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Serious Fanservice Conversation Time
(2013-08-19 - 2013-08-20)
Kyra is forced to suffer Helena fanservice as they talk about SERIOUS ADULT THINGS.
Helena Celba Helena's office was... well it was Helena's office. The woman had come back after some time away. Easily two weeks, if not longer with her sort of seclusion before that. Right now, Helena is bouncing, cleaning up the office and lab space, working on reorganizing. Slowly, she is moving large jar used to hold something...probably slimy into a new position.

"...Alright. That's done...I guess I should immediately get into my studi-Hahahaha.." Helena giggles, oh right. She is totally going to goof off.
Kyra Hyral What a thing to have Helena come back and announce! She didn't like talking about her relationship stuff with Alma. Or anyone for that matter, despite her current issues with everything going on.

A tired looking Kyra bursts into the office within minutes of that radio. "Why!!" she blurts out, "Why did you tell everybody!?" She seems flustered as usual when this kind of thing gets brought up.
Helena Celba Helena is slightly surprised by the sudden bursting in of Kyra. She pauses, thinking about this for a moment...what did she tell people that she wasn't..? She thinks about this for a long long momement and then... "I didn't tell anyone you worked for Murasame?" She says, slightly airheadedly, trying to actually remember what she did.
Kyra Hyral "Nnnnnooooo, not that." Kyra walks right up to Helena, leaning towards her, arms crossed over her chest. "I meant about us. Actually being sort of serious! I mean it was like all just conjecture before and people just thought you were being, you know, /you/ and doing that whole making-people-squirm thing!"
Helena Celba Ohhh...

Helena stares at Kyra for a moment, "I didn't know we were keeping it secret? You never said, and I don't mind people knowing? I had just survived...something...pretty harsh and went through something pretty traumatizing at the time." she shrugs, "I didn't know that dating me was such a big deal."
Kyra Hyral Kyra freezes.

Mentally, she starts to review the last few months. Murasame thing: secret. Training in darkness: secret. Relationship with Helena: .....


She seems to deflate on the spot, a distraught look upon her face. "I...damn it, this is my fault. I hadn't talked to Kamon yet about everything before that so now everyone knows I'm dating two people."
Helena Celba Helena grins, good it wasn't her fault!

"...This is a problem? It's not like you're married to two people...I mean, I am not exactly one to talk about monogamy." She smiles, and sits down on a sofa, patting the space next to her. "...Are you ashamed to have people know you are dating me?"
Kyra Hyral "I don't want it to be a problem. But I don't know how Kamon feels about it. He might not want to...share." She hesitates for a few moments before sitting down on the sofa next to Helena. Kyra lifts her hands and rests her elbows on her knees. "Nik has openly questioned my taste, which kind of hurts, because Nik is my friend and I respect him, you know?"

Respect him? Don't tell Souji. "Alma seems pretty nonchalant about it but I don't need her approval for anything."
Helena Celba "She's acting nonchalant about it because she knows what will happen if she disapproves.." Helena frowns...

"...Of course Nik has a problem with it...oh no, he was all smiles on the radio, but in private he's no better than Alma," she sounds annoyed. "Well, it's what you want, so what do you want?"
Kyra Hyral "What will happen? Did you threaten her or something?" Kyra frowns as this would definitely explain a lot-like why Alma seemed suddenly very accepting of this possible relationship when earlier she clearly didn't approve. On the other hand, that could have been an effect of being with Riku. Hard to tell, really. Her sister really was trying to get her to open up.

"...I want both of you." she says with a bit of shame. "Nik brought up a good point about this and...the two of you...well, I like the two of you in completely different ways. It doesn't really compete. There's really no reason I can't like you both unless...well..."

She seems embarassed, "Unless I'm really worried about people thinking I'm a slut."
Helena Celba "Who cares what people think?" Helena says, "What they think matters little to do what you want, and because you have the power to do what you want...if they say things then it is because they lack the power to do it themselves...people want to bring you down to their level because they know you are better than they are..." She says, putting a hand on Kyra's shoulder. "I'm okay with how things are...if Kamon is...then who cares?" she says, and rolls her eyes, "Something like that. Not exactly like that, but something like that. Honestly, sense she got a man she's been acting less like a prat."
Kyra Hyral 'Who cares what people think?' Yeah, that's Helena for her and one of the reasons she likes her so much. "You've got a point." she says soberly, looking over at Helena. "So you're really okay with me having you /and/ Kamon? Because that is what I want. I want you both. I've had a crush on Kamon forever." she pauses, ", though you probably don't want to hear about all that."

