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(2013-08-12 - 2013-08-15)
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Deelel Deelel has been meaning to show Isaac things in her world first, though she was feeling whimsical at this point. So they hadn't headed to the Flynn OS yet, she wanted to show him the old world as she feels Isaac could enjoy it after all. he was quite the tech head so they'd gone via the Shinra who had kept their end of the agreement as Deelel's work with them had proven profitable between them. She'd waited for Isaac to get digitized she had to wonder how he'd feel about that and soon she would follow. In the old school silver suits Deelel made a face as she got one of those damn helmets, she was vain about her hair and so this always left her grumpy. It didn't have the means to display it properly.

She still would be in a good mood as she's lead Isaac once he recovered away on quite the tour of the Wise OS, she wondered though how did the maker of this system get their copy of the original? She didn't like to think about that too much. After all as a being who could be easily copied and altered? It just could be something hard for her to take given? She's seen things her kind perhaps were never meant to understand. A few strokes on the keyboard had a different meaning to her.

"So Isaac, I have to ask what do you think? This is ... my world ... by my use I think it's in how we count time over a thousand years ago if not more. It's hard to tell the time but it's really old, still it's pretty..."
Isaac Hanlon Getting digitized felt... fuzzy. Especially in regards to his stuff. He appears in the Wise OS as he normally does: collared shirt, dark slacks, robot arm, badass longcoat. The arm looks a little bit... blocky, though he's not sure why. It has a few white lines running through it where wiring would normally run beneath. It looks kind of cool, in an old-school sort of way. He doesn't think he's lost any feeling...

Still, going through the Wise OS is a new thing to him. He feels a certain amount of awe, being on the Grid; he's a techhead and a computer geek at heart, and being /inside/ one is just totally surreal. It isn't the strangest place he's been, though, not by far. He doesn't let that thought ruin the experience.

"It's pretty awesome," Isaac replies, hands in his pockets and looking out on the world. "In the old sense, of 'inspiring awe'." He's quiet for a moment, taking things in. Then, he glances to Deelel, a wry grin on his face. "Though I gotta say, it's taking a lot of restraint not to try to mess with something."
Deelel Deelel sees Isaac is different here more so than anyone else she's been here with? She chalks it up to him being a wizard but his arm gets her attention. She looks at his arm understanding that its' not a gauntlet like she's one of the few other actual Wizard's she's encountered. She is quiet as Isaac speaks on the grid and his self control.

"I'm thankful you can. I understand the temptation to do as such. Your control is appreciate my friend."

Yes the program considers you a friend Isaac, doom someone is getting attached to you.

"It is, it's ... a wonderful place even if it's a bit not my speed anymore since I have my mind restored. So there were some things I needed to talk to you about, things I have run into. It may sound strange but it was in a dream Isaac. Normally my kind can dream but not in the same way. I saw things I'd never seen before and it stuck with me after I woke. There's a lot to talk about I think, but it may be best to show you..."

Show him part of something she had a dream about?
Isaac Hanlon Isaac quashes the urge to advise Deelel against even being friends with him. It's a dark thought, but one that has to be dealt with, these days. He's lost more than a few. He doesn't want to get anyone else in trouble from being around him... but if he just cuts all ties, then he can't do anything to stop it. Kind of a Catch-22 on his end of things.

Instead, he just says, "No problem."

He glances around, checking to make sure they aren't being watched. Then, he looks back at Deelel. He raises an eyebrow. "'Show me?' Did you dream about a place on the Grid, or do you mean something else?"
Deelel Deelel has no idea what Isaac's been through, though she knows what a distracted God can be like, if she knew the truth of Isaac's world it would horrify her perhaps more than anything she'd ever know. She wouldn't care Isaac is a friend and she's bullheaded like that just as LEXUS about that. She grins a little bit unknowingly at Isaac.

