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(2013-08-19 - 2013-08-21)
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Rhiannon Zellen It has been quite some time since Rhia had made any outlandish moves in public. The Black Beast incident of several months ago had receded from the forefront of people's thoughts and restoration efforts were nearing their finishing point. Shinra HQ, which had suffered quite a bit of damage from the creature breaking out the side of the building, was as good as new now. The power of rich corporations no doubt.

Rhiannon Zellen, resident scientist of Shinra, seemed to have gone completely under the radar in the aftermath, her thinking that it would be prudent not to cause much more trouble now. And thus, the woman spent her time researching and experiment on minor side projects. On this day however, the scientist had decided to leave the confines of her laboratory, her domain, for a time.

Smiling her usual pleasant, yet somehow unpleasant, smile, Rhia strode through the reception area of Shinra HQ, a thin tube of blood idly held between her fingers in one hand, and a clipboard with written notes held under her other arm. That must have been the subject of her latest study. Whose blood could that be, I wonder...
Chita "Ah, speak of..."

The voice of a nearby receptionist mumbles as she puts down a phone that was about to be used to give the scientists' office a call to see where she was. "Miss Zellen, you seem to have a visitor. One... Chita, was it?"

The receptionist turned to ask a nearby figure leaning against a wall, wearing a somewhat typical mens outfit, hands in the pockets of a knee-length coat. Who was it? Well, seems it was a Viera, and a male at that, obvious given the clothing and lack of veil on their face. Would Rhiannon recognize them? He was simply staring at her as she was walking by, curious if she'd respond or what.
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmmhmhmm~"

Humming a happy little tune to herself, the significance of which would have been lost to anyone not her, Rhia paused upon being called and looked over at the receptionist who had dared to interrupt her happy little reverie. "Oh? A visitor? I was not expecting any visitors today." Or tomorrow...or the day after that, or ever.

Well okay, maybe Montag, Cissnei, or Reno would pop up now and then, so no visitors might have been a lie. For better or worse.

That aside, the woman in the lab coat arched a brow lightly as she looked over towards 'Chita'. "....Hmn." One look at the apparently male Viera and Rhia adopted an amused smile upon her features. "Well, fancy meeting you here. I was just running some experiments with your DNA." And she said that as if it were as casual as going out to lunch.

Regardless, Rhia couldn't imagine why he'd be paying her a visit. ...Well okay, that was a lie. She knew full well just why he may have shown up again. And yes, he. She didn't bat an eye or react in any adverse way to seeing the Viera dressed as a male. Perhaps the vial of blood being played between her fingers held the reason to that.

All that out of the way, the scientist merely continued to smile and gestured aside. "Well, shall we go somewhere quiet then? Perhaps my lab would do?"
Chita "...right." Chita still had little to no idea about science things and her talking of DNA or anything else for that matter was only as foreign as she'd previously explained to him. That being why anyone would ever want to study such a thing to begin with. He paused a moment more before shifting upright to stand on two feet proper and begin walking towards Rhiannon, pulling a small badge out that he had been given to show he was an 'official visitor' and wasn't in fact one of those sneaky types who snuck in.

Quickly clipped onto the edge of a pocket, he stepped closer to Rhiannon and leaned in close enough to say, "I do hope things remain peaceful today." softly towards her. He wasn't looking for a confrontation at this point, and meant to make that as obvious as he could.
Rhiannon Zellen Giving the visitor badge only a second's regard, She then turned and walked off, leading Evja through the complex. Various rooms and people were passed in the process as Rhia had no business with anyone or anyplace besides her own. Having heard the comment, she glanced aside at him, pleasant smile remaining.

"Well, it would hardly be me who causes the problem today. If anyone." Shrugging nonchalantly, they arrived at the door to her lab, one ocular scan later and the door slid aside, opening the way within. "Well, come along then. I am a busy woman. Do try to make this worthwhile, hm?" Rhia spoke as she stepped into her lab, moving past various machinery and half done parts seemingly belonging to robots and high tech weaponry. Crossing the lab, she arrived at her desk area, plopping into a comfy looking swivel chair, casually turning to face Chita.

She didn't offer him to have a seat, but there were other chairs place about rather messily.

