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(2013-08-14 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Ami and Imi Dennou are sort of a mini 'team' as far as The Network goes--sort of like Omi and Umi. Except whereas Omi and Umi have a clear dynamic of one being a goof and the other being serious business, Ami and Imi's is a bit more murky. Nevertheless, if there's anything--it's that Imi tends to be the talky one, and Ami tends to be the quiet one. Ami has found a turtle at some point and is carrying it in her hands. Imi is chatting to Ami about someone named 'Chita', though this is largely just to have something to talk about. The two really aren't very interested in 'Chita' or 'Evja' or really 'rabbit people' in general.

Okay, maybe Ami is a bit interested in rabbit peope, but she suspects they won't let her pet them.

They stop by some street music, turning to watch it.
Saitei Dennou Saitei is not actually the one who's fascinated with rabbit people, that's someone totally different. Saitei is the one fascinated with Dennous and Hyrals. Since the one ran her off already, she's tagging along with a couple of the other today. Pretending to be useful, if indeed there's any use to this particular outing; it's not like she asked.

"What are we doing, anyways, one wonders," she wonders, at a convenient break in the noise.
Emi Dennou "Exploring." Imi says. This isn't very much of an answer but not every day can be life threatening danger, sometimes the just going to new places and taking in the scenery! Or maybe the adventure is just your home life? Okay, adventure can be basically anything. THE TRUE ADVENTURE IS DOING DATA ENTRY.

"You haven't been to New Orleans before, haven't you?" Imi asks. "Isn't the music fascinating? It's so lively, The Network finds it all very festive."

Ami looks at the turtle, then up to Saitei. She looks back to the turtle.

"There is a swamp nearby." She says. The turtle cranes its head and chews the air for a moment.

"The technology level seems to be a bit lower than normal but the public transportation is a lot more exciting when it's a trolley over a subway, mm?" Imi says.
Saitei Dennou "This one likes airships~"

This one is at least sort of positively disposed towards turtles, as well, or maybe just to everything at the moment. New Orleans is a town for enjoying yourself, after all. "The guards talked about Mardi Gras some, but somehow this doesn't seem like the correct town. The world is strange."

Saitei looks at Ami, and then her turtle, and then at Ami again. She's smiling this time, at least.

"Is it on a scale, maybe? More magic, less science? Would it work that way?"
Emi Dennou Imi says, "Isn't Mardi Gras..." She frowns and taps her cheek lightly. They likely haven't been to any Mardi Gras, let alone in New Orleans or Belgium or Brazil or anything like that. But after a moment she adds, "This one thinks New Orleans is one of the places that celebrate Mardi Gras...But that isn't for a few months, isn't it?" She hrms a bit before looking to Ami. "What do you think?"

"This one would like to see Mardis Gras, when there is Mardis Gras. ... but it might be a bit loud."

"A scale...?" Imi hums lightly, scratching at her cheek. "...Maybe. There is a lot of magic in Manhattan, this one thinks. Or at least, there is some. There are gargoyles--ahh, we did not mention the gargoyles to you, did we? Of course they aren't JUST in Manhattan, but a fair number are! This one supposes that maybe they aren't strictly magic, though..." She frowns a bit, now concerned, she doesn't really know much about gargoyles beyond the obvious night-alive, day-stone thing.

Ami smiles back at Saitei. "This one wonders...if worlds in general work like that, but then there's a lot of worlds that seem to have a lot of technology and a lot of magic...? Ah..." She looks at the turtle, then back to Saitei. "Do you wish to hold him?" Where'd she even get turtle.
Saitei Dennou "It's him?" Sure, she'll hold a turtle. "Was he looking for the swamp, maybe?" Who even knows where Ami came up with a turtle. Surely there are turtles around, turtles are actually all over the place, you just never see them unless you're Ami Dennou or a herpetologist.

"Loud is the whole /point/, isn't it? This one heard where it's supposed to be, like, you have to be all good and quiet and pious afterwards. It's for getting it out of your system. Maybe." She's totally read books on this, you know.