"Yes show you, well we might need to do it outside of here or back on Flynn. Basics have perfect memory recall and well? My disc? It can access my memories directly from there if I need to. To put it simply it keeps Flynn OS's legal system very very simple. Security checks the disc at the time indexes of the crime to see if you did it."

She seems amused about that.

"No places I'd never seen, I saw ... three Keyblade knights fighting someone, I didn't know them, and more...wait, what's that."

Deelel pauses for a moment as she spots something, a program moving by who has the wrong colour of circuit lines not even yellow a slightly sickly green.

"Isaac that will have to wait, see that basic? They look to be viral, look I don't care if SARK and MCP have a lot of power here it's like letting heartless lose come on, we need to see what's going on."

Deelel points in the direction of the program, and she's starting to move after him. The Program has somehow not noticed the pair and they might have a chance to get him before he can really bolt.
Isaac Hanlon "...huh. That... makes more sense than I thought it should," Isaac says, slowly.

"I mean, if the disc is a digital storage medium for a given Program, that'd have to be where everything is. Having a way to plug it in and check out the contents would only be a natural extension of that. And I guess computers are pretty orderly," he murmurs, "so a swift and efficient justice system makes sense, too..." He trails off in thought.

A few seconds later, he looks back up, shooting a sharp glance at Deelel. "Three /Keyblade/ knights? Are you --" He stops, glancing to the side at the moving Program. Something /does/ feel off about him, now that he's looking. "-- right."

Isaac turns and starts after Deelel. He hopes she knows the first rule of stalking someone: don't let them know you're stalking them.
Deelel Deelel says "Yes I am sure they had keyblades and armour like I never seen. I'll show you later Isaac,"

She moves along and she does she's making fairly casually as she goes like she knows where she's going, which she does, also she's right on the virus' tail too at this point. She seems to be doing all right with this as she moves after the strange viral program.

She looks back at Isaac and speaks casually with him about some pointless subject just in case they are overhead

"So what was a real fun time at the end of line, we should go there together again, don't you think?"

The program ahead of them moves on and has somehow not noticed the pair they are in place to strike if they can keep this up a little longer.
Isaac Hanlon As it turns out, Isaac's stealth specialty is in social camouflage.

"Oh, yeah, definitely. The wait was bad, but it was totally worth it once we got in the front door. Did you catch the names of the DJs? They had some pretty great mixes I'd like to track down." He's totally casual. He stands out a little bit because of his somewhat outlandish clothing, but the stuff he's talking about and all his body language make up for it.

He tries to get a closer look without tipping their hand as they close on the infected Program. Maybe there are some tells. Or maybe he can tell if it's armed, or carrying anything but the standard disc. "So, what d'you want to do tonight?" He glances at Deelel and then the infected Program. It is pretty clear he means 'what do you want to do about /that/.'
Deelel Deelel says "I did, we can talk to them later and yes they are amazing. I still think I'm better though."

Pride darn right she has it at least over issues she was made for, and perhaps the thing's she chose herself to do. She moves along acting causal but then again they came from the End of Line, tis a strange nexus point of digital reality that place.

Isaac is able to get to see something that the program is about to turn down an alley. This might be a chance to move after them without much chance of the local guards noticing them.

"I'm feeling like hunting for a nice little place to get some energy still. I think I could use some I over did it dancing."

Deelel is moving to duck into the alley along with Isaac they will have to move fast, if they do and only now is the Program getting a hunch he's being followed but well? Isaac has his opening.
Isaac Hanlon Deelel is allowed her pride. While Isaac has his own, he's actually pretty humble, given the things that he can do. He's repaired damaged and broken souls and asked for nothing more than a thank-you, and in some cases, not even that. He doesn't think the things that he does are incredible unless he's playing up the idea that someone /else/ thinks they are.

Like, for instance, Exhibit A: His method of apprehending a virus.