Immediately setting to multitasking, the scientist opened up a laptop at her desk and began to type away once the screen powered on. As she did so, she spoke. "So, why are you here? I can hazard a guess, but I would rather hear it from you."
Chita As he followed along the Viera's eyes and ears were both paying attention to everything around him, learning what he could of the place while not trying to appear a snoop. No one liked a snoop. Not to mention he still didn't quite feel comfortable 'Naked' as he were. Underdressed. Forced into the open with his gender. So her place of work opened simply by seeing her face? Or part of it? He cocked his head a bit and followed inside to lazily look around. And when she spoke, he looked back towards her. "I have had a lot of things happen to me lately that have made me realize a few certain key things. Among them that your research is not near as valuable as it was to me before. After all, I have come to realize others can obtain such things presumably without killing so many people as you have."

Step. Step. Step.

Chita walks up to the desk and stands in front of it, the desk between him and Rhiannon. "I suppose I should ask you the same thing I was asked not long ago, when my usefulness was brought to question. Primarily... naming a reason to why I should not do everything in my power to end this madness." Despite the context of the conversation, his tone was quite soft, hands still in his pocket. No weapons out, no loud voices, threats, or anything of the sort.
Rhiannon Zellen "Is that so?" Rhia replied over her typing, not sparing the Viera a glance. Her tone was easy and casual, if a bit distracted. Pausing in her typing, she took a moment to shuffle through some papers next to her computer, picking on out and reading it while resuming typing with one hand. "Well, you have my congratulations then."

It wasn't a sarcastic jab, or hostile in any way, but something about it wasn't sincere either. But then, that seemed to be the rule of the day with this woman. Finished with that particular sheet of paper, the scientist set it back onto the stack and resumed typing with both hands, remembering to save every so often. After several paragraphs, she hit the enter key, and several other consoles whirred to life in the back of the lab, their screens flickering to life.

All the while she worked, she listened as well, and his words elicited a faintly amused chuckle from her. "This again." There was a shake of the head, and then she went on. "I believe I already told you last time; if you really want to 'end this madness' then please, do try. I would rather enjoy seeing such actions." The chuckle turned into a giggle, which Rhia made no effort to repress.

She stood then, closing her laptop and moving along to the consoles at the back end, producing that blood vial once more. "My research is meant for one thing only. For the advancement of knowledge. What comes with that knowledge is simply a secondary result. People's lives, the greater good, alleged evils...all secondary." Her words were direct and to the point. She really meant what she as saying.

And for all Chita had said, Rhia hadn't put up her guard. In fact, she moved past him when she had gone to the consoles in the back, putting her back right to him. She was open and she didn't seem to care at all. "Now, is that all you had come to say? I must say, it certainly was a waste of time in any case." Another chuckle as her fingers danced across a keyboard, eyes illuminated by the light of the screen. "But then, I expected nothing more."
Chita "..."

Chita stared at Rhiannon as if she had grown a second head. Her complete lack of care had always confused him, and even now it didn't make understanding her any easier. It was almost as if she had no morality whatsoever. If she didn't... maybe that was why she could do such things so efficiently. She seemed to know full well he wouldn't harm her. That much was apparent as when she moved past him, he didn't even flinch like he was going to do anything.

Instead, he simply watched, quietly, while thinking of what to say, what to do. "No... that was not all I had come to say. I had hoped that perhaps you had some faint hint of conscience grow within you since we last met, but it would seem otherwise." He knew full well nothing he would do would intimidate her and thus, he had to somehow bribe her curiosity, play to her interests... somehow. But what could this woman possibly want that he could even offer? If she was so fixated on knowledge... what did he know that she didn't?

The sound of his shoes could be heard approaching her from behind and perhaps it may surprise her when he stepped right behind her and placed one hand on either side of her against the desk, leaning down over her shoulder to watch what she was doing, as well as continuing the conversation.

"You say you simply want the advancement of knowledge. What is that to you? I have no disillusion that I hold much knowledge you would have interest in. In fact, I severely doubt anything I have to offer would even make you pay attention to me." Not to mention he was trying to judge more about her at the moment, to find out how she may react... to find any amount of 'I don't get this woman' that he can of himself and remove it so that perhaps... just a little... he might understand something about her. Even if she just wanted knowledge... there had to be more simple ways.
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmm?" She hummed lightly in acknowledgement. She continued her typing, eventually stopping and taking the blood vial she had with her and inserting it into an open slot in the computer console. A tiny bit was drawn from it as a sample and then transferred to some unseen location within the lab as readings began to stream across the screen.

