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(2013-08-14 - 2014-02-06)
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Faruja Senra Faruja is certainly not a coward, at least when it comes to martial matters. Social ones, rarely so. But the heart of someone he loves being at stake strikes fear into even his brave soul. It's taken over two hours of pacing within the Hotel's green room to even get up the courage to pick up his linkshell. Those words were difficult, but he said them.

Flump! Dressed in robes, the rat slumps into a couch. A sigh escapes him, and he trembles, the very fur on the back of his neck up. As it turns out, waiting is even worse than actually putting action to one's worries. After a minute or two, he stands, pacing nervously. From the looks of him, the Burmecian hasn't had much sleep these past few days.
Hati One of the benefits of being a servant of darkness is the werewolf's ability to all upon the portals of darkness that help her move through the worlds. After speaking with Percival and Ramza, she knew that there was little other choice than to speak to Faruja about what had happened, even at the cost of the fledgling relationship between them. Yet, for some reason she could not use her ability to scry on the Nezumi, and that made it much more frustrating to try and track him down.

Once at the hotel, though, it's easy enough to follow his scent. She steps out of the portal onto the roof, sniffs at the air, and then follows the trail to a balcony which she easily drops down onto. One moment, she isn't there, the next, the werewolf is crouched on the edge, precariously balancing on her toes as she looks in.

While he might look haggard from lack of sleep, so does Hati. Her ears are drawn back, her eyes wary. The wolf-girl is dressed in her usual leather jacket, worn over a tank top and a pair of camo-colored cargo pants which seem to complete her 'bad-ass' look. The crossed leather straps of her dagger sheaths show against her shirt, though it seems strange to bring weapons to a meeting with her boyfriend.

she doesn't draw attention to herself at first. The wolf just crouches there, motionless, waiting for him to realize that she's there.
Faruja Senra One ear perks, and his nose twitches. A small smile grows on his muzzle for a moment. Tilting his head backwards, after once again collapsing into the couch, he motions to the wolfess. "Come in, Hati. We are...alone." That red eye of his spots those daggers. His head shakes, and the rat sighs.

"What a fool I am. Betrayed not merely once, but twice, and all within the span of a year. Disgusting." Bitterness rises, anger, and his claws scratch at the couch; leaving marks. Falling silent, brooding, he speaks after a long, awkward minute.

"...Thank the Lord that there were those whom were not so foolish as myself." A deep breath, and the Burmecian stands. Facing the wolfess, he looks her in the eye.

"Hati, I owe thee more than my life. My very /soul/. 'Twas thyself, and the others that lifted this damnable veil from my sight. You were correct all along. I...fah, I should have believed thee. So keen...and even /after/ my foolishness, you yet..." Faruja turns away, sinking claws into the poor couch, mauling it in frustration.

"Damn me for a fool! To so disregard those whom love me most..."
Hati The werewolf hesitates for a moment, then slowly draws her legs down from the railing, taking the first few steps off the balcony and into the room, proper. Something about the way she stands is far too similar to the way it used to be. The first few times she had met him, Hati was like this - wary, distant, hands in her pockets and head tilted, ears back and tail low. It's the posture of a wolf who stands on uncertain ground.

At first, she seems to back up a half-step, as if his initial words were aimed at her. She had betrayed him by allying herself with Ramza and the heretics. She visibly winces when he murmurs the word 'disgusting' with that bitterness in his voice. Her breathing quickens a bit, the ache in her chest making her understand why people would call it 'heartbreak'.

"I'm sorry... I didn't..." And then he continues, leaving Hati to blink and look confused and glassy eyed in the process. Whatever words she was about to say fall silent on her lips. She knows anger. She knows the frustration that comes when you make a mistake so deep that it makes you doubt yourself. "You shouldn't break that, they'll make you pay for it." The wolf murmurs, as if she weren't really certain what to say.

Ears tucked down, the werewolf just watches him for a time, her mismatched eyes full of unfamiliar, conflicting emotions. This is hard. Rather than say anything, she turns to close the balcony windows behind her, her back turned towards him as she looks out into the night. It's easier when she doesn't have to see him, somehow. "I couldn't let you die." She finally speaks, her reflection watching him in the window pane. "It... was worth it, even if you hate me for what I did, working with them. Misleading you. I didn't have a choice. At least... you're alive. That's enough for me."
Faruja Senra His tirade over, something close to sense creeps back into Faruja. Letting the couch be, he turns, gazing at the wolfess as she turns away. Those ears, that tucked tail...he knows that look.