Isaac steps into the alley after Deelel. He slides a flat black pane out of his pocket, rimmed in white -- the Grid appearance of his tablet. He flicks his finger across it to turn it on... and nothing happens.

Isaac glances down at it, frowning. He hits it a couple more times. Nothing. He can't feel the enchantments he's laid on it, either. It's just... inert. He mutters a little and sticks it back where it was, gesturing with his real hand and uttering a few seemingly nonsensical syllables. Isaac scrapes one foot across the ground, hard.

There's a very slight distortion in the air behind the infected Program's feet, and near Isaac's foot. A pulse of kinetic energy, nearly invisible, flickers between him and the backs of the Program's calfs. It is pretty explicitly aimed to knock it flat on its back.

It's also about the only thing Isaac can do without a proper foci. He'll have to work on that.
Deelel Deelel would be stunned if she knew everything that Isaac done. Still Isaac is a good man and she does know that much, however there is the virus as they move after him. Deelel is keeping up with Issac and she looks to her friend poking his pad. Okay lets not think it may have a world like this in it. There are too many damn layers to reality she's finding as of late. Okay she sees him doing something something pretty strange the Program is about to try to break into a run as the pair close in but? Isaac's trick works and wham the viral program goes flat on his face dropping what seems to be a small chip like device of some sort.


is the virus only reply as it tries to get up but well being flat on his back has not left him in a very good situation.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac's tiny spell works! Well, 'tiny.' It's kind of cool, but he does way more intricate things.

He runs into the alley. Rather than go for the virus -- which he leaves to Deelel, because she's got the actual weapon -- he goes for the thing he dropped. He does another quick casting of the same spell, bouncing the device once in his direction and then snatching it up. He holds it in his hand, glancing between it, the infected Program, and then to Deelel.

He leaves the final fate of this guy to her. He's not a native. His first reaction is to just destroy it, but...
Deelel Isaac is able to get the item, whatever it is? It's important from the looks of it either way the virus doesn't seem to happy but isn't saying anything as Deelel looms over him for a moment her eyes narrow at him as she goes for her Disc, she doesn't like this as she likely knows what she has to do but the virus is helpless at this point. It doesn't feel right.

She puts the disc on her back, and moves to tie the virus up with some strange materiel she's pulled from the wall leaving some damage. Deelel grunts not looking happy as she glares.

"It's no spreading looks like a Trojan of some sort, Blackguard will either clean him or derez, I wish TRON was here we could do more but .... it doesn't feel right to do it like that."

The Virus meanwhile stares at both of them and twitches suddenly as he is remotely terminated or self terminates and vanishes in a flash of light and Deelel looks away and back to Isaac.

"...Self terminated or remote terminated. I can't say which, that's wait that's for carrying data..."
Isaac Hanlon Deelel made the right call. Isaac approves of showing mercy to your enemies, even if they could come back to bite you later. He keeps a step away, and turns the chip over in his hand. Definitely some kind of storage device, but...

The virus suddenly twitches and disappears. Isaac jerks back, startled by the suddenness of it all. He looks at Deelel to make sure she's okay, and then down at the thing in his hand to make sure /it/ isn't either A) suddenly infectious, or B) destroyed with the infected Program. He's pretty sure it's neither. He's also not sure if he can /get/ infected, but he doesn't want to really find out.

"Yeah. It'd have to be." He bounces the chip in his palm lightly. "He was prepared to die to deliver this; it has to be important. Otherwise, wouldn't they just run for their location more quietly and show them their Disc at the appropriate time?"

Isaac picks up on things!
Deelel Deelel folds her arms for a moment as she sighs looking back at where the virus was for a moment, but there's nothing she can do. She shakes her head given that might have been a basic who'd just been infected. It was too late to do anything and she can not waste time thinking about it.

"Data device it's used to carry secure information. He likely didn't know what was on item and didn't access it. Honestly? Because if he's caught and has an ID disc? It could be easily accessed also programs on this OS don't all have them. Only those from the games or in MCP's employ would have such."