Chita's approach and subsequent watching drew only a moment's glance from the woman before her eyes slowly moved back to the display. His choice of position was questionable however. If she didn't know any better, then she would have figured this was some way of keeping her where she was.


But nevertheless, she had no reason not to answer his statements, and so she did just that, speaking while working. "Knowledge is what drives the advancement of people. Race hardly factors into the equation. The more one understands the world and how things work..." She switched to one handed typing then, gesturing with her other hand. "All manner of things. Technology, science, biology, magic, darkness, light, all of it." And then her hand returned to the keyboard.

Changing the settings of the apparent experiment. On screen, Chita would be able to see a small sample of his blood through the monitor. Soon a small sample of blackened material was introduced. It looked like blood as well, but it was...well, black. Whose could that be? Probably Leida's. Either way, the moment it was introduced, the two substanced began to mix, followed by a sickly glow, which drew a hum and a stroke of the chin from the woman. "I see, I see...oh, where was I? Oh yes, as I was saying. When one has an intimate knowledge of the world and the things around them, they become more capable people. They become able to address the problems the world has, they can make a difference if they so choose, no?"

A simple question.

Chita Well, yes, he had intended to keep her still, or at least try to, while testing exactly what limits she seemed to have. The fact that she did nothing more than glance up at him, which was met with a glance back at her, didn't give as much information as he had hoped for. Though she did continue to speak, something she excelled at and didn't mind doing. "So you would destroy a world, and all the people in it, all in the name of what possible knowledge might be garnered for it? That seems a bit irrational. What is the point of destroying one thing and possibly learn how to save another. You could have simply not destroyed the first and possibly still saved both. ... or neither, I surrender, is an outcome as well."

The outcome that bothered him the most. Those with keyblades were not immortal that he knew of... were finite, and thus were almost sacred in his view. They had to be protected, nurtured, to protect and save the worlds at large from the Heartless. And yet again he fell back on the same issue...

This woman may have, or may soon, discovered a way to forge such a weapon. The Viera did not move from where he was, though as the 'infection' as it were begins to happen he steps a bit closer until he was pressed fully against her from behind and reached a hand up towards the screen, one finger pointing, "You said you were studying me... something of mine. It is a guess to say one of those is a part of me. ...what did you to it?"

Even still, as close as he was, he was trying to use this as an opportunity to see what made her tick. What was she scared of, if anything. Did anything at all bother her? He needed /some/ form of leverage and so far he had nothing, even as he had her nearly pinned against that console. One thing the Viera was fairly good at was reading others. That was something he had learned a lot about over the years - watching expressions, body language, trying to determine if anyone had any sort of problem with him at any point or something that he was doing.
Rhiannon Zellen Well, she didn't seem to mind. Yet anyhow.

"Destroy a world? Come now, do I seem that irrational?" And then a pause as she really thought about the question. "...However, logically speaking, the answer to that question would have to depend on the circumstances given at that time." Pausing in her experimentation, leaving the mixture of blood and data readings to sit on screen, she simply leaned back and smiled, staring up at Chita.

"...You know, I am not dim. I know exactly what you are trying to do. Testing my limits? Trying to find a chink in the proverbial armor? Looking for some angle in which to understand me?" Her smile turned amused at the questions fired back at him and then she added. "You are not very good at being subtle, are you?"

Apparently that question was rhetorical as she didn't bother waiting for an answer, leaning forward again and turning her attention back to the computer screen. My, he was close though. Was he trying to annoy her? It wasn't working so much as entertaining her at the moment though and she answered his questions with an easy tone. "Yes, I happen to be studying your blood. You...donated a sample quite a while ago. A male Viera is not something I have ever heard of. This is a rare specimen." Observing the reaction on screen, Rhia paused a bit to examine the result's data. "To be quite frank, I was surprised to find Y chromosomes in your blood. But of course, genetics cannot lie, therefore...this became that much more, ah...interesting." She'd go with that.

"What you see happening here is..." The woman was going to continue explaining, but...what was he doing? She was nearly pressed against the computer as they were now. "...You know, if you were intending to do something like this, I do believe that a bed would be a much more suitable place for those kinds of activities."

