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(2013-08-17 - 2013-08-18)
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Isera Manhattan is... Manhattan. There's a lot of people in it, all doing their own things in the big city; keeping to themselves, or moving in groups, or simply going from one place to another. It being evening doesn't change that very much. It just makes it a little darker.

And then there's an alley.

The alley is dark, though not especially mysterious; it's almost exactly halfway between the Arcade and the Twilight Detective Agency. The alley has a Dumpster, which is open. Isera decided to stick her head in it a couple moments ago to see what was inside.

"Groooss!" That explains why a small flying figure just darted out of an alley and then low, one arm over her mouth. It gets some attention by virtue being a fast-moving object that is heading very quickly away from the alley... but let's be honest, past the first few moments, she gets a little less attention. Who looks /down/?
Emi Dennou A few moments after--

Umi pokes her head from out BEHIND the dumpster (there are certain 'homeless man' techniques she's willing to incorporate into her style, but living in a dumpster is not one of them). She blinks several times as the fairy flits out. She ducks back down. Over the Network: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS. And then over The Network, the others point out they can see just fine thanks to Umi seeing just fine. Nevertheless, they are in pursuit.

(It's a fairy, of course they're going to be on pursuit).

Of course they don't have to go too far because Emi just steps outsideo f the TDA building and sees the figure flitting past. "Hello!" She says, waving wildly at her. "Hello!!" She runs after.

Umi tries to chase after too, but ends up slipping on a banana peel and going into the dumpster anyway. "Uwaagghhh!!" It slams shut on her. Oh noooooo!
Isera Isera is really not /that/ hard to find. She's small, but she's... well, a fairy. Plus her wings make this drone when she buzzes past, like a particularly loud bee or dragonfly. She's getting some looks for that alone... and double-takes, because how often do you see a little fairy flying around with a knife bigger than she is strapped to her back?

Isera shoots past Emi, then turns around once she's being hailed and comes right back. She comes to a stop with her feet about four feet above the ground, looking at Emi curiously.

"Did you know," Isera says, "you're the first person to just say 'hello' all day??" She did not see Umi. Oh well.
Saitei Dennou Some Network devices can't see just fine thanks to Umi; some can't even hear her exhorting them to go look. Saitei can, however, tell that the entirety of Legion has just become as hype as possible about something, and she'll be damned if she sits around in here smashing her head against Yukari's Last Word when something this exciting is apparently happening nearby.

Saitei does not wave madly at the fairy as she flits past the doorway; she looms behind her sister and peers up the street, until Umi starts throwing things in the alley. "Did you fall in /again/?" She steps past Emi, headed to help Umi out, but stops, astonished, once she finally realizes what it was she saw.

"Hello!!!" Okay, now she's chasing and waving.
Emi Dennou "This one finds that difficult to believe. You are a fairy. Evidence and pop culture suggest that saying hello to a fairy is among the first actions that one should take upon meeting one." She nods a few times, cupping her chin with a hand. "At least in this world. Hmm... Perhaps only The Network can see you. Sometimes fairies can be invisible to most people, but that would suggest this meeting is something akin to destiny."

She pauses, glancing around, catching sight of Saitei--whom she nods to. She watches her head off to help Umi.

"Oh thank you for the--" Umi begins, reaching out--only for Saitei to turn back around and the cover of the dumpster falls on her again. It's the laws of comic timing and cannot be stopped.

"Ah--there, now we have multiple hellos." She nods once, offering a hand, but pauses thinking that might be a bit strange, so she lets it drop and says. "...This one is Emi."
Deelel Deelel often passed through Manhattan now given the state of the arcade? Not to mention a possible DJ job here in Manhattan? She found herself often spending about equal time here int his city and back at the Shard Seeker's base. Either way this day? She's back in Manhattan now and has spotted some of the Dennou sisters. She's not surprised to see them about this city, still it's nice to see some people you do know even if it's mostly in passing. She's not yet spotted Isera, she's not the sort of being that Deelel would expect to be in Manhattan.

"Greetings, it's been a while since I encountered any of the network."

It only now she notices Isera and has not actually seen a fairy of her sort before. She takes a moment just looking at her curiously for a moment longer.

"Greetings to you as well."
Isera Isera is momentarily distracted by a thump behind her. Did the thing close? Isera turns, but Umi has already fallen back in, and remains unseen.