She tilts her head as she looks at the item for a moment.

"Still your picking up on things, quicker than the last group I had to heard with my friends."

Seriously it was like herding cats then something hits her.

"We shouldn't stay long that kill command may have...sent a signal to whomever he was working for. However let me see that thing you have there I may be able to access it."
Isaac Hanlon "Huh. Figured it was a constant," Isaac murmurs. You learn something new every... cycle?

Isaac straightens. He brushes off his coat a little habitually, and starts to pocket the chip. Deelel stops him by asking for it. He shrugs, and pulls it back out, tossing it lightly, under-handed, over to her. It's a little clumsy; he's not left-handed, though he's been learning to make up for it. Fortunately, she's an expert Disc-fighter, so it won't be a big deal.

"Then we should probably check it out /away/ from the scene of the crime," Isaac suggests. "Know a good place to lay low?"
Deelel Deelel catches the chip easily enough and nods to Isaac as she muses for a moment thinking over her options for the moment.

"We should move yes, lets get back to the end of line and make for my home. It may be a bit dangerous but it's safer than remaining here for the moment. Who knows what could come, SARKs guards? Whoever was pulling this now dead couriers strings? She didn't want to know who or what would come. Only that it would be bad and they might lose what they had picked up.

With that she's going to make for the club to get to the rip to her own system. It may be a restricted area too however she doesn't have much choice as she leads Isaac along fearful of what might be on the device they captured.

The Trip is something as they change systems Isaac would find the world sharing a bit more in common with Isaac?s own they end up in a what might be a train station and have to dodge guards to sneak in. The suits have changed again Deelel's now looks like a far more cleaned up version of what she's seen wearing in Manhattan also no seams are visible in it's designed. The train trip is thankfully uneventful as they reach Argon city.

"This is Argon we'll have to make the rest of the trip by lightcycle. Oh by the way? You have more than earned this, one current gen cycle as promised."

She grins as she hands Isaac the light baton and then she activates her heads on the road and heads out for Purgos making sure Isaac can keep up with her, it would be quite the trip. One might make notice of the coastal region and water, also there are mountains in the distance as well as the highway twists and turns they'd be heading for a more rundown section of town the teal light of the main city becomes an array of dazzling colours.

"Got a friend here she's trust worthy, she's already risking her neck for us and she can set us up with what else we need."

She twists and turns through the rundown region until she heads point she calls for a stop and gets off the bike it vanishing back into the baton once more.

"Come on this way."
Isaac Hanlon "Good plan." Isaac starts to follow Deelel out of the alleyway. He's pretty quick on his feet; they'll get into the place and the... tear... in short order. To his credit, he doesn't even really hesitate.


Train station. Isaac glances around at the Programs. The first thing he notices is that all of them are exceptionally color-coded and wearing things that are a lot better-looking than the stuff they had in the previous Grid system. The second is that they all have Disks. He frowns a little, murmuring something under his breath and waggling his fingers on both hands slightly.

If Deelel looks, she'll spot what looks like a Disk on his back, exactly where it should be. If she looks /closely/, she'll basically see right through the simple illusion. It should hold up for a crowd, though. She might also notice the white lines dimly glowing along the ends of his coat-sleeves and, more bizarrely, the parallel ones coming out of his right sleeve along his arm. Isaac doesn't seem to notice.

"Okay." He buttons up his coat. 'Badass longcoat' fits better around here than most things. At least he's all in black, now. "Let's go."


Isaac looks at the baton with some hesitation. Deelel jumps forward and takes off. Isaac looks at it, muttering, "Better not glitch out on me, magic techno-stick," and then runs after her, holding it out --





They stop. Isaac swings his leg off the cycle, collapsing it back into the baton form. He holds it up. "That was kind of awesome." He looks around, and gets to following again. He's doing a lot of that.
Deelel Deelel did notice how Isaac has managed a pretty good trick to avoid being seen as a stray and thankfully for both their sakes it holds out well through out their trip. She has always wanted to show him Argon anyway, so this was mixing a bit of pleasure into business. Once they make it into house and the door seals itself she turns her head to Isaac grinning a little bit at him.