"Hate thee, Hati?" Could he truly hate the woman, even if she /did/ ally with his enemies? Faruja reaches out, trying to forcably turn her about to stare her in the face. "Look at me. Doth hatred lurk in my gaze?" Wetness touches his red eye, giving it a shining quality in the relative darkness. Holding her gaze for some time, he shakes his head.

"You saw the light for the darkness, Hati. You saw truth, where my own gaze beheld naught but lies. 'Twas what /I/ should have seen, not thyself. Never hath I expected loyalty to the Church from thee, my dear." Backing up, he takes her in. His tail flicks lightly.

"Hati, I love thee. With all of my heart. 'Tis unblemished, whatever sins or falsehoods told. A small sin, to erase the far greater one Father Barnabus would have enacted. Thyself...and the Beoulve. 'Twas the right thing to do. You saved myself indeed. Did thee think I meant...Hati. You are not the traitor."

Fwump! Back into the couch. "'Tis those corrupt souls that would twist the Church's true purpose, and set it astray that hath betrayed me, Hati. Not thyself. 'Tis myself that is at fault for not seeing the truth of thy words, for not believing in them. /That/ is the betrayal here." The rat shudders.
Hati Normally, there seems to be little that can get under the werewolf's skin, but somehow this mouse has managed to find a way. It's strange how her heart seems to hover on the edge of a knife's blade, waiting to fall. As his hand reaches out, bidding her to turn, Hati meets the gaze of his eye with worry in her own. Those mismatched eyes of hers seem to search him for the truth, then, she swallows, "No..." She might have said more, but instead, the wolf is left to listen instead.

It's his words that finally pull her ears up a bit, uncertainty showing in her expression as she tries to sort out her own thoughts along with the tumult of his. The wolf is quiet, eerily still, waiting until he finishes to step towards where he sits on the couch.

"You forget. Once, you held a spear to my throat as an enemy, because of what you believed." Her voice is soft, without any accusation to it. "Is it so strange, after seeing you fight Ramza and his people, that I would worry that helping them would find me there again." Hati doesn't come to sit beside him, instead, she crouches on one knee next to his leg. "I wonder if you realize how much you mean to me. How you could crush me with a word if you had it in your heart to do so."

The wolf closes her eyes and leans forward, the motion drawing her chin against his leg and her cheek against his lap. It's strange, but so often, this girl's way of showing such things seems odd to most. "I'm not like you. I don't believe in the things you believe. But I love you, and that's all that matters to me." It's the first time she's said these words to him. For a wolf, words don't mean as much as actions.
Faruja Senra A hand reaches down, gently rubbing the top of Hati's head. "...Only so very recently hath I truly know that, Hati. To put thyself in peril of life, and worse...of /heart/ for my sake. To do that willingly. You would have allowed thyself to be crushed, all for my safety. To have those feelings you only recently have regained for thyself turned to mere ash..."

Wetness falls from his eye, the rat taking both hands to her ears. He holds the wolfess close, possessively.

"...May one day I be worthy of such love, Hati. Naught shall come between us...for this gift of growing love is one that must be cherished. No matter what may pass upon this path we tread...let none wrest us apart. Though thy heart may yet be made of glass, within my arms, it shall be safe. And in thine own, mine. Trust, my dear. We must both truly learn to trust one another, without question."
Hati It seems like a lifetime ago that she had stood on the edge of Traverse Town, watching the refugees of a world which she had played a hand in reaping. Though it did not remain her path, there were many who would still condemn her for the role she played. Right now, this seems as close to forgiveness as the wolf might ever find, though. Her ears lay back, eyes closed, a small rumble in her chest to show her appreciation for the simple touch of someone she cares for. It feels like enough.

After a moment, those mismatched eyes open again, looking up at him, "You are one of the strangest people I know." She muses, and it sounds like such an odd thing to say to someone's profession of love. Yet, the small smile that quirks her lips shows her amusement, "Love isn't something you need to prove yourself worthy of. It's given freely, and should be accepted for what it is." With a nudge of her nose against his hand, Hati leans back and then shifts herself up onto the couch.

The wolf flops beside him, fingers deft as she unclips her daggers from across her chest, sliding them off from beneath her jacket. It's not as if she had expected to use them, but having weapons around sometimes proved useful. They're set to the side, slung over the arm of the couch as she speaks, "I don't need you to pledge your adoration..." Her hand reaches beneath his chin, drawing his gaze up to her own, her head tilted, "This is enough." The wolf touches her nose against his.