Isera apparently has a lot of energy to keep hovering like that all the time, and carrying the knife around, too. "Well, they didn't. Some people pointed. And I'm not invisible!" Isera looks indignant for a moment, but gets distracted looking from Emi to Saitei and back. They look a lot the same, she thinks to herself, a little uncertainly. And /sound/ a lot the same.

She also thinks Emi is introducing her to Saitei. "Hello, Emi!" she says, addressing Saitei when she says it. "I'm Isera! I was just looking around, I've never been here before and it's way bigger than any of the towns I've been to before. How do they build buildings so high?"

Isera hears Deelel, but is too distracted to respond much. She manages a slightly strange twitch of one wing. It might be waving; it also causes her to drop a few inches before she recovers, lifting back up.
Saitei Dennou They look a lot the same, and sound a lot the same, but Saitei seems a little taller and older. Probably the big sister.

(this is false)

"Cranes," she helpfully supplies; her smile of general childlike wonderment at encountering a 100% real fairy for real acquires, nevertheless, juuuust a tinge of annoyance, but she'd reather extend the joke than correct anything. "This one is Saitei," she adds /even more helpfully/, patting Emi on the head. "Dee, also hello! Everyone's greeted now, right?"

Except Umi. Sorry, Umi.
Emi Dennou Emi glances to Deelel. She tilts her head at her, and then says, "Deelel. It's good to see you again. The Network has found a fairy."

She smiles widely for about 2 seconds then her normal neutral expression returns. 2 seconds is enough for people to understand the emotion she feels upon seeing fairy, she has to imagine.

"You're not invisible." She agrees, nodding to Saitei as she introduces herself. That's right, she thinks, everyone has introduced themselves.

Don't forget about meeee, Umi thinks back.

"Everyone's here." Emi says. "This one imagines you could ask an architect that but it is probably rather complex."

She offers a finger. "..." Perch perch perch, Emi tries to mind control Isera (she has no mind control powers, but she's still trying to use her brain to convince Isera to land).

"The building we departed from is the TWilight Detective Agency. If you are in need of detectives, that is a good place to start, but if you are not in need of detectives..." She pauses. Why would anybody ever not want a detective around? "Well, you can still come by, probably. Is that a knife?"
Deelel Deelel looks at Isera she does notice the wing twitch? Was that a wave? She certainly thinks it was a wave. She waves back and sees that the small winged lady does seem to be pretty focused on Emi. She she has spotted Umi as well but Saitei? She's got her attention more fully at this point. She grins back at Saitei.

"It is good good to see you and yes my name is Deelel. Hello to you as well Emi, and Umi."

she looks the fairy over for a moment before replying to Emi.

"It seems you have as for the blade it be more akin to the buster swords some Shinra SOLIDERs like to use given the size scale."

This Fairy is clearly very strong for one of her people. She does keep back trying to not crowd the fairy however. She's also not looking very threatening though is part of what might be a tattoo on her exposed arm glowing? Yes, yes it is.

"The TDA in my experience are the best in the worlds at their profession you can't go wrong hiring them if your in need of such."
Isera Isera is a little vague on all the family terms anyway. She never needed to use very many at home.

"Cranes?" Isera says. She sounds confused, mostly because she's thinking of the bird. "Well, I guess they could help," she adds, a little doubtfully. "Hello, Saitei! Hello, Dee!"

Isera doesn't perch on the finger. She's ten inches tall; a finger is a little small, though she could probably sit on a hand or a shoulder pretty comfortably. Mostly she seems pretty happy drifting around, because it lets her look at people from odd angles. "It's /my/ knife," she says, proudly. "It's a sword, really. I mean, I say it's a sword. I don't know what a detective does, so I don't know if I need one."
Saitei Dennou "Detectives are for finding out things," or that's what Saitei thinks, anyways. If 'detectives' is what the Network is, she's /really/ not sure what detectives do.

"This one is more of an odd-jobs girl, though, honestly." Extremely odd. Ask Deelel about that business in Brittany Wood, for instance.

"But you, what do you do? You have the look of a" bug "girl on a mission." Saitei leans closer when Isera drifts near, still smiling.
Emi Dennou "A detective helps those that can't get help from anywhere else." Emi nods a few times, crossing her arms. "We're detectives too." IS SAITEI'S WORLD ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED? Nevertheless, Emi is of course brimming with pride and self-confidence at that announcement. She's done maybe like one...two?...cases about finding things out? Okay, usually she's shooting heartless with electricity.

"...We do odd jobs too." Emi adds, pauses, before adding, "That is this one does odd jobs as well. Since we need money. To eat. We don't eat the money, we use the money to get food that we eat."

