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(2013-08-17 - Now)
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Zeke Days after the... Unpleasentness was dealt with, time enough for things to settle into a new normal a small caravan was headed into Lamia territory.

At the 'trespassers will be bit' sign the man at the lead wagon called for a halt and motioned for everyone else to wait while he went on foot. His party was an odd assortment of dimi-human, human and... they were on horseback rather than chocobo. Where does anyone get horses around here? Seriously?
Synestria In Synestria's case, she slithered to a stop and cracked her neck. "Mmf." She groaned as she started to follow the man when he went forward. It was so much a lazy and casual slither, but she was still bigger than most of the people and the other lamia in the caravan. She looked down to her companion and sighed a bit. "What do you think isssss going on?"
Zeke Zeke chuckled softly and turned to the lady that spoke, "Just out for a walk." There was a brief smile. "Fresh air, excersize." Then a dismissive wave of his hand as he started slowly walking towards Synestria, "But in trueth business and a good market is where you find and make it. I'm not overly picky on the 'what my customers look like' department so long as you're not irredeemable cut-throats, whic you aren't." Then a thumb jerk back to where the caravan was. "I'd figure go ahead see if your people would be interested in doing business before giving the go-ahead since i'm pretty sure a half-dozen wagons with maybe a dozen or so people rambling around won't be looked at terribly kindly."

Strange, why wasn't he afraid of her? Eh after dealing with Heartless a single lamia was nothing to him, especially since she seemed intrested in talking rather than fighting.
Synestria Synestria chuckles a bit. "Good point." She says before looking back at the caravan. "Assss far assss I know I'm not." She then shrugs. 'I wouldn't know about my people. The only reasssson I knew I wassss a lamia when I wassss younger, wassss....well..." And she points to her tail. "having them inssssstead of legsssss made me sssstand out a little."
Zeke Zeke tipped his cap, "Still no reason for the reputation these people seem to have." Beat. He looked thoughtful for a minute. "Then again if most people from a certain color or regin or creed were known as cannibal, like is the case with some tribes where I'm frome finding folk such as yourself willing to try reaching with a hand out likely takes more tha na few off guard."
Synestria Synestria smirks a bit. "Mosssst have a fear of being eaten. I don't eat ssssomeone unlessssss they really annoy me. Humansssss tasssste horrible. Too ssssalty." Shr then chuckles a bit and coils up where she is, resting herself a bit. "Now Chicken.......whew."
Zeke Zeke grinned at the mention of chicken as a food animal, "I'm not a big fan of whole hens, but make it into a soup it's something that'll go a long way and fairly tasty." What? Eating fish can get monotinous. He looked at how the tail joined to Synestria's body and hmmed appraisingly before looking to the coils themselves. "Is there anything you can think of particularly needed around here? Hate to just throw random junk your way if there's something specific you're after."
Synestria Synestria chuckles a bit. "I don't need to eat for another three weekssssss. There are benefitssssss to having a body thissssss big." She then winks. "I can usually eat whatever humanssssss eat, and I prefer it. I jusssst prefer it cooked."
Zeke Zeke nodded, "can't say I'm a fan of raw and I'm fairly sure Miri could get by on whatever she could bring down on her own but I don't see her passing up the chow line."
Synestria Synestria tilts her head. "Miri?" She says before shaking her head. "When I eat, I eat for the whole month, ssssso naturally I eat a lot for that one or two dayssssss." She then settles down onto her coils. "Ssssso.....what do you usually do?"
Zeke Zeke pulled a block of wood from his coat and started whittling on it with a small knife, "Usually sail from port to port, or go from here to there on ship either carting material around, occasionally people, and very rarely hunting for pirates." His voice was soft as he spoke of such things. "It's not nearly as glamerous as most think it is. The sea be hard and harsh, but it has it's own rewards. I'd not ask you to join as you have obligations here lass. However the advantage of my job is I am exposed to enough different cultures that I'm fine dealing with each's own... uniqueness."
Synestria Synestria smiles. "You wouldn't want me to join anyways. if you're out for longer than a month at sea, you'd need another boat for my food." She then shrugs a bit. "besides, I'm a bit large for boats anyways, or, at least, the way I am now."
Zeke Zeke laughed a little, "Aye lass maybe, but ye seem plenty well suited for where yer at right now." He then held up the wood block he'd been carving on and frowned at it. Apparently it was some half-completed bird, but the wood had split. "Still. glad things idnd't go worse than they already did and ye be in reasonable shape. if ye'd wish t'accompany us I've no mind. Otherwise I best be seekin the chief or whoever's in charge here t'see about passage and trade rights."
Synestria Synestria says, "Mostly. If I wasn't able to shapeshift." She then chuckles. "You'd be surprised at how many people still think of Lamia as monsters that should be hunted down and killed.""

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Synestria