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(2013-08-13 - Now)
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Aeschere Childs It's so nice to have a routine to fall back on, now. The, the, the /normality/ of it is wonderful, in a way Aeschere would never have imagined a few months ago.

The relative normality.

Her assignment (punitive, in retribution for charging airfare to Archades to Minette's purchasing account) is currently an audit of that same purchasing account, to verify that none of the other hundreds of thousands of gil were spent by interns with ideas. She hasn't protested; it gives her a fine excuse to keep her head down in the office, instead of taking up That Issue with Akari.

Truth be told, besides, she's rather enjoying not being on a deathmarch across some desert or another, too. It's not as though she has to think about this stuff, either, right? Just read the numbers, write the numbers, read the numbers, write the numbers, read the numbers, write the

"Ashes." She reaches for a tissue and the white-out, and rights her ink jar.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza Ingersleben likewise enjoys routines. Despite being the natural, adventurous nature of the blue mage, and more importantly, her mobile (and often dangerous) job as a Murasame Zaibatsu scout and surveyor--Thirza often times is just as happy to have a nice place to come home to. Part of this tendency comes from how she was raised: her family in Shiva was nothing if not mundane. The bigger portion of it comes from what she lacked--the comfort of a steady income and the security of knowing that there was very little chance that one wouldn't be out on her backside when she came home one day.

But speaking of backsides, Thirza's large one leads her in as the Shivan pushes the door open with it. Her hands are presently filled with a box of assorted "office necessities" requested by Minette. At least half of these are necessities are junk food, but for Minette, perhaps this is necessary. She stops, halfway through the door, when she encounters Aeschere.

"Oh, hi," Thirza says, already reddening a bit. "Sorry to interrupt, I should have knocked first. I'm Thirza." There's a moment of her attempting to get a hand free enough to extend to Aeschere. It doesn't go especially well, so she tries the other one without much success either.
Aeschere Childs Aeschere is a tiny girl, dwarfed by the book she's balancing, even moreso since she's trying to stem the flood of red before it wipes out something meaningful. She looks up at Thirza's entrance, briefly panicked; relieved, once she sees that it isn't Mina, but she's still here with her hands full of kleenex, looking like something exploded on her desk.

"Thirza, hi! I, ah, a moment." She shoves the ledger to the far end of the desk, and plants both handfuls of tissue on the ink spill on her way around the table, to help the blue mage with her load. "Hi," she repeats, and attempts to guide the box down somewhere other than onto the mess. "Um, if Mina said it, I don't know, I'm Aeschere. Thanks for these."
Thirza Ingersleben "You're welcome!" Thirza says happily. "It's nice to meet you, Aeschere. Minette's told me a bit about you, but I'm out in the field so much that I haven't had a chance to come by and meet you yet. "Are you alright?" Thirza asks, looking carefully at at the desk. She pushes her glasses up--they were dangerously close to the edge of her nose--once her hands are free.

"Do you, um, like it here, so far? I hope Minette's been treating you well."
Aeschere Childs The desk has had worse, particularly since Chera's been occupying it. A few sheets of scratch paper were the only actual casualties of this mishap; the bound book has too many inkblots on its binding to count already. "I caught it quick enough, there's no harm," she assures the shivan, gathering another handful of kleenex before she leaves handprints somewhere.

"Minette, as long as I don't wreck her accounts, she's fine, sure. I'd hunt rats for my lunch if she hadn't brought me in to hunt missed debits." The little lancer sounds reasonably happy with the arrangement. "This thing, though, she made some work for me since, ah, I drew some advance pay, it's like that."
Thirza Ingersleben "Ohhh," Thirza says, "Yeah, Minette is really strict about people's spending," Thirza starts to say 'but not her spending', but catches herself. "I'm glad you found a job here, though that sounds a little scary." Thirza tugs at her hair nervously.

"Rats? Really? Well, I don't think I was ever in a situation that bad...I'm glad you got a job here." Thirza pauses. "Did you buy something nice?
Aeschere Childs "I bought passage to Archades," Aeschere answers, perhaps reluctantly. "A friend, I had to see her for something. I'll pay this for that happily, though."

She shrugs. "It wasn't, I starved, or anything, Akari just thinks I should go stride the plains with her, instead, do you know, of sleeping in beds or eating things I didn't myself run down."
Thirza Ingersleben "Ohhh, well, I'm glad you got to see your friend," Thirza says, sounding as though she's not judging Chere for it. "I hope it went well!"

Thirza tugs at her hair a bit once again. "Oh," she says, "Yeah, I've heard Akari is really violent. I'm not sure I could spend that much time with her. Foraging isn't /that/ bad though, there's some really good game out there." A pause. "Well, kind of good." Another pause.