Something that is totally not Umi thumps around in the dumpster.

"So...we should call it a sword...then?" She adds. "Are you hungry?"
Deelel Deelel knows more about the machine known as a Crane than the bird itself, perhaps someday she'll find out.

"Yes it's a large type of machine used for lifting loads normally used for building things like those really tall buildings you saw earlier."

Isera goes into a bit of an explanation about her weapon, and then asks about detective work. She'll leave that up to the Network as they are part o the TDA it would be rude to steal their thunder after all. Emi then brings up the nature of their own work and the fact she does odd jobs like her sister does as well.

"I admittedly do odd jobs myself, but I'm ... an artist as you might put it more than anything.":

She makes note to just call the fairy's weapon a sword or whatever she prefers.
Isera Detectives are for finding out things. Isera brightens. "Then I need a detective," she agrees. "I need to find out where a tree went!"

This is probably not a very helpful explanation.

"It's not here, anyway, because I'd notice," Isera says, "but I'd kind of like to find it - I was looking for it," she explains to Saitei, still thinking it's Emi, "and exploring. And helping people! So I think I could talk to one. No art though... And yes, you should call it a sword! Knives are little." Isera had a knife, too - one sized for her, actually, though she lost it somewhere along the way.

Emi says a magic word. Isera's eyes brighten. "/Yes/," she says, "I'm hungry! I don't know where to find berries and things here. There aren't enough trees, and I can't buy anything from anyone because I don't have gold with me." How would she carry it? She doesn't have pockets.
Saitei Dennou Trees go? Well, there was that movie with the ring and stuff, wasn't there? Saitei is... /reasonably/ certain it wasn't a documentary, but considering that she is talking to literally a fairy she supposes she shouldn't rule out mobile woods.

But, wait, there's a bigger issue! "Someone ate the berries, this morning," she casts an accusatory glance toward the alley, but the true culprit is of course unknown. "This one remembers there were some plums left, though, would a plum be ok?"
Deelel Deelel says "A special tree and sounds like your an adventuring sort from the sounds of it. Also it depends on the scale of the blade to the person using it. I would surmise."

She also makes note that Isera is hungry but what would she eat she ponders for a moment

"What might you need to eat if I might ask?"

She makes no assumptions given her own origins.
Emi Dennou "...Where a tree went?" Emi says. And then, with a completely straight face, adds, "Did it leave any indication of where it might be headed?" Maybe she's thinking the tree got up and went off on its own as well. "--Or is this a tree you don't know personally?" Perhaps that's why she doesn't know where the tree is. Emi can't speak to trees, but maybe Isera can. "--There is a park not too far from here where there are trees--"

The dumpster thumps again, this time hard enough to pop open. Umi tumbles out, a banana peel on her head.

Emi looks at her finger and then adds a few more fingers experimentally.
Isera Isera looks at Deelel like she was crazy for a minute. She actually turns around in place, wings beating to lift her up higher, so she can look Deelel in the eye.

"Food?" she says, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. To her, maybe it is.

Isera drops back down a moment later. "I am an adventurer," she agrees. "I mean, I wanted to be. And I'm trying to save my home from an evil wizard who turned the oldest tree ever into his castle." This all makes perfect sense to Isera. "So I guess it's going where he wants to. It's not here, though."

Isera's wings aren't really getting tired, but she does tend to perch when she can, and she does now. Three fingers seem sufficient for her to sit on. Isera doesn't weigh a lot - like half a pound, probably, plus the knife. "I could eat a plum," she agrees.
Saitei Dennou Actually, with all the framing bits in place, it /does/ make perfect sense, more or less. To Saitei, anyways. She's busy ooh-ing and aah-ing at the fairy as if she weren't theoretically one of the adults present, but she /was/ the one who claimed to have plums. "A plum! Yeah. This one will bring you some plums, unless you're coming in anyways."

She says that, but she heard that clamor in the alley, and she remembered that there was a Dennou back there. Instead of heading back into the agency, she wanders around the corner to collect Umi, leaving Emi to direct traffic.
Emi Dennou Emi ALSO gives Deelel a bit of a strange look. It's very subtle, that eyebrow has raised just a teensy bit to signal Emi's feelings on the matter, and then it's back down and she's looking at Deelel normally. Of course she just asked Isera if a tree left her a message so maybe she isn't really the best judge of what's weird. Then again, missing trees are pretty strange in of themselves.

"Evil wizard...and it would look like a castle? What does the castle look like?" She asks. "And do you know the evil wizard's name?"

