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A Viera's Revelations
(2013-08-13 - 2013-08-14)
The strange male Viera Mercade helped rescue in Fluorgis meets with him in the Cloud Nine, where he tells Mercade some surprising things.
Mercade Alexander The Cloud Nine is quiet this time of evening. It's too early for the late night bar and dinner crew, but too late for lunch. Not that anyone can tell easily in Traverse Town, considering it's always dark here.

Mercade himself is having an early dinner, relaxing and shifting his attention between his Ma Belle, which displayes an information feed, and a crumpled note. He frowns at what he sees, getting a thoughtful expression on his face as he considers what happened. Shadow is not an insignificant mercenary to run into in this situation, and he was surprised to have the situation unfold the way it did.

Nevertheless, he had left the mysterious Viera safe in an inn room with information on how to contact him and the circumstances in which she was rescued from. Mercade wanted to speak with them at a future time when they were... comfortable.
Chita Coincidence, perhaps, that it was now that said Viera actually made an appearance. The door to Cloud Nine slipped open and inside walked Chita, though they had never had a chance to give Mercade their name. Or, for that matter, even really speak to them. It was only the note and a faint memory of things that happened which gave him any indication of who had seemingly saved him from such.

As chance would have it, said detective was seated in plain view and eating, not many others around.

" are Mercade, yes?" One had to ask. The Viera's voice was soft, definitively male and not the false female voice Evja used to put on wherever they went.
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks over as the Viera arrives. Huh. Speak of the devil. Well. Viera, at least. He isn't sure how much devil is involved yet. "Hey there." He says, holding out a hand in greeting. "Name's Mercade Alexander, of the Twilight Detective Agency. I sort of ran into a ninja trying to carry you off the other day in Fluorgis. Are you all right?"
Chita "It would be a lie I am all right, but I am well enough to get by, so... if that is good enough?" Chita steps closer before finally sighing softly and looking around as if expecting others to be there. "There is no need to introduce yourself. I was simply making sure it was you, from behind I was unsure. You... know me all too well after all."

Awkward silence from the Viera's part before he says softly enough, simply enough, "The contract with Hades... is no more."
Mercade Alexander Mercade hums, looking away for several moments. "You know, you look a lot different when you're not disguising yourself." He chuckles. "Though I suppose that's the point." He looks up at the ceiling for several seconds, thinking, and then looks back. "So, Evja." Mercade says, arching an eyebrow. "I thought Viera males were absurdly rare. You'd be the first one I've known." He rubs his chin. "It explains a lot. Like this." He reaches over and pushes the work note towards Chita. "Looks like there's some people who want you alive for various reasons."
Chita "..."

That was the response? Remarking he didn't look female when not trying? "I suppose... that is true. After all, I spent nearly half my life hiding something as basic as that, so I am... ... was quite adept at it." sigh. Oh well. Mercade didn't seem to be trying to attack him or pulling out weapons or screaming, so if nothing else, that was good. "And yes, they are. Liken it to albinism in Humes, or other creatures. That said... I know I deserve no amount of pity or consideration from you, but please... do not bring the Viera or any one else into an ordeal with me. I mean none harm and wish them no harm, but I refuse to be forced back into that life."
Mercade Alexander "Is that what this is all about?" Mercade replies, and then studies Evja intently. "What is it that you are expected to do besides ensure the continuation of the species?"

He shrugs. "Honestly, I have no intentions of forcing you to do anything. You're more than capable of making your own decisions for your life. I'm curious about the truth of your situation, however."
Chita Chita shakes his head as he moves to take a seat next to Mercade, "It is not that I am expected to do anything so much as that... males are rare, as you know. The older Vieran ways mandate that the womenfolk protect males at all costs. Those who follow the old ways aggressively, religiously... will not allow deviation from this if they can help it. I do not hold them at fault for it, I am well aware of what I was born into, and I even understand why they wish to protect males. However..."

There he paused as he looked down at his hands, thoughtfully, "I cannot live that life. Yet I would not hurt others simply to keep my freedom."
Mercade Alexander "So that's what it boils down to. Some of them want you to stay there and... continue your species, while you prefer having your freedom."