"Well, I think it's good, at least."
Aeschere Childs That connects something for Chera. "You scout, that's right. I might work with you, later. Or sooner, maybe. Mina'd disown me if I actually wrecked that thing." She gives the inkwell a long appraisal, and moves it further from the valuables.

"I, our line was bounty hunting before I came here. Is still, I guess, though we've done none lately." Hmph. "I don't wonder that Akari boils over." Idly, she pokes through the snack assortment.
Thirza Ingersleben "Yeah. I've got training in geomancy and blue magic, it works really well for scouting. I always get so confused up here on the ship though, I get so used to relying on geomancy to orientate myself." She laughs at the inkwell, perhaps a little nervously. "Yeah, Minette's really protective of her things."

"Oh? Your family were bounty hunters? That's neat. Do you like it?" Thirza asks, showing genuine curiosity. "I've never met a bounty hunter before."
Aeschere Childs That... isn't actually what Aeschere meant, it looks like, but it's intriguingly close! "No, my... well. Father contracted for Odin's army before he got tenure at the Academy. M-- ...mmm, and he met Lexi there. Mercenaries /basically/ hunt bounties, don't they? On a larger scale, just."

She waves the distinction off. "Anyways, did you study under him, maybe? Professor Childs? He still had the regular classes when I was small." Erm. "Young, rather."
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh! That's your dad?" Thirza says, blinking. "I um, well, I heard of him, but I never had any of this classes. I was only at the Academy for some of my last years in family didn't have the money to send me there until I was recruited by Murasame as a 'special talent' or something like that." Thirza shuffles her feet a little.

"But I heard a lot of really great things about him." Thirza smiles. "What is it you studied, Aeschere?"
Aeschere Childs Aeschere makes a face. "Oh, /everything/, I studied it. I qualified in close combat and, ah, life magics." 'Life magics' is more like what she said, with all quotes and everything. A clear euphemism.

A full foot shorter than Thirza, too, she invites, nay, /demands/ comment on her choice of major. "Father swore he'd forge a blade of me, I suppose. I would've hated to disappoint." Sigh. "But that doesn't matter now. I suppose."
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh, I don't know," Thirza says. "it sounds like he made sure you were ready to tackle anything--I mean, you've made it this far, haven't you?" Thirza smiles, tugging at her hair-tie again. She talks a little into her earpiece here and there, then looks embarassed.

"Uh, sorry, I haven't heard from Alma in a while. It sounds like you got along well with your dad?" Thirza asks, maybe a little hesitant.
Aeschere Childs Aeschere seems as hesitant to reply. "...he raised me well," is as far as she's willing to go at the moment. Well, no, actually, that's not fair. "Got me into the Academy, and kept me in. Sure." It seems like maybe that wasn't the case.

"What stories, then?" She seizes on a thread from chatter in the hopes of avoiding what appears to be a difficult issue for her.
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh...about me?" Thirza blushes a little bit again. "I had a bad habit of being too friendly with dangerous monsters when I'm out in the field..." Thirza admits, hesitantly. "Like the one time I tried to hug a cactuar...that's the most common one."

Thirza goes quiet for a minute, then. "It was just so cute, I couldn't help myself!"
Aeschere Childs Aeschere favors Thirza with that look reserved for people who admit to hugging cacti recreationally, and eventually mutters something about blue magic.

Moving on, though. Somewhere in that box of snacks was surely a packet of chips, and Chera is now munching one. "Thirza so, you found your place, I think then. I, just, I'll remember that I'm glad I don't have that talent."
Thirza Ingersleben "Yeah," Thirza says, sitting down with a thump. "Like, I studied geomancy for a long time, and I guess I'm good at it...but I wasn't really exceptional. Apparently though I'm really, really good at blue magic? I just wish it wasn't so painful to learn."

Thirza goes quiet for a little while, then adds.

"I don't know how Haneisuru does it."
Aeschere Childs "Cheerfully," replies Chera, after too little thought. "I do know, I mean, /how/ to do it. I know how two schools of geomancy separately are done, I can't do any, just." She shrugs.

"I suppose that, at least, if I need a mountain moved I have Akari."
Thirza Ingersleben "Yeah," Thirza says, "I guess that does explain him pretty well." She laughs. "And right. There's a lot of theory involved--I was generally okay at it, but not great." After a moment. "You seem really smart, Aeschere, if you don't mind me saying."

She laughs, maybe nervously. "Yeah, that's what I've heard...Akari scares me a little, and I've never met her."
Aeschere Childs She seems that way but she hangs around with Akari, willingly. Maybe she didn't have much room to be looking at you funny for hugging a cactrot. "She stomps around here somewhere right now, I'm sure, unless she got jettisonned." Again. Aeschere doesn't seem to think that'd be a bad idea, which might seem odd depending on which batch of rumors you've caught.

"Maybe sulking over Alma still."

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