"See it didn't glitch out and its yours to keep as I promised sometime ago, yes yes it is. Look while I crunch the data we picked up? You should go talk to Aurora and get fitted with an actual disc it should hold up with actual inspection she can fit you with a less stand out outfit if needed too. Tessler's likely got CLU breathing down his neck and he's stepping up things since the break out at the arena."

Aurora's suit is different from Deelel's and is a fair bit more form hugging it's also white she'll set Isaac up with a disc, she'll allow him to inspect it as much as he likes.

Deelel meanwhile vanishes downstairs and comes back with some strange looking gear. She'll sit down and get to work on it her nature seems a bit less animated as she's fully focused on cracking the data working at a mental rate that is not typical for a human.

"I should be done in a bit, this a bit more than I expected but it's like the person behind this isn't used to a ... a system..."

Isaac would find Aurora quite sympathetic and generally kind she talks a bit about helping strays and amused Deelel has found another one though Isaac's arm may catch her attention if it does she'll be surprised.
Isaac Hanlon Deelel would also have noticed that it takes a /lot/ of effort to keep that up. He keeps talking to himself in a weird language, and doesn't say a word until they're out of the crowded transit station. Illusions are hard when he has to make up the spell on the spot... again. He's got a perfect memory, but he uses the digital tomes as a focus for keeping his spells going. He'll need to find a replacement. Or maybe make one...

In the hideout, though, Isaac's more concerned with the Disk. With the possibility of memories he doesn't want people to have access to being stored on it, he's not immediately willing to let someone bind one to him. He exchanges a few words with Aurora and takes the Disk, turning it over in his hands and murmuring a few things here and there. They talk for a moment, and when Deelel comes back upstairs, he's handing it back to her, apparently finding it otherwise alright.

Isaac pulls his longcoat off and folds it over his left arm. He's wearing too-human clothing underneath it. "The coat will probably do," he murmurs with a shrug. His right arm is definitely visible now, though; the artificial limb looks more solid and sleeker than it had on Wise OS, and has a definite pattern of white lines running from shoulder to wrist, with a hand that is nearly solid light. He eyes Aurora for a second when she seems to react to it. "What?"

He looks over at Deelel. "Is this a thing?" He points at his right arm with his left. "I figured all tech from outside got this way."
Deelel Deelel stops working for a moment and looks at Isaac's arm intent for a moment. He used the term outside? Okay quick cover, not out of wanting to lie to Aurora but to help better cover her own hide as she's stuck her neck out a long way already.

"Yes older tech found from outside the system does still it looks like ... a weapon system I'm aware of. One that General Tessler himself uses. Light arms, pardon the pun if you will. Can extend several times longer than their natural length and then some, also can be charged with a light disc field."

The Siren is a bit surprised perhaps this program is an escaped test subject? Best to not ask too much as she excuses herself for there are some things she needs to do.

Deelel on the other hand looks at Isaac again for a moment.

"I think I have it, as I said whoever this is seemed inexperienced in how to properly encode. It's not terrible but feels like they are not as experienced as some. I need a hand with this if you could Isaac?"

She's almost there but she wants someone else who'd be better than her, Deelel's thankfully done a lot of the grunt work translated thing and partially decoded it. To a non basic it might have taken a good deal of time to do so but she's basically set Isaac up to have a far easier time.

Thankfully the gear's interface is in English and it display hard light displays and such for Isaac to work with.
Isaac Hanlon And that's why Isaac didn't say 'the real world' or something similarly insane-sounding. Now he just seems mysterious and enigmatic instead of super crazy!