"In my world, it isn't about great vows of loyalty. Two people choose one another, and that is the bond we make for the rest of our lives, or the one that falls by the wayside." Her father had broken that bond, and though she might carry some shred of his darkness in her, Hati is not her father. "Besides, I thought that in your world, vows came with dresses and rings." She smirks then, eyes alight, "I don't think either of us are ready for that, and I don't think you'll ever get me in a white dress."
Faruja Senra "...What may one say, other than we nezumi are oft overmuch concerned with our oathes and vows, and other such things." Pausing, the rat smiles, running a hand through Hati's hair.

"Then let the doing of a thing show more than mere honeyed words." Eep! Werewolf nose!

Sliding over enough to give her some room, the rat peers into the wolfess' gaze, gently wiggling his nose against her own. A tear, unbidden, slips down his face.

"Mmm...a vow between two, and naught another. Simple, but...pure, I would say. 'Tis much to be learned from thy people. And, I think, my love much to teach one another." The wolfess has certainly taught him much today!

Arms wrap about the werewolf, the Burmecian holding close. "Then let us work towards building a bond lasting beyond life and time." A pause. Ears light up red. "E...erm, yes. 'Tis a touch early! Ahh, by my people's standards, at any rate. Though a gown upon thee would look most /stunning/! Mayhaps we should go shopping for a dancing gown, hmm?" Slowly, the rat smiles.
Hati Luckily, the werewolf's human nose is a fair bit milder to the touch then a damn lupine one, and she closes her eyes, savoring the touch over her hair, the movement causing her ears to lay back along her head. "Mmm. There's so much I'd still like to learn about your people..." Her eyes do that playful, wandering motion, but the smirk on her lips lingers. Evil, teasing wolf. "I'm afraid all I can tell you of mine are stories." The world of the wolves is lost to something worse than simply darkness, but she'd rather not drag that thought into a tender moment.

Lifting a finger, she gently strokes away that tear from his cheek, looking at him curiously. "What has you sad?" She asks, wondering if there's something that she said or did that might have brought it on. Emotions are still a foreign thing to her, at times.

Then, with a soft laugh, the werewolf just shakes her head, leaning in towards him with that ease that she's always seemed to carry. "Hrmph. You still owe me a night of dancing." Hati notes with a chuckle, "Though I don't think a gown really works well for what I have in mind." The wolf teasingly reaches a finger up, toying along the rim of his ear.
Faruja Senra Faruja does his best to look /dignified/, given the situation. This is a time for being /proper/! Or at the least, not blushing red along the ears and into the face. Such as what Faruja happens to be doing, therefore breaking Burmecian Customary Rule # 87.

"Plenty of time to share such things, my love." Up goes the muzzle! A nip to the ear in revenge!

"But stories are oft the best way to remember a people. The whole of history is a story, though mayhaps we should see to it that thy kinsmen's stories are written down!" Comes the nudge of the rat. Arkie would be proud of the scholarly thought, no doubt.

A small smile creeps into his face. "Sadness? Nay. 'Tis only that we are blessed close to losing so very much. 'Tis a providence I intend to pay fully." More religious talk from the rat, but he means every word, squeezing her shoulder lightly.

Grin. The rat's tail wraps about Hati's. "And a 'test of strength' as I recall. What shall we get thee, then? A sarong and veil?" Teases the rat with a smirk, ending with a shiver as a digit runs along his ear. Leaning in, he buries his face in her neck, closing his eye. Relaxing, he basks in the comfort of the woman he was so nearly lost to.
Hati Breaking the mouse of his incessent need to be proper is one of Hati's ultimate goals in life. If nothing else, people had commented that he sometimes seemed a little less stick-up-the-butt due to her influence, which felt like a compliment. Besides, one more rule to break on her unending list.

The wolf tips her ear back, away from the nip, giving him a small, playful growl in return. With a huff, Hati shrugs her shoulders, "I'm not a very good storyteller. My brother is better with that than I am." At least, that is what she would prefer to believe. Her mother had been the storyteller of the pack, and she had been weak. Weak but... she'd also loved fiercely.

Thoughts conflicted briefly, the werewolf watches him, "You know I don't believe in divine guidance. You were saved by common men and women and their choices." She lets out a breath, a small huff, her usual denial of the things he so fervently cherishes. "I'm a selfish creature." She sways her tail ever so slightly, caught by his own. "If you were someone else, I'd have left you to that fate, but you're not."

Where some others might feel conflicted, Hati states all of this as if it were normal. Even after all this time, there are still aspects of her that marked her as someone who has tread far too close to evil for comfort.