That statement was followed by a mischievous smile as Rhia glanced aside, giving Chita a sidelong glance. "Taking a woman in her place of work is simply barbaric. Perhaps I should call for security, hm?" And here comes the riposte. Minor as it may be.
Chita And he was busted. Chita sighed softly but did not move, instead at this point deciding to simply amuse himself with the situation. This woman was impossible. At least at the moment. If she could pick up on his reasoning so simply, no reason not to just leave the situation as it had become and glean what he could. As he watched it further, trying to understand all of what was there, the retort she came up with simply caused him to shift one hand slightly and poke at her stomach with a thumb. "And so is unleashing a monster onto a city. Barbaric that is. Besides, as much as you like to study things I would have thought one such as you would rather do things like that in a place like this, where everything is forever stored away in those silly computers of yours."

He was not serious in the least, though perhaps he had relaxed just a bit when it came to being around her. She was going to do nothing to him, and he had no intention of doing anything to her. His dislike of her actions meant nothing if he wouldn't do anything as it was. He didn't have the spine to just end it now.

"So how about telling me, then, Miss Zellen was it? What is it that makes you tick? At the risk of sounding crass given our position at the moment, I was looking for a leg up on you as it were. You are certainly a very... self confident person, confident as well that I will not actually do anything to harm you. So humor me, and perhaps I will let you collect some other sample one day."

Now he was teasing back. That's her own fault. Even if the conversation was pleasant enough considering the context of it all.
Rhiannon Zellen Having her stomach poked, Rhia squirmed just a tad, suppressing a laugh. "Ehehe, I suppose you may have a point. ...Or multiple points." She replied in kind, giving a moment's pause before amending her statement. "Actually, I do believe I would rather do it in a bed after all. Much more comfortable." Another amused chuckle escaped from her at that.

Well, at the very least, she didn't seem offended. Not that there was any apparent possibility beforehand either. "You want to know what makes me tick?" Smiling wider as her amusement grew, the scientist brought a hand to her cheek, feigning embarrassment like a demure maiden. "You fiend, one does not just up and ask those types of questions!" Clearly having plenty of fun with this situation, she went on.

"And now you want a leg up on me? Completely horrible!" Covering her mouth then, a fit of giggles escaped from her and it took a bit before she could compose herself. " truly are an amusing one." Sobering up, Rhia did little to resist their current posture and just sat there, letting it happen as she wasn't really being harmed, nor was anything utterly inappropriate happening.

"Collect another sample? ...I wonder, whatever could you be talking about? Blood?" And then a small, entertained smile found it's way to her face. "...Or something else? Ah, I wonder how you would propose I extract it..." And the teasing went back and forth.
Chita "I think I finally understand something I never did before." What was that? Well, he continues, smiling a bit himself despite everything. "Humes... and some other species fascination with things that are dangerous. Things that could kill them." His thumb pokes again at her stomach before he says in timing with the poke, "Snakes... spiders... womenfolk with the last name of Zellen. All this time I have been trying to find something, anything, personifying about you. Something... simple. Anything."

As he spoke, that hand slipped a bit further around her until he was practically hugging her from behind, "And you know? All in all... despite your flaws... despite everything about you that I hate and if I had the nerve would kill without hesitation..."



"I still find you absolutely adorable for some reason. Like the one who has a pet spider named fluffy, a giant venomous thing that would just as soon kill someone, and yet he cares not if it walks freely in his abode or wanders across a hand. So what does that make you, hm? A spider? Snake? Scorpion? Or something entirely alien perhaps, as you seem only interested in knowledge and teasing me back. How can anything so... devoid of morality as I coin it be so... cute when they giggle?"

He didn't get this woman. Period. She was... a puzzle to him. He wanted to hug her and stab her at the same time
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh? You understand something? Do tell." And tell he did. She just listened to him, the results of the experiment partially forgotten for now in the wake of this bout of entertainment. It was nothing she hadn't heard before so far. She had plenty of death threats in her life. Heck, some even made good on them. ...Let's not ask how she's still here in that case.

But once he called her adorable, she paused. "....?" Remaining quiet in order to allow Chita to speak further, her expression was unreadable, and neither did she resist the fact that this man, that would have loved to kill her, had he the spine to do it, was practically hugging her from behind. "Adorable? ...Cute? ....Pfft- ehehehe! A-Are you serious? Do you know how old I am? One does not usually attach adorable and cute to an adult woman! You truly are amusing!"