"I agree that Alma has definitely changed since she met Riku. For the better, even."
Helena Celba "You DO realize I am having casual sex with two other partners? I mean, this isn't a one on one relationship.." he pauses, "Granted, I would consider such a relationship for you." She says, suddenly. "But it's not what you want, and I have no problems with Kamon."
Kyra Hyral "I actually wasn't aware of Seloria until you mentioned her that night too." Kyra points out neutrally. She doesn't seem angry about this, especially since she'd be a huge hypocrite if she was. "That's actually a surprise to me since I didn't think Seloria was into girls but now that it's come up, it makes a lot of sense."

A look of shock forms upon her face when Helena admits she'd cut it down to one if /she/ wanted it to be that way. "...what? Really? Well I don't want you to do that but I appreciate you admitting that."
Helena Celba "I know, I was shocked too.." Helena grins, and moves her arms around Kyra and pulls her onto her. "Well yeah, Seloria is alot like me in the girl and boys department. Her and Nik are friends with benifits kinda thing." She says, "And of course...I AM serious about liking you..I assume you are serious about liking me?"
Kyra Hyral "Eep!" Kyra squeals as she's pulled onto Helena's lap. She squirms a little, "Well I knew about the whole friends with benefits thing." It wasn't exactly unknown that Nik wasn't crazy about the whole 'arranged marriage' thing. "...well..yeah..." Kyra mutters, "...else I wouldn't keep coming back."
Helena Celba Helena smiles and enjoys the moment for what it's worth.

"Anyway...I really should take you somewhere nice..and work on your training...I have been a lax Mistress as late...but I had things I needed to accoplish...and I did." Infact...this close you can see scar tissue right over Helena's chest, a clean cut from the looks of it, as if done by a well crafted blade. The scaring is hard to see..and it looks like from the angle would have pierced her heart.
Kyra Hyral "You've been an outright /absent/ Mistress." Kyra pouts, lifting a hand to rest an arm over one of Helena's shoulders. "I've been practicing on my own. But it's kind of hard to find the right time to use it. It's not like I can use that stuff against Heartless-doesn't seem like it'd have an effect."

This close, she does notice the new scar. Her eyes narrow just slightly at itt but she doesn't point it out otherwise, "Just what were you doing out there?"
Helena Celba "Expanding my power...doing something Souji asked of me. He fears the threats of the various powers out there...and those that may come to try and use and abuse the students. He wanted me to tap back into the power I found in Odin. It...was not a pleasent experience." She says, a bit...woodenly. But she smiles at the touch of Kyra. "Oh I will make sure to train my sublicants very thoughly." She smiles softly, "And...actually darkness works on them. The Heartless ususally suffer no resistance to Darkness. It kills them like it kills everything else. Light is just more effective."
Kyra Hyral "Oh." Kyra says distantly with no small amount of worry in her voice. That wooden tone, the scar, the obvious unpleasantness of whatever had happened. It all makes Kyra very uncomfortable all the sudden. But as long as Helena didn't change on her...

"Really? How's that even work? Aren't they just made out of darkness?" It occurs to her at that point that Kyra has not seriously researched Heartless. Hmm.
Helena Celba "Not all creatures of darkness are actually resistant to it...infact very few ARE...Darkness is you know.." She speaks. She has changed, but things are subtle...right now it's hard to pick up on. She runs a hand through Kyra's hair...

"But...I digress."
Kyra Hyral "That seems to fly entirely in the face of the basic law of elemental resistances." The Law of Elemental Resistances. Taught in Elemental Class, naturally. Pretty self-explanatory. "I'll keep this in mind." Kyra pauses.

"...yes. Enough digressing."
Helena Celba Helena grins, and moves to do things that are a bit beyond the Rating of this game.

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