at the man in the blue tux across from her.
Zack Fair Zack takes the hint as she curls her hair; his glowing green eyes move their way from her face to her ears, and he whistles, a dull, quiet appreciation of the effort she put into looking good for him. He's impressed; sure, Zack put on a tuxedo and sprayed some cologne on, but a man cleaning up for a date is 'cleaning up', after all. A woman looking good is an *effort*, as far as Zack's concerned; even the most beautiful woman goes out of her way for something like this, and, like any other talent, it deserves to be appreciated and noticed.

"I dunno. There's still people doing stage shows and stuff in the world. Or you could do lounge singing; I bet you've got an amazing singing voice." Zack leans forward, his eyes going back to hers. "I'd come to those shows."

"But I know what you mean. The big city has big shows; the little small-town stage isn't enough, and plays aren't really my thing, I admit. Or ballet. I told you about LOVELESS, I think." Zack shrugs. "It's not for some people, but if that's your dream, you shouldn't give up on it or settle! You gotta follow your heart as far as it can possibly go! Chase those dreams and grab 'em with both hands, and don't settle for anything less!"

Zack shakes his head. He can tell a false smile when he sees one, after all. He doesn't belabor the point, though; no point in it. "Yeah. He's been okay. I think he's feeling pretty up as a result of success, and I didn't feel like interfering in that or bringing him down with the matter of pay." He laughs. Zack doesn't get paid for stuff with Ramza, stil.

"Interesting opportunities, huh? Like what sort of opportunities? Because I always keep my eyes open for interesting opportunities." Zack leans forward, resting his head on his hands.
Margaux Fleury Margaux did take a considerable amount of time to get ready for this. And, yes, it is only natural and polite to notice the effort in which she put in her appearance. And yet, it doesn't always happen which makes Zack's attention all that more pleasureable. The fencer considers Zack's retort which draws a solemn nod from Margaux. "I used to love travelling with my troupe. At first, I hated it. But, I eventually came to love travelling with my 'brothers and sisters' and our performances? Magnificent."

The nostalgic dancer sighs wistfully as she abandons the menu for good now. "It is much too dangerous for such troupes now. One must stick to the larger cities and the crowds there seemingly demand more elaborate shows that feature less clothing." Margaux was very confident in her body, but she drew a line when it came to certain things. "But yes, there are still reputable shows performing. I 'ave just not found one that wanted me in return." She was a talented dancer, but she wasn't a trained ballerina afterall. It would take some time for her to get used to that style.

The redhead smiles once more at Zack when he talks of Ramza. "It is good to 'ear pleasant news. That man has 'ad it hard for so long now. Everyone deserves a break from time to time."

Zack's inquiry about interesting opportunites draws a coy little smile from Margaux. "Perhaps you could start by pouring me a glass of wine," teases the smiling Margaux.
Zack Fair "Yeah, I imagine. I never had anybody like that in my life; I'd probably have had a lot of fun like that." Zack pours her a drink with a wide grin as she talks about her troupe, then pours himself one; he raises the glass and takes a thoughtful sip. It was good, much to his delight; he didn't drink wine often, generally considering it above his station, but in this case, he'd make an exception. Margaux was too classy a lady for Zack not to.

She makes note of the sort of dancing she meant, more or less confirming what Zack thought; he frowns. "There's one out there that wants you. You don't have to dance like that; just because that's what the big crowds want doesn't mean it's the only thing. There' know, there's up in Lindblum, a theater! I got told about it by a friend of mine; I bet there's a troupe up there that'd love to have someone like you."

Zack nods. "Yeah. It's good to have a victory under his belt. It gave everybody some much-needed morale, and we managed to save...most of the people." Zack's face darkens. He took a chance on the vampire and she'd repaid him with killing innocents, so he'd stepped back, full of apathy. "I gave a chance to the wrong person and it cost some people their lives. But...better that than not give a chance at all, I guess."

"Let's talk about something more cheerful, though, huh? Here's to..." Zack considers, raising his glass.

"Here's to a night spent with great company."
Margaux Fleury There was little to no blood relations among Margaux's troupe and there was a certain animosity between the owners and the performers. But the bonds formed by the performers among themselves were unbreakable in a sense. Sure, they may be serperated physically now, but Margaux will never forgot those with whom she spent her entire childhood and teenage years with.

The idea of an alternative to what Margaux currently had in mind causes the dancer to lift two red brows upwards. "A theater? That sounds wonderful." Margaux smiles wistfully at the thought of such a place. "I 'ave to ask you to introduce me to the right people. To find a stage worth performing on? That is still a dream of mine."