His suggestion on clothes has her smirking, "Is that what turns you on then, my dear one?" She chuckles, rubbing her cheek against his as he leans in, "I'm sure I could find other ways of entertaining you." She teases, and then does something a bit bold. The wolf swings herself over, sitting across the mouse's lap, straddling him with a grin. It's all still innocent, but the intention is there.
Faruja Senra Such denials would boil his blood in other creatures, but in Hati they make him /think/. It seems love and faith rule him equally, the Burmecian's own selfish streak imploring him to hold onto someone that by all rights should be his enemy. But considering what he's seen of his own organization, all the more he's convinced being with Hati is the right choice.

"Mere coincidence, then, that all were so of like mind?" The rat is ever blind to how he's effected people, for better or worse. His tail flicks, and Faruja relaxes a touch.

A brow rises. "Then let us leave the do-gooding tendencies to myself. If naught else, at least /you/ shan't go charging after ever innocent placed before you in dire situations." Pause. "Restraint...hardly would I ever think to look to such a powerful creature as a werewolf to learn such from. Nor that I would be worthy of such an act."

He runs a hand through his hair. "Bah, but listen to me. Recent event have my thoughts upon a most depressing roa..." SQUEAK!

Then, there's a wolfess atop him. His eye is wide, and face is read, going utterly still and stiff for a moment. Then, it all bleeds out. "Oh?" Faruja responds lamely, fishing for a comeback. Instead, he merely wraps his tail around Hati's own.

"Poor, poor me! Caught beneath this horrid, evil seductress! Whom shall come to my rescue!?" Hams up the rat, before leaning up! Smooch~

"And what can I say, skirts and flowing garments are most to my tastes."
Hati Even now, it's all too easy to imagine this story playing out a different way. It's often said that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Maybe she shouldn't push matters by speaking her opinion on his beliefs, but for all her faults, Hati does tend to at least be honest. It is a character trait that made it that much harder to deceive Faruja, even if it was for his own good.

"I can't speak for the hearts of others..." She murmurs, shrugging her shoulders. "But people do tend to be fond of you. It's a malady I have trouble with, myself." Her tail swishes behind her once, a small smirk showing one pointed tooth.

There is no sign of sorrow or regret in Hati's features as she tilts her head, "Depends on what you define as innocent. You know I'm not the sort to let someone harm children, or people who can't otherwise defend themselves." As badly as that first encounter had gone, the wolf had shown some compassion for the young even back when her allegiances still fell to the side of the Shadow Lords. As for the rest... well, it's likely her opinion hasn't changed.

Once she's managed to score her surprise 'attack' on the mouseling, Hati just leans back a little, balancing on her knees as she folds her arms across her chest. "Poor tormented little Templar. I'm sure a girl's affections are the worst thing you've faced recently." She raises her eyebrow at him, mismatched eyes rolling with amusement. Her tail wiggles in his grasp.

"Skirts and dresses may look nice, but they're rubbish for combat, or sneaking, or anything else actually useful." She touches the tip of her nose to his. "I'm not sure I'm ready to let you play the protector yet. You've yet to prove yourself capable of it." Oh, now she's definitely teasing, trying to pull on the rat's pride. "Can't even stand up against a poor little wolf who's just looking for a bit of a good time." There's that smirk again, "You know, they say you'd probably nose-bleed to death before you were able to do anything intimate with a girl. I keep telling them that they're full of it, but..."

Ball is in your court, mouse!
Faruja Senra Lean! Cue smooch to the nose. "Then let my actions ever prove worthy of such affection." A swaying tail is hugged gently, the mouseling looking all sorts of snuggly by now.

"Of course. Hardly would I dangle my heart before a child slayer!" Images of a cat and yarn flood the rat's mind for a second, before he shakes it off. A hand goes to his chest.

"A trial and tribulation for the historybooks, the whiles of certain lupine beings! Why, 'twas all of my will to not throw myself at their feet and beg for their affection!" Hams up the Burmecian. Grin. His attitude's certainly swung around thanks to the words of the wolfess.

His own nose wiggles, pressing back to Hati's own. "Hmph! Some manage it! I once saw a Cleyran dancer fight off a thug. It was...well, let us say all of the males about were walking bowlegged in sympathy for a week." Wince.

Then comes the blow to his pride. For a moment, he deflates, before his chest puffs up. Arms warp around the wolfess' waist, and he sweeps her into his arms as he stands, spinning. Leaning her back, his muzzle is not but a breath away. "Such horrid gossips you listen to! A /Templar/ would naught shirk from any challenge!" Grin! Leaning in, he presses a deep kiss to her mouth. Hopefully Hati has plenty of air in her lungs for this one!
Hati Hmph. The wolf twitches her nose, the gesture seeming all too lupine, followed by a quick brush of her muzzle against her forearm with a puppy-ish expression. It's strange how certain types of affection seem to come naturally to her, while others make her flush like the girl she is beneath the wolf's clothing.