Umi raises her hand into the air, tears in her eyes. "Saitei..." She says. "You came back...for me.... You're the best little sister a girl could want." She is either exagerating the depths of her pain or is an idiot (or both).
Deelel Deelel has to wonder about this tree, it's clearly not a normal tree or perhaps even a type found on this world. Trees were a strange thing to Deelel she'd never really thought about them too much but this Fairy has got her thinking now. What is the deal with trees, seriously what is this deal? This may require her to look for more information on the strange lifeforms.

"It is a fairly large green space has a lake as well too if that's what your looking for."

She frowns as she hears Isera's story this was something to think on.

"Humm this sounds like quite the tree."

With Saitei handling the food issue and Emi has asked about the wizard's name. Given her more recent experience she's become somewhat wary of some of the more high powered magic user she was aware of.
Isera "Hein!" Isera knows that much, but has never seen him, and doesn't know what he looks like. It's hard for her to get information about people sometimes - it's like she isn't very good at asking questions of people and getting answers.

Honestly, at this point she's more interested in the plum. Isera isn't stupid, but she's easily distracted, and she hasn't eaten in... hours. (When you have the metabolism she does, this is a severe problem.)

She decides, "I can come in. But I want to look at the park later, too, and - oh, maybe during the day? It's getting dark..."
Saitei Dennou Saitei pats Umi, gently, or maybe she's just evicting that banana peel and whatever, and helps her along out of the alleyway. "You can hang out, yeah. Probably." Look, if Mercade doesn't mind Saitei crashing on his couch permanently, he won't mind Isera borrowing a cushion for an evening or similar. He probably won't even notice. Probably.

If indeed she remembered to shut the door on her way out, she holds it open for all and sundry, a gracious invitation into someone else's office/home.
Emi Dennou Emi takes note of the name. HEIN. It's an easy name to remember. She can do a proper report up on the board later. For now she adds, "Certainly, you can come in. It is but one of our duties to let people crash in the building without Mercade's permission, The Network assumes that's a methodology that is commonly employed anyway."

Umi beams at Isera. "Fairy...." She coughs out an applecore. How did that get in there?

"...We better get inside." Emi says. "You can come too, Deelel."
Isera "I'm a good flier," Isera objects. "I'm not going to crash." Slang, like several other things, as of yet eludes the fairy. She'll learn. Just not all in one night.

She looks at Umi with interest, lifting off again. The sword/knife/whatever practically pulls her over backwards until her wings really get going. "There are three of you!" she blurts out, after a few moments. "I thought it was just two. - Oh, don't eat the middle of an apple, it's bad for you."
Emi Dennou "Oh no, there's seven." Emi explains. "Ami, Emi, Imi, Omi, Umi, Shida, and Saitei." She pauses for a moment, thinking on the matter. "huh... six...."

"This one's Umi." Umi says, beaming. "And uh-- This one isn't...The Network didn't mean--"

"We meant 'crash' as in, 'staying the night'. It is local slang, The Network provides further education." Emi says. She'll help shuffle people on in.
Saitei Dennou There are seven of us. We're everywhere. The Agency is honestly a little large for a proper shady private eye's office, being as it is in fact the office and living quarters for some eight or ten people, distributed haphazardly around one rented floor of a rather crap office building. The waiting room is where you end up as you enter, obviously, and it's a good place for a bunch of friends to hang out and eat a plum and such.

Somewhere up the hall from it there's probably a kitchen, towards which Saitei has excused herself, while her sisters explain to Isera just how deep she's in it now. "Does anyone else want a thing, this one wonders while she's here?" There might be some pizza left over, or maybe some gyoza, who knows.
Isera Isera immediately feels more at home. A lot of her 'family' (other fairies of the Living Forest) look pretty similar to each other, too. Having an extended family like that is perfectly normal!

She's gonna be real confused once she sees a regular family.

For all her explorations, Isera has never been in a human-sized office before. She's been in homes... small homes, in Tozas. That doesn't count. They're way closer to her size. "Oh," she says, looking this way and that like she was trying to keep track of everything at once.

And then she proceeds to dart off to admire the couch. Sometimes, she's /way/ too distractable.
Deelel Deelel seems tot hink that Isera is in very good hands at this pointn and the basic is smileing at this point she looks over to Saitei at this point. She also looks back to Emi for a moment and grins again.

"Well it seems we got thing well in hand here."

She looks back to the Network for a moment and says "Though is there anything else I might be able to do?"

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