Zack's telling of what happened during the battles causes Margaux's staged features to darken slightly. She takes a sip of wine to afford herself a moment to recover. "There are still many cruel, corrupt people out there. But, I still believe the world can turn for the better despite such people." The woman in the black dress smiles again as she takes another sip of wine.

The wine was good and Margaux soon finds herself raising her glass yet again, but this time in toast with her drinking companion. "The night is still young," comments the dancer as she sits back thoughtfully in her seat. "But, I find the toast agreeable still. I must ask though, what made you call upon me in such a way?"
Zack Fair Zack's childhood and teenage years were...well. That's an interesting horse of another color, and not the scope of narration to unveil.

"Yeah, apparently, Lindblum has a really great theater. We could go talk to 'em, if you want; I got around Lindblum a little bit when I heard about a kinda underground fighting ring. I wouldn't call it celebrity, but I've made some people some money, so maybe we could see if that's worth anything. But even if it's not...I bet you can do it all by yourself. You've got tons of experience, they're probably looking for something like that!"

Zack pumps his fist a little bit - it's low, and not noticeable, so he's not making a big deal of it in the fancy hotel restauraunt. The next singer goes up, and Zack's attention remains tightly on Margaux. He nods. "Yeah...cruel, corrupt people shouldn't get in the way of peoples' happiness. Eventually, one day, the world'll be great...but it's gonna take a lot of hard work."

Zack grins at her as he takes a sip. "What made me call on you? Well, I...I wanted to see you. You left an impression on me even just in armor; with you all dressed up like that, it's a sight I won't be forgetting any time soon, you know? Besides, you're smart, and I can talk to you about friend...without raising any eyebrows...and..." Zack shrugs.

"...well, you're attractive, and I like you."
Margaux Fleury Margaux giggles happily at Zack's enthusiasm in his wanting to help her with the Lindblum thing as well as his confidence in her. That was rare to see in someone that she has not known for all that long. It was also quite refreshing. "I'll see what I can do. And if I cannot make it there on my own. I will see if I can persuade a certain influential mercenary to put in a good word for me."

Despite their failures, Margaux still believed in the cause of the Death Corps. She was one of the few true believers who stuck around until the end. "I think we will get there one day. Maybe I won't see it, but I will do whatever I can do 'elp see this through."

Whether it is the wine or Zack's flattery, Margaux is beginning to to look a tad flushed right about now. "I know some very good tailors," jokes the dancer easily. "And I think I should thank you for giving me reason to dress up. I've been wearing my armor for too long now. It feels good to be out of it for once." The redhead once revolutonary smiles again. "Such compliments from a handsome and successful mercenary? I'm flattered as I am sure you know quite a few beauties that you could 'ave asked to join you 'ere tonight. But, you chose me." She giggles again before taking another sip of wine. "I 'ave to say that you 'ave good taste."
Zack Fair "I'm always happy to help. And free of charge," Zack adds with a wink over his glass. Wine doesn't have much of an effect on the SOLDIER from ShinRa; it's a weak potable at best, and he's got a heck of a constitution. "I don't ever charge my friends. At least, not for things like that." Or anything, he left unsaid.

Zack leans back and looks up at the ceiling for a moment. "I don't think *I'll* live to see it, either," he sighs, "It's a far-off thing, and we're looking at a fundamental change in human nature. That's not something that's gonna happen overnight...but it'll happen. One day."

"Anyway...I can tell. Those must be some really great tailors; they knew exactly where to draw my eye. That's talent, right there." Zack leans forward and waves his hand. "I wouldn't say I'm successful. I mean, got no argument with handsome, but I', at best. I have the worst problem a mercenary can have; I care too much about the people I'm workin' for."

"But it turns out alright, in the end. If it didn't, I wouldn't be here, with the best example of my good taste sitting across from me in a /really/ fetching dress, making the lounge singer look just so unfortunate by comparison."
Margaux Fleury Margaux had hoped that Zack would not have charged for his assistance in that matter. She really didn't have the money to pay him anyways. It wasn't like Ramza paid her -either-. She was forced to find work on the side like this as a dancer to pay for just about everything. "Very generous. And you might be surprised. The world 'as already changed much in so short of a time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?" The dreamer retorts with a small grin.

"Only the best. And I need to 'ave good tailors. 'eartless seem fond of damaging anything I wear when I face them. It is not cheap to 'ave to do so much mending after every battle."

Zack's talk of his own faults and his further compliment draws a wide smile from Margaux. "You do 'ave a silver tongue. That must be very beneficial for a mercenary like yourself. And I, for one, am glad that you are not like most mercenaries."

The lounge singer that she was being compared to gets an appraisng look from the dancer. "One is judged by the company they keep. But I do not know if that says more good about you or more about me?" She poses with a small laugh.

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