Yet, despite her words, her arms lowered, covering his own nearly around her. "I have not been this amused in quite a while..." A pause then, and she added. "...You know, you would not be having this struggle if you simply found the resolve to do what others might deem as necessary."

Another pause.

"But then...what do you deem as necessary?"
Chita And there she goes with that laugh again. Chita takes a deep breath and sighs, ears folding back a bit before he says in response to her, "I am older than you I guarantee. Viera do not age as humes do. So I maintain my right to refer to you as both cute and adorable, despite your flaws. As for my resolve..." he paused there before saying, "You well know I will not kill you, I do not have the resolve as you just stated. In fact I told the God of Death himself I would not kill a man even to save my own life or soul and paid the price. Perhaps that is why I am here now, uncaring except my desire to see something good come out of your madness. What do I deem necessary? That is the question..."

Another long pause as he goes silent, looking at the screen again before saying, "In the end, I suppose I desire that weapon. I desire the ability to make a difference in this world. The ability to destroy those damnable creatures that are going to eat everything they come across, that have caused more pain and misery than you could ever hope to cause."

A moments thought further and then he declared, "I deem it necessary to keep close to you at this point, until I am certain that your work comes to fruition. My soul is already damned so I have little concern at this point, even with my morality nagging at me. Something good can come out of this. It can. And quite frankly..." ... pause ... "...if I get to stand here despite it all and flirt, then perhaps we could find something to get along on."
Rhiannon Zellen Listening to the Viera recount his past experiences, Rhia hummed lightly to acknowledge that she had been listening. "Is that so. You would never kill a man? Ever? Not even to save your own existence? Not even in the face of the Lord of the Dead?" A pause then as she processed this information. It didn't take long.

"You really are a fool."

And bluntly enough, she came to that conclusion. "To be quite frank, my weapons research has halted due to media attention." Turning her head a bit to glance at him, she continued. "If you wish to claim that disfigured blade, attempt to find good in it, then by all means, do try."

Raising an arm, palm facing upwards, a dark magic glyph formed above her hand, expanding a bit before a solid object began to slowly drift upwards through it. Some sort of matter transferrence spell? It would seem that way. Before Chita's eyes, a familiar disfigured, black handle and hilt, pulsing with lines of red energy, appeared from the glyph. It was the nameless black sword she had forged from the lives of countless people some months back.

And to think she could just casually summon the weapon up whenever she pleased. Yet, Rhia hardly had any intention to go swinging it around. Apparently not going to reveal any more than just enough to be grasped and pulled, she held the glyph containing the partially revealed blade to him. "You know what happened the last time you held this."

She spoke plainly, with a calculating tone. "I have zero intention to turn you back, should you fall." Though she probably had the power to. "If you wish to proceed, here you are. I can gather some good data from your experience." There was a pause then as the woman allowed for her intention to sink in. "...Of course, if you find your resolve lacking, I can simply cancel this matter displacement spell and return to my work."
Chita ~~~

"I don't want to die!"

"Help me!"

"Mommy! Daddy!"


Chita stared at the object as it formed, actually hesitating. She could feel that one arm he had around her half tighten before it relaxed and fell back down to the desk in front of her, rather than against her. And so the mood of things had soured into being rather blunt all of a sudden and that fascination he had going with her, almost enjoyment of her personality when she wasn't doing something horrible... is gone.
But there it was. That blade, that weapon that he had intended to eventually claim, try to use... try to do... something with it. He had watched her take hold of the weapon before and not suffer as he did. She had put something between the hilt and her own skin. "Well, considering that then... I suppose it would not hurt to take it off your hands until such a time you can continue that research. Of course, I have no intention of destroying it." Reaching up to his own neck he slackens the long scarf he had around it and goes to tug it free, planning to wrap the cloth around the hilt a few times before grabbing at it, should she not just jerk the weapon away.
Rhiannon Zellen She didn't budge any once he reached for the handle, actually giving him a few points in her mind for not being a fool and grabbing it directly skin to surface. So he wasn't quite that stupid. Good. "Take it then. If you find some use in it, let me know." She was really casual about simply handing off an amalgamation of people's lives, people's hearts.

"Just know that the Black Beast is still within. It is simply dormant. Should you fail to control it correctly, it will awaken. And if that happens, you can bid farewell to another city. Or perhaps more." A rare warning from her. She was tempted to just let him fumble around with it, if he dared, and bear witness to the impending catastrophe. But in this case, a bit of prudence was required. There were eyes on her, and she couldn't go playing around again until they were drawn elsewhere.