"I don't know. I think the heart of a Templar would be good bait if you wanted to catch someone that evil." There is a quick, wicked little lick of her lips and a flash of fangs before Hati laughs, unable to keep up that joke without a smirk showing through.

As he begins to ham it up, though, the wolf lays her hands on his chest, ears cocked in different directions. "Last I checked, I was the one who was begging for affection. You're a bit blind sometimes, especially to things right in front of your nose." She chuckles, blowing a bit of air across his muzzle to move some hair away from the bandaged side of his face, "Then again, I suppose I can forgive that."

There's a split second where she seems to sense that she might have said something wrong. It's just that instant when he seems to take her words seriously, and she's just about to lean in to offer some reassurances when he scoops her up. "Ack!" The wolf flails once, clearly not used to such things, but then settles when his muzzle comes close to her lips. Ears tucked, the expression on her face is nothing short of adorable. Meep!

"I don't give them much credit, to be honest. I have every intention of testing your stamina for myself." The wolf offers in that sly tone of hers, all too willingly accepting that kiss, closing her eyes and sliding her hands up along his neck.
Faruja Senra Faruja's own ears waggle, the rat looking both amused and utterly adored of the wolfess before him.

"At times, my dear, you are utterly adorable." Grin! Cue a rub of her head.

The ratling nods swiftly in agreement, at least until he sees the smirk. He resists the urge to muss up her hair for it! "/You/, are also utterly shameless. And never would I ask it to be otherwise!" She's attractive for just how /opposite/ she is.

The ratling's face falls briefly. "...A fact that I am learning all too well. Mmm. No matter, such betrayals shall be...nevermind. Not here." A shake of the head.

His own hands do a bit of sliding themselves, the rat letting go for once. After a while, he breaks the kiss. He's forced to take a breath, the skin beneath the fur flushed slightly.

"Ahh, then it seems I have much to prove! Hmph, the stories of my stamina shall resound within their ea..." Pause. Faruja's brain kicks back in, and he coughs lightly. "Erm...mayhaps spoken at a polite volume instead."

How to banish the awkward? Smooch! Another kiss for the dear wolfess.
Hati "I'm a wolf." Hati replies. A simple statement with a small smile and an incline of her head. "We may look cute, but there's fangs and claws hiding beneath." She ticks a claw-tipped finger and gives it a little waggle underneath his chin. Many people have underestimated this girl, and many have paid for it dearly. She doesn't bother denying the fact that she is shameless in some ways, though sometimes she certainly does show a softer side.

The kiss, though, is something else entirely. It's heat and tenderness and passion and longing rolled together. A thousand mixed up emotions that seem to be portrayed so much easier through the physical than in words. Her hands cup behind his ears, fingers tickling along the fur of his cheeks, her mouth having to search for just the right way to move. There's an undercurrent of inexperience there, but she seems a quick learneras any ghost of it quickly vanishes.

When he draws away, though, there is the faintest of whimpers from the wolf. Her mismatched eyes search his expression, head tilted. "Just be careful who you boast to. I'm not sure my brother would care to hear tales of your... 'stamina'." Hati chuckles, returning this kiss with a quick response of her own, "Besides, I it more polite to keep such matters more... private anyways." Her eyes seem wicked once more. "I'm not to be some bar-room tale of a your conquests."

The wolf gives his robes a tug, leaning back a bit, her eyes giving a look towards the bed. Her intentions are clear enough, though one eyebrow is raised, wondering if he'll actually take that invitation.
Faruja Senra "Cute, /and/ dangerous. Just the sort I love." Grin! Faruja finds himself leaning into the waggling finger, before he stops himself. More pressing matters at hand!

After much physical negotiation, roaming hands, and gently rubbing claws, the ratling too pulls back to stare into those mismatched eyes of the wolfess. The ratling's face pales slightly. ", my, my. No doubt Ser Ulfang would beat me soundly for such! Why, I could not imagine my own sist..." More color drains from his face. "Or mayhaps I can, much to my own dismay."

A brow rises. "Nay. 'Conquest'? I prefer 'Dearest love and friend' to a mere...dalliance. We Burmecians are /gentlenezu/, not drunken louts. Usually."

Tugged robes, and the rat pauses. There's a moment's indecision, before he takes a deep breath. Slowly, he smiles, and draws the wolf to the bed. There are no words from the rat, only passion, and truest feelings.

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