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(2013-08-15 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel had promised to the gargoyle a better idea of the nature of the world. So here they are now some time after being digitized once more for Deelel and for the first time for Bro? They'd fond their way to Game Central Station, but it didn't take long for Deelel to lead Bro to one of the more interesting worlds that she had found. Sugar Rush was interesting this 'candy' thing not to mention the whole racing aspect of it was something that appeals to her as well as she got off the tram and made for the entrance.

"Just remember if you get killed here you don't come back...wait ahem never mind that's how it is normally or most outside this world. Ahem but for natives it's a serious thing, at least the users who made them were not heartless they actually get back up."

She seems in good spirits all things considered,as she lead Bro into the sugar rush. Look at that everything and I mean everything is CANDY!.
Brooklyn "I can never bring Broadway here." Is Brooklyn's first comment upon seeing the world of Sugar Rush. He is taking a look around, admiring as much of the world as he can see from where he is, rubbing his muzzle a little bit.

"So Deelel, what's there to do here other than...Well, I'm not even sure. Is a world made out of candy actually edible? I mean you wouldn't think you should eat your world.." He is admittedly a bit surprised at how this place is constructed.
Vanellope From a nearby candycane tree, a small, dark haired girl drops down in front of them, hanging upside down by her knees on a branch, her doe-like eyes wide with shock as she takes in Brooklyn's appearance. "Whoa whoa whoa, what /are/ you? Gosh you are the strangest person I've seen yet! Are those wings? Why is your skin that color? Are you made of licorice?-- And yes you can eat everything, sort of, but I wouldn't exactly recommend it. Bunch of people have been coming in lately, eating all the candy, and then they pass out for a while after a sugar high with swirly eyes like this @.@" she mimics, rolling her hand around her head for added effect.

She drops from the branch then and looks to Deelel. A program she recognizes, sort of, by now.
Deelel Deelel says "We kinda have a bit of a problem with Will, but he didn't try to eat anyone."

Just the terrain and hey umm it re spawned from the looks of it right? She stretches out a little bit and tilts her head.

"Don't look at me it was people from your world that created it mmmm?"

Then comes Vanellope in like batman or something. She sees that the girl's asking question and can't help but giggles a little bit and she gives the young racer a bit of a wave.

"Hello to you too Vanellope. You haven't had more trouble since I have been away, I hope?"
Brooklyn The gargoyle jumps, ever so slightly, when the girl comes out of nowhere dangling from a candy cane tree. He peers at her as she fires off a series of rapid fire questions, and does his best to answer them in the correct order, "A Gargoyle. Yes. Genetics. No."

That all out of the way, he glances at Dee since she seems to know the girl, "I take it the two of you have met. I'm Brooklyn." He offers one of his claws to Vanellope, in the usual handshake fashion.

This scene contained 5 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, Brooklyn, Vanellope