"That said, I do have one minor stipulation for parting with this blade..." Ah, a catch. Whatever could it be? The smile on her face was rather disconcerting, but in the end. "...Do come by more often. You entertain me after all."
Chita Scarf-wrapped handle taken, Chita looks at it a bit more before he stepped back from Rhiannon entirely and shrugged his shoulders so that long coat he had on slipped off his left arm entirely onto his right hand which was holding the Black weapon. He used his now free left hand to carefully slip the coat over his other hand and scarf and flip the coat a few times round the weapon before tossing it into the air and letting the entire package vanish.

Seems he has some inventory management techniques as well.

"Stipulation?" he asks before she smiled and said what she did. "..." sigh. He looked away a moment and reached up with his right hand to scratch behind an ear before nodding, "Likewise, when you aren't busy doing horrible things, I seem to find you rather enjoyable to be around. Not to mention I still owe you a second sample, hm?" He teased there in an attempt to lighten the mood, hands coming down to rest in his pants pockets as he stood there looking at Rhiannon, considering something perhaps. "Actually, how about that, hm?" He didn't /mean/ the sample, but who knows how she'd take that remark before he continued, "I am feeling a tad peckish. Perhaps you could show me around this place if you are not too busy? I am sure there is somewhere here one could get something to eat. Or if you were that enchanted earlier by my offer I'm quite sure you also have some place quiet and relaxing to wander off towards."

Chita is still quite male in the end. Can't blame a guy for trying his luck.
Rhiannon Zellen "I'm charmed." She replied, chuckling a bit before turning her attention to the experiment's progress on the screen. The sickly glow of the black blood mixture seemed to have gained red spots all over now. It was constantly changing shape like some manner of amoeba. But considering that there was no time to continue at the moment, Rhia pressed a single button off to the side, causing everything to freeze.

Instant cyro-stasis? It looked that way anyway.

"Hmmmn~" Murmuring in a low tone her contemplation, Rhia swiveled around in her chair to face Chita, crossing one leg over the other. "Well, there is a cafeteria within the building. According to the soldiers and staff, the food there is actually good. I have yet to confirm these claims as I have not eaten there before." Come to think of it, no one in the entire building could claim to have seen her eating at all. Another mystery.

"Personally though..." Uncrossing her legs, the scientist then crossed them the other way and leaned forward a tad, resting her elbows in her lap and her chin in her palms. "...I think I would rather collect that sample." A playful smile found it's way to her face then.

"What do you say? Care to keep me company tonight~?"

Certainly she must have been teasing him.

Chita Chita makes a little grumbling sound before he says with a laugh, "Knowing how you collected my blood, I'm almost convinced any other sampling of that sort would involve a needle. To which I say no thank you." Stepping closer again to peer towards the suddenly frozen state of the stuff on the screen, Chita looked back at her and reached one hand out of a pocket to poke towards her stomach once more, which had previously gotten at least a tiny squirm out of her.

"Don't tempt me too hard though. I have lived too long pretending to be a female. The amount of company I have enjoyed of another in the last half of my life I can count on one hand. At least pleasurable company anyways." He does consider stuff before shrugging, "Though why not, I certainly have nothing better to do and I amuse you. I am yours for the night, unless you pull out more needles." Mentally he hopes he didn't just sign himself on to become a lifesized version of what was on that computer screen.
Rhiannon Zellen Another squirm as Rhia slightly edged away in her chair from his poke. "Tempt you? Hardly. It was a mature offer between two adults that would result in...various mutual benefits." She nodded sagely at that and then stood from the chair. "Right then, to the cafeteria to get you fed. And my room."

That said, she passed Chita again carelessly leaving everything behind as she headed for the door of the lab. Once she got there, she turned back to look at him. "Well? Or are you not quite as hungry as you had first professed?"
Chita "..."


Chita shrugged a bit before tucking his hands back into his pockets and following along behind the moral-absent scientist. "Truth told I'm getting a tad fat, in my view, so I'm more than happy to skip out on a proper meal if that suits you all the same."
Rhiannon Zellen "Your call~"

She responded, leaving the lab and allowing the door to slide shut with a whirr and a thunk. "To my room it is~" And so she led him off through the halls and to the resting quarters. Considering she had her own room, there was little to worry about.

Little at all.

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