Mercade nods. "You know... If you just told us this in the first place we'd have given you help."
Chita "Outside of my old clan and the Judges of Fluorgis... only a handful of others knew, those that I trusted or somehow found out by accident. Besides, up until I found a way to break the contract with Hades, I was being forced to try and kill you. Why would you help me when in this very building I have been called a liar in that I did not want to harm you?" Chita turns to look towards Mercade, expression a mixture of uncertain and frustration. "Not to mention you can hardly claim the majority of the people you associate with are clear-minded and reasonable. Most jump to assumptions and refuse to budge when told otherwise."
Mercade Alexander Mercade picks up his drink, just soda, and takes one while Evja speaks. "There's a big difference between being forced to and wanting to." Mercade looks over to Evja. "Even then, I would have helped you if you asked for it. But that's besides the point." He arches an eyebrow at the judgement of the Judge. "I can see where you're coming from. Sometimes they make decisions that make me wonder."

He sighs, then. "But the fact of the matter is that the problem is solved. You figured out a way to get out of the problem, for better or for worse." He looks over Evja again, thinking... Before he says quietly. "It must have cost you dearly."
Chita Chita's eyes close for a long moment as he listens and finally he responds with, "More than I know I think, but any price for a life is worth it, excepting more lives. If you wish to demand punishment upon me for what I was brought to do through Hades' contract, I will not fight against it. I had come to conclude I would likely forfeit my life when I next met Hades and informed him I refused to carry out the contract. Even now, perhaps having been forced to pay something more dear than just such... I have long since come to accept whatever happens to me because of my mistakes, no matter the intent I had when they happened."
Mercade Alexander Mercade actually laughs at that. "Punishment? Whatever for, Evja? You've done nothing to me that I haven't done to myself. You've chosen a path. I'm not going to get in your way about it." Mercade shakes his head and makes a dismissive gesture. "Don't worry about it... Don't sell my friends short either. If you explain things to them, you'll probably have a chance to rebuild bridges if you choose to. Either way though... At least you have your freedom, right?"
Chita "I have tried before."

And he had. Many times with many people. Much to the same effect. "And I suppose I do. Though what is freedom when I cannot walk freely in my own land again without fear of conflict with the others of my race. Hades... tore something from me, possibly part of my heart or soul. I do not know. But the result left me unable to deceive another for the rest of my life, or myself. I am unable to lie, to deceive anyone myself included. And apparently I have also been damned to wander eternally after I die. Still, you are safe and given I saw you somehow obtained a keyblade... I care even less the price I paid save that you are safe. You will be able to save many worlds hopefully, and that is worth far more than me or anything I have attached to myself."

The Viera finally opens his eyes and straightens up to stand, turning as if to leave. "I should leave before someone sees me and attacks me. The last thing I wish for is conflict at this time. Please be safe. You are important to us all."
Mercade Alexander Mercade grimaces as Evja describes the horrible price he paid for his freedom. "You will find a way to live in peace eventually. I appreciate your sacrifices on behalf of yourself and others, though." A horrified look crosses his face when he hears Evja is doomed to wander. "That's... terrible. I don't think I could understand how that even works." He looks down, frowning. "Regardless... If you come under attack, I will assist you if able. Just be safe, and try to find a place where you can life in peace, all right?"
Chita "A place where I can live in peace? Perhaps I confused you. I have no intention of ceasing what I have been doing. I still plan on wandering where I can and helping as many as I can. Until such a time as I become unable to or the Heartless threat vanishes, I will be doing just that. How well I may do it I am unsure. I have been... weaker since the encounter with Hades. Perhaps it is all in my head. Regardless..."

Awkward silence. "...thank you for rescuing me from the bounty hunter." And with that, he walks back out the door, not quite sure what to say further at that point and still feeling quite socially awkward without being around others that he knew in a females garb.
Mercade Alexander "Hmm." Mercade hums to himself as he watches Evja leave. "Well..." He turns back to his meal. "Can't fault him for tenacity." He chuckles to himself, and gets back to his food. The weirdest things always seem to happen when he's eating.

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