"But you're right, it's like half a year off, or something? This one wonders if we should plan for it." She raises the turtle to eye level, perhaps to seek its opinion. "Invite Leida and someone maybe."
Emi Dennou "Probably." Ami says uncertainly. "Maybe?" She hands the turtle off to Saitei. The turtle waddles a bit in Saitei's hands before craning its head around and up at her. It makes turtle noises at her. Turtle turtle. "...And this one guesses so." Ami huffs up her shoulders in a way to suggest that not much ever really gets out of her system. She's like a system sponge. "We um--"

Imi interjects. "We can plan for it, certainly! Would you like to go? We would be happy to go with you." She beams. "Leida? Have you met Leida?" She taps her cheek lightly with an index finger. "--And 'someone'...? Does that mean you have your own friend you'd like to invite? Ooh, let me see if I can think on who that would be..."

She rubs the turtle's shell in deep thought
Saitei Dennou Can you think of it, can you can you? Actually there aren't a lot of candidates just yet, not that anyone is probably prepared to speculate even. "This one doesn't have any of her own yet, she'll have to borrow one," Saitei denies, meanwhile.

Leida would probably be entertaining enough, actually. "This one did meet Leida, too. She had sushi." It's well and good for Saitei to complain to, you know, an outsider about how continually she's feeling things about stuff that she's never encountered herself, but she has yet to raise the issue at any length with the Network herselves. Emi already seemed to be putting herself out a bit over it, after all; she doesn't /really/ want to upset them.
Emi Dennou No bunny men is truly a terrible thing. Nevertheless, Imi rubs her knuckles against her skull and says, "Hmm...Hmm...are you sure? hmm...." She's a bit dubious. Ami looks down at her fingers and doesn't comment--vocally--on the Leida, but she's certainly emitting flusteredness. Imi thinks Leida is adorable, like a puppy! Or maybe--a turtle??

"Did she eat the sushi or do you mean she just happened to have....sushi?" Imi looks around a bit before adding, " do you feel about Leida? Did you get along?"
Saitei Dennou Well but now you've stuck your foot in it. "/I/" it takes Saitei a lot of effort to say, still, but she just sounds smug probably, "don't feel about things, the Network does it for me." That wasn't nice, though, or called-for. "She gave this one sushi. It was good sushi. But she acted a bit like you," she pats Ami on the head, gently, "when 'Dennou' came up~"

The Network probably knows, or at least fears, how much Saitei knows of the relationship. Or perhaps not. She heard where the Network has no shame, after all.
Emi Dennou "Oh? Then it must be confusing for you." Imi says, still smiling (Ami has gone D: about halfway through that first sentence of Saitei's). "We haven't ever reached proper consensus on the matter of Leida." She was voted most likely to bash someone's brains in with a shovel in Dennou High.

Ami is basically a disney princess comparatively. The turtle is bobbing its head along as if it intends to start singing baratone. But Ami never sings, so maybe not quite a disney princess. Her head is pushed down by Saitei, any more and her head might pop back into its shell.

"That's what this one likes about her. She's always so shy and wooby wooby." Imi continues which probably doesn't help matters. "This one can't help but tease and play with her."

Ami says, "Ah..." awkwardly before turning bright red and adding little else. " was the sushi?"
Saitei Dennou Saitei will be honest here. "It was /really/ good sushi. This one almost felt bad, there wasn't anything to give her in return except some cider." The seriousness of this sushi cannot be overstated. Also it seemed like it was really important to Leida, which made its impact all the greater.

"She was shy, too. Worse than you." Still patting Ami. "But you do see how confusing it all is. Don't break her, please."

Also you, Saitei. Don't break her either.
Emi Dennou Imi hrms a bit. They certainly don't want to break Leida, and really it's not quite 'TOY' in their heads either. Really, Leida is something of a ??? for them instead since there is no consensus to begin with. Some are happy boinking, others prefer friendship--none of them really dislike her, but some aren't really sure exactly what to do with her either.

"Hmm..." Imi says thoughtfully to that. "That certainly didn't come from this one." She glances towards Ami thoughtfully before adding, "Well, maybe you were just teasing us before. This one won't--break--her, if that's what you would like us to refrain from doing, then." She looks back to Saitei. "This one can be a bit forceful too." She smiles at Saitei. "But it was very enjoyable, really, to see something come from you in spite of your protests."

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