"Huh." He throws his coat back on, resolving to just keep it buttoned up. He's not thrilled with the idea of a jumpsuit. "So I'm the Bionic --" Isaac stops for a second when Aurora hastily affixes the Disk he handed back. He blinks a couple of times while it synchs up. There's a flickering, and the various bits of white light along the edges of his coat and the more dense lines along his arms shift colors, changing to a vibrant purple.

The significance of the color probably drives the Siren out of the room that much faster. Isaac has no idea.

"-- Commando," he finishes, albeit belatedly. He rolls his shoulders, getting a feel for how the Disk works out in practice where it is. He hums a little to himself, and reaches up over his shoulder to tap it with his finger. Feels solid. Easy to draw, that way, though too short-range for his liking. Maybe he /can/ deck people with his mechanical prosthetic?

"Oh, yeah, sure." Isaac gets up and checks out the setup Deelel has provided. He leans over, examining the displays and what they're showing. "Looks a little sloppy," he agrees. "The syntax is a bit foreign to me, buuut..." He cracks his knuckles and gets down to it.

As it turns out, the 'Hacker Program' color designation is totally accurate.
Deelel Deelel seems a little bit amused at how Isaac reacts to his disc. The Siren is gone perhaps due to the colour or having something to do. Perhaps both or her getting the feeling they may be talking about something she best does not hear about, nor have on her own disc.

Deelel had done well but at the point she hit, one needed more actual skill in the field also perhaps a better understanding of the inner workings of an organic programmer. Programs when they make thing do things like actually comment.

"It may be but really looks like it wasn't one of my kind who did so? Looks like it might have been trapped I wasn't sure."

The message with some work? For it takes Isaac a bit to get through it finally he gets an audio. There's also some data that points out something disturbing. The data stamps and such refer to there's a connection to .... Hallow Bastion from the looks of some of the information. There's a connection to it somewhere in the Wise OS, that would be disturbing in and of itself alone. The worst part is the audio which starts to play.

The voice is male but distorted so you can't really tell whom it is.

"We have moved to the third experimental subject now is in room number 404 in Castle Oblivion. Her plushie is however causing issue it appears to be some sort of supernatural focus and is causing some level of interference. Additionally the fifth test subject has not accepted our offer, while not out right refusing they have opted to seek more information before our next meeting. We may need to engage in a contingency plan to handle the situation..."
Isaac Hanlon The Siren leaves. Isaac watches her go, both to make sure she isn't lingering and eavesdropping and because cute girl in skin-tight suit. Mostly it's the former, though. He doesn't know if he trusts her yet.

"Looks like..." Isaac frowns, examining the data as he cracks the rushed encryption. Sure, it would keep out a normal Program, but when you get a guy like Isaac on the case, he cuts through the security like a hot knife through butter. Cyber-knife. Digi-butter. "...there's a Wise OS connection to Hollow Bastion." He sounds surprised, but not totally shocked. "Here, looks like there's audio." He hits play.

Isaac listens. He gets less enthused as the clip goes on. Once it's over, the stands up, straightening his coat.

"Well... looks like someone had better get down there," he says, grimly. He has no desire to get anywhere near that place again, but...

Shit. He /never/ gets a day off.
Deelel Deelel seems very concerned as the message goes on she looks at Isaac as she gets the impression he doesn't want to go near that place. She tilts her head for a moment and frowns before finally finding the right words to say.

"I do not like this either. I have heard things about this place. Still given who that sounds like? I can't just sit idle here."

Deelel puts the gear away somewhat and make sure her disc is latched on.

"We should use the tunnel entrance and get going to the exist point here. We'll hit up the arcade and get moving. I don't think delaying long would be wise for what's going on. Given what I heard about that place? The longer someone is in? The harder it is to get someone out..."

She does not know but at least? The basic is treating his place as a very dangerous location and is being cautious.

Deelel meanwhile knew things were about to get bad